Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday,Rush day!

     I have what seems to be too much to do today.  Mostly my fault and my feelings.  I think I am used to the long evenings with plenty of time to kill and those are gone.

     I must get myself and mom to the pharmacy today and then get a bill paid. go to the banks, get a few groceries, return some material samples, gas up the car.  That is the list of errands.

     Now the house is a different matter all together.  Mostly because I am a procrastinator.  So now I must rush around.  Blah!

     I have a plenty to do in the shop and have my work ready for me and waiting.

Still with all the added pressure I am excited to see my students.

Working on goals, just no time now to solidify them.

Running with scissors.......

Have a great and productive day!



  1. If I didn't procrastinate I would never get anything done. I work best under pressure

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    I know what you mean tho. Can't spend an hour in the evening lounging with a magazine anymore. Holiday is over! Too much to do.

  4. I've finally learned to crochet or do rug hooking at night instead of staring at the TV with idle hands. Like to accomplish a little something now that I'm retired. But you've lost your quiet time which you really need. Can mom help with some light housework?