Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday evening, catching up.

     As Thursday was a bust I was up early today and started sewing.  I sewed until 4:30.  My house is a mess downstairs and I need to work around the pond and rock walk tomorrow.  Hub's will mow the yard.  So far the chickens seem to be tolerating each other.   I still have not bought Hub's any new work shoes so we will do that some time tomorrow.  I think it will be a rather nice weekend.  No demands, just puttering.

     Believe it or not daughter #2 is moving again this weekend and we were not asked to help!  For those of you that have been following this nonsense of a life of mine for a while you know how many times we have moved this kid.  She and boyfriend rented a U-Haul and will do it all themselves.  She is after all 26 and makes more money than her dad and I together.  She is moving everything into an apartment with her younger sister.  B has had it with bad roommate situations, so as it is her Senior year S will live with her until further notice.  I think they are old enough to get along, plus both are so busy when will they see each other?

     B got a job at a local pub/restaurant and likes it.   She is making good tips.  So no one here this summer except for students/teachers that stay off and on.   I still have plenty of sewing to do and I am thinking of going to bed early tonight.  Why is it I can never get to bed before 1 a.m. any night of the week except Friday and Saturday?  I am a boring person.

     I will need to make bread tomorrow.  I also want to find my camera so I can take pictures of my yard work. 

Out My Window:  It is supposed to be in the high 80's tomorrow.  I can hardly wait. I am going to make hubby take a load to the dump with me and clean out the shed, move the canoe, and take down the smaller chicken coop.  (Yeah like this is all going to happen)

Too tired to think straight.  I want chocolate.  I have lost 3 lbs.  How are all of you doing?


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday, I'm blitzed...

     I just went to the dentist appointment from hell.  As the facial nerve runs through the salivary gland and my salivary glands are wonkie, the meds could not get down where they needed to be and the dentist about sent me through the roof.  That was not as bad as the fact that my jaw is so inflamed I cannot open it wide enough and they had to block it open.  Two hours later I could not get it closed.  What a mess. 

     Then I had two in home alteration appointments.  I am the only seamstress in the area that does home visits for the elderly and invalid.  When I got to the first appointment the home health care worker had called in sick, so I did a bunch of things for this woman and her husband, so I was late for the next one.  You have to  dress and undress these people and it takes so long and then they want to visit and I wanted to lie down and put a hot rag on my jaw.

     I am home now and the shop is non stop busy and I am behind.  Hubby's men's church group has a dinner tonight and we are supposed to bring dessert.  I am sorry we will stop and buy a pie.  Hub's will be disappointed but I am wrung out.

     I am almost done with the perennial beds out front.  I have all the boxes planted.  Still more weeding but that is never ending.  I am going to take a pain pill and take a nap.

Have a great and productive day, I am not so sure about mine!


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday, up and att'em

     I lost 1 lb, so that is good.  I am going outside this morning to try and finish the mess I made last night:)
The housekeeper is here and all the floors upstairs are covered with garden mulch and dirt.  I make a real mess going through the when I am outside/inside/outside.   The yard is starting to look better.

     Yesterday the big chicken flew out of her cage straight at me.  She is mad as we took her out of the large pen and put her in the small pen.  We took the 5 smaller pullets and put them in the bigger pen.  She is usually so calm so I let her stay outside to range while I worked in the yard.  Then she just roosted by the door of the big cage.  I put her in and the leader of the pullets came over to peck at her head.  I wondered how long she would take this.  Not long as she rose up and had a huge chicken fight.  She is now the leader and all seems to be well.

     When I got home from shopping yesterday I found a Box  o' sh#$ from my Sissie.  She is so funny .  She is the most organized person I know.  I think she labels her belly button lint and dust bunnies.  Often when cleaning she comes across things she no longer needs or wants and fills a box with sh$# and mails it to one of her sisters.   I laughed as I unpacked it and asked myself like I always do, "Where does she find this crap?"  Because I am telling you if you went to her house you could not find anything out of place.  I received a small set of travel hotrollers (I will love these)  A large set of sticky rollers and pins to help straighten my hair (I would have loved these) but my two younger daughters came in and it was like Christmas.  They love Auntie Kay boxes o' shi!  Daughter #2 took the sticky rollers and the pill case. Daughter #3 the mints, the gum, the pins, pony tail holders.  I have a new glasses case, some kleenex and some hair nets which I will take to the studio.  Now how does a business executive have old lady hair nets?  Her boxes are always an adventure.  Makes us wonder what she has been up to.

     I got a call from my younger sister last night and I was telling her about my box and we had a good laugh as she gets boxes also, our older sister is a woman of mystery.

     I am going out front to finish my work and then I am coming into sew.  I also need to take hubby to get new work shoes as his are spent.  I hope he just needs one pair.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday night, sorry about the absense

     I have been so busy with mom and just getting caught up around here.  I worked way too hard in the yard over the weekend.  My Mom left yesterday morning.  I did all of my ironing on Memorial day.  I know stupid but I was in a bad funk and it was something that was mindless.

     Today I just putted around and I think I have everything for my final flower boxes.  I have a little more weeding to do and then I need to concentrate on the pond area.

     You need to look at my totals,  They are down buy over $3000.00 also I am $2,751.30 behind Sarah.  Next month I will drop another 1000 place in several categories.  This always gives me a thrill, just seeing that largest number drop one digit does something for my soul.  I know I will be below $100,000 by the end of the year.

     I have enough in the studio savings and my sissie slush fund to get through June.  Celtic camp should help a little with July bills.  If I have to I can go to my line of credit but I don't want to.  I have at least $600.00 more to come in from costumes and tuition.  July I should make enough from a camp to pay bills.  August will be squeaky, but I will see what I can do.  I am going to take it one month at a time and just be careful.

     I have no teaching the next 2 weeks and that is so nice.  It is like a mini vacation.  I need one desperately.

Have a great evening.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday evening, I thought I was busy last week....

     I am trying so hard to catch up around here and I just cannot.  Everywhere I turn is a half finished project.  The shop is very busy and the yard work is very behind.  I thought if could just keep to a schedule I would catch up, but that is not to be.  Mom has tried to help and she has in some ways, I really enjoy having her here.  I wish she would stay and I think that time is slowly getting closer.  This summer I am sure will determine where she will be next spring.  She keeps hinting about having one last Christmas at our old house.  That will not happen unless I have proof that my one brother is in jail and my other brother is not living with her nor is my  (jailed hopefully) brothers son. I will not go home to cook and clean for a holiday of users and slobs.  She will not be able to manipulate or lie her way around this as we know all of her tricks now. She just wants her kids together in this la la land that she believes she can make, but it is always at the expense of myself or my sisters.  Not going to happen.

     I did go and get my hair cut and colored today.  Something I do 3 times a year now.  Then I do a root touch up in between.  We have a big load of yard waste to take to the dump tomorrow morning.  I also need to replant my beans as they did not come up.  There is a plant exchange at the church I want to go to, if no one has anything I still need I will go buy the few remaining things I want in the  garden.  I plan to spend a good chunk of time in the garden and yard tomorrow.  I also need to make bread and clean the house.

     Now that it is warm again I am going through my summer cotton clothes.  Everything has to be ironed and I have outgrown most of my clothes.  So frustrating, so I will be starting a major diet on Monday.  I refuse to buy a bigger clothes.  Everything is so uncomfortably tight.  Mom cannot figure out how I can gain weight as I work all the time and I don't eat very much, but this may be a medication issue.  I really think it is just a 10 lb hang over from the 17 lbs I gained taking steroids last summer.  It has to go.  Turtlenecks and knits and sweaters stretch.  Cotton shirts and shorts do not.  Hubby is also very heavy and needs to diet.

     I have new totals to report.  I noticed the Sarah has a new lower total, so I hope I can keep abreast with her, she is moving at a rapid pace now.

Have a great evening and Memorial day weekend.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday, show is over, now catch up!

     Show went wonderfully as usual we had the normal beauty of live theater mistakes, but all in all quite a success.  I am trying to play catch up around here and it is hard with mother and B is home with all her laundry.    I am trying to set a schedule of a couple hours in the garden, then house and sewing and then studio cleanup and work.  So far it has been a frustrating experience as I feel behind.  The garden is so full of weeds it is scary and I have worked for two mornings and I think I can finish it tomorrow. 

     I don't know why I thought I would have all this time this week, when really it is a normal week at dance.  We spent several hours yesterday putting the main floor to the studio to rights, but the upstairs costume room is a disaster.  Thank goodness I have parents who will help me.  I actually want to purge a bunch of things out of that closet as it is so full.  Mom is upstairs playing the piano.  It is like I am a child again.

     Sunday after church I made a huge pot of spaghetti sauce.  So we are have spaghetti tonight.  I also made a big pot of homemade chicken soup yesterday with homemade noodles.  One of my dance families is really sick with a flu bug.  Dancer went down after second performance and her little sister did not look much better.  Whatever they have, now the parents are sick too.  So I swear my soup is magic and I took a pot with homemade bread to them on the way to the studio yesterday.  I remember all too well Hubs and I being sick with the three kids sick and how hard it was as parents to deal with the kids and wanting to rest ourselves.  It only happened a few times but believe me that was enough.

     I am covered with bruises from moving set in the dark.  Bump, ouch, stumble, ouch, curses, ouch.  I won't be putting a swimsuit on for a while.

     We are having a Wedding Shower for our Ballet Mistress tonight at the studio.  We decorated and it is really cute.  Kind of an end of the year party for the kids.  It will be chaos but hopefully fun.

Out My Window:  Beautiful and warm, perfect weather.  I can't wait to get the backyard and deck cleaned up so I can enjoy sitting out in the sun.  Right now all the weeds and mess just bugs me.

     I will make the car payment on Thursday and then post new totals for the month.  Watch those bills go down.

Have a great and productive day!  


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday, day 4 Hell Week...

     Here I am wet from the shower with a whole long list of to do's.  I keep thinking the list is getting shorter but it is not, I just keep adding. Tonight is the last night of teaching before the dress rehearsal.  I have a couple of important phone calls to make this morning and then I need to get busy on lists.

     The house keeper came yesterday so the upstairs is really clean.  My shop is put together and I need to straighten the down stairs a little before my MOM arrives. My laundry room is a MESS.  I can handle almost any room in my house getting messy but the laundry room.  Strange? I also need to put together a batch of bread.  First things first.  I have a few costumes to adjust, some green flags to make, props to finish.  Then I must finish books, although I did work on them yesterday.

     I am out of large glue sticks, and I need more short dowels, damn.... You know what that means?  Yes a trip to the dreaded store.  But it must be done.  The firemen will come and move the floor over to the High school about 8 tonight.  I plan to move all props to the green room tonight and be ready to run scene changes by 10 tomorrow morning.  It is truckloads of work.

     I cannot wait for this to be over.  Isn't that sad to work so hard on something and then to not be able to wait to shelve it.

     Well I am off to see the Wizard!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday, Day 3 of Hell Week...

     Worked like a mad woman yesterday, still feel some what behind. I just realized I was shorted 2 light strands so will have to go look for some in closet.  I am trying to avoid the closet as it has not been cleaned since last fall and is a mess.  A scarey MESS.  Like Friday the 13th movies are filmed in this closet.  You just die among tutus. 

     I did finally make a master list with daughter last night.  I have the lollipop guild costumed out of the closet, all the shoes are glittered, in fact I think I have most of the glittering done.  Thank goodness.  Hubs is starting to be called the Fairy logger as he goes to work everyday with different glitter on his clothes some where.  I swear the stuff floats through the whole house.

     Daughter and I up at Wal-mart at midnight getting the last (hopefully) of the things needed for the show.  Had some good laughs.  Only late at Wal-Mart can you really let your hair down and see how ridiculous life really is, we take things way to seriously.

     I miss my Sissie and if she were here everything would be okay.

     I got the shop really cleaned last night, you could hardly walk in it.  So I am happy to be going back into a cleaner environment.  I think it will be easier to think.

Out My Window:  I need to go feed the chickens.  It was in the 80's yesterday and supposed to be in the 90's today.  So why am I cold?

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday, day 2 Hell week...

     I really felt like I got nothing accomplished yesterday.  I know I did , but I am a want things done and handed to the person, kind of person. I don't want it left in my responsibility, so when something has a small problem and has to come back it is not DONE!

     I am starting to hit the panic mode a little bit on this show.  I don't know why it seems so overwhelming.  But I will carry on as usual.   The good witch is about 1/2 hour from complete.  Still have detail sequin work and her crown and wand to wire with lights.

     Wicked witch, skirt too small have to alter.  As it is an easy tutu top may just start over it would be faster.  I think I can get her done by noon.  Many sets of point shoes to sew and paint, tap shoes to glitter (only three pair).  Props to make.  Lists to complete.  BLAH!

     I need to place an order this morning, I hope it is the last one!  My books need to be done so I know a final on who has paid and who has not.  This is always an issue.

     In the mean time my house and laundry are a mess and I don't do well in clutter and mess.  I also don't do well ignoring things, but I have to for a few more days.  Need to remember to eat today.  I get busy downstairs and then onto the studio and by 7 last night I was famished.  I almost ate a student.

     I can do this, I can do this.......

Have a great and productive day!



Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday, day 1 of Hell week.....

     I had a great Mother's day.  I hope every one else did too.  My two youngest came and cooked breakfast and cleaned it up.  Lot's of funny cards and I received a new 16 qt. stock pot as my 36 year old one actually wore a hole in the bottom.  We had some good laughs.

     Saturday was exhausting.  Rehearsed all day and then went on to costuming.  I fell asleep on the sofa about 9 p.m. just so tired.  Sunday I slept until 10:30.  It was wonderful and I needed it so badly.  Yesterday after church I slept for 2 hours also, it truly was a day of rest.  My Primary kids all 75 of them sang beautifully they were so cute.  Trying to direct music with that many squirmy kids is a challenge, but they were really professional when I got them up in front of their parents.  They watched and listened and then even took direction.  (this will never happen again)

     I have some banking to do this morning and then I am going to finish the Good Witch costume.  I have a mom coming over to help and I am going to have her figure out the monkey wings and glue them and wire them.  I forgot three pairs of tap shoes at the studio so I will run get those when I run to the bank.  Then I will cut out the bad witch costume.  I hope to have it well on the way to done before I get to the studio at 5.  We have 4-7 rehearsals M,T, W of this week.  I will go in at 5 unless needed earlier. My daughter is now working for a dentist across the river so she will be a big help putting this show together.

     Sissie I  already have this weeks $100.00 put away, so the rest is cream!  There won't be much cream as I plan on just doing a costumes and not anything for money unless it is quick and easy.  But that makes $400.00 saved and the house payment is done for the month, and that is always a big adventure.  I just have a few little bills and the car payment left for the month and I can take car of those after the recital.
     I really appreciate my sister and how she challenges me to things that really work.  I think it is becasue she is just plain old smart and she knows me and my trials.  She can look at things from outside and see what will work.  I am too close to the problem and frustrated on top of everything.  Her challenge of saving enough for one months studio rent before summer seemed so impossible.  But is has been easy.  After that is done I am to put it away and start over.  The $700.00 rent is my largest bill every month and that will put me ahead this summer. Right now it looks like I won't even have to use it until August but it is there and my worry level is down.

     We should have lettuce, radishes, scallions, spinach by the end of the week from the garden.

Out My Window:  Sunny but cool, however it is supposed to be hot this week.  I sure hope it is!

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday, groggy

    I stayed up way too late last night and I am groggy this morning.  But I did get all the shoes done I have in my possession and the baby bonnets are done, I also dyed the lions leotard, so now it is onto monkey wings, brooms, crowns and witches.  Oh I have such an exciting life.

     I need to pay the house payment today and figure out how much money to put in our checking account.  I also have to transfer money to my Sissie that I borrowed. The house is really seedy especially the down stairs.  Every trash can is full and I need to do a general run through before tomorrow. So I am trying to decide which to do first.  Clean or sew.  I could set my timer and give myself and hour to zip through the house, then get into the shop and tidy.  I need to make a deposit and get the books done also.

     Order of the day.

Straighten house
load truck

     Can I get this done before 5?  I am not sure, but I am going to give it the old college try.  I believe I could work better if I had a donut.  Can someone bring me a donut?

Have a great and productive day.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday, getting over the hump!

     I can't seem to get over the hump on the shop.  I thought I had but then there was a wedding and a bridesmaid dress lurking in a box.  I ran like a demon yesterday and did not get to costumes.  Well I did take all finished and ordered costumes down to studio so that is something.  I also finished tin-man.  But I did not get any shoes or hats done. It is the little things.  I will finish up the bridal dress this morning and the bridesmaid and I swear I will get to those hats and shoes.

     Also another bridal dress came in yesterday. I think everything else for the week is done.  Yeah I will think that until I go in there and a pile jumps in my lap! It's never ending I tell you.  But I have a goal and I am keeping it, you hear me I will have those hats and shoes done before I leave for the studio.

     Still working on filling the flower beds with perennials.  I was able to pick up several more yesterday.  I also need to divide and get rid of an area right in front of the house.  I can't wait to work in the yard.  I will expect you to remind me of this statement when I am complaining about yard work later:)  Because you all know I can complain better than anybody.

     I put a stew in the crockpot yesterday so I won't have to make dinner tonight as Hub's can eat the left overs.  Oh who am I fooling, I would not have made dinner anyway.  Too busy.

Out My Window:  The Bridal wreath spirea is in bloom along the fence and it is so pretty.  I hope it lasts until my mom comes.

Have a great and productive day!



Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday, All costumes are here!

     The final costume order came in last night so I think we are safe on that front.  I finished the scarecrow yesterday and I am almost done with the Tin Man.  I have a ton of things to pack and take to the truck as the shop now looks like a tornado hit it!  So the first thing I am going to do this morning is get that back to organized.  I have several little pairs of tap shoes to paint and glitter and 4 baby bonnets to cover and then I am going to try to cut out the two witches this afternoon.

     I do have some things that I need to sew for the shop also.  I teach at 5 but want to be at the studio at 4:30 to try and get rid of more costumes, the less mess on Saturday the better.  Hubs almost has the scenery done, just a few more leg stands.  Slowly but surely it will all get done.

   My mom wants to come for the recital, so I am not sure when I will go get her and that has the schedule up in the air. I am anxious for her to get here as she can be a big help. I need to run to Joanns this morning not looking forward to that, but I have a few customers coming and I have to avoid their arrivals.

     I also have another Wedding dress coming in this afternoon, work, work, I am blessed with work.  I am still trying to lower expenses here, but it is tough, gas really takes a bite and so does medications.  We were also hit by repair bills and small doctor bills this last month which added up to over $300.00.  Some of these were only $15.00 but still I was shocked by all the little things that we needed repaired.  This is what happens when you get old and your body and house start to fall apart at the same time.

     I am off to see you know who (not the bathroom)

Have a great and productive day!



Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday, feeling better

     I am much better today.  I did no sewing yesterday, nor did I work on costumes, but I did slowly putz around and was able to clean things up a little. I also really got the shop put together.  Cleaned off the desk and set up May's budget, paid bills that were lingering, now I am broke again :)

     I feel like I can attack the things I need today, I have a few sewing things to get out.  More comes in all the time, so I cannot take off a day like I did yesterday for a while.  So my plan is to do my basic every morning and then work on costumes.  Today I am painting a glittering everything silver.  I am also going to complete the scarecrow and the tin man costumes. Then onto the witches!

     I am very pleased with myself on my $100.00 a week savings.  I have my third week put away and then some.  I need to pay the house payment this Friday and right now not including the $300.00 rent savings I have $400.00 but I need $575.00, so I will have to get that through the shop somehow.  Can I get $175.00 by this weekend?  Plus Hub's will need gas for the car tonight.  It is always something.  I am just so happy to feel better.

     I also have to figure out how to get my mom over here.  She wants her car and that would mean two people driving over and back which is fine but it is just to busy a time for us to be leaving here.  I can go get her but she will have to leave her car.  I really don't want her driving by herself.  Decisions, decisions.

     So pretty outside, I mean beautiful, just wish I could go lay on the back deck and stare, but then I would not see the flowers I would see the mess I need to clean up so that is out.

Well I am off to see the wizard!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday, sick headache

     I woke up with a sick headache this morning.  I do not know if I slept wrong on my neck or what.  I am a little nauseous, if I don't feel better in an hour I will take something.  I have so much to do and this is not helping.  It hurts my head to cough.  My lower back is also very sore. Crap! Double crap!

     We had a very productive weekend.  Our rehearsal went well, although spotty with holes.  But we were happy for a first rehearsal.  Came home at 4 and took a short nap and then started on scenery.  Hubs had cut out many black and white pieces.  We both started painting and daughter and her boyfriend both came over and we finished painting except for touch up.  Now I have to get shapes to artist and I will do that tonight.  We were able to locate all our set pieces so they can be pulled for next Saturday's rehearsal.

     I did a little housework and a little yard work also this weekend.  Hubs mowed the yard again.  But it is supposed to turn cold this week so at least I will not want to be in the yard.

     Today I am going to make a master list and clean off my desk and get the shop ready for working on show costumes.  I did quite a bit of work in the shop cleaning this weekend but it is still in need of love. I also have to laundry going for some reason I got a little behind on that.

     Daughter #2 starts a new job across the river with a local sedation dentist next Monday.  She renewed the lease on her younger sisters apartment at the University.  I was so surprised.  She and D#3 will live together and she will commute.  Daughter #3 has 1.5 more years at the University and was going to lose her room mate so she was looking to move into a new apartment.  Daughter #2's lease is up the end of May so she thought this would work as they both get a long as well as most sisters do and sometimes better.  D#3 had really no furniture other than bedroom. D#2 has everything so if they combine I don't have to go to the expense of moving the youngest one or buying her anything this next couple of years. D#2 can take care of herself. If the roads get bad she can always stay at our place.  The funny thing is the two of them always sleep together so I really see one of the bedrooms as not used.  I told them they should sub-let it and get 1/2 their rent back.  It is up to them.

     All I know is that they are growing up.  All of this was done and taken care of without my knowledge and it is great!  Daughter #3 will have to find a job, but I am not worried she has many connections at the University.

Out My Window:  Cool but sunny.  Everything is in bloom and it is beautiful.

I am going to lay down, before my head explodes.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday, One more dress and I am caught up!

     Yes, other than things still coming in on a regular basis, I am caught up after I finish this last prom dress.  I can keep up on the hemming and mending, but the larger dresses just take time.  Now I feel like I can concentrate on costumes, set and details.

     We have a huge rehearsal tomorrow and then we will paint set pieces. So tonight hub's and I will go get supplies and paint, I will also pick up things at studio in truck and bring them home.  If I can get those things done this week so they can work with them next weekend I will be thrilled.

     I was able to get my plants planted last night so every thing is in the ground.  Just trying to do a little every day.  I want to get some laundry done today and the kitchen cleaned and something in my Judy (the crockpot).

     I also need to get a deposit done and some bills paid, I did payroll except for ballet mistress last night and I will do hers tonight.

     It will be a very busy weekend and I am not looking forward to it, but at least I will know where I stand show wise tomorrow.  That is always good to know.  I hope we learn from year to year so things get easier.  But sometimes I wonder.  I need to delegate more and I will, I can do this.

Out My Window:  Hub's mowed front yard last night and it looks so nice.  We are going to switch the chicks over this weekend to the big coop and if the hens isn't nice we will put her in the small coop until the chicks are full sized, although I swear they are huge.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday, trying to turn a corner.

     I am trying so hard to turn the corner in my shop, but so far this has not happened.  I am determined that it happen today!  Right after I get done blogging I am going in to get things organized and before I hit the studio I am going to know where I stand.

     I can't believe it is May 1st.  Oh that reminds me it is my mother-in-laws birthday on Sunday and they don't deliver flowers so I need to order today.  I will get that done.  Why is February so slow and April so fast?  Can't figure that out.  I also need to sit down and do payroll and pay a few left over bills mostly to repair people.  I think it was repairman bill at my house this month.

     I am taking Hubby to Home Depot tonight to get the sheeting and firing strips for scenery.  We are having a painting party here after rehearsal Saturday and there is a lot to paint. Note to self also need to buy paint!  Need to place an order for dance shoes also.  Just to many details in my head.

     I was able to pick up many perennials for .75 yesterday.  They are all sitting in spots where they are to be planted and I am hoping that I can get that done when I come home this evening.  It is supposed to be in the 70's today.  So after my long hot bath this morning( which only took 5 minutes to draw) I put on a skirt and cotton blouse and sandals.  I hope I don't freeze to death, but the sun was shining and I felt so springy.

     I really need a hair cut.  My hair is getting down to my shoulders.  It is so frizzy and wild that as it gets longer it is harder to control.  But Hub's does not like me in short hair. I will need to compromise. Right now I have no time for a salon, so I won't worry about it.  Isn't that what pony tails are for?

     Out My Window:  My baby chicks are huge.  They also love me!

Have a great and productive day!