Thursday, April 30, 2020

Thursday, garden planted

     It was over 80 yesterday although no real sunshine so a little muggy, but I loved the heat.  We had vicious  thunder and lightening storms late in the day and into the evening.  They were amazing.  Today it is rainy and about 20 degrees cooler and will stay this way for a while.

     I can't believe that tomorrow is May 1st.  When this first started my days rolled into each other.  Then is became my weeks and I am afraid it will be my months.  I have all my bills stacked to pay and I keep thinking, Why am I paying all these I didn't do anything to warrant the month.  I know that is silly, but it is a weird feeling.

     The garden is planted as far as I can go right now and I will wait for a few other things.

     I will cook a big ham today that I got free at Easter and I am going to clean out the freezers and go through the home canned tomatoes ad make a big pot of spaghetti sauce.  I have several large bags of frozen tomatoes and cans from years ago that need to be used. AI also have green peppers in the freezer from last year and corn.  So I will do an inventory and see what needs to be used up, before the garden starts producing.

     I am getting calls for masks, and now I am wondering if I should charge to make them.  Not much just enough to cover my time and materials.  I am  waiting for elastic to come.  I feel like I should be just giving these away, but when people call and ask me to make them ....  Thoughts?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Wednesday, Still planting

     I planted a lot yesterday and have about 3/4 of the garden planted.  I have about 36 bean starts left over that I will put out on the church web site and see if anyone wants them.  Also my corn was not quite ready to transplant so only 1/3 is done.  I need to wait for the seedlings to root a little bit more.

     My lovely neighbor gave me  4 large tomato plants and some cucumbers.  She has peppers and cherry tomato plants ready in a week.  So nice to not have to buy them.  I transplanted 12 large sunflowers that had seeded them selves before we tilled and they are doing fine.  They were a little shocked and droopy at first but have recovered nicely.

     Today I have several flowers that I need to plant and I still have to do the wheelbarrow.  However I feel like I have a migraine coming on, so not much might get done today.  Just this awful pressure in my head and the front of my face and jaw.  Might be allergies, I hope so.

     I have a bride coming in at 2 to day so I don't want to get dirty until after she comes. 

Took a load of laundry over to Lil sis's to dry, and I have another that needs to go over later.  I killed a very expensive begonia plant of hers, becasue I over watered it. I will have to go see if I can replace it.  I feel terrible about it.

      Well I am going to go out a water and putz around until the bride come.  Then I will plant what is left, and probably go over to the nursery and replace the plant I killed of Lil sis'

     Cheryl has a post up about inventorying the things you have in storage and I realize I really need to use up tomatoes both frozen and canned, so I see a major batch or two of spag sauce in my future.  I will probably can some also.

Any plans for today?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Tuesday, Windy day, but results

     I  was able to help till the garden yesterday.  I have never operated a tiller before.  My grandmother always told us girls to never learn to use tools or heavy farm equipment, because once you do your man will forget how and you will be doing all the work.   I have taken this to heart on several things.  Even though I can run a tractor and a front end loader, I have not operated an chain saw or a tiller.  I leave those two things to hubs.  I do remember mowing the lawn years ago with my 6 month old baby strapped to my back and the Bishop stopping by and just running in the house and, I don't know what went on but I have never mowed the lawn again. I actually liked mowing the lawn.

     I was a little apprehensive about running tiller, but it was fun.  I did not start it or stop it, I just took it around the garden a few times, so I can still play the faint hearted Susan, if it comes to being asked to actually till anything.  Hubs mixed up another batch of weed spray (also something I don't do) while I was running said equipment.  We were in for a bad wind storm, so I wanted to get the second spray done.  By the time I had emptied the sprayer it was way too windy to plant.

    But we do that today.  I am anxious to get out and get started, the sun is shining and I want to get dirty.  Hoorah!

     Did any of you get sage advice from your grandmother?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, April 27, 2020

Monday, I buy rocks!

     Finally the water is on and I can plant the garden and a few more things. So even though it is not sunny out, I will be outside most of the rest of the day.  Does this make me happy?  Yes!

We have 4 neighbor kids that live a couple blocks down the hill from us and we see them as we pass by in our vehicles.

  On Saturday they were flagging down cars to buy rocks. They had painted rocks to earn money.  I am still laughing about it as they were so funny and cute. They were so happy when we stopped and bought a little blue rock from them.  What entrepreneurs.  I have to say as a child I found several ways to make money but I never sold rocks. Hubs and I giggled about it off and on all day, but then we are easily entertained  these days.
   I have to get another bag of potting soil for my wheelbarrow garden and I have flowers ready to plant in it. I also have several Sun flower starts coming up in the garden so I am going to go out and dig some up to transplant before hubs finally FINALLY tills it again.

Have a a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sunday, Another day in paradise.....

     It is beautiful out right now and I am itching to go and walk the bridges.  We had a lovely day in the mountains yesterday, even though it was overcast and a little rainy.  We did not get as much hiking done, but still got out.  We drove to Elk city and had a soft serve huckleberry ice cream cone.  So good.  We looked at a couple of properties, but neither one was really suitable.  Maybe if I was younger.  I have to be realistic that I don't have the stamina for the yard work I used to do, no matter how beautiful the yard is at a new place.

     We came home and I fed my Lil sis's cats, and took a long walk.  It was a nice day but I did not get much done and I don't even care.

     Hub's gets his pancakes for breakfast and I am doing a stir fry tonight with left over steak.  Maybe later to day I will go out and plant flowers in my wheel barrow.  The water is getting turned on tomorrow for our garden so we can finally plant.

     Most of my seedlings are up and they need to be transplanted.  I do have to get some curtains sewn up today but they are small and won't take long.  I hate curtains.  They are for a neighbor, so I will quickly get them done and get it over with.  I am still waiting on elastic for masks.

     Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


Saturday, April 25, 2020

Saturday, off to the mountains

     We are off to the mountains, I am done staying in the house and yard.  The weather is not perfect, but we are going anyway, anything to not stay home.  Yikes, this is getting old. Anyone else feel the same way?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Friday, a mouse in the house!

My baking drawer once everything was sterilized and out back
     Well my plan yesterday was to finally clean out a few cupboards in the kitchen,  Something that needed to be done monthes ago and I was all hip to do with all this extra time we would have with the lock down. 
     But alas my anxiety had put me in more of a frozen form and not much is getting done around here.  So as I have planned to do this many times and have not done a thing, I forced (I mean it) forced my way upstairs to the kitchen and opened my baking drawer, which is above my baking pan cupboard.  What did I find?  I have a mouse in the house!  Eeeek.  no real mouse but much evidence.  So I have more anxiety over a mouse than over what is going on in the world and I started to clean like a mad woman.

     Sorry no post mouse pictures too gross. But I did find where it was getting in and we plugged those holes with cut out board and foam.  No more mouse.

This is the cupboard that had a hole in the back for the gas line to the stove.  Everything had to be removed and sterilized.  Every pan and sheet.

As long as I was on a mission I cleaned and organized the upper baking cupboard.  It is obvious that I do a lot of baking.  Or I have been taught to.

Then onto the baking ingredient cupboard which is always a falling down mess.  I have way too many cupcake papers and decorations.  I used to make cookies and cupcakes for Hubs office on a regular basis and when mom was alive we were constantly baking.

Well with that all pulled out and the dishwasher running on a steam sterilize cycle I was able to clean out a few more things.   Like the utensil drawer, that is a constant mess.

     The silverware drawer came next as I was on a roll.  I just kept removing and cleaning. Then I pulled all of this greasy mess out and cleaned it all with de greaser, even the hood and walls.  I have not got to the stove yet other than to pull it apart.

I cleaned  out the pan cupboard.
And no kitchen clean can be complete without cleaning some copper. 

I was able to get over 12,000 steps just cleaning these 7 cupboards and I have at least 7 more to go plus too much copper to polish but when it is done I will feel a whole lot better about getting the rest of the kitchen touched up.

I finally did something besides work outside and all it took was a sign of a mouse!

Today the weather is iffy so I am not sure what I will due.  We do have to take a meal into the missioaries and that is all that is on the books.

Do you have any plans for Friday?  Have you ever had mice?  I really dislike them.  But I think I took care of the problem.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, April 23, 2020

Thursday, Weather not co-operating

     You know I think I can handle this lock down if I can be outside.  But the weather has turned windy and rainy again.  Arghhhh!

     Thank you to all of you who congratulated me on my new soon to be grand children.  I am so happy about them.  Now if the sun would just shine.  Those few days of 70 degree weather spoiled me.  We really do need the rain, but I would love if it just came at night.

     I did finally get the Easter stuff taken down and it is in 4 boxes in the living room.  It took me a 1/2 an hour.  I set a timer, but that is all I got done.  I am still fighting myself on any productivity.

     So today I swear I am going to get something done besides pooping around like I have been doing.

     Hubs lost another pound, so that was a bright spot.  I am still sneaking chocolate when he is not looking.  Which is most of the time.:)

     I think I am going up to de clutter and clean the kitchen.  Stay tuned for an update....

Kim just might get something done.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Wednesday, So much to tell you!

     I finally finished a chart!  This is so behind for the year, but then I have been shut down for 6 weeks, so it has been slow going.  But I was thrilled to be onto #5 for the year.


Most of the flower pots are planted.  I buy seed geraniums(my favorite) as they are so much cheaper and they bloom great.  I expect to see blooms in about 2 weeks.  I still have some planting to do butt it will be done as I have time.  *snort*

     Can't wait for all these pots to bloom, it will be so pretty.

My really, really , really good news is that my middle daughter is having a baby girl. August!

Can you believe that?  After 4 boy grands our first girl.  So excited.  So B will have a little boy August 3rd, and S will have a girl a few weeks later. I am over the moon.

Blessings all over the place I tell you.  Now if I can just get some house work done today as it is not sunny out.  It has not started to rain yet but it is supposed to.  If I am to get any steps in today it will have to be through house work.  Blah!

I'm going to be a grandma again, so excited.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Tuesday, I did something!

Don't get to excited, it was nothing in the house.  It was all outside.  I mean all of it.  Short of cooking dinner.

I had to laugh at my favorite clothing web site (Talbots) I wear almost exclusively, as they fit well.  But they are expensive and I just wait for the 80% off sales. They advertised today about how we should have a stay at home style.  Yeah like right!  I have a stay at home style that is nothing like their picture at their web site.  This is more me but without the cigarette.  Substitute a diet coke.

I actually put out 6 bags of bark and planted almost all of my flower boxes. I am so proud to me.  I was able to get a little over 12,000 steps doing this.  There are still holes to fill, but they can wait.  It was a gorgeous day about 75 degrees and today is the same.  So I will be outside soon dragging mulch bags around and planting some more.  Our sprinkler system will be turned on next Monday so I can plant the garden.  Hubs needs to till it one more time, I think I have mentioned that before.  I know I have mentioned it to him more than once......Hmmmmm.....

     Our pond is now on the fritz and needs a new liner.  This will be a lot of hard dirty work.  But first I am going to see if the leak is just in one of the seams. Yikes not looking forward to this job at all.

I have told myself that this lack of doing any housework has got to stop and I will devote at least one hour a day to the house.  I will set the timer for 15 minute intervals and do something.  Who wants to clean three dirty toilets?  Not me.  I will expect those of you who read this mess to hold me accountable..  Any takers?  Rhonda please I am begging you.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, April 20, 2020

Monday, Here we are again....

         Well I was not nearly as productive as I would have liked to have been this last weekend.  I think this case of lazies I have developed over the last 6 weeks might be permanent. I would like to be upset about it , but I just don't care.

     I need Cher to come slap my face and say "Snap out of it!"

     I did go with Lil sis, masked and gloved to a local nursery to buy plants and I have a ton of work ahead of me in the yard.  10 bags of mulch to put out and 4 flats of flowers to put in boxes.

Did I do any cleaning this weekend?  NO!  I think I will have to take pictures of the dog hair balls in all the corners and post them so I can humiliate myself into working on this mess.  I did get a couple of loads of laundry done, so Hubs could have clean skivvies.

It is beautiful out so I have no excuse not to enjoy the sunshine.  Check back to see if Kim has done anything constructive.  I mean honestly, I think I am missing.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saturday, Catch up today!

     Our day in the mountains was lovely.  We hiked a trail around a reservoir.  Roscoe the dog had to be in the lead the whole time.  His little legs are so short that is was funny to see him try and figure out how to get over and around logs that had fallen across the trail.  I wanted to continue onto another base camp but Hubs foot started to bother him so only did a 4 mile hike.   It was 70 outside but about 60 under the tree cover.  Everything was green and lush and beautiful.  It smelled so nice, like being in a fairy land.

     This really solidifies that hubs and I will eventually buy a piece of property out and about in the next few years.  We just love being out too much and can spend hours outside just roaming around. Another dream that may come to pass with hard work and thought.

     Today I am going to sew masks and do laundry and clean.  Blah!  Not that exciting but it certainly needs to be done  Hubs was completely out of underwear!  The horror....  All this free time has not been good for my house work schedule as I find that I just don't do it. 

     Right now there is a washer full of whites to be hung on the line, and a load of darks to put in the washer and then take to Lil sis's.  I need to take Easter down and put it away, and then do a general sweep through the upstairs.  Vacuuming is a must today.  We have dark burgundy oriental rugs in the frontroom and hall and I am telling you with a dog that sheds nonstop and two grey cats, the rugs take on a light grey hew this time of year.

     Many of my seedlings are up for the garden but need to grow bigger. I am going to get Hubs to till the garden again to make the straw go even farther into the soil.  We have let it rot for a few weeks.  I cannot plant until the frost is off.  We are still getting some really cold nights.

     What are you guys going to do today?  Any plans?  Any housework you are avoiding?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday, off to the mountians, short post

     Hubs and I are driving out to the mountains to take a hike and just get out of dodge.  I know I need a change of scenery and it is supposed to be cold tomorrow, so I will sew masks when it is crappy outside.

Also need to do a little laundry and cleaning around here, I wonder how long I can avoid these two things?  I have been doing a really good job of avoiding cleaning anything for about a month.

Our money arrived from the government and is going right into savings.

What will you be doing with your gift from the government?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, April 16, 2020

Thursday, better news!

Well we must not have been the only ones that panicked about the stats in our paper, as they came out today with the fact that 9 of the deaths in our county all came from one rest home.  All victims were over 90 and the 10th death was over 80.  This is so sad and crushing, but at least  it gives one the sense that we are not surrounded by people carrying the virus and that our hospital is not that substandard. (although it is) At least we know where the hot spot is and that several people have recovered.  I just feel so bad for this rest home and for the families.

I got busy and started making masks, but will run out of elastic today.  This is my attempt to put in a nose wire, not classy but it works.

Yesterday, we wore masks, to pick up our lawn mower, and then we took another long walk.  It was great.  The weather co-operated later in the day for a walk.  Hubs is out trimming the yard right now.  I am going to finish up some masks and go for another walk this afternoon.  It is beautiful outside.

We went to Mc donanlds drive up for food for the missionaries.  We called and found out that there were 6 in the apartment not two, so we just ordered 6 dbl burgers, 6 fires, and 6 sodas and dropped them off at their door.  At McD's we wore gloves at the window for pick up and washed out hands when we got home.  I am less scared now that I know where the deaths occurred but still not taking any chances.

My first attempt to figure out how to assembly line this procedure.

I am sewing everything assembly line to knock these out faster, I probably have enough elastic here to do 20 masks, but will put an all call out to church ladies for more.  If we get to a point where we start to need more for the community I will order elastic on line.

Anyway these are quick and easy to make and are adjustable with the elastic tied in a french knot and pulled into the seam.  Also you can put another layer of napkin or cloth underneath for more protection.

I could make more masks with the long string ties, but those will be a pain.  I might just have to suffer.

After I complete the two orders I have, I will hang masks on my fence and people can come and get them, I am not letting people just come into the shop.  Too risky right now.  Plus I want to obey the lock down order.

Hanging in there, trying to keep my spirits up.  How about you guys?  Everyone okay?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Wednesday, not looking good here

     We have had a 50% death rate on the virus in our county.  We have 20 positive cases and 10 deaths.  Now why we ask?  Well because there are many, many cases but no test kits here.  Also our hospitals are not the best in this rural area.  People who have died are all above 50, but no other info will be released.

     Hubs and I decided last night if we show any signs of illness we will travel out to a larger Hospital area for better care.  Our eldest wants us to come there (Twin Falls), or we could go to Hubs folks in Nampa. We could also go 100 miles up to Spokane but our daughter although her house is huge and we could quarantine there, is also pregnant.  We have not made any decisions yet and don't want to jump the gun, but I am getting a little more scared.

     In the past 24 hours I have had several requests for masks, so I will start making those.  I am really upset as I thought this thing would be over, or I hoped it would be on the downswing in about 2 weeks to a month.  Our paper said to expect a real upswing in cases in the next two days as results come back. I am naive.

     So I have been doing almost nothing for three weeks and now I have things to do besides work in the yard.  I will make as many masks as I have elastic for, then try and make a style without I guess.

     I also have to take a meal into the missionary boys today but I will bring then take out food.

     I have plenty of material for this project, just have not gotten into the fray until I knew they would be used.

     My daughter (eldest) had a womans group make reusable hygiene pads for a place in Africa, and they went to great time and expense to make hundreds of these only to be told they did not meet  standards.  Daughter (an attorney) was furious, she is not stupid and as she said beggars cannot be choosers, and these were being used for what?  So I became a little leery of starting to make anything especially when our health district nurse said point blank hospitals would not use them.  Her exact words were, "They are cute , but not functional."

     Now it seems that people outside the community of health care need them, so I will do what I can.

 I know some of the bloggers have made masks?  How many of you are doing this?  Do any of you need masks?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Tuesday,the natives are getting restless.

     I had 5 phone calls for the shop yesterday morning.  I have not had a phone call for three weeks, but I think people are just tired of the lock down.  I only agreed to help one older woman with her face masks.  I am still turning away work.  We have another death in our county which brings our death rate to 8 with only 21 cases.  So it is high and I understand most or all deaths are people that are elderly or with compromised health.

     So it is hard to stay strong and tell people I am not working yet.  I did spray all the weeds yesterday and walked the bridges again.  Finally got the sheets changed and the ironing done.  The ironing only took two weeks, because you know I just have so much to do these days.

     We cooked our Easter dinner last night and I took a load of wet clothes to Lil sis's to dry  then took a walk with her.  I am not sure I will be able to go back to my old life, when this one is so easy.  No pressure, just sleeping late, doing what I want, walking, watching TV, reading, napping.  It is tough I tell you.

     What happened to this woman that was so busy and doing, doing?  Will she ever come back? I hope so and then I also kind of like her a little slower a little less crazed.

     I just ate the last piece of apple pie for lunch and it was good.  I wanted it gone so it would not tempt Hubs, I am kind like that.....

     SO today I will do some sewing, and maybe take down the Easter things.  Maybe.  I also will take another long walk as I really enjoy that and it is good for me.

    Have any of you just found yourself taking it a little easier?  Remember my post about getting all these projects done and using this time to catch up on things we never have time to do?  Well the projects are still here at my house and I find myself just taking it easy.  I do a little here and a little there, but no pushing or real accomplishments I feel I can brag about.  In fact I am getting less done than I ever have before.  What is that all about?

     Is it depression?  Is it just the times?

What do you guys think?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Monday, Weird Easter

      My flowering miniature crab apple bloomed just in time for Easter.  I was thrilled.  It hangs over the pond and is so beautiful.

     Easter was so strange at our house, no kids, no candy, no baskets.  This is the first year in 42 years I have not made an Easter basket.  I did get about 7 dozen rolled sugar cookies frosted and I made two large apple pies.  I did this late Saturday afternoon as the wind was blowing so bad you could not work outside.   I was so tired at dinner time that Hub's insisted since it was our anniversary we would get pizza at our favorite take out.  We ordered and paid on the phone and he picked it up.  He could not believe all the people standing in line at the parlor without masks waiting.  They had come to stand in line to order.  He went in with his mask on and walked right up and picked up his pizza.  Some people just don't use their heads. 

     So we had pizza left over and we decided to forgo a special Easter dinner and just have leftover pizza and pie for Easter.  Weird but yummy and so easy for me as I did not have to cook!

     Our front yard is almost done as far as barking is concerned, I still need to fill dead spots, but I want to grow some veggies out front again, like squash, pumpkins, and cucumbers.

     I was able to walk the bridges(5 miles) at about lunch time on Sunday, we watched some church videos for our Easter service.  Then hub's and I ran pie and cookies to a couple of sets of missionaries, some shut ins and I took a plate of cookies and two pieces of pie over to my Lil sis's house.

     I took a short nap later in the afternoon.  It was a nice Easter, but I missed the kids and the grandsons, I was lonely.

    I was able to talk to Sis while I walked the bridges, and I had a good long talk with Slug's that helped to cheer me up.

  All if these bulbs were bought at Walmart for .50 a bundle.  They were dead  and spent but I planted them and they all came up and are beautiful.  Plant sales are going to be sparse this season I think.

     I am going to continue work in the yard today, and I might even get some hose work and sewing done.

     What I want to know is if this goes on much longer will any of us be able to adjust to going back to work?

     You know phone calls all morning, people in and out, demands, deadlines....     I think I am getting spoiled.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, April 12, 2020

Saturday, Happy Anniversary

Well we are 41 years and still going although I can say most of them were rough.  I still can't believe it has been that long.  It is also our youngest grandsons Birthday today he is 4.  So we have two things to celebrate!

We went to Home Depot yesterday to get bark and the line was so long we went to another store, that was a little more expensive and bought bark.  I worked in the yard and Hubs worked in the yard as long as he could.  Fasting is harder on him than it is on me.  He later in the day took a nap and I woke him when I had dinner ready.  It was hard to cook without tasting as we had not broke our fast. I thought about nibbling on a slice of cucumber, or tasting to see if the asparagus was just right.

I also went over to Lil sis's and took her dog for a walk again as her foot is really bad and she is limping a little.  She has her boyfriend in from out of town.  She has not seen him in a month.  As they have both been so isolated. I am happy she has someone there.

Last night I whipped up some sugar cookie dough and then some piecrusts.  So my plans for today are to do more yard work, dye eggs, make and frost cookies and make some pies and then clean this house and maybe clean myself.  I am a stinky yard work mess.  But as I love yard work I don't even care.

I just talked to my Twin sister and we laughed so hard as she told me a story about burying a cat that turned out not to be hers.  She was in Spain and her husband was deployed all she had was a housekeeper and hers cats.  So she finds mister dead in the road and falls apart, she calls the base and three marines show up to help her, her housekeeper contacts a farmer who will let her bury the cat in his field.  Realize that this is all done in Spanish.  So she and the marines and the farmer are all around this grave, housekeeper takes off her apron, farmer takes off his hat, one of the marines plays taps.   Then a few hours later Sis is at her kitchen window and up jumps her cat.  Scared her to death, she was thinking Stephen King's Pet Cemetery.  Well she buried some one else's cat.  Yes that would be my sister.  What a goof.  It is a resurrection story

Do you have any special plans for Easter?  I realize everything will be down a little with what is going on in the world.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, April 10, 2020

Friday, Good Friday

     We are joining the world wide fast for the corona virus victims, on this Good Friday.  So Hub's and I will go without breakfast and lunch.  Many people in our neighborhood and friends are joining us. Our church sponsored this and we invited many of our close friends here in Lewiston.

     I am going to do yard work again today, taking advantage of this beautiful weather.  Hubs and I might get sugar lows from not eating but then we can nap if we want to.

     Yesterday I played in the yard, went to my Lil sis's and took her dog for a walk.  I used up all the bark we had on hand, so we will have to get more today. We can do that and stay away from people.  There have been 3 more deaths in our county, bringing the total to 8.  Mostly very elderly in a rest home.  So sad.  My heart cries out for those families and their loved ones.

     I wish so badly there was something I could to alleviate the suffering.  I am kind of a hands on person and so helpless in this.  It is frustrating.  All I can do is pray and even that does not show me results that I want.  I know it helps, but unfortunately I am like Moses with the Israelite's I need a sign. See Kim wandering in the wilderness for the next 40 years.  At least I can admit my weakness.

     So how are you going to celebrate this Good Friday?  Any special plans?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, April 9, 2020

Thursday, enjoying the sunshine

     I was at Lil sis's yesterday and her Easter grass was up.  Mine is not but I used wheat seed.  I checked it this morning and a few shoots were up so I am hoping for more in the next three days.  Have to have Easter grass as I have no other way to really celebrate, but I am going to get hubs to dye eggs with me.

     We spent about 5 hours yesterday just driving and hiking Hub's old timber sales.  We went to see how his tree plantings that he did a few years before he retired are doing.  Some slopes are great and some not doing well at all.  It was still snowy on some trails, so I was happy I brought along my muck boots.  The dog loved the day as he did not have to be on a leash and could bound any where and smell all the smells he wanted.

     It was 73 degrees in the mountains.  So beautiful and sunny.  I plan to do this again next week and now that gas is below $2.00 a gallon I don't mind going out so much.  Hubs was having the time of his life and this was so good for him.

     I was going to make cookies today but it is so warm and nice outside I will wait until the weather turns, that is going to happen this weekend and I will be stuck in the house.

     Today is all about flower beds and weeding and cleaning.  Maybe a long walk, maybe I will do the bridges today.  I am loving the weather.  Just so happy to be out in the sunshine.  No matter how bad this isolation gets, you can always appreciate nature.

     So I am off to get the boots on and my garden gloves, Hurray!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Wednesday, I am special

     Sluggy sent me a birthday box, and it contained root touch up which I desperately need.  Also how did she know I needed those eyebrow pencils?  She is a mind reader that girl.  I am wearing the garden gloves today and I have eaten through most of the chocolate(not pictured as in my stomach).

Her card was hilarious. You will have to turn your head sideways to read it as I am not savvy enough to figure out how to turn it.

Keep you head tipped, yes that way a little more, there you go now read.

It really made my day as my TV remote was down and so was the blog.  Thanks Slugs.

Hubs and I are going for a drive after the young man who is mowing our yard is done.  We had to take our mower to the doctor and it won't be home until next week.  So we had the choice of hiring a kid or getting goats.  (kid, goats, *snort*)

The house is still crusty and dirty, I have not finished the ironing, but I don't care, I am going to enjoy the sunshine and the down time while I have it.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Wednesday, Finally fixed!

     My word have I had to fight to get this blog back.  I still don't know what I did to make myself unable to log into this but I screwed it up royally.  I have been fighting with Adsense for about 6 weeks and I am still not liking their ad structure.  I have wanted to go to amazon adds for a while now and relate them to posts at least on a weekly basis. This is not what caused me to go bonkers, but it took Hub's niece and nephew a few hours to figure it out.  Thank goodness for them is all I can say.

     The weather has been beautiful here today and will continue for the next few days.  I have taken several long walks in the sunshine which has been so nice.  I have decided that I will probably never get this much free time again, so why not enjoy it?  No phone calls, no clients, just my house (which is still a sty) and my yard  which I love.  I don't really have to do anything.  There are no kids to deal with, Hubs and I can just float along at our own pace and as long as we don't step on the others toes we are fine.

      This pandemic will be over and we will go back to the business of life.  Then we will look back and think of all the time we wasted wishing things would hurry up and be over.  Although we all worry about the future, and the world, allowing ourselves to be caught up in crippling anxiety is not doing any of us (especially me any good).

     I received the nicest card and box from Sluggy for my birthday.  She stocked my up on hair dye, makeup I use, some new garden gloves and candy.  What a gift!  Everything I can use, plus chocolate.  I will take pictures tomorrow for all of you.  She had a wonderful message in the card that really resonated with me and kind of made me change my attitude.  Thanks Slugs, love you.

     Tomorrow hub's and I are going to take a long drive up in the country, just to get out of dodge.  On Thursday I am going to make sugar cookies.  I will use my grandmothers Swedish sour cream cookie recipe.  These can be cut outs or rolled and frosted.  It is one of the recipes my mom and I used for all our rolled cookies.  Then I am going to take them to shut ins.  I have to be careful with Hubs on his diet not to have sweets around.  Oh who am I kidding I can eat my weight in cookies if given the chance.

     Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, April 3, 2020

Friday, made it through another week!

     Well, well, well here we are on Friday again.  I count that as the end of the week even though Saturday should be, but Saturday is my free day and I just don't count it.  The time drags but also seems to go by very fast.  It is weird. Is any one else observing this feeling?

     I did set up my ironing yesterday and I still have about 8 items left, but I ran out of spray starch.  I am afraid I will have to get a new iron as I have dropped this expensive one so many times it is leaking.  Aggravating.... I also need a new ironing board cover again.  I go through about 4 a year.  Maybe I will make one, I have the supplies.

     Yesterday we braved Wal-Mart for dog,cat and chicken food.  As numbers rise here (although still quite low) we did not want to be without and we were very low on dog food.  This quarantine is likely to go beyond the end of April so before it gets worse we bought more, of the needed foods.

     Social distancing was pretty good here but today I had to go to pick up a needed prescription.  It was at Alberton's.  I wore a mask and picked up all the free items that I had earned through the Monopoly game.  I also won $5.00.  So I came home with free hummus, beans, waffles,cheese.  Hey free is free.  I will take it.  But I was surprised by the number of people at the store and some of them were very unsavory and I had a mask on.  I hate to judge but can you bathe?  Won't be going to the store anytime soon.  We are now well stocked.

     Hubs wants to go for a walk so I am off and then I will come home and finish the ironing.

What are your plans for the weekend?  What are you doing while you are home?  Any projects?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




Thursday, April 2, 2020

Thursday, Hanging on :)

     Look at that clean and organized desk!  I actually did something.  I got all my bills paid for the month!

This is the mess before, bills receipts, Albertsons game pieces every where. Meds not put away.  I am a slob at heart.

  This was my sewing table, all I could do was knock stuff off here it was such a mess.  No wonder I did not want to sew.

Here it is nice and organized.  I am sure the diet coke from Mc D's helped.  Don't worry it was thoroughly sanitized and wiped off once it got into my car.

I think I uncovered at least 6 pairs of scissors and 9 seam rippers when I cleaned this mess up!

I was able to snap out of it and when I went to order a pizza for the missionaries who are stuck in their apartment, I asked for the special and it was, $9.79 plus tax and then I thought I would send a dessert and a bottle of soda.  Also don't forget to tip the driver.  When she told my my total it was $28.34.

What ????? well there is now a surcharge on delivery(actually can't blame them)  Soda is $4.00 a bottle and the dessert up to $7.00.  So I cancelled the order.  Hubs and I went and ordered the pizza curbside, I ran into A&B (a small grocery store) bought a large bottle of Sprite $1.50, and a box of twinkies on sale $2.50 ( I know this elder loves Twinkies and I am all about comfort food right now) then we delivered it to the front porch, saving Kim over $12.00.

I think getting up and setting my hair and putting on makeup helped me to do more yesterday, don't know why.  It is shallow I know but that is how I roll.

It is still pretty cold out and we had a rain/snow/hail storm last night.  So much for spring around here.  The sun is shining right now so I am going out to see how long it will last.

Hubs and I need to go and get more food for all the animals and we decided not to go on the weekend as to many people from out of town come in and they don't socially distance very well.

On another note we have a nephew with the virus.  He is a social worker for the Air force Base in Mountain Home Idaho, his wife is a nurse and they have 5 children.  He is isolated and is doing fine.  But this is hitting home.

They have finally allowed our daughter who has been at the courthouse everyday to go into teams where they are there every other week. I am happy about that as one of the attorneys wives is being tested.

So this crap is getting way too close.

I don't know what I am going to do today but I am going to stay active.  Will report tomorrow.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Wednesday, April 1st, who are you fooling?

 I am not doing very well at this quarantine thing and to think that I am is only fooling myself, but as we have no choice I will live with it.  I am just not getting very much done.  Sort of sitting around staring and not doing much of anything.  Everything is a big effort for me right now and I don't like myself this way.

Here it is April 1st and we have 30 more days of this and in my heart I know it will be much longer. I am hoping this is the day I can tell myself to snap out of it.  I mean really?  How many more days can I sit and veg.  (don't track this please)

So today after this blog I am actually going to set my hair instead of looking like a baba yaga, and maybe put on some makeup.  I might not recognize myself.  But I might feel better.

I get to talk to Sissie everyday and she is working from home, her Husband was finally closed down yesterday.  She is handling this about how I am.  I see Lil sis everyday and that is a comfort.  We watched the movie, As good as it gets last night.  I forgot how funny that was and we had some good laughs.

I wish I could say I was a barrel of energy racing through lists of things that need done, or I could be doing, but alas I am not.  Just trying to get through the days one day at a time.  It is all I can do.  Everyday I say I am going to accomplish something and don't get much done, if anything.  But today I am going to pull myself up. (I think)

Let's revue what I did accomplish this last month.

Saved all my five dollar bills now have $510.00 in 5's.  A little down from last year, but that is to be expected.   I have continued to save excess change in my pig bank, but that is way down also.  If you are saving pennies for the day you will need to put $31.95 in your bank before the end of the month. I also completed another savings chart and am well on my way to another.  I may just be able to finish it before the end of April, but we will see.  I am not taking in any new business, just finishing what I have.

I did get some things accomplished in the yard, but would like to do so much more.  Weather permitting.  I also did get things cleaned up and taken to storage.  So paint supplies and things have been put away after tripping over them for a few months.

One things I have totally failed on is exercise. Besides physical therapy and yard work I have been very remiss. I hope to rectify that in the coming month.

I kind of feel like I wasted so much of March and I hope to not let that happen to April.  Can any of you come and kick Kim's butt?  I really need to get some motivation.

What motivates you right now?  (besides chocolate and sweets, as those would motivate me)

Really this self pity has to end.
get police patches backed with velcro
I have to fix my hair and face
I have to get a wedding dress done today, it is a simple fix.
I have to do at least two loads of laundry
I have to sweep up the shop
I have to pay the bills
I have to clean my desk
I have to clean the family room
I have to do at least one thing I have been avoiding, like clean out a drawer or a cupboard.
If I watch TV I have to do the ironing
Take meals into missionaries Take out pizza delivered

There I made a list, maybe I can shake this malaise I am in and get a few things done. Here goes.  Please wish me luck, as my anxiety is crushing my spirit right now.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are i the negative.