Monday, January 31, 2022

Monday, Last day of a long month

 And it can't go too soon in my book. It was a hard month to get through, with cold, dark, sickness, no work, too many expenses, not enough money. I won't be unhappy to see it go.

Now is February going to be any better? Not if I don't get busy and the shop doesn't get any busier.

Made a huge pot of shrimp curry yesterday and it was so good.  I will make more rice today and we will have the rest for dinner tonight.  I am going to soak some kidney beans and make a pot of chili and corn bread tomorrow.  Taking my inspiration from Anne in the kitchen.

Just paid all of January's bills that are due except the 4 household bills, of heat,water,internet and phone.  I will pay those tomorrow. or I might just try and cash flow those.  We will see how the rest of the week goes.

Kelsa is in the other room playing with a train and she is saying Woo, Woo! She is so fun.  Grandpa took her for a walk and she fell asleep and took a good nap.  I ran to Joanns this morning for a zipper, and I need to run to the post office later today.

SO today I am going to:

1. replace zipper in coat

2. press a wedding dress and call client

3. make a pillow cover

4. do up a big pile of alterations

I also have a wedding dress to start on and will try to rip that tonight after Kelsa leaves.

I think I will have quite a few clients tomorrow as I have had many phone calls today.That makes me happy.  IT is dreary and overcast again, and it was so sunny this morning dang weather!

I need to call and reschedule my appointment with accountant as most of the things we need are not here yet.  So much for getting all those things by the end of January. That is okay with me as I don't have the money to pay the accountant until March anyway.

Is anyone else raring for January to be over?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.


Saturday, January 29, 2022

Saturday, a little painting fun

 The people who were storing their freezers in our garage came and got them this morning.  He is a licensed electric contractor and agreed to hook our generator up to our fuse box.  This is a great trade.  We will have a way to run our freezer, furnace, and fridge should we lose power. Our other house had two working fireplaces and this place has nothing. So this is one more step to being prepared that we need to make.  We can cook outside and light with candles, but heating or cooling are another matter.

 SO hubs and I went out and did some rearranging in the garage.  It does not look much different but does give us more room for the 4 wheeler.

I have two dark wood plant stands that I am going to paint in farm house bisque and distress and try to flip on face book market place.

If you think I am a messy cook, just wait until you see me paint.  I am going to have to swath up and lay out plastic everywhere.

But I want them out of the garage.  SO let's get her done.

I am so happy this cold long month of mostly grey is almost over. Hubs and I also took a few things to the dunp this morning that were lurking around.

I just got a call from an old dance student that needs ribbons and elastics sewn on her daughters shoes.  Crap I am getting old.  When I am fixing shoes for great granddaughters, I will need to retire.

I am off to make a mess.  My favorite thing to do.

Any plans for today? 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Friday, January 28, 2022

Friday, I'm alive, I think?

 I have no idea what happened to me yesterday,but I didn't like it.  Well I liked the nap that was great.  I had a bride in a 2 so I was up and after her fitting I felt a lot better. Hubs was watching Oliver and I went into the kitchen that was a total mess, and I mean bad.


Wednesday I had such plans and they were all throw a wrench, when an old friend stopped by for a visit.  Which by the way was great, but threw me way behind on what I had planned or even needed to do.

Hubs was out walking the baby, and he came home with her asleep in the middle of our visit.  When she left, I had to dash and pull the one piecrust I had frozen and get that pecan pie in the oven so it would be somewhat cool when the missionaries showed up at 4:00.  After I got it in the oven I hurried and did the dishes.  I did not have time to make more crusts to freeze, or to make banana muffins or bread with Schmills.

Missionaries loved the pie and ate it all thank goodness, Hubs and I were to go out to get a bite to eat, but I got a stomach ache probably from eating rich pie on an empty stomach.  Hubs foraged for dinner and I went to bed early leaving the mess in the kitchen, I felt bad, but oh well.

Back to yesterday:

So yesterday even though I had a good nights sleep, I was just so tired.  I felt terribly guilty sending my Sissie a one line email when usually it is at least a conversation. Then I was going to blog and I just couldn't.

I finally got a spurt of some energy after my nap and went into the disgusting kitchen and filled the sink with hot soapy water and started to soak the pie dishes which were now like hardened contact cement.  While the dishes were soaking, I whipped up two loaves of banana bread and used up the first bag of nuts from the freezer.  Hooray!  Plus the 7 over ripe bananas, that were haunting me on the counter.  This really took less than 10 minutes, I timed myself.  Why do we put things off that haunt us when they are so easy?

This inspired me to quickly throw flour, sugar,salt into a bowl and make up 6 piecrusts, as I had all the makings of a dutch apple pie also out on a counter. I put one crust in a pan and froze the others. Again this took 10 minutes.  But now I really had a mess in my kitchen.  I am a messy cook as I have said before.

Mealy apples that need to be used, I will use the rest in an apple walnut salad.( I actually peeled and sliced the apples while we watched the local news.)

Wrapping those crusts in wax paper and freezing in a large freezer bag, then I can pull one out whenever I want.  So much easier when you think of pie.  Get the hard part over with.

Hubs would be home soon and I hurried and did the dishes and there were a lot of them, I was able to clean up the kitchen and start the dishwasher, all I did not get done was wiping down those dang stainless steel appliances(don't even get me started).

Hubs took me to Effie burger last night as we are such high faluetin' folks.( Just ask Slug about the ambience)  Then home to take my pie out.  It is hub's favorite.  I had a piece late in the evening and Hubs just did his cave man thing and dug in.  Why can't men just cut a piece of pie, like a normal person?  Why does it have to look like a grizzly bear cut the pie?

Again I went to bed a little early.  Which was nice as even with the nap I was still about 50%.

Today, I am up an at em. I have been setting the timer every ten minutes to keep myself moving. I have been able to make the beds, get dressed, put on makeup (which for me is always a have to), cleaned off all the kitchen counters again, started my second load of laundry and now I am blogging.

Setting timer now, I am going to go into the kitchen and empty the dishwasher, do up the few dishes that are there,and wipe off all the counters again, wipe off the stove again, finally clean the appliances (crap) sweep the floors throughout the house and then mop the kitchen.  

Well that actually took me 30 minutes, and I tried really hard to not get distracted and start doing other cleaning, which is always a problem for me.  I need Sissie here to kick my butt into new habits and she has not done that for a while.  Anyway the first load of laundry is dry, so  I can go fold that and transfer the other.

I do have 5 pairs of pants to hem today and a wedding dress to finish and one to rip for a fitting on Monday. I need to scare up something for dinner but hubs will be happy with anything as he has pie.

I was complaining to SAM that I have figured out if I want a clean house I really have to do a minimum of one hour of maintenance everyday and that does not include, dinner and dishes and laundry and any extra kind of dusting/vacuuming.  You know something, I just don't want to.  That is my problem.  I don't want to. I want to play on my phone and imagine myself a princess.

Anyone else want to join my princess club? After we have our first meeting we can all go home to our dirty houses and play on our phones. I will even make treats.

I just realized I missed my Thrifty Thursday post. 

Okay, same old, same old. I have saved $160.00 so far in 5's and it all went on the mortgage. 

Used up a big bag of walnuts and I am into a second bag. Used up chicken from freezer. Lots of canned goods, flour and sugar from pantry storage,a bottle of oil, which needs to be watched and rotated.

Had 4 points that I was going to lose on the 31st, finally broke bad and used the $7.00 off for 4 points to buy some ground beef and I put it in the freezer.  But it is the only meat bought this month.

Again we searched for the cheapest gas fining it 40 cents a gallon cheaper in the Orchards.

Okay I have a clean house and I am happy, need to finish the laundry and then get some sewing done.  Perhaps I will get those two plant stands painted and listed this weekend.

We will see. 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative. 




Thursday, January 27, 2022

Thursday, Kim is sleepy

 I have so much to do today.  But I am so sleepy. No real reason I just am, so off to nap... sorry


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Wednesday, Cleaning house, making pie

 Well the missionaries want a pecan pie and is Kim about to say no?  Of course not.  I do have one crust left in the freezer, but I am also going to make a dutch apple as that is hubs favorite, and it will use up nuts and brown sugar which I have a plethora of, let me tell you.

I actually removed all the sofa cushions and vacuumed really well the whole house.  With Roscoe (a corgi) shedding when he even walks across the room, the dog hair just gets out of control.

Right now I have the mop bucket in the kitchen sink and I am going to go in and work on a wedding dress before I scrub all the kitchen counters and appliances. Then I will do the floors and after I will make up 8 crusts and freeze 7 of them and make up two pies.

Have no idea what is for dinner, but I certainly know what is for dessert. 

It might be just blow the budget and get take out.... the thought!

Do you ever just cave to the situation and do what you think will be easiest?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tuesday, who is the cutest girl?

 Kelsa Kayanne, wins the cutest girl contest! She is watching Coco Melon a cartoon for babies.  Grandpa has her out for a walk right now.  It is warm here today about 45 and she is well wrapped. Hubs has to go pickup Schmills this afternoon from school and they will spend the night as Schmills has no school tomorrow. Daughter running fever from shot.  When she was a baby, we had to give all her baby shots in 1/2 or 1/4 doses as she always had a bad reaction.

I am a little blue about Todd's death, he was only 66.  I thought he was Hub's age.  It is just so young. But I know in my heart that him living in constant pain and unable to move was not a good life.  I am just sad about it.

I really need to get busy today and get some phone calls made and some sewing done so I have some money for next week.  I have another wedding dress coming in Thursday morning. 

I am going to make banana nut muffins with Schmills either today or tomorrow. I have extra overripe bananas and still working on one bag of the 6 bags of nuts I have in the freezer.

SO many of you have posted dishes with rice, and I am craving a rice dish today.  I might do up some fried rice for dinner.

They need someone to feed the missionaries, but I am so out of ideas. I guess I can ask them what they want. That always helps.

You all know I watch many vlogs, or I should say I listen to vlogs on my phone while I am sewing.  Mostly this is to judge and make fun of them in my mind. I know bad Kim. I just cringe when I listen to this one woman who describes her Hauls.  (Spending money and buying things and then displaying them) This was only $3.99; this was only $4.99.  For some piece of stuff(crap) one really does not need.  I am thinking $3.99, yikes!  $4.99, double yikes! I really have a hard time spending money on stuff.  Now don't get me wrong, I love shopping and I love stuff.  But I don't need stuff and it is wasteful to a point.  I am happy with the stuff I own and there is too much of it.

When did we become a society of stuff? Oh, by the way speaking of stuff!!!!! I won Sluggy's box, so I get stuff. 😀 I get peppermint patties and stuff.  So excited.  Okay I love stuff if I don't have to pay for it.  There that is a good way of describing it.

Well, enough complaining and explaining Kim needs to get to work.

On today's list:

1. call meal coordinator for missionaries

2. call clients for pickup

3. figure out what's is for dinner

4. alter a wedding dress for a fitting

5. alter a pile of clothes

6. make a pillow cover

7. alter or start altering a large pile of things.

8. pile of missionary mending

9. alter a dress

There now let's get Kim off her butt and get her butt into her shop to get some work done.

Do any of you watch vlogs?  Do you cringe at people spending money on things that you would never spend money on?  Does it make your mind hurt? Is Kim damaged in some way? Sissie, Anne and Slugs are not allowed to answer this question.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.



Monday, January 24, 2022

Monday, Meeting my goals, Hearing aids

 Well we broke bad today and went and had Hubs fitted for new hearing aids.  I am so glad we did this.  You could tell he was excited and hearing so much better than with his old ones.  These also attache to his phone via bluetooth and he can adjust them for the TV and church which will be so nice.

We were given $500.00 off, as we just had a large repair done on an old set and I was upset as I would have rather put the money towards a new set and I told the doctor that.  So he honored us with that repair, which I thought was great.  I put money down out of Hub's savings which I will pay back and then we will pay monthly at no interest until they are paid for.

This means I will have to tighten the old budget more and work a little harder if I want to keep up with my savings goals, but so far it looks doable.  It will just take longer to meet some goals, like replenishing the emergency fund.

I was able to take $150 down to the bank this morning to add to our mortgage account.  $100.00 from my 100 envelope challenge and $50.00 in 5's I saved this week.  Also had $157.00 come into checking from Adsense and I was able to add another $150.00 to put into savings for our taxes.  I need to put $300.00 in every month for this. Now I just have to get through the rest of the week and then the month. So far all challenges met. 

Yesterday, right before church was going to start at noon, we received a phone call  from a friend who was in tears and she needed Hubs to come over and give her husband a blessing.  We believe in the anointing of the sick.  Todd (the husband) had a stroke about 5 years ago that left him completely bedridden.  His wife is a Registered nurse and she had to quit work to care for him.  He has had many seizures and strokes since the first stroke and life has been very hard for both of them. He was close to death when we arrived and Hubs gave him a blessing of release, which is very hard to do.  No one wants to do this kind of a blessing.  Hubs also blessed his own father about 40 minutes before he passed. It is much like last rights that are done by the Catholic priests.  Todd passed a few hours later.  It is a blessing but very sad, when someone is young and was so full of life to be taken out this way.

We went over after the hearing aid appointment to check on the widow.  She had not slept for over 36 hours when we saw her last and she looked much better today. I will go over tomorrow and help her with housework, as she is way behind.  I remember the girls coming in after  my mom died to piles of washing, and dust bunnies.  But you put your priorities where they need to be in these cases.

I did develop a nasty head cold on Saturday and sniffed a good part of the weekend with lots of sneezing.  But I am doing a lot better today.  Now hubs is getting the chest cold I had last week.  We just share well I guess.

Pulled chicken out of the freezer and have no idea what I am going to do with it. Better out on my thinking cap.

Any plans for the week?  Anything special you want to get done?  I know I want to get some deep cleaning done in my house.  Also sewing is readily available.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.


Saturday, January 22, 2022

Saturday, Let's work out

 Lil sis's significant other bought a small older home down by the college here in town. It needs the entire upper level gutted. Lil sis and I and boyfriend and Hub's spent a good part of the day tearing plaster off of old lath.  It was messy, dirty, hard work.

We wore masks, but I still coughed like I was a smoker.  Hub's and I came home covered in dust and debris. It was even in my bra, which was not comfortable.  We were able to get one room and a hallway done while we were there.

I have torn off a lot of lath and plaster in my life, but I forgot how hard it was.  It is a gloomy overcast day and after 3 days of sunshine it was hard to endure, so having this project helped build up some endorphins. I had a new pair of work gloves to break in and I actually wore a hole in two of the fingers, on the left hand.  I was using this had to pull off the plaster.

I bet I am sore tomorrow. I came home and soaked in a hot tub for about an hour it was lovely.

Made an applesauce cake with nuts trying to use up applesauce and nuts from the freezer. Yum, but now we will eat it and I don't think either of us needs it.

Called Slugs yesterday to wish her happy birthday. I miss her we have such a good time together. 

Hubs has had a head cold most of the week, and I thought it was just the flip side of the chest cold I had the week before.  Now I have been sneezing non stop and I hope it is just a reaction from the plaster dust, I will be really verklempt if I am getting a different cold.

It was so nice to just sit in my shop yesterday and sew on different piles of things.  I felt productive and I have plenty of work for next week.  SO happy. Daughter brought Schmills and Kelsa down while she went grocery shopping, she asked if I would keep Kelsa over night and I said no, as I am not feeling 100%. I know we will have her on Monday night and Tuesday as daughter gets her booster and will likely be under the weather.  Schmills had his second shot Thursday morning and was quite sick Friday. But he is back to his little cheerful self.

He wore a particular shirt down to our house, that he had torn a hole in so I could mend it. He was so excited to watch me darn the hole in the front of his shirt and amazed that after he put it on he could not see it.

 We are going to stay home and watch church here and then Hub's will drive over and play for the children.  Just too much COVID in our area and many families with kids do not mask up.  It is just too dangerous for me, and crap last week it was a chest cold and this week who knows?

Went to the grocery store to pick up a prescription and bought the 4 packages of sliced cheese that were a loss leader.  We are completely out and I eat cheese and crackers a lot for lunch. That is the extent of the grocery deals this week.

I think Kim will go to bed early tonight?  Have you every tore off lath and plaster?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, January 21, 2022

Friday, Sunny and busy!

 Another sunny day here and I will take it!  Hubs is out walking the dog, and I had to stay in as I have clients coming.

Me loves the sun. Made pizza last night and Hubs liked it.  Me not so much.  I think it was the sauce I made.  I really don't like a really tomatoey (is that a word?) pizza. Now I love a fresh sliced tomato pizza.  But we have leftovers and hubs ate them for lunch and I don't know if he will do dinner?  There is more left and I know I won't eat it.  I tried to eat it for lunch and a no. How do you disguise pizza? Hmmm....

GO read SAM'S POST ON TIERED TRAYS. I had a good laugh.  I didn't realize that this group was so out of touch with what is popular in home decor.   Also realize I am just as out of touch, as my house is done in early attic.  I never have what is new and exciting.  I have what is cheap and free.   I mean people spend money on this stuff, and search for things to display.  All I see is something I would have to dust.

Speaking of dusting probably something I should consider. Nah... The bunnies are not crawling out from under the sofa yet.

Kim needs to get busy, she has plenty to do in the shop. She is Happy.  Color Kim excited.

1. hem jeans

2. hem 2 jeans

3. alter a jacket

4. hem 2 pairs of jeans

5. hem 4 curtain panels

6. mend a bag of clothes

7. start on a large pile of alterations

Plus I have a wedding dress to alter and I need to make sure I have the fabric to do this. I also have another wedding dress coming in this afternoon.  Yippee!  May this enthusiasm last.

Does anyone have big plans for the weekend? I am trying to think of what I will do. Boy am I boring.

I might have to go and look for something to display on a tiered tray.  WE MIGHT HAVE TO FORM A CLUB.  The "does not own a tiered tray club".  Let's embroider this on pillows.  SAM you are exempt from the embroidery.

Now all of you go wish SLUGGY a happy birthday, she is getting old and needs us to make her happy. She also does not own a tiered tray.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




Thursday, January 20, 2022

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday, shop busier!

Here we are, it is Thursday again!  How did the week go by so fast? Especially with me getting my days mixed up, thinking Tuesday was Wednesday most of the day.

Tomorrow is the Slugs Birthday, so make sure you all go wish her a happy one. I wish I was there with her so we could have some laughs. Dang I hate living so far apart.

The shop was actually busy yesterday, with another wedding dress coming in and several piles of hems, and mending.  I am so very grateful. It is so nice to have something to do besides fret about not having anything to do. 

I ran to the store last night and bought some milk and a package of mushrooms but made toasted tuna fish sandwiches for dinner.  I will do my pizzas tonight.  Hubs is up watching Oliver today, so the house has been quiet.

I just found out that I don't have to fly to St. Louis the end of February, which I am thankful for. My Lil sis wanted me to come and help her with her daughter's wedding shower.  I do have to fly to St. Louis the end of April, and I did not want to make two trips, with the cost.  But I would also not let my Lil sis down if she really needed me.

I am not a big lover of January, as it is cold, and usually overcast and gloomy here.  The last two days have been sunny, and I so love it when it is sunny.  It really lifts my mood during the winter months. Plus, the days are now a 1/2 an hour longer than they were a month ago and you can tell the difference in the evenings.  It is not dark at 4:30, like it was at the beginning of January. Always something to be thankful for.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change

2. saved all my 5-dollar bills was able to add $50.00 to the mortgage, so far I have saved $110.00 in 5's all added to mortgage.

3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill 

4. saved 2 more envelopes, in my 100-envelope challenge put an extra $100.00 on mortgage

5. Cooked all meals from scratch at home

6. stuck with my grocery challenge, used beans, rice, chicken, fish, porkchops, out of the freezer. Also made a carrot cake and cookies to use up extra nuts, coco chips and raisins.

7. Sold some things on facebook marketplace for extra money to meet my savings goals. 

8. Used coupon at Joanns for and item.

9. went to monthly food bank for items that would have otherwise been thrown away.

10. had a friend bring over sewing supplies she was no longer using, that I can use

11. Made sure to have reusable grocery bags with me as the stores in Washington are now charging for bags.

12. made sure to find the cheapest gas in town to fill up the car.  It can be up to a .45 difference depending on where you buy.

13. Used the car rather than the truck for most of our running around to save on gas.

14. fed all scraps to the chickens

15. downloaded receipts to fetch

16. got a 10 bonus from Ibotta for things we needed, cat litter, laundry soap etc. 

Kinda boring and same old, same old.  But believe me it adds up. Especially not grocery shopping every week.  I think I will have to extend this challenge into February as my freezers are still very full, I need to make applesauce muffins and banana bread to use up things in the fridge.

Might do that this evening, after I get done sewing and making pizza.

What did you do to save money this week?  Did you find any great ways to save?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Wednesday, Crappy grocery adds

 I am certainly glad I am doing a pantry challenge this month as there has really been nothing to tempt me in the grocery adds all month.

I mean horrible offerings.  Really no loss leaders to speak of at all. It is kind of scary.  But I think this is here to stay for a while.

I was able to get plenty of fresh food at the food bank yesterday.  Again I could not beleive that no one was there and it was close to closing time.  There were tables and tables of food.  It is such a shame.

1. potatoes both yellow yukon gold and russets

2. cabbage 

3. oranges

4. apples

5. celery

6. carrots

7. the biggest radishes I have ever seen and bags and bags of them

8. raw beets

9. bananas, which will need to be frozen or used in breads and muffins

lots of canned goods and breads.

They are now taking  many things to the post office to try and get people to take them before they throw them out.  It breaks my heart, but I took what I could use.  I know  this place really helps my neighbor.

I am going to try and make homemade pizza tonight, but I need to pick up some mushrooms, I have everything else.

I am also going to get my nails done at 5 as I finally have some money to do them.  It has been 6 weeks and they are falling off. I hate spending money on this but it is a have to with my medications thinning my skin. 

One of the ways I save the most money is by trying to live on a cash basis.  I know many of you claim you never have cash.  If you write a check, or use a debit card, you will always spend more money at the grocery store or where ever you are shopping.  If you have cash you have to watch your pennies.

Go get cash at the beginning of week or pay period.  Get as much as you think you will need for things.  I needed my nails done, but I did not have enough cash and had to wait until it came in or until the next pay period.  Now that I have it I can get them done. 

I will go to the store and buy milk as we are out and I will pick up mushrooms, if I go in with cash I will not buy other things that I think I just have to have.  Now if I found a killer sale on say meat, I would use a check, but it would have to be a really, really good sale, for me to do this.

This system works for me and allows me to fill out my charts and save money in my challenges.  I always pray when I am paying for something with a 20 dollar bill that I don't get 3- 5's back.  When this happens it is like crap ( one of my favorite words).  Now I have less cash to spend.

Try this you will be amazed at how much you save.  Well unless you don't need to or don't want to.

Ain't I just smug....

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Tuesday, My first chart of the year!

  Well, I finally finished this chart that was started last year.  It took a long time to finish, with all the Christmas food, and money I spent. Not much saving was going on here.  Then with the shop being so slow, ugh I thought I would never fill it out.

SO would this be a first chart? Or  would it be the last chart ? I haven't really figured it out, I am just happy to look at a new one.

And by the way, because I know you are all so interested to know this.  I did have enough money to fill my $36.00 $1,$5,$10,$20 envelope challenge.  There was some cash stuck up under my sewing drawer that I did not see.

Thanks for all the comments on Hub's hearing aids, I appreciate your input.  I also appreciate your concern over my ridiculous passion to stay with my savings plan.  If I had to cancel it I would, but so far, I am making it so I will continue.  If the day comes that I cannot, I will retrench and replan.

I was able to take $150.00 down to the bank today and put it on the mortgage.  It seems such a long, long way to pay off and it is, but look at what Hawaii planner did with her mortgage.  Every little bit helps.

I made chocolate chip, raisin, walnut cookies yesterday with Schmills.  I have so many nuts, chips, and raisins to use up.  I sent home most of the cookies with daughter, and she said Kelsa has been eating them only she just chews up the raisins and then spits them out and tries to feed them to daughter or her husband.  Signe' said, "Mom no more raisins in cookies." I can't imagine being baby bird fed a chewed-up raisin.

The chili I made yesterday was good and we will have it again tonight, however I am going to stop and get a bag of corn chips to have with it.

I am taking my neighbor up to that food bank I go to once a month.  Her husband is down, and they are struggling with the high cost of food right now. I always go late in the day, so I am not taking anything others who truly need it would take.

I had a girlfriend drop off a few boxes of ribbing that she no longer uses.  I am going to start making baby bib's with it.  I loved the bibs you could just slip over the head like a t-shirt.  You use dish towels to make them and then you can wet the towel and clean up the baby.  SO nice. They are fast and so simple to make, and I need a few around here.

Need to look for some inexpensive tea towels. 

Roscoe has a vet appointment this afternoon for booster shots.  Luckily, we live in an area where Vet services are not overly expensive.  He needs a rattlesnake booster, before spring.

I was under the illusion that today was Wednesday for several hours this morning.  Finally realized it was Tuesday. Do you ever do that?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, January 17, 2022

Monday, Making Budget, barely

 Oh, the well laid plans.  Rhitter and I are both watching our perfectly composed yearly budgets, go down the drain.  It is always something.

But both of us are so much better off than we were years ago.  So, I am not going to let my budget buster derail me completely.  It may slow me down a bit, but it will not take away my perseverance.

Hubs has to have new hearing aids. He only has one left earpiece that is now working.  I want him to get the new hearing aids that hook to his cell phone by blue tooth, so he can turn them up and down according to where he is and what he is doing.  He has been dragging his feet as he knows that I will be the one to bear the cost of these, as I will have to work harder, and they will have to come out of the shop monies.

I also know that not hearing well leads to further problems with dementia.  I will not allow him to go without hearing, that is just cruel, and makes my life much harder.  He had an appointment this morning with the hearing aid doctor but had to cancel due to his now being sick with the same crud I had/have. We rescheduled for next week.  We have cussed and discussed this at length, and it is just one of those things that has to be done.  I have not figured out how I will do this, but I do know that the place that has always done his hearing aids will take payments with no interest and that is a blessing. I will just have to figure it out.  The shop will get busier, and I will have to strain the budget more.

I was able to sell 2 different things on facebook market place this weekend, bringing in 65.00 allowing me to just make my weekly savings goals by the skin of my teeth.  Well, I should not say that as I have enough to do my two-envelope challenge and I also have $50.00 from my save the $5 bill challenge.  It was a good week for 5's. SO I can add another $150.00 this week to our mortgage.  The $36 dollar challenge can wait until later in the week when I have more money.

Just because I have had a budget buster, does not mean I will dissolve my savings plans.  I have a bride coming in for a fitting at 2 today and I am sure she will pick up tomorrow, so I will be fine.  It is getting close to the time of the month where I need to have that $300.00 in the tax account, and I hope I am able to squeeze that out somehow.

This is all about balance, and right now mine is off, how do I get it back on?  Well one thing I know is to not panic.  That is the nice thing about my life right now, as there is no panic.  I lived through years of financial panic, and it is so nice to be at a stage that I can say this is a crappy, inconvenience, but not an all-out disaster.

I have my beans soaking for White chicken Chili, go me.  I did nothing this weekend but lay around and I mean lay.  I think I spent most of my time in bed, but I am feeling so much better today.

I have the Valentine things out and I just need to get everything situated. I have had two offers come in on my beaded ropes and both wanted them for pennies, and I said no.  I know they were resellars who wanted all of them to turn a profit, but I am selling them so they can turn a profit, right now they are just being greedy.  Someone will cave the closer it gets to the Holiday.

Where do you cut back when you get a budget buster?  Do you reduce payments, or savings?  Do you slash the grocery bill?  How do you do it?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, January 15, 2022


I slept really late this morning and that was so nice.  Hubs and I did get to the store last night after my nap and I of course wore a mask.  I did a little sewing and have a wedding dress ready for try on, so that is good.

Even though I am not feeling my best I still have this little monster inside me that tells me to get up and do something useful or constructive. I dislike the monster very much. He needs to be hog tied, and muzzled.

I had a really sweaty night and woke up wet with my eyes glued shut.  My Sjogrens's is in full swing, I am sure because of the virus I have. It always does this when I am sick. Fun to be Kim right now. 

I am putting a chicken, potatoes, carrots, celery and onions in a roaster for dinner tonight, leftovers tomorrow.  You know what sounds really good? Chicken and veggie gravy over biscuits. Yum.  Comfort food. Then I wall also do a  white chicken chili this week.

Does anyone have a good recipe for white chicken chili? What kind of beans do you use?  Do you used canned or do you soak beans? Inquiring minds want to know.

I am tired, time for a nap.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative. I will not have a productive day....


Friday, January 14, 2022

Friday, Putzing, and coughing

 This is how I feel, just drowsy and out of it. Like if I lay down I will not get up.

I have been putzing around the house today.  On my third load of laundry and the last one is in the dryer.  I made a carrot cake this morning as I have been craving it, and I need to use up nuts in the freezer. 

I am not having the bride come in for her fitting as I am not sure what I have. But I will get some sewing done today.

I also want to put out my Valentine decorations, so they will be up for the month before the holiday.  Don't know if I have the energy for that but we will see. Maybe after some carrot cake I will?:)

It will be a low key weekend, as I am not up to snuff. I pulled pork chops and applesauce out of the freezer for dinner, and also a whole chicken to thaw for the weekend.  I was talking to Sissie today and telling her I have so many bags of nuts, mostly walnuts to use up. They are in the freezer, but they still need to be used.  SO if you have any recipes that use nuts lets me know please.

I was able to take a long nap yesterday afternoon, and Hubs watched Kelsa. I did not even cook dinner he just made himself a plate of salami, cheese and crackers before going back to the high school. I did some sewing last night and then went to bed early.  I figure sleep is the best thing for this crap. 

I think we will all eventually get this virus whether we are vaccinated or not.  But the vaccine will keep us from getting really sick.  I can't believe the people who are testing positive after three shots. We will reach herd immunity at this rate for sure. 

Well I have things to get done today I think.

1. finish laundry

2. alter, hem and iron a wedding slip

3. cut and hem a wedding dress, get the hand work done for a try on.

4. bring Valentines decos in

5. put out valentine decorations

6. paint two plant stands I picked up to flip

7. mask up and get to grocery store some time

8. take a long nap

9. put things away on dining room table

10. spray stool with verethane

11. spray large tray with black paint


Wow I wonder which one will win? Does anyone want to place a bet?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, January 13, 2022

Thursday, Rotten chest cold, Thrifty Thursday!

 Well, I am working myself into a nice chest cold.  What really aggravates me about it is that I now have to go get tested as, I don't want clients exposed.  I am sure with three shots I can't believe I have it, but you can never be too careful.  Wearing a mask to greet clients for pickups.

Kelsa also did not sleep well last night, I kept waking her coughing and when I was asleep finally, she would wake me crying.  I wanted her mom to sleep as she had to work another 12-hour day today after working a 14-hour day yesterday and just getting over an infection.

Hubs was up early taking Schmills to school, and them he had to set up a band concert today at the high school.  He has to go back this evening to work.

I am going to take a nap this afternoon and then get some sewing done. I am beyond tired. I made eggrolls and rice last night and my goodness.  Nate brought the kids down and between Hubs, me, Nate, Schmills and daughter we ate every one of them.  That is a winner recipe.  I used the last of the chicken breasts from Tuesday as the meat.  I have no idea what I am having for dinner tonight and I am too tired and sick to really care.  Hubs might be eating a peanut butter sandwich.

By the way I now have two wedding dresses, and two bridesmaid dresses and a pile of alterations to do.  I am so happy and then bang no sleep and a rotten cold, that is really wiping me out. I think after I take a nap, I will feel better.

Things I did to save money last week:

1. saved all my spare change

2. saved all $5 bills added and additional $45 to my mortgage So far $60.00 total for the year.

3. paid $100 extra on mortgage, by filling two of my 100 envelope challenge

4. saved a $1, $5, $10, $20 for vacation.

5. stayed out of grocery stores only bought what we absolutely needed.

6. eating out of freezers and pantry. Last week used a bag of chicken breasts, a bag of pollack, frozen blueberries, some yogurt, several cans of fruit and beans out of storage.

7. cooked all meals at home from scratch.

8. picked up 90% or better Christmas things to transform and sell or give as gifts.  Keeps me busy and allows me to give nice things to family.

9. used coupon at Joanns for zipper

10. found cheapest place to get gas.

11. Told daughter we were out of diapers instead of going and buying had her buy them.

12. Some of my favorite clothes this winter are things my Sissie sent me that she no longer wanted, it is nice to have new things you didn't have to pay for.

13. Picked up two plant stands for $10.00 I am going to paint white and distress to resell.

14. sold two items on facebook marketplace.  Earned $65.00

I am going to take a nap. Is this going to get a covid test every time you feel a cold coming on, getting to you guys?  Crap and double crap!


Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Wednesday, Finally, some action!

 My oh my, I finally had some things picked up in the shop and I actually have some cash! I have had to rob every little nook and cranny in this house for spare money.  Well mostly hub's wallet.

I had a wedding dress and a bridesmaid dress come in yesterday, so I have work to do and I am so excited. Now I need to clean up the shop and get busy.

I finally got the family room picked up and most of my crap put away.

Kelsa is here today and tomorrow, so she is keeping us on our toes.  I also have to run to a bridal fitting this afternoon, so I will have even more work.  Yippee!

You know the harder I work at trying to empty the freezers, the more I realize how much food is here. The grocery adds came out today and again, really nothing to tempt me.  I do have to go pick up some fish sauce,and a few fruits and veggies, but that is it.  So I will keep plugging along at eating this over abundance of food down.  I cooked up three chicken breasts yesterday and they will suffice for dinner last night and lunch today. I'm thinking eggrolls and rice tonight as those went over so well  a couple of weeks ago, plus daughter will be here tonight with kids.

Things are finally starting to melt around here and if this keeps up we should be snowless by the end of the week. It did not freeze last night. We are in that melted, frozen lumpy ice stage, in the parking lots, which I think is the most dangerous for falls. Soon I will be able to go out and walk if this keeps up.

Hub's just got the baby down for a nap, time to get some work done.

1. clean and organize sewing desk

2. hem pants and call

3. men pants and call

4. hem and take in bridal slip

5. cut wedding dress hem for a fitting

6. alter a bridesmaid dress

7. run for a bridal fitting at a person's house

I have work! Just so excited. Hope I can keep up this feeling, when things start to get crazy.

Let's see what I can get done today, if I don't work I won't be able to complete next weeks savings goals and I don't want to get behind. It's too early in the year to start behind.

Any good grocery buys in your area?  Are any of you experiencing pasta shortages? 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Tuesday, making messes, what fun!

 Kim's latest escapade.  I know, I know, not something I would ever put in my house.  Okay let's rephrase, not something I would buy.  But I do watch a few of those mommy vloggers mostly so I can make fun of them in my head.  I guess tiered trays are all the rage, and you put a beaded rope for the holiday on your tray.

Since Kim, only has stuff in her house that was given to her, or she thrifted , or inherited, this is not something I would have.  I do not have a tiered tray.  Sorry, I am not in vogue.  But there are many people who do.

I was in walmart yesterday for chicken feed and the Christmas was marked  .10,.25,.50.  I saw these beaded wreaths with 38 beads in red and white for .10 a piece. I grabbed them all and restrung them on some hemp string I had at home and tied red ribbon I also had on hand.  I have listed these for $5.00 a piece.  It gave me something to do last night.

Now I think this kind of thing is kind of silly and like I said I would not buy it, but I see them all the time. Do you like the mended table cloth?  I swear I have over 10 hours of hand mending into this thing.  But I can't give it up.  Too many memories, and just where will I get another one?

Hub's finally finished the pollock to day for lunch and I need to go pull some chicken out for dinner. Hub's has gained back 10 lbs and is really struggling to stay on a diet.  I love to bake and making a pie and scones last week did not help him.  So I must be more careful. I need to keep smaller treats hidden that I can give him.  Like a piece or two of candy, rather than putting a pie out.  I only got 2 pieces of that pie, so you can see that he loves to eat.  Well, heck so do I.  Sluggy can attest to my ability to wolf down a dozen donuts in a 24 hour period.

Sissie was chastising me for my messy house, and she is right, when I start doing  arts and crafts things go to hell in a hand basket really fast around here. I should actually call my housekeeping farts and craps, because that is what it looks like when I am done.  My ADHD brain just goes into overdrive and nothing gets put away.  So I sent Sissie this picture,(just to irritate her).

Just so you know, this would never happen at Sissie's house, it happens at my house on an almost daily basis.

Thank goodness I have a tolerant husband.  As I have a hard time putting things away.  Every counter is covered, if it has a flat surface, look out. That is why we never put the lid to the baby grand piano down, I wold probably serve hamburgers on it. My creative inner brat just goes crazy, but don't you worry, I will have to send pictures to Sissie soon to prove that I cleaned it up..... Maybe today?

On a better note.  I had some mending come in today and I have two wedding dresses coming in this afternoon and have had several calls on wedding dresses. Soon the mess will be confined to my shop.

But right now I am having fun!  I am going to leave the stool until spring.  Many of you are right and I did debate on painting it farm house white, but I just felt like tole painting and I really want to do more.  I can give this as a gift to one of my daughters and they would be thrilled.


I did complete all my financial goals this week by the skin of my teeth and nothing went into emergency savings, but I will get there.  I have faith. Soon I will be complaining about how behind I am. You just wait and see. Work is a blessing my freinds and don't you ever forget it.

Lil sis wants me to go to St. Louis the end of February to help with my oldest niece's wedding shower.  I already have to fly there the end of April for several days for the wedding to help and two trips is excessive.  But if I can get a really cheap ticket I had better go and help Lil sis, she and Sissie were so much help with my daughter's weddings, and they have not forgiven me for working them so hard. 

Well I had better go finish my project and clean up my messes.  Do you craft?  Are you a messy crafter like me? 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, January 10, 2022

Monday, Maybe, this was not a good idea...

 This is my next, try to flip object.  But I have not had one offer, and not many people have even looked at it.  I think it is too specialized.  I am not worried, as I only have $10.00 into it and my girls would all love to have it, so not to worry.

As it is Monday, I need to fill all my challenges and that is going to be tough,  I really made no money last week in the shop.  I have to put money in my $1,$5,$10,$20 envelope and I do have a $35.00 check to cash, so that is doable.  Then I have to select two items off my 100 envelope challenge, to put on our mortgage as planned. Then I have to take the 5 dollar bills I have saved to the bank also to put on the mortgage. Unfortunately, I will have to pull money from my savings account that is very small to meet the challenges.  That might not make sense to all of you, but it does to me.  I feel better knowing I am keeping at my goals and eventually more money will come in when I get busier.

So a run to the bank is in my near future. I will be putting, $145.00 on the mortgage today.   Not a stellar week by any means, I just made my goals by the skin of my teeth, and I hope this week is better.

Where I did well was using up things in the freezers to make meals.  I used up 3/4's of a ham, one package of pumpkin, one can of pumpkin, a pie crust, a jar of beans. I have been making smoothies with the blueberries I have a ton of, and also scones, so I have used about 3/4's of the large bag of berried.  I will keep going. Very little spent on groceries, I am proud of that.  How are all of you doing on the no spend groceries month? 

I cooked up a whole bag of pollock yesterday, and we will eat if today for lunch and dinner.  I want to roast a chicken this week for white chicken chili.  Again, use those beans. I also need to eat some of the applesauce we have made that is in the freezer.  Or find something to make with it, any ideas? Do any of you have an applesauce bread, cookie, or muffin recipe that you like?

I have had 3 brides call me in the last 24 hours, so things are going to heat up soon.  Thank goodness.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, January 8, 2022

Saturday, Flippen' for profit

 Well, I was inspired by my lamp flip, that I went to Goodwill and bought this larger mirror, for $5.50 and I took it home and chalk painted it, with paint from another project and then after two coats I distressed it and put it on my towns selling page.  I asked $45.00 and it sold immediately.  I know I did not spend even an hour painting this, even with all the curves and detail.

I am now working on a pouting stool, and I will take pictures of it when I am done.  Heck, this keeps me busy, and I enjoy being creative.  Plus, I love perusing secondhand stores.  But I am being very selective. One thing at a time.  I will not waste money filling my garage with crap I don't need.  Plus, I don't have the extra resources right now.

Went to bed early last night and the kids were here when I woke up. Daughter had to go to doctor as she has a bad sinus infection, which I suspected.  We will have Kelsa tonight.

I did get a couple of rooms deep cleaned and I am going to finish the rest after Kelsa wakes from her nap.  

I need to run to the bank and cash a check and then I will continue to work on my project, and I also want to make scones today.  Something yummy as we eat the rest of the bean soup. 

Tomorrow I will roast a chicken.  It's all about using what is in the freezer. Trying to be very frugal here and use what we have on hand.

I have two beds to makes and vacuuming to finish and then I am going to mop all the floors. The snow and the dog have really done them in, plus daughter brought her dogs down to be groomed. I am so glad I waited to do the floors.  I would have made her redo them, but she is too sick right now.

So, do you think I am nuts trying this flip idea? Is it something you would do to earn a little side money?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, January 7, 2022

Friday, Trying, to stay busy

 Daughter called to complain that Kelsa comes behind her and undoes all the work she just did.  As in I just folded a load of laundry and she unfolded all of it....  I had no idea what she meant? I mean look at my purse after Kelsa was left alone for a few minutes. She is at the helpful stage.

It is still boring here.  How boring you ask?  Well Hub's just left to go down to Lil sis's to remove snow from her sides walks and driveway.  So obviously he is going a little nuts, too.

I made that pumpkin pie yesterday and boy was Hubs happy.  He grinned all the time he was eating it and then had a piece for breakfast.  I am sure it will be gone by this evening.

I have had a big pot of beans soaking and I am going to make a large pot of bean soup after this post.  We can eat on that until Sunday.  I am thinking of doing up some blueberry scones, as those sound so good. The rest of that ham I cooked on Monday will be frozen.  One of my readers, said that her definition of eternity was one ham and two people to eat it.  I thought that was very funny and so did hubs.

Later today I have to run over to a friend of mine, who has had an inner ear infection and has fallen 3 times.  She wants a green salad and some hard-boiled eggs.  I can take care of that, and we certainly have the eggs. In fact, I am going to drop a couple of dozen off at another friend's house when I leave to take the salad over.

I was finally able to get rid of a couple of things in the garage, that were lurking.  I gave them away on my town giving site, which was so nice.  One man's trash another man's treasure.  Works for me.

I am working on a few secret projects here and I will let you know if they pan out.  Just something to keep the creative side of me busy.  Oh, by the way I did finish mending the way I did finish mending that tablecloth.  Put about 5 hours of hand work into that sucker. I have a beige one that actually needs me to crochet a piece to put into it and I should get that done so I can use it.

Anything exciting happening this weekend?  We have no plans, which usually means we will get the kids.  I know we have them quite a bit next week.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, January 6, 2022

Thursday, First thrifty Thursday of the year!

 It is boring here I tell you.  I have no work in the shop and as we had another 8 inches of snow last night, I will have no work come in or get picked up.  People don't drive here when the snow is bad and most of them shouldn't.

I spent a couple of hours last night mending my great grandmothers white crocheted table cloth.  I swear someday it will be more mending than crochet. I am not even 1/2 done yet, so will work on it again tonight.

There is plenty to do here in the house, but am I doing it ? NO!  Why?  Because I would rather sit and be a slob. It's a little more fun and not nearly as much work. 

Made a large 9/12 pan of scalloped potatoes and ham last night and they are better today.  But poor hubs will have to eat them three meals in a row so I pulled out some frozen pumpkin and a crust  from the freezer and I and making him a pumpkin pie for dinner. I think I will freeze the rest of the ham and take the bone and make a big pot of navy bean soup.  I will get the beans soaking after this post.

Things I need to do around the house:

1. make beds

2. load of laundry

3. put away all Christmas in front room

4. make a pie and do the dishes

6. clean the sewing shop, it needs love

7. vacuum the rugs and bedrooms

8. continue mending tablecloth

Hubs took down the Christmas tree for me.  Wasn't that sweet?  Now I have to get all the boxes put into the garage, which will be a game of Jenga.

As I cannot get out and walk I am getting no exersize. So house work it will be or just sit on my butt, which I can do so well. Having perfected butt sitting in my youth.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change

2. saved $5 bills added $15.00 to mortgage this week

3. saved $4.97 for the month in my penny can or was it $4.96?

4. saved two envelopes on my 100 envelope challenge added $100.00 extra to mortgage

5. flipped a lamp I found at goodwill, made $40.00 profit it will go on mortgage next week

6. ate out of freezers and pantry.

7. only bought butter, and a can of whip cream for groceries this week.  Butter $1.97 limit two

8. Went to a friends to get something laminated, traded for sewing advice.

9.  saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill in an envelope for vacation money

10. used coupon for zipper at Joanns

11. drove around to find the cheapest gas to fill car.  Found it for $3.14 as apposed to $3.51 most places.

12. Found new bobbins, for buy 3 get three free which was a bargain


What did you do this week to save money?  Anything  inspiring?

I think I will force myself to go do some house work. I bet I can get that pie in the oven and everything else done on the list while it bakes.  Let's see if I can. okay?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Wednesday, Flipping second hand!

     I had a bear cat of a zipper replacement yesterday.  I am going to be much more careful from now on about replacing zippers in outdoor coats that also have a zip in lining.  It was very hard, and I know it was hard on the machine. The machine I just picked up from the repairman ($150.00) had a stripped needle holder which is caused from sewing on hard fabric and shimmying the needle.   I don't mind doing them but they have to pay more to offset the time and the cost to machine wear.

I also had to run to Joanns for another zipper and I stopped at one of my favorite secondhand stores and found this brand-new sewing lamp.  Complete with instructions.  I have had this same lamp for years.  It was marked $3.99 so I bought it and put it on our local marketplace and I sold it for $45.00. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

I have often thought about flipping things but have been a little scared of the process. Now I have sold things I no longer use, but never something I bought with the purpose of flipping.  Anyway we will see where this goes... But I was excited and the extra $40.00 some odd dollars will go directly to the mortgage.

This morning the grocery adds came out and there is butter for $1.97 limit 2 and ground beef, which I am out of on sale.  I am a little cash strapped right now and I can't write checks as I spent all the money in the checking account.  But I just told myself, you don't need to get these things today.  These prices will last all week and let's see how much more money will come in by next Tuesday.  It is so easy for me to instantly go spend money when I see a sale and I am really trying not to do that.

The free ham I made yesterday, was a bone in spiral cut, which I know is expensive.  I am not a fan of spiral cut ham as I think they dry out and don't have as much flavor, but who is going to turn down a free ham?

We had baked ham and fried hashbrowns and salad for dinner.  Tonight, I will do scalloped potatoes and ham for dinner, with a tossed salad.  Then think of some kind of soup using ham and then freeze the rest. I also saved the ham drippings for ham gravy later on it really flavors your biscuts and gravy well.

I have one more zipper to replace today and a couple of things to alter, then I am going to repair my great grandmother's tablecloth again.  I did this about a year ago, and it needs it again. I lead an exciting life, yeah?  Don't answer that question.

Have any of you ever flipped an item you have been given, or bought second hand for a profit?  If you have or you do, please give me some pointers. I have been inspired by the Hawaii plan, as she sold many items her boys and their family no longer use and put it toward her mortgage. And Belinda's daughter has a secondhand site and seems to do well with it.  During my busy months this would not make sense, but with the down time now, maybe?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Tuesday, A Zippery, slippery day!

 Today is about zippers as I think I have about 6 to replace in the shop.  Ya'll know I don't like zippers, but someone must replace them and that someone is me. I always get a run on them when we have a big snow fall.

So far the snow is sticking around, and it is somewhat icy out.  You have to be careful when driving and walking. 

I have no babies today and even though the time without the hassle is nice, I sure miss the snuggles.  I can actually go in and sew without a growth attached to me, the novelty.

The soup I made last night with the prime rib bones/broth was very good and we are eating it for lunch today. I am also cooking up that free ham I received right before Christmas.  THIS SHOULD SERVE FOR SEVERAL MEALS UNTIL WE ARE SICK OF IT.  Then it will go in the freezer for later.

I really do have so much food here in the freezers that needs to be used. I might whip up a pumpkin pie with a pie crust and some frozen pumpkin.  I still have a large squash and a pumpkin outside to cook up and freeze.

I have been perusing youtube videos, of people who do savings challenges.  I was surprised to see many of them who have these cute little boxes that you fold and stick your money into, that involve laminated envelopes labeled 1-100. How cute I thought, and then you go to their etsy store and buy these and at very high price.  Then one youtuber decided  to make her own and she took you through the process. 

I had to giggle as she went to the store and bought the plastic box I have no idea how much she spent on that.  Then she bought the laminating sheets and she said to get the better quality ones and again no idea of cost here.  Then she must have picked up at least 20 different types of colored card stock, to make her laminated envelopes pretty.

She showed the process of measuring, cutting with a special card stock cutting machine.  She then showed you how to run everything through your laminater as we all have one of those lying around, right?  The laminating process had several steps. She times her self and the whole process not counting the shopping for said items took over 6 hours.  No wonder these Etsy people charge for this set up, they need to. Now would I ever, EVER purchace a set of these.  You answer this question for me.

Last year I did my challenge with 2 boxes of small white envelopes from dollar tree.  Cost? $2.  Then the few minutes it took me to label the envelopes 1-100.   I have to admit it was fun to see the stacks grow and to pick out the envelopes randomly, one from above 50 and one from below 50.  But hub's was freaking out with monies stored in the house, especially as I blog, and I run a business, so I was emptying the envelopes about every 4 months and even that did not make him happy.

This year as I am taking the money to the bank to put on the home loan, I decided not to waste the $2 on envelopes, so I searched for a grid marked 1-100.  By the way you can buy these off some sites.  They charge you for the piece of paper with a grid on it, or they email it to you. But guess what, Miss supercheap here found it for free.  SO this year it is taped above my computer with my walking challenge.  Cost 2 sheets of computer paper. I just mark off the amount I put in the bank.  Works for me.

Now I perfectly understand, the want of having cute things to inspire you to save money, (well not really, but I am trying). I think it is great that these people are making money selling these things to people who need cute things.  However, I need to just save money and not spend it on cute stuff to inspire me.  How do you people feel about this?  Inquiring minds want to know?

There are so many really fun money savings challenges out there, I was actually thinking as I watched them that I should do a few more, but then I thought of poor Cheryl and I decided to stick to what I have for the year. :)

Sluggy is already trying to derail me with a cruise to Iceland maybe? See how she is?

Well zippers await:

1. zipper

2. zipper

3. zipper

4. zipper

5. zipper

6. zipper

7. mend coveralls

Let's get to work shall we, what fun/work do you have today?  I hope it is more exciting than mine.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, January 3, 2022

Monday, Let's get started failing...

 Well, you know how Kim plans and God laughs?  Mostly because Kim plans poorly, or gets overly excited about her wonderfulness and doesn't think?

You know that $300.00 I so smugly had set away for the tax sinking fund? Well it was already spent.  How many times can you spend the same three hundred dollars?  Well I apparently can do it multiple times.

Now I am afraid of  Rhitter as she and I are going to keep each other on track this year.  So This is what I did.

I paid all my monthly bills. I paid off the two Christmas credit cards so no interest. This leaves me with little or no money in the checking account for food and gas and whatever for the rest of the month.  I will have to earn it to spend it.

I wanted to fulfill my goals, so I needed to fill two envelopes, and I needed to add the 5's I had saved for the week.  I also needed $36.00 for my $1,$5,$10,$20 envelope.  I needed to put $4.96 in my penny can.  Where was I going to get this money?  Well from the $300.00 I had stashed away.  Dang never thought about that did I?  Now I still have a $150.00 check of mom's for Christmas, and I will have an addsense check coming in on the 20th.  SO I am okay right?  Wrong, the sewing machine store called today and my machine is fixed.  That will be $138.00, please.  SO mom's check went into the bank to pay for machine.  I just took the remainder of the money and put it in the emergency fund.  

It is the 3rd and I am already off budget.  That is okay I kept to my goals.  I will have more money come in and I will stick with my no spend and grocery challenge this month and I will be able to resurface and get that $300.00 saved before the end of the month.  All I can do is  kick myself for counting chickens, which by the way we have 13.

Cheryl, (Cheryl's frugal corner)  said all my savings plans confuse her.  Well guess what Cheryl?  They obviously confuse me also....

Kelsa and Will were with us Saturday night, and as we now have church at noon on Sunday's Will was excited to be able to sleep in, and go to Sunday School.  Kelsa fell a sleep in church and when we got her home it was obvious she was not herself. Daughter had to work today and Nate got called out because of bad roads so we kept Kelsa again last night. We had to give her tylenol every 4 hours to keep her fever down. At one point. about 11:30 last night it was up to 103.5 and I was about to strip her down for a cool water soak, but more tylenol had her down to 99.7 in about 20 minutes.  She has 8 teeth coming in and when she laughs and tips her head back her upper gums are bloody.  Poor darling looks like a baby vampire.   Her mommy has tomorrow off and will come and get her around 5.  She has been extra clingy, but I don't mind. I just sew with her on my lap, she wraps her legs and arms around me and just snuggles in, little toad wart.

Dinner last night was very good, and I had leftovers for lunch and will also tor dinner.  I am going to make a pot of Prime rib soup tonight.  I also have that free boneless ham in the fridge I need to cook up this week.

Things I need to do today:

1. get two dresses altered

2. hem two pairs of pants

3. swap the laundry

4. put away all Christmas linens

5. straighten the house  repeatedly.....

6. make soup for dinner

7. go pick up machine

8. go to bank

9. go to post office

10. possibly take down Christmas Tree

I will probably spend most of my time rocking a fussy baby.

Hey, has anyone else already messed up their new year's resolution's?  Anybody? ANYBODY?

Kelsa is playing with my bifocals and I cannot see the key board.

"The holidays are over,and now begins true winter, a cold grey,bucket of suck"  "along with COVID" this is a quote from my eldest daughter.  She is such a bundle of cheer, after morning court. 

Hey, have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, January 1, 2022

Saturday, Happy New Year! Goals for 2022!

 On your mark, get set, go!  2022, what do you hold?  Well for one thing we will all see the die out of the pandemic by the end of the year, that will be nice. For us individually who knows.  I do beleive however, that we make our own luck.

I have 365 whole days to screw things up!  Who wants to come and watch?  There will laughter and there will be tears, but I can also promise you a good time.

We got mom off this morning and the missionary apartments out of town visited.  Stopped in Grangeville at the store and bought blue Gatorade and cookie dough ice cream for the three sister missionaries who have covid. Dropped it at their door.  Roads were not too bad but we had low temps mostly under 0 for much of the drive. Just glad that is over.

Ow hub's and I can resume our favorite spots.  Mom really enjoyed last nights dinner and dessert. I breaded the fish in milk and egg and breadcrumbs then just browned it in a little oil and then baked it.  So good. Will have to do that more often as I have fish in the freezer.

Here is to our pantry challenge: We have left over pasta and salad in the fridge and that is dinner.  There are a couple of pieces of blueberry tart left also.  Tomorrow it is prime rib, potatoes mashed, frozen veggie, biscuts and a Swedish almond cake from the freezer with Ice cream.  

SO what kind of goals does Kim have planned for herself?

Well...... I am going to repeat the same ones I did last year, only this time I will put most of the monies in the bank on a weekly basis. I really need to get to work paying down the house loan and I did not make great progress last year as I was having too much fun.


1. save all my change in my red coca cola bank, cash this in next Dec.7 2022 Christmas fun money

2. save a penny a day in my penny can.  This will give me and additional $600 or more dollars for Christmas.

3. I will save all my $5 dollar bills and on Monday take them to the bank and apply to the mortgage. But will keep a tally of the total

4. I will save a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill every week, this will be for vacation.

5. I will have 100 envelopes marked 1-100, I will fill 2 a week and then take that money with the $5 dollar bill savings to pay on the mortgage.  Since this is often close to $100 a week it does not make sense to keep it at home when I can pay down interest

6. Any extra money after that will be put towards a $2000.00 emergency fund.  I want to get that built up asap.  We do have funds for an emergency, but I want my own.

7. I must pay and extra$1000.00 per month on the mortgage in addition to all other funds.

8. I must put aside $300.00 a month in a house saving for taxes.

9. I will of course keep my $1000 savings charts.  This shows me just how much I can squirrel away a year.  Now I just have to use it for the mortgage and now fun, fun, fun

Once  week probably on Tuesday I will report my extra on the mortgage.

So far I have saved up enough this last couple of weeks to put $300.00 in the tax account for the month of January. So I am one step ahead of the game. I will also get $157.00 from Adsense on the 20th of the month to help with something.

I know I have to fly to St Louis for a week for my nieces wedding and I need to have money for that.

I will have to work very hard and keep my nose to the grind stone to meet these goals.  Now watch Slug will entice me with another trip!

DO you have any plans financial or otherwise for the new year?

What are they.


Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in  the negative.