Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday A Mother Rant!

     We worked so hard yesterday.  The weather was beautiful.  Was shocked at prices for garden supplies.  I guess I have ignored the flower market because it was so cold and wet.  We got such a good bargain on bark and garden plants did not seem that different.  But flowers were outrageous.  I really cut back on how much I put in each flower box.  I told H next year I will do seed starts for annuals.  I have all the equipment, I am just lazy.  Anyway I have all of the planting done except for 6 boxes around the fire pit.  I will look today, I still have gift certificate to a nursery and I will need  least one flat to fill these boxes.  Then I am done.  Still have a few things to put in garden, but I already have these.  So nice to finally be done.  Weed company came and sprayed yesterday. (trade from a dance parent)

Out My Window:

     Cold, overcast and rainy, but the flower boxes look beautiful, and the yard looks great!  We bought a small kiddie pool for the ducks.  They hate it!  But love the pond.  They are so funny out in this little pond.  Like they have a club house!

     We mixed our own potting soil this year.  I always buy 10 bags of really cheap,$1.50 potting soil from Wal-mart.  Well this year no one carried it,  Just the expensive $4-6.00 a bag mixes.  Soil is heavy and so expensive to truck.  So we bought per lite, and a small square of peat moss, took soil from the garden and chicken manure and mixed our own.  It cost us $12.00.  Really was not that much work.  We just did a wheel barrow at a time.  Actually almost easier than lifting and opening all those bags.

     Daughter # 2 is moving home and I am not happy about it but what can I do?  She has no job yet and no prospects, still has boards to pass.  She was supposed to get a storage unit and start packing up her place she has had for three years.  She has been nagging me all week.  Well, I have has nothing to do as you all know.  I kept asking her what she had done?  Do you have a storage unit? Have you gotten boxes?  What have you done to help yourself?  Mumble, complain, gripe, life is unfair, I'm busy, I have tests, I have clinic, blah, blah, blah.  Yes we know but what have you done?  So yesterday she has a melt down while we are planting the garden.  You always moved J (oldest)  you moved her 4 times.  Yes, but she packed herself up and was ready with a plan.  Anyway to make a long story short, we went over to her place.  It was a wreck and she had not even started, she had no unit, no boxes, (her roommate had brought boxes or we would have had nothing to pack with).
      I was angry, she was angry (thought we were so unfair)  Half of her big stuff is in a boyfriends parents unit and the rest in our garage!  Fun.  I will go over today after I get my sewing caught up and get a car full of clothes.  She has to keep everything except what she is actually using in the garage.  Because she has so much stuff she will not go through and get rid of and the guest room is not that big.  She has to keep the guest room and bath clean and she cannot with all of her CRAP.  There I said it. Now she takes her final boards this weekend around the big party.  So how will I get this done and clean the garage out?  Well I will have to do it myself, which was her plan all along.

     I feel like a wicked witch, but this one although a hard worker and a good partner takes advantage of me in all ways.  Emotionally, financially, physically and I am tired of it.  She will never grow up until it is hard.  I had hoped that we had instilled better judgment in her but she seems to think that the world will send someone to rescue her if she just stalls long enough. While we were packing she got a call from her job.  Could she go in and work a 13 hour shift at time an a half.  The shift was last night, when we could have been packing.  Which means she goes to the clinic all day today with no sleep.  Then she plans on coming home at 4 p.m. and packing her kitchen and cleaning.  Yeah like that is going to happen.  But she needs the money so bad!  Why? Because mommy and daddy have cut her off.  I think we will be harder on the third one. She has watched all of this drama unfold.  Now will she be just like her older sister or learn from this mess? 

Can you see why I am in debt?

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Memorial Day

     I hope all of you have a great Memorial Day.  Stop for a moment and reflect on the sacrifices made by others for your freedoms.  I called Mom she will go out to the family cemetery as we are too far away.  I remember after college the hardest thing I ever did was drive away from the cemetery.  Stupid I know, you can't bring back the dead , but I could go visit.
  Time had made this much easier!
     It rained so hard here yesterday!  I made meat loaf and a big pot of split pea soup.  Trying to clean up the fridge and have something to eat the rest of the week.

Out My Window:

     Cold but clear.  Hope to plant the garden!

     I need to finish painting the back deck but it might be saturated because of the rain.  So we will plant and put furniture back.  I can paint around all that needs to go back up.  Also have to fill flowers boxes and plant.  I have over 50 flowers boxes.  Yes call me the queen of excess.  I actually budget flowers every year.  I used to go work for a nursery a couple hours a day for free flowers in the spring.  But I can earn more sewing per hour that I was getting the flowers.  Had to learn this the hard way. 

What is you favorite Memorial Day Memory?

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday, Yikes what happened to Saturday!

    Well here we are in the middle of the Memorial Day Weekend.  We were able to get so much done yesterday.
Here is a list:
Took a big load of yard waste to dump.
Took a second big load of yard waste to dump.
Went to major church cleaning party.
Had Luch.
Took more to the dump.
Bought truckload of bark 4/10.00 a great buy!
Finished Front yard. (with the help of two scouts that needed money for scout camp)
Removed all furniture from deck and prepped it to paint. (also Scouts)
Took hubby to get new work pants and suspenders.
Bought new chicken water and feeder.
Purchased a new gas grill (our had finally died)
Purchased all plants for garden.
Painted 1/2 the deck.

     It was an expensive and eventful day.  I don't believe I will be saving any extra money this month.  Most of the heavy lifting and moving done by the scouts.  One was at house 2.5 hours the other for 1.5 hours.  Cost me $37.50.  But all heavy yard pavers were moved up to storage, all bark unloaded and spread, all furniture moved, all flowers boxes emptied and spread (all 52 of them), heavy junk taken down to truck.  Husband felt spoiled.  My body is trashed from arthritis and he needs both knees replaced so walking up steep hills ( our house lot is on about 4 levels) or climbing in and out of pickup is tough.  We are getting old what can I say.

Out My Window:
     It is sunny so far and quite cold.  Our deck furniture is strewn all over the back yard.  The garden soil is perfectly tilled and black and waiting!

     I do believe my debt reduction plan has gone into cardiac arrest.  I have not used charge cards so that is a positive.  When I am crying in June please remind me about yesterday!  But be kind and realize how tight I have been living since January.  I will not get outside today but plan on spending some major time inside the house.  Laundry, cooking.  Both girls are working, Joel is at the church.  I need to go look at my music.  My hands are really stiff from yard work. Hope I can play well enough today. 

Have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday I survived the melt downs

    I feel like this is my first free day in months.  I am going to go outside a work as long as it is not raining.  I do have a lot of sewing to do but I will see about that later.  Both of the girls had melt downs last night.  One over a paper, (which I stayed up late to edit) and the other about dental patients.  So husband and I also stuffed all announcements and husband went to Post Office at 11 o'clock to get them on the last truck out.  Now Daughter #2 wants help moving out out of her apartment, she also has a past due bill at the clinic for $305.00.  Daughter # 3 has finals all next week.  So I cannot get done what I want this weekend as I will be helping these two little hormonal nitwits.

     Do you ever feel like you just get more and more behind?

Out My Window:   Beautiful, Sunny, Cold.  But the back yard is weeded and I am onto the side of the house.  I need to mix up some weed spray and get some spraying done before I lay bark.  If all goes well I will be able to plant this weekend.

     I need to get husbands truck as I have a huge amount of yard trash to take to the dump.  I wish my hands and arms were stronger.  I am losing so much ground in my upper body do to arthritis.  But I will keep doing as much as I can as long as I can.  But this so frustrates me when I try to do yard work.  It just takes me so much longer any more to get things done.   Now I know why my grandmothers favorite saying was slow and steady wins the race!

I started to get groceries for the big to-do next week.  I purchased ground, beef and chicken breasts and soda on sale.  Name brand soda is $2.00 a 12 pack with a coupon.  You can only get 4 at a time.  But I keep going back!  I will get corn on the cob and beans to day on sale.  I'm off to see the Wizard.  I hope he is in the back yard?

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday last day to teach in the term!

  I have been out in the yard for the last two hours and I just realized I have a lunch date with a County Commissioner and I haven't written in my blog!  See what good weather does to me!  I lose all sense of control and roll around in dirt.  So into the shower and off to do a list of errands.  Need to license the car today and pick up announcements.  Go to the bank take a check to the Community Action Food Bank and finish editing a paper for daughter.  I thought I was done with papers.  But NO here is the last one I hope!

Out My Window:  Beautiful, wet, sunny, wet, cloudy, wet.  But workable!  I have weeded now for a total of 8 hours over the last two days.  I did get a few plants last night.  But many of the Nurseries have had to throw out so much do to rot.  So we will be planting even later.

I am so backward on this graduation thing.  I need to sit down and make out a menu and do it with the loss leader page for Memorial Day. Lots of good specials on holiday meals.  I am going to plan menus for next weekend and the party and buy while stuff is low.  I am only going to purchase a sheet cake.   Everything else from scratch.  So I need to get busy.   I will go to the studio at 3 today and watch the video of Sleeping Beauty with our students.  It was a great production, those kids should be so proud of themselves.  But I have great students so they make that part of my job easy!

Have a Great and Productive Day!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Frustration!

     I want so badly to pay off a big bill , but every time I turn around I have another large amount going out of the studio account.  I mean $185.00, $65.00, $150.00.  Now I just realized I have a huge printing bill due to the kids graduation announcements.  I think I am smoking something if this bill gets paid off.  So I am going to do what I did with the truck.  When the smoke clears (: I will put what ever is left on the bill.  This should be about $3000.00.  That will leave me with a balance that I will really try hard to pay in June.  We will see. I just get so excited and I don't think. 

Out My Window:

It is cold but clear.  Supposed to be up to 75 today, but this is the last nice day this week.  Or I should say the only nice day this week.  I must take advantage of it.  I really want to get the garden ready to plant.

I dropped the price on my old car, as I have not has a serious offer on it in 10 days. Hopefully that will get it sold.  I need to get the laundry caught up, Ha-ha, and a few things done in the shop before I venture outside!  Because once I go out, I am not coming back.  Overalls and garden gloves here I come! 

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday not where I want to be, but blessed!

     Well laid plans!  I thought I could get in the yard yesterday, but I had an emergency Bridesmaid dress alteration.  Bridesmaid flying to Hawaii today and she is pregnant with triplets!  Yes at 13 weeks when most of us barely show she is huge!  So had to gusset the dress with fabric I took off the hem.  Then had another mother of the bride, and a bridesmaid and a wedding dress come in that had to go out today. Needless to say I only got the garden area tilled.  I did do a final deposit on the studio.  I am not sure yet if I will be able to pay off Mom.  I am waiting.  Maybe in June?  I don't want to jump the gun as I don't want to go backwards.  I have done that so many times before.  Paid too much off at once and then went right back into debt?  Do any of you do this? Or have you done this?

Out My Window:

Cold, rainy, yucky, muddy.  But the mist and fog coming over the mountains was really pretty this morning.

I will have to stay in the shop this morning and this afternoon I will go down to the studio and clean up the Sleeping Beauty mess we left Saturday night.  Students will start coming at 3 to watch the video of the performance.  So this day is shot as far as working in the yard is concerned.  Darn!

I did have a nice surprise yesterday.  I had a check come in for $50.00 from a gift card that was stolen with my wallet a few months ago.  The giver knew about the wallet and put a stop on the card so it could not be used and then sent me the value.  Nice!.  Then our videographer came over with over $100.00 worth of checks made out to me instead of him.  Parents can't read!  He wanted me to have them.  He told me had had made more on this show than all of his others combined, so he felt I should have part of the proceeds.  We do not take any part in our photographer or videographer profits like a lot of companies do.  I figure if they come in and do a good job, don't bother me and take care of them selves they deserve all the money.  So three times a year they make bank from our studio.

I have $150.00 extra dollars.  I put it away for the girls graduation party on the 4th of June.  We will have lots of family and friends here.  So I budgeted $500.00 for food and gifts.  I have almost $300.00 saved.  I guess I need to quit complaining about all the work coming in to keep me out of the yard.

Also Daughter #2 passed her major written exam in Dental Hygiene!  Highest score in her class!  Yeah, now only two more exams to go.  Such blessings!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday I am so Thankful!

     I know that I should not be this happy, but I am just so grateful that this weekend is over!  I have a ton of paper work, but it can wait.  I also have to get into my shop.  I have two brides maids dresses and mother of the bride and and a bridal gown all do out by three.  Then I am going out into my yard!  I hope the weather will co-operate.

Out My Window:

     Beautiful and sunny. Most of the trees are losing their flowers and that is sad.  But the outdoors is calling me.  I want to plant flowers and dig in the dirt!   I really love dirt.

     I am anxious to get my old car sold, I may have to drop the price on it.  But I can't pay off my loan with out the car sold.  So I will decide tonight, after I talk it over with husband.  We only have one family that owes us money at the studio.  But they owe us a lot!  So I am proud of my ability to stay on top of these people.  Last year we came out of the recital with several thousand owed to us and then had to fight to get it! I am learning, but I learn so slow and only when it is painful.

     Stop and think about the people affected by the weather in the mid west.  If you are out of harms way, kiss your loved ones and count your blessings.  No amount of money in the world can replace life.  As we all strive to get out of debt, let us remember that it is only MONEY and money is not life, its just money.

Have a great and productive day!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday, It's over!

   Well, I was not taken up in the rapture yesterday, but I do feel like a thousand pounds had been lifted off my shoulders.  The show went amazingly well, considering the disastrous dress rehearsal.  We had a costume, cue screw up in the first show, due to costumes not being ready at dress rehearsal ( mom's had not finished them) and these kids did not realize how long it would take them to change between acts.  They had it figured out the second show.  But you cannot tell them the importance of a dress rehearsal until they actually see what not following the rules will do.  So it was a good lesson learned.  The second show was a huge success.  Actually both were very good.  The houses were good.  I should be able after expenses be able to donate at least $500.00 to the community food bank.  I am just so glad it is over.

Out My Window:
     It is overcast, rainy but at least it is warm.  I have so much yard work to do and I can't wait to get outside!

     I had a nice short visit with my Aunt and Mom.  They really liked the show, they thought it was the best one ever!  But they always say that.  I was able to pick up my newer car yesterday between shows.  Now I have to get my old bomb sold!  Will list it in the paper and on craigslist.  I hope to have enough after the books are balanced to pay off another big loan.  I should know with in the week.  But I have to get the old car sold before I can pay off this debt.  This will leave me with the two CC's and the business line of credit.  So actually a little less than $20,000.00.  Ugh!  I say that like it is nothing. But I will keep trying to reach the goal of having these paid by the New Year.  I just really have to keep my nose to the grindstone now.
     Summers can be hard as we do not have regular tuition coming in and we still have bills.  I sew a great deal more in the summer but we have also taken on the majority of our studio debt in the summer do to lack of income.  I will be diligent that this does not happen this year.  Last summer I lived very frugally and was able to pay all the bills, but it was very hard.  I made no head way on the debt.  I don't care if I just pay the minimums the next three months but I don't want to incur any NEW debt.   I know that everything is paid for May.  I will worry about June when it gets here. 

     Thank you all my blogging pals for keeping me honest and listening to my yammering.  It really helps.  I know this is silly but I feel like I have a whole bunch of  angel/sisters that are right over my shoulder saying, you can do this.

Have a wonderful and restful Sabbath!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Showtime!

     A bad dress rehearsal means a great show!  So we should be fine.  What a mess.  I did not sleep at all last night.  Have to be back at the theater at 9.  So much to do.  The costumes looked great at least the ones I was in charge of.  Mom's still sewing at rehearsal. I don't understand that.  They have had all year.
I will not stress, it is their responsibility.  It is hard for me to let go. I am a perfectionist, but I need to let others help.  I am learning to delegate and it is hard.

Out My Window:
      Beautiful day!  It will be warm, I wish I would be able to see it.  But I will be stuck in the dark for most of the day!  Plant something for me!

     My Mommy is here!  She came for the show.  Can't wait to tell you all about it!

Have a Great and Productive Day!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Frightening!

     Okay to day is D-day.  Dance Recital Day.  I am so tired!  We were at the theater last night laying the Marle (a rubberized dance floor), we were done at 10 p.m. and then went to Radio station to spice a couple of pieces of music, then home to get program ready for printers.  Went to bed at 1:30 in the morning.  Now have a long list of crap to do. When I am tired I say crap a lot! Why all last  minute?  Because things change up to the last minute. Ahhh, the beauty of live theater!

Out My Window:

What window?  I have a window?  Where is it?  I think lack of sleep is dealing with my perspective!

     My mother is coming with an Aunt so I need to do a little house work.  Get to the printers, go to the bank, make some phone calls, finish a horse costume. Glitter a spindle, find out what to do about Maleficent staff that did not arrive, Get to theater by 1 p.m. and start to set stage!  I love my life!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Here again

     So busy yesterday I fell into bed.  Have a long list of items to complete today.  But I can do it!  I need to get my roots done, my nails are a  mess.  Why can't I look descent at a recital?  Why do I always have to look like I just rolled out of bed?  Because I am so busy taking care of everyone elses needs!  That's why.

Out My Window:

It is beautiful and Blue!  We might just get another nice day!  It is getting a little warmer. Still it rained last night and it is cool this morning.  We are having curbing put around the yard to make it easier to mow.  We have lived here for years and have edged bricks but it has to be trimmed.  They are never straight.  One is always over, it looks like a drunk laid them.  Husband will mow but will not trim or fix anything.  So after 12 years of backbreaking labor that kills my hands, I am having curbing put in.  I got a bid and it was within my budget.  I would like to do the whole yard, but am only doing a third of it.  I will do it in chunks so I can pay cash!  I am excited about how it is going to look!

Must run, costumes to finish, props to deal with, program to print, classes to teach, phone calls to make, I am living for Saturday night!  When we can put this puppy (the show) to bed!  Next week I will be in my yard planting flowers. Pray for me the next few days will be stressful.

Have a Great and Productive Day!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting to Know Me

I found this list on homeownerby30.blogspot.com and I thought it was fun.  So here are my ABC's of me.

  • Age :53
  • Bed Size: King
  • Cats: 2 Chickens: 6
  • Dogs: 1  Ducks: 2
  • Essential start of your day: diet coke!
  • Favorite color: Red
  • Gold or Silver: GOLD
  • Height: 5 ft 2 in
  • Instruments: played clarinet in grade school, play the piano modestly(play for church)
  • Job Title: self employed Dance teacher, seamstress
  • Kids: 4 daughters
  • Live: Idaho
  • Mom's name: Donna
  • Nickname: Miss Kim
  • Overnight Hospital Stays: 8 or 9? appendix, foot surgery, child birth
  • Pet Peeve: People with good financial  means that don't pay their bills on time!
  • Quote from a movie: "Have fun storming the castle",  Billy Crystal, A Princess Bride
  • Right or Left Handed: right
  • Siblings: 2 sisters, two brothers (I am an identical twin)
  • Time you wake up: 7:30 without an alarm clock
  • Underwear: yes (I am LDS that should say it all)
  • Vegetable you dislike: okra
  • What makes you run late: Trying to do one more thing!
  • X-rays you've had done: too many to count, I glow in the dark!
  • Yummy food you make:  I love to cook, and am quite good at it. Make a bang up chicken salad.
  • Zoo Animal: Monkey ( don't you just want to fling poo sometimes?)

Wednesday I must be accountable

      I used to have a big savings account attached to my checking account.  This was my car savings.  It is gone.  The emergency fund is at another bank.  So I must watch my checking account like a hawk.  It was really easy to just write checks and know that they would be covered, now they will bounce.  All of the cash that would come into the shop I could fritter.  I also would cash all the checks that came in and then have grocery and gas money.  But for the last 6 weeks I have had to deposit those checks to keep the account out of the red.  It has really opened my eyes to how much money I was wasting.  This is a better system.  A little more scary but I am also  more accountable.

     Was able to get all the set painting done last night and will meet with the theater at 1 o'clock today to pull set pieces that we need. We still have a handful of parents that owe us money and this is always a frustration.  I will be chasing them down the rest of the week when I should be working on something else. I do not like this part of my job! But it totals over a thousand dollars so I cannot ignore this.  I used to and make excuses for people but no more.  I have to pay my bills, they have to pay theirs.

Out My Window: 
     Clear, sunny and COLD!  I actually had to turn the furnace back on.  It was just too cold inside the house.  We have so much yard work to catch up on, but that is for next week!  Yah! next week.
     My mother and Aunt are coming for the show so I am excited.  But that means that I will have company and more work.  Ugh!  I need to get the youngest daughter to clean up her room and put laundry away.  That will be the hardest job of all!  Well  back to the salt mines my friends!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Endless list

     I have an endless list of last minute recital to dos.  I cross stuff off but then have to add.  I will be doing this until the show closes.  I just keep plugging along.  Painting set, pulling costumes, finding props, rehearsing.   A great deal of work came into the shop yesterday, so that is going to keep me busy today along with my LIST.  Dance recitals, like debt are never ending, but eventually if you work hard the list is done and the show goes on.  The debt is paid and you are so relieved!

Out My Window:
     It is actually Sunny and clear, but very cold!  I am shivering.  It poured rain all day yesterday and husband had to go clean all of the gutters, as house was taking on water in the garage! Hopefully it will warm up today. Brrrrr!

    So let's finish the car saga:

     Daughter and I go out to run errands.  She pulls into Subaru dealership and all the salesmen see me and run.  I have been haunting this place for 8 months.  Arguing for better prices, general haggling and such, but I will not purchase a car.  I want what I want for the price that I want.  We walk the lot.  No Subaru Foresters with a stick shift ( these get about 10 miles more per gallon).  Finally D#1 goes into a salesman and asks if there are any gently used Foresters with stick on the lot.  He finds one it is a 20110 with 11,000 miles.  Yes we will look at it but I will not pay the price.  Daughter says "Just look at it."  Salesman goes looking for the car, he cannot find it.  So he calls the front desk as the car is a loaner.  A certain regional sales manager has checked out the car.  ( Yes these cars are used to drive between dealerships)  So salesman gets a hold of regional manager to find out where car is.  His face on the phone was so funny. Oh!, Oh, oh, phone closes and silence.  "Well where is the car, I want to see it",  Salesman says that the Regional Manager just brought it back last night and it is in the back yard. Again I ask to see the car.  He replies, "It's worse than that".
     This manager was trying to avoid a large truck pulling in so he turned sharp and backed up taking out the side panel of the Subaru and a bumper of a Chevy.  Both cars were in the back waiting for insurance.
Daughter asks if we can see the car.  So the salesman takes us to see it.  Damage is cosmetic.  Daughter starts to quote legal codes on cars that are previously damaged.  She has me offer a price $2000.00 less than they want.  Salesman vacillates,again daughter brings up point that the car is damaged and can no longer be sold under new title.
     We got the car!  The one I want!  For the price I want!  I have waited 8 months for this and will now wait another week while it is fixed. (Yes, they have to fix it) I will no longer have to borrow a car, stay home, worry, get locked out constantly.  Needless to say Martha has been listed in the paper.  She is going to a new home!

     I am proud of myself.  Because before really trying to get out of debt I would have totaled my car, taken the check.  Financed a new car, spent the check and been even deeper and more stressed.  I waited.  I drove an old beater and ignored my friends and family.  I sacrificed and it was hard and frustrating.  But in that 8 months, I have paid off over a thousand dollars a month in debt.  I have saved enough emergency money to cover 2 months of household expenses.  We are in  much better financial shape than we were 8 months ago.  I do not like taking on new debt, but I did.  I will be fine.  I still plan on keeping my nose to the grindstone.  I will have this car paid off in less than 2 years.  Stick with me and watch! 

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Car and coldsore both start with "C"

Before you start reading this post you might want to get a cup of coffee and a snack you will be here a while:) 

Okay, okay.  This was last Thursday.  I had a huge amount of things to get done and it was my busy teaching day.  So up early with my list and I went out side in the pouring rain to feed the chickens. I decided it was too cold keep them out and proceeded to open the coop to set them in the warmer  Well because I was in a hurry I failed to close the large door behind me.  As I was scooping up chickens I turned around and saw several ducks and chicks escaping out the door.  The chase was on!  Who said chicks can't survive in the wild?  It took me over an hour of running , cussing, sliding, crawling to get those little buggers back in the coop.  I only accomplished this with the help of a client who came to get a bridesmaids dress altered. I am sure she will never be back.
     Now bear in mind I have very curly hair.  I blow it dry and straighten it with hot rollers.  So running in the rain for an hour created what my children call ( why we never bought our mother a chia pet) look.   I am now an hour behind, soaking wet, cold, dirty.  I get cleaned up call clients and put off things until Monday.  I continue to pay bills and get ready to teach 5.5 hours.
     Daughter #1 is flying in and I have borrowed an infant car seat which is by the back door with instructions for my husband, as he has to pick up family at airport and will need the seat. I proceed to do errands before going to studio.  I have house clean and laundry done everything is in order and daughter # 2 brings over 10, yes, I said 10 loads of laundry and dumps them by the back laundry door.  She leaves a note Mom I don't have any clean scrubs and Bonnies cat (room mate) got sick on my bedding.  This child has enough  clothes to not do laundry for weeks.  So now the back entrance is trashed and smells like old socks and cat barf!  She is gone to clinic so I can't even reach her to kill her.  I start the laundry and spray Febreeze!
     I leave about 2 o'clock to run around and pay bills in my trusty old bomb.  It is raining hard and I must be careful as the fan belt slips when it is wet, if it slips off I am screwed.  My last stop is the insurance office,  because it is pouring I decide to drop off at the window.  Well I am short and cannot quite reach so I take off seat belt and open door and streeeeeetch, still no good, then I just get out and reach for window.  Car is old and very loose in the joints.  Becuse it is wet my hand slips off the door and the door shuts, but not all the way!  Too late door is half-way locked with the car running and the wind shield wipers going in the drive up for the insurance office.  I have 15 mionutes to get to the studio. Daughter #1 one calls and says they are just boarding plane.  I am in tears and explain my dilemma, she is not sympathetic as she has heard way too many car horror stories from me. 
Here I am standing in the rain again, I go into office and get agent to take me to my house to get spare key.  He does:  But the key is not there! 
   Now because I am key and door ADD we have a spare set of keys for every car hanging by our back door.  There are spare keys to every vehicle there but mine.  ARGHHHH!!!!.   I am late to get to studio so I ask him to drop me at Dental school as the Laundry Queen must have the spare Key.
     Laundry Queen does not have spare key, so I must suck it up and borrow her car ( I can't even yell at her).  I call daughter #3 she has the spare key on her key chain,  Why?  It is supposed to be hanging by the back door, she has no excuse but tells me that she and boyfriend are headed to the insurance office and they will take care of my car.  Oh good at least I can save face.  If I have to look at Miss size 0 insurance secretary with perfect, shiny, Vidal Sasoon hair one more time today I will go over the edge.
   If you think this is the first time that this car has locked automatically with out warning you are wrong.  For some reason the locking mechanism is messed up and the car just locks and unlocks itself on a whim. I will be driving and it will start locking and unlocking the doors.  My kids say the car is possessed.  It has caused a  lot of trouble and I have had to be rescued many times, but I just try to be extra careful, as this car is paid for and I don't want to get a new car right now.  I also would not get a new car until Husbands truck was paid off.
     I am cursing my luck, my car, my kids, the weather.  I get to the studio.  One of the older dancers is there and she has started my class, bless her little hide.   I explain to parents why I look atrocious and I am late, they all think it is hilarious, especially the part about my old bomb  (yes this is a small town and my car has a reputation) blocking the insurance drive threw still running with the wind shield wipers going. I am grateful we are in full blown rehearsal as I have many older students available and I have to now go and pick up daughter #2 at clinic and bring her to studio.  We have an argument about my car.  She says , "Mom look at you,  look at the stress this is causing!"  Daughter #3 calls and says that fan belt has just slipped off my car as boy friend is leaving office and it is stuck sideways on one of the busiest streets in town.  (More tears) They push it to the side of the road and leave it.  I continue teaching making note to self to call neighbor boy down the block to go and put fan belt back on (this will cost me 20 bucks).  I call him during a break and he says he will do this and also says Mrs. H, I think it is time for w different car.  I thank him for the advice and make a note to pick up car later tonight before it is towed.

      It gets better!

     Husband calls, how does he get the car seat into to back seat of his truck?  I told him to go to the airport and daughter will show him how.  I get another call from daughter (baby screaming in the background) "Mom this truck is not designed to hold an infant seat in the back.  We can disable to airbag on the front seat, but it is pouring rain and we can't put all the baby gear in the back of the truck. Are you telling me you don't own a vehicle that can transport the family?" (more tears, excuses, explanations) I sent daughter #2 up to airport with her car and they all arrived home.  Now I must ask to borrow daughter #2's car for the entire weekend and she will have to drive Martha (my car's name).  She agrees but is not happy, well she is about as happy as I am with her laundry.
     Husband and I pick up Martha at 11 o'clock that night after we clean our government buildings.  He is upset with me about the car.  I have broken down into tears three times because of the car today. How does he know this?  I have cried on the phone with each of my children, who  have all talked among themselves and have snitched on me! I am not a crier.  I must be really pushed to show this kind of emotion.  Remember what I do for a living.  Live theater and stage are stressful, we roll with the punches.

Moral of story:  I have a newer car!

Out My Window:
It is pouring rain, we are at flood stages here.  I am up off the levy system so I will not flood per say but my basement can take on water when we are super saturated.  I just remind myself that this cannot last forever.

I don't get cold sores very often.  I have maybe had 5 in the last thirty years.  They do come with stress.  I have a cold sore it is lovely.  Looks great with my Chia Pet Hair.  Now I wonder what caused me all that stress?  We actually had a lovely weekend.  Daughter #2 graduated, she and daughter #3 did all the parties and we went out to dinner with friends and baby Fridays night.  I used a gift certificate that I had been saving so did not go over budget.  We were supposed to go out as a family Saturday night, but again younger set went to yet another graduation party and a girl friend (who saw me in all my glory at the studio) brought over a huge pot roast and strawberry shortcake.  So we ate that and there was enough left over for Sunday.  I bought about $120.00 worth of groceries and that was within budget.  We bought the graduate a gold bangle bracelet also within budget.  So other than the car that I still haven't come to terms with yet mostly as it is not in the driveway and I really don't feel like it has happened.  Why is it not in the driveway you ask?  That my friends is for another post!

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday, No Time to Think

     Still doing laundry from the grandson, we all came home from church early to get Oldest packed up and all the laundry sorted. I am very tired.  Pinning Ceremony for our graduate is this afternoon. I need a nap!

Out My Window:

     Seven years ago I planted 6 -1 gallon Bridelswreath Spirea along an old ugly fence that separates us from our neighbors.  Spirea of this kind can get up to 12 feet by 12 feet.  Well this year they completely hide the fence.  It is a huge long mass of white cascading flowers.  So pretty.  Some things are worth the wait.

     Daughter # 1 is a lawyer,  She was born a cranky argumentative baby in pin striped diapers!  (Thank you Grace Adler) She became the youngest prosecuting attorney in Idaho when she graduated in 2006. Needless to say she does not see things as her mother sees them.  She cuts to the chase immediately and calls BS on me.  I don't like it but I  also have to realize she is right.
     I have over ridden my kids, friends and husband about getting a decent car since I totaled mine in September of last year.  But I am on this debt recovery program and I do not want to lose momentum.  I would get eye rolls and grunts of disgust.  I have made significant progress on the debt and I don't want to go backwards.  So I have limping along with a 17 year old Buick with lots of problems.  But it runs!  ( I say this a lot, enter eyes rolling and grunts).  I have power over the younger two daughters to a point and husband is also alittle easier to deal with.  Daughter #1 ot so much.

     She flew in on Thursday evening.  The next morning she asked to look at the financials for my Studio as she needed to update the LLC papers.  After going over the books with me she said Mom as your attourney I want you to get a different car.  Then she proceeded to find the money in the budget to pay for said car without me having to cut back on my debt repayment. Don't you hate it when your kids are smarter than you?

     Here is how she did it.  I have a housekeeper that comes once a week.  She does the bathrooms and the floors.  My hands don't handle scrubbing well with my arthritis.  She said Daughter #2 is moving back home for an un-determined length of stay she has agreed to take over housekeeper duties. Also daughter #3 will leave in August for college there will be only two of us in a big house.  Do I still need a housekeeper? But what if my hands stove up?  We will cross that bridge later.

     Also Husband commutes.  His commute costs $22.00 a day when he drives.  He drives at least 12 days a month.  They would like to add a 4th driver but our truck will only hold three large men with any kind of comfort and it is a long commute.  We also use the truck when he gets home as my old beater is scary.  The new car gets 35 miles to the gallon on the highway, the cost will be about $9.30 a day and we will use the car after he gets home to do our town work and errands.  We have also had to take 3 major trips out of town in the past 6 months using the Truck, now we will have the car.  The savings in gas alone will be over $150.00 a month. If the pool adds another driver even more.  So total this up and you have the car payment!

Needless to say I bought a car.  More to this saga will be posted later!

Have a restful and fulfilling Sabbath!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Yes I am here!

     Run, run ,run.  Rehearsal all day.  By 1 p.m. I was so tired I was having a hard time staying awake.  It was warm here so when you have over 100 little bodies jumping all day the studio was HOT!    Came home to enjoy grand baby.  He is too cute.

Out My Window:
     It is warm and beautiful.  The town is in full bloom!  Dogwood trees are incredible.  As you look over the valley  it is covered in huge snowballs of pinks and whites.  So pretty.  Our daughter is amazed although she grew up here she has forgotten just how beautiful it is. I wish you were all here to see this it is glorious!

     I replaced my totaled car this weekend.  It is a long story with some very funny parts.  I will try to share more tomorrow, right now I have to get to the laundry;  that baby has totaled two different beds!  I forget how much work they are!

Have a great and productive night!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday My grandson is here!

Blogger went down and my last two posts disappeared, but they may reappear later. Oldest daughter flew in last night with my new and only grandchild so we are in seventh heaven here.  D2 graduates form college tonight.  Busy house we are. (family always brings out the backward verb in me!)

Out My Window:

Cold but sunny!  Really rainy and windy, we are supposed to get a huge 60 mph wind storm tonight and golf ball hail tomorrow, you just have to love the weather.

I had a rough day yesterday,  but I managed to survive.  Too much to do and not taking the time to think was my downfall.  I will post about it later.  You will get a big laugh out of it I am sure.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday Must get to the bank!

     Rotten cold and I must pay bills today and get to the bank.  Rent is due, mortgage is due, need to pay all the studio bills.   Depressing as all the money that comes in will go right back out!

Out My Window:

Cloudy, cold, rainy.  Yesterday was 80 degrees it was beautiful, but we had a really bad wind storm last night and it poured rain again.  Too wet outside to weed.  But I will try to be grateful for the moisture.  Farmers are happy.

     My oldest daughter is flying into town tonight with my new grandson!  Daughter #2 is graduating from her hygiene program at the college Friday night.  I am so excited.  Just wish I felt better.  The oldest put herself through college and Law School teaching dance, so she can come to our rehearsal on Saturday and critique for us.  This will be nice.   My nose is running, crap!  I have to get busy and get  stuff done financially before I go teach tonight.

Do you ever just want to crawl back in bed and not face the music?

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday too tired to think

     Okay I have been working too hard.  I am tired and getting a bad cold!  Several of our dancers have had a nasty cold.  I have been handing out hand wipes and disinfecting the bars several times a day, but we have spent so much time on Pas de Duex (two people usually boy and girl) which requires so much hands on touching to teach these dancers how and where to hold each other.  Cody our Prince started the cold.  Every advanced dancer has had it!  Now me.  Crap!  We were able to finish the death of Malifecent last night.  I am wiped out.

Out My Window:  

It is beautiful and sunny!  It is supposed to be 80 degrees today, I can't wait.  I feel like my bones are cold.  I am going to go across the street to a big lilac hedge and pick a couple of big bouquets.

I paid all of the costume bills yesterday.  Took in more sewing that I have to get done today, if I can get rid of the chills.One of our dance mom's came over an picked up several costumes pieces that she will finish.  What a blessing.

I have a family that I have dealt with for years one of their older daughters was my older daughters age.  These people danced with us at the University.  They never paid their tuition, always behind, always excuses, but the mother was vary artsy and talented, however she did have a problem with delivery (she  took on projects and then did not get them done)  not good when the director is waiting.  I observed this behavior and I found it irritating but I was always confused as the husband worked at the highest paying place in our area.  We were making $21,000.00 a year.
     Well to make a long story short when we opened our studio here comes this family.  All of the daughters are grown but the one daughter has a little girls.  She starts with us.  Grandma is paying.  Well of course no tuition, we are constantly on them.  I know they expect me to give them a scholarship because they are so helpful.  But many parents are helpful and they don't expect reimbursement.
   We have just refused to let these people take advantage of us.  We can't, dance studios are not money makers.  If you are running them correctly or are trying to produce professionals you have a hard time making money.  We have a very strict policy that costumes do not go out until all dues and fees are paid.  So here comes the daughter she wants the costumes, I told her she had to pay back tuition and fees.  Well my mom said she talked to you.  Yes, but not about money.  You owe XX amount.  So she goes to my daughter to try and get the costumes ( we were ahead of her) and daughter sends her back to me.  Then she comes back and tells us that her mom can pay this next Thursday.  Fine you can have your costume at dress rehearsal.  I kept the costumes.
     I also asked her in a nice way why she didn't pay her own tuition as this was always a problem with her mother.  Well she didn't work and she stayed home with the kids and they could not afford dance lessons.  So I told her again very nicely, that lessons were $40.00 a month and she needed to find a way to earn at least that much as her kids would get older and more expensive, they would want to do things.  She took it well.  But the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
     You have to WORK no one is going to feel sorry for you or appreciate you so much that they gift you hundreds of dollars in tuition.  I learned this late in life, but I will tell you work will always lead you out.

Am I wrong in this assessment?  I am so tired of being taken advantage of!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Yippee!

     Yippee!  I just looked at the May budget last night and something was wrong.  I was missing something. The list of outgoing bills in our ledger book not counting gas and groceries is usually give or take about $2,800.00.  But this total was $1,865.00.  Where were the bills?  I frantically searched through the bills to pay, no all were listed, went back in the book to look at list and see what I had lost, or misplaced or just plain ignored.  Do you know what I found?  We have paid off over a $1000.00  worth of monthly bills since January.  They are gone!  This is what debt repayment and snowballing eventually does.  It is absolutely amazing.  I sat there dumbfounded.

Out My Window: 
     I do believe I see a streak of sunshine coming through those clouds.  It is still wet, and the lilacs are in bloom.  I want to get out this morning, but I have an emergency to take care of for a client so, I will sadly skip the great outdoors and go down to the dungeon and work.  Did I tell you the sun was shining?  

    I was very busy yesterday gathering supplies for last minute costume extras.  I did go in and help clean up two numbers with my daughter for the show.  I will actually go into the studio every night this next two weeks.  But I really need to get busy on props.
     Set painting will begin tonight.  Met with the set designer at his office yesterday for final drafts.  I had a ton of work come into the shop so I must get crackin,  but I really want to work outside.  Sniff, whine, pout.
       Husband got  called in to sub for the lead violinist in Beauty and the Beast so he will be no help this next two weeks.  He knows the score as he played it less than 5 years ago, but he will have to practice.  I did insist that they pay him travel time and replacement strings.  We don't mind helping out but we will no longer foot the bill on supplies.  See how getting out of debt has made me mean and grasping?  Call me Silas Marner!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday How am I getting out?

     Yesterday, (Mother's Day) the younger girls were going to cook dinner after they both got home from work. Neither of them cooks well.  I had a ham in the fridge and they put that in about 4:30 ( this ham would take at least 3.5 hours to cook).  D2 gets frustrated in about and hour because she realizes that we will not eat for a long time and she has a huge internet assignment to do for college.   She starts the green beans way too early and the mash potatoes are glue.  Then she decides at 7:30 to make rolls.  Well  I didn't have the heart to tell her that rolls should be started first as they raise twice.  Any way we ate mostly cold or burnt food around 9'oclock.  Husband cleaned up.  It was too funny. 
       I usually cook a huge Sunday dinner, complete with all the trimmings.  I like to cook, I don't like to clean up.  I think these girls just don't realize that cooking is a skill and timing everything out of the oven hot and on the table is very hard.  Anyway it was sweet of them to try.

Out My Window:

Cold and overcast, can you believe that?  I will get out and finish in the front this morning.  I dreamed last night that I was eating peas out of the garden.  I have not even planted a garden!

  I have a huge to do list today, I am going to pay off all costume charges today so that will be off my mind.  Then I can concentrate on  bills and studio work. 

    I have been thinking about debt and how to get out.  I know that cutting back on spending is important.  You must stop the flow of money out.  But to really get out in a timely manner you must EARN MORE MONEY.  This has been my key.  I am very tired by the end of the day.  My Husband and I clean 3 county building 5 nights a week.  We cannot start these until after 8:30 in the evening.  Some actually most nights I am so tired and sore.  I can get very cranky as I empty the trash cans, sometimes I think I cannot continue to do this.  But this side hustle brings in over $1000.00 a month.  It is the secret to our getting out of debt.  Almost every night I tell myself you are doing this to make the future better.  You won't be here forever.  Or I tell myself when I am done and on my way home, "You just put $50.00 more dollars toward your debt!"

     My question is, How many of you have a side job dedicated to debt?

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday, Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's and Other's Day!  Some women are not mothers but they are equally important.
Yesterday was chaos but I survived.  B looked beautiful as she went off to the Prom.  Everyone loved her dress!  It took me about 15 hours to do the hand work, but she said it was nice to know that her dress was nicer and only $30.00(and a lot of time).  At least she appreciated me.

Out My Window:

Cloudy and breezy, it has rained torrents here off and on.  I am well on my way to getting the front weeded.

I am going to take a nap this afternoon for Mother's Day.  Girls are supposed to cook and clean up!  This should be interesting.  Both are at work right now.

Have a great and restful day


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday all day in rehearsal

     I will be in rehearsal all day on the upcoming production of Sleeping Beauty.  We have three acts and over 100 dancers so this should be interesting to say the least.  Noisy, unorganized, messy are words I can use to describe these first major rehearsals.  Funny, but I could also use those words to describe my financial life!
     On a sad note my great uncle passed away yesterday morning.  I feel very bad for my mom.  It was her baby brother.  He was born about 14 years after her.  She really loved him and took care of him.  His health has been bad for several years, but she still was  there for him.  He is only a few years older than my husband, but I have seen him as a sick old man for at least 15 years.  So sad, he is at peace now.

Out My Window:
Cold and overcast, but I believe that it might warm up today!  Maybe by the time I am out of rehearsal!
I can get out and really clean the front yard, plant a few annuals?  We will see.

      I posted some pages about my financial situation last night.  I need advice, so if anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to send them my way.  B has her prom tonight!  This is the last big dance for one of my children.  Life moves on.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday, Okay let's get organized!

      I was able to finish most of our choreography last night, so that is good.  All the numbers need to be polished but we still have several hours of rehearsal time left.  I did get a great idea for a Thorn costume from one of my dancers, that should be easy, inexpensive and a snap to switch out of, so that is a relief.  I will contact the designer today to get that done.  I went to the theater to get some measurements and realized that we are going to have to knock together a platform, so I must meet with set designer.
     I was able to purchase everything to make 18 flower arches for under $100.00 dollars.  I had a dad cut them and I will have Moms that are sitting around put them together tomorrow during an all day rehearsal!  If parents want to watch they can at least be of use.  This is my motto at the studio.  Be of Use!  It also gets rid of a lot of trouble makers very quickly.
       A couple of mom's offered to redo the back windows that get full on sun.  I always wanted to use this for storage but I need to get up some kind of curtain.  They agreed to clean them out and do this.  Yeah!  I have been thinking about this for 5 years.  Keeping the front windows done that face Main Street is a full time job.  I am so grateful for the help.

Out My Window:

     Cloudy and Cold?, maybe warmer.  But what do I see?  Someone has weeded the 70 foot flower bed and it looks great!  Someone also started on the 100 foot white rock bed.  I hope they continue!  I am taking the warming light out of the coop today.  Everyone has full feathers and the little ones can burrow under the ducks. 

     Well I have tons of book work and deposits to get done.  Also studio bills to pay and May's budget to set up.  Police uniforms that are past due! I need to finish a pile of alterations for a client.  My house is scary messy in some spots.
     I am so tired.  Complain, Whine, Sniff.  Okay I am over that, thank goodness!  Too much to do to be cranky.    So no Boo Hooing.  But maybe if I took in enough money from parents I can pay off costume charges!  Then we can look at the debt!  So  off to work I go.  See this is what keeps me motivated.

    Hold on if I wasn't in debt would I just sit around eating bon bons?  A question to ponder?  Hmmm... 

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday, the tread mill of life.

     Yes, the last Prom dress bit the dust yesterday.  You would think I would be rolling in money but I am not.  Why you ask?  Because I have a daughter going to said prom.  I am trying to enjoy the moment, as this is the last one but boy are these things expensive.  Oh she also needed gas money and lunch money, and Husbands car needed gas.  I love the tread mill of life.  Money in, money out.  Only at this house it has been money out, money out, money out!  So frustrated.

Out My Window:

 Cloudy and cold.  I did take a huge trash bag out front and cleared about 20 feet of flower bed.  I only have 200 more feet to go.  I won't get any more done today so the neighbors will just have to look at the weeds.  I decided to try to do a little everyday.  Even if it is ten minutes.  At least if the beds are cleaned out it will look better. I will not be able to plant until after the show.  I have been feeling so guilty about not planting, but now I remember when I taught for the University I would not plant or clean the front until after their big spring show so I usually did not plant until late May. (Light bulb moment)  I am going to quit stressing about this.  Yes, I would have loved to have gotten it done earlier but the weather did not permit and I frankly have been too busy.

     I need to get to the store today and get supplies for recital.  I need to knockout 5 sets of Bunny ears, 9 sets of squirrels tails and ears, 18 floral arches, and 13 thorn costumes  ( the thorn costumes have me stumped)  I also have a pile of alterations to get done.  So I had better get cracking.  I will be going into
overdrive soon on this next be production. ( head is hitting keyboard) Pray for me.

 Planet Debt Free, Thanks for the love!  I am blushing.
      When I get done with this show I am going to post my debt's and goals, and maybe a little history.  Stay tuned my miserable, unorganized, chaotic financial life, will always seem more glamorous than yours because welly yours seems much more glamorous than mine.  Which is why this system works. :)

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Aghhh! Grocery prices!

I went out to get a few groceries last night.  The last time I really grocery shopped was before Easter, and then I was buying for Easter dinner so I didn't really concentrate on prices.  But last night I purchased the things I regularly do and everything was at least 1 to 2 dollars higher.  I had to spend about $20.00 more and I got very little.  Scary.  The garden will not produce for at least 6 weeks.  I guess we all go on diets?  You can only do so much in this category on the budget.  It is like gas prices, which fuel the food prices you just have to suck it up and adjust.  But boy does it frustrate me.  I already make almost everything from scratch, I only buy loss leaders and basics.  I just have to be more diligent. But I am not sure if I can.

Out My Window:

It is going to be a beautiful day today!  The rock wall behind our deck is in full bloom and it is so pretty.  Lavender,white and pink mounds of color entwined with Ivy.  It is the height of spring here I just wish it were warmer.

     I did not get much done in the shop yesterday, so I really need to concentrate today.  B's Dress is almost done and it is so cute!  She is tall and skinny with a big chest.  Now how did that happen?  I am short and flat or at least I was at her age.  We went out last night a purchased some gold metallic nail polish for her to match her dress.
      I did get all the recital spread sheets done.  Who owes what?  We really have to stay on parents with fees.  Many people will try to not pay their tuition and fees.  When we first went into business I was too shy to approach people but now I am adamant, you don't have your fees paid, your child does not participate.  I am not a charity.  Now I am also not mean.  I have had parents that have shown up after totaling their car, or fathers that need heart transplants, or have cancer.  I forgive tuition on the spot and scholarship a fair amount of the underprivileged, but many parents with a lot more money that I have will just not pay their bills.  I have found that the wealthiest clients have the least amount of cash flow.  What does this tell us?  THEY ARE IN DEBT!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday keeping track of my mess.

    Have you ever noticed how much time debt takes?  When you start to go over the edge it eats into all aspects of your life.  You lose a great deal of enjoyment on just the little things.  There are too many bills and it is hard to keep track.  Because I have a business I keep pretty accurate tax records.  I can look back at my list of bills and see long lists on spread sheets.  I have been really trying to conquer this debt monster for 30 years.

     The real effort has been the last ten years.  I would start and fall off the wagon.  But every time I started I was a little better.  I learned more, it became easier.  My ablility to control my wants became better. My strength to say no to my children grew.  I found I could put off purchases, something I had not done before.

     Now for the last 18 months I have had an emergency fund of $1000.00 or more.  Yes I have used it, but it always goes back.   I am down to 6 debts.  I started with as many as 20.  Now some of these were doctor bills, but they were still bills.  I had to learn that car insurance comes every 3 months.  It was a big day for me when I could pay my car insurance monthly!  I now have it taken directly out of checking.  That was also a biggy as I would have overdrawn before.

     Change has come so slowly.  But I am changing.  My, oh my, I am down to 6 debts on the spread sheet!  I often go looking for more, because the list is so small.  I must have missed something.  That list is getting shorter.  Soon it will be down to 5.  Just see if you can keep me on this wagon.

What are some things you have learned along the way?

Out My Window:

I bet you can't guess?  Yes it is over cast and cold.  But the Dogwod trees are so stunning.  The whole valley (that you can see from our front room) is a riot of bloom.  Huge balls of dark pink, light pink, salmon and white.  It is just incredible.  The lilacs are almost ready. I love lilacs.

Daughter #2 takes her big written board today.  She has a small restorative board tomorrow.  I called her early today to tell her to get to the testing site early as she is in a big city she does not know well and I was worried that she would get lost and then miss the test.  I called her a 7 a.m. and she says, "Mom I am already here, I am in the parking lot, they won't even let us in the building for 15 more minutes.  See they do grow up.:)  I am off to see the Wizard!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday, learning to love my Mailbox

If you have ever had a problem with debt you will not have a good relationship with your mail box.  It will be a scary adventure every time you go near it.  You might even pick up your mail but never open it.  I am and was guilty of all of those things. But once you get your debt under control.  (this means you stop debting) and you have a plan, that mail box takes on less of a demonic presence in your life.  You know that you will get certain bills, you can plan for these.  They usually don't change a great deal.  You also will get your CC statements and other bills.  But once you quit using them the balances go down!  You can actually look forward to them and see what progress you made  We all get good news in our mail box.  But we don't see the joy in the Birthday Card or post card from a traveling friend because we know we have to open the dreaded bills.

I just realized this past month of April that I like going to the mail box!  I actually rec'd two thank you notes and two surprise checks!  One was for over $2400.00 on an old written off contract.  My mail box brings me Joy.  Yes it also brings me bills.  But I am not going deeper into debt.  I am getting out, and I know what my average power bill will be.  My husband always says "No body likes surprises", and he is right.  But we all like a nice surprise!  Make the mail box your friend, you will be so much happier.

Out My Window:

It is cold and dreary again, the wind is blowing.  This weather is irritating everyone. But soon it will be Spring ( I mean Summer) spring never came.  Now everything bloomed and it is beautiful but it is miserable outside!

Busy day, have to take a contract in to high school.  I have to finish two dresses that I have major alteration issues.  Need to finish B's dress.  S is gone taking exams so I must teach her classes later tonight.  I also need to make a huge deposit to the studio.  I had better get busy.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday, My Mother Teresa approach to chickens

Those of you who have been keeping up know I had a sick baby chick.  Well the crud went through the entire flock!  When I went to the house yesterday there lay a stinking mass ball of feathers.  Two ducks and 6 chicks all huddled together and on their way out.  All I could do was wash them.  I figured they are going to die so they might as well die clean.  I took a warm pan of water out and gently washed each animal.  I had to change the water 8 times, they were so gross.  I then put them all together in a big warm bath towel and put then in the empty Jacuzzi tub.  I tented them with a towel and ran a blow dryer on warm air into the tent and left them.  I went back to work on prom dresses and figured in an hour they would be dead.  When I went back they were dry and the ducks were moving.  Two of the chicks could not stand.  I took them back out to the coop, which my husband had scoured with disinfectant and relined with fresh chips.  I put them under the heat lamp.  Well this morning they are all running around like nothing ever happened.  Who knew?  Mother Teresa would always gently bath the dieing and say it is all I can do for them.  They know they are loved and that they are clean.  Well it has to be love to bath a poop covered encrusted chicken, that is all I can say.  Oh by the way  I took two showers yesterday.

Out My Window:
  It is warm and sunny.  The Photinia leaves are bright red and waxy and the Sumac is all in bloom. I know Sumac is a native weed type tree, but I love how the fresh growth looks like deer antlers with the fuzzy fur on the bark.  They grow so strange and it looks great up over the waterfall on my pond.  It smells so good outside.

We are going to dinner at a clients house today so I don't have to cook.  B's dress is almost done I have a couple of hours of hand work left and some beading to do.  Daughter # 2 is  out for 5 days taking another big board exam.  This is the large written exam. Then another smaller one.  Her hands on exam is in June.  She graduates from college in two weeks, then just has to finish passing boards.  It will be so nice when she is finally through and working.  A great deal of stress off Mom!

It is a beautiful May Day, find someone who will chase you and kiss you today!