Saturday, November 30, 2019

Saturday, I am getting so much done, so why?

     I really worked hard yesterday, so why does my basement look like a disaster?  I was up early yesterday to get ready to go to the Harley store, where I wasted my time as I had no business.  I had promised them I would be there, but this is the last time I will go.  One thing I did do was  take Christmas material with me and get 5 aprons cut out for my sister. I also got to have a nice long chat with her uninterrupted.  But I had Hubs pick me up early as I was not going to sit there with so much to do at home. The one thing that I can say positive about getting all the things together to go down to the Harley place is that I tore apart my huge shop closet, find something and I was forced to pack up the machine and tear up the shop a little.  This gave me the incentive to start cleaning out the monstrous place.

     I did paint for about two hours after I got home and then switched to cleaning in the shop.  Every drawer and nook is cleaned out and I am ready to take things to the storage unit.  I still have cleaning to do in there, but the clean out is done.  I have over filled the trash can so Hubs and I will have to make a dump run and I also want to do a storage unit run.  Then stop at another carpet place as the one I like to use (cheaper) was closed yesterday so we stopped by a more expensive one yesterday.

     I think I spent about 5 hours cleaning out things in the shop and there are so many empty drawers in there now.  Yippee!  I have to go and get some smaller containers as my old button box that was my grandmothers is disintegrating. Plus there are a few things I need to get just smaller containers to keep track of things.  Just trying to make things easier for myself.  Can you imagine that?

     I just want you all to know I am so proud of me.  I feel  like I am back.  Today I want to accomplish a few things.

1. get dressed/fix myself up a bit even though I will be putting on paint clothes;)
2. Run to Georgia carpet works.
3.get fireplace painted
4. go to the dump
3. go get a few containers
4. Paint for at least 2-2 hour stints
5. patch a pile of pants that are sitting in the middle of the shop floor
6. finish cleaning the shop

     We will see what I can get done.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, November 29, 2019

Friday,Over stuffed and underwhelmed

     Well the Thanksgiving meal went off without a hitch, we had our youngest and her hubby and in laws with us and that was fun.  Mom and dad enjoyed everything.  I was up cooking at 8 and didn't get done until 1:00 and that is with making my piecrusts and stuffing and sweet potatoes the day before.  I wanted to paint for a few hours but ended up watching TV and resting. 

     Thanksgiving is a lot of work.  Then is is a lot of clean up.   Lil sis's house was so beautiful and it took us an hour and a half to do the dishes. Then home to watch the Queen.  Mom had never seen the series.  She and even dad enjoyed it.  That is good it will give them something to watch today while I am gone.

     We brought lots of leftovers home with us so we have food for a couple of days.  I have to go to the Harley Davidson dealer ship today.  I will be sewing on patches.  I am also going to take some work with me.  Then at 3 I will shut down and go look for new carpet for the basement.

     After dinner last night I felt that we cooked way too much food and I ended up overstuffed with a stomach ache.  IS this really what the holiday is about?  I will be rethinking it for next year.  It was super fun to get together with everyone and that is what I really loved.

Have a great after The Holiday day, don't spend too much money, I am avoiding the shopping hoopla!  Are any of you going out today?


Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving!

It is our youngest daughters birthday today.  She was a turkey baby and every 4 years her birthday falls on Thanksgiving.  She does not mind it now, but when she was little she never got to have a party as no one could come.  I remember one year our oldest was a senior in high school and  B was 5, we realized no one was going to show for her first real party.  So the eldest called all her friends and they all came dressed as the stars wars crew and B had the birthday of a life time.  It was so sweet.  She never even knew her friends were all out of town. 

     So we always celebrate with candles in a  pumpkin pie.

     The basement is so torn up and I just forgot how much work painting is.  We did get all the doors replaced and now we only have two left, the front door and the basement door.  Both of those are outside doors and we will wait to replace those.  Well maybe as I have to paint the basement door I will replace that this next week.

     Dinner is at little sis's house and I still have to make my cheese ball, pies and rolls.  I do have the crusts done, so the hard part of the pies is done.  I will have my mother-in-law peel apples for my apple pie.  We are not eating until 5 so I have plenty of time to cook things up today.

     The computer was torn up with the painting, and I had the corner where the computer and desk sits, painted first so it could be put back together. There is just so much to do and it is such a mess.  The kids worked hard and are coming down again next week.  I am going to try and paint at least two hours every day. Repetitive motion with my upper body always leads to a serious flare, with frozen shoulders and carpel tunnel. I cannot paint all day.  I have to take it very slow and that just aggravates me.

     So after I get dressed I am going to get my pies in the oven and make my cheese ball.  I will put the green beans together, and have Hubs help with the relish tray.  I plan to paint for a few hours and then I will put my rolls together at about 1:00 so they are fresh when we eat.  We will have to cart all this over to Lil sis's.  I did my sweet potatoes and stuffing (oyster)yesterday and they will go into the oven with the rolls later today.

     I am so grateful, for all my blessings, all of you being among them.

Have a glorious Thanksgiving day and eat as much as you can, I know I will.


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Tuesday, The crew is here, Hurrah!

     So two of the girls are here and we are getting ready to go great guns on this basement.  Hubs and my in-laws are due in this afternoon, so the idea is to get as much started as possible, thereby eliminating the possibility that Hubs will nix something.

     I was able to clean the whole house yesterday and now today will be spent in the shop.  If I can get everything out that is due out I can concentrate on cooking tomorrow.  I do plan on having broccoli soup and home made bread this evening.

     Son-in-law is taking doors off as I type and I am headed for the shop. Schmills has a paint roller and is trying to paint everything in site. Don't worry we will give him some other job.

Lots to do today.  Will report tomorrow.

Have a great and productive e day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, November 25, 2019

Monday, Yikes too many plans....

     We had a nice weekend but too much driving.  But when you live out west to get anywhere is a drive.  We were able to get to daughter's about 8 in the morning Friday.  We had fun with our grandson, he is such a corker.  Then that evening we went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert and it was amazing.  We have used their music for years in shows we have produced so the ASCAP fees were so worth it.  Then home so we could get up early and get to Stevensville Montana for my cousins 60th birthday party.

     We decided to leave the Schmills home and drive it in one day, thus saving a hotel room and a longer drive on Sunday.  We left at 8 and you lose an hour when you go into Montana.  We were able to get to the party at about 1:30 stayed for a few hours and then the 3.5 hour drive back to daughters. It was nice to see my cousins and my Aunt.  My girls just adore my cousins and they are like Uncles to them.  My  Aunt looked great and I hope I am as spry as her when I reach her age.

     Hubs and I were able to get up and go to church in Spokane and then we drove  the 2 hours back to our house.  Now hubs needs to go drive 5 hours to pick up his folks and he will drive back tomorrow with them.

     I was so tired after the long drive on Saturday that I went to bed at daughters at about 9 and slept hard until 8 the next morning.  Then I slept the two hour drive home and laid right down when I got home and slept until 5, then I got up and rushed around trying to figure out where I will put Hubs folks.  I wanted to put them downstairs but that is where we will be doing all the painting this week so then I had to clean out the guest room upstairs and haul everything down stairs.  Which I did get done.  Then I went to bed about 10 so I cannot call myself tired today.  Good grief I must have slept 24 hours in the last 48.

     The weekend was less expensive than anticipated as we were going to take the kids out to a nice dinner and our sitter situation did not work out.  Then we decided not to stay over in a hotel but drive straight through.  This save over $200.00 which was nice.

     Now I have to figure out how to process this mess I have myself in.  Our two younger daughters are coming down tonight along with at least one of their husbands. (sounds like they each have 2:)) We  (they) plan on painting the laundry room and hall and family room, plus replacing the last of the doors in the shop. (4 of them) They will also be removing and painting all the doors upstairs. The doors upstairs have to be primed and then oil base painted. This will be done in the garage.

     I am in a dither right now as the house is really dusty and dirty as I have not cleaned at all since before I left for Cancun which was a month ago.  Plus I have work that needs to be done in the shop.  I need to buy paint, and I have major cooking to do for thanksgiving dinner.  Once the in-laws arrive I will be cooking 3 meals a day or at least 2.  So I really need to get organized.  Organization not being one of my strong suits.

     My major problem is where to begin.   Not sure how to prioritize this, but I am grateful that hubs is gone so I don't have to argue with him about every little step and I don't have to cook and I don't have to watch him sit around and be aggravated by that.  I can work through this situation in my own peace(chaos).

So just what are my priorities:

1. organize shop  What has to be done?
2. clean out hall and pack up decorations
3. doctor appointment at 1:30
4. take down laundry and clean out laundry room  for painting
5. clean and vacuum family room and stairs  
6. clean and dust the entire upstairs (company ready)
    a. guest room
    b. guest bath
    c. our room
    d. our bath
    e. front room
    f. hall
    g. kitchen
    h. dining room
7. take daughter to buy supplies  and paint this evening
8. help son-in-law remove all doors
9. check pantry and shop for Thanksgiving (just need a few things)

Okay I think I am ready to face the day.  Let's see what I can get done.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, November 21, 2019

Thursday, Now I am behind.....

     Well I just knew I would do this, old habits die hard.  Now I am behind the 8 ball.  We need to go to D#2's house early tomorrow to watch Schmills as she has been called in to work for some doctor on the hill.  We will have to leave here by 6 in the morning and I am not a morning person which means I will have to plan and pack tonight.

     We had always planned on going up there, late tomorrow afternoon as we have tickets to a concert and we were going to go out to dinner. Then we will take daughter and Schmills with us to Missoula for my cousins 60th birthday.  We will stay the night in a hotel and come home Sunday.  Then Daughter's #2 and 3 are coming down to help clean and paint the basement.  They will be here Monday through Wed. then it is Thanksgiving.  Hubs has to go get his folks and I am putting them in one of the bedrooms we are working on I think.  Yikes every room is a flippen mess.  I really have not thought this through at all.

     On top of that I am now behind in the shop.  I have to get in there and get a few things done asap and I also need to get my nails done today sometime. I am just in a whirl wind of what next, all of my own doing.  Okay calm down I can do this. What has to be done first?

1. Get storage unit stuff taken to unit (clean up back hall)
2. sew men's sport coat and pants call for pick up ( due out Friday)
3. get woman's robe started for fitting this afternoon at 3
4. go to Rosauers and get butter and a Turkey
5. Line sleeves on a woman's dress
6. shorten a woman's vest
7. three police pants and 4 shirts
8. two police shirts
9. get nails done
10. pack for weekend
11. go to Lil sis's and plan menu

Where has the time gone?  I mean have I really been sitting around for almost a month?  Yes, yes I have.  Now it is time to pay the piper.  Boy is that piper expensive. Dang. &^%$#@

Have a great and productive day, I am going to have a nervous break down.


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Wednesday, I think I might be back:)

     I actually got a lot done yesterday in the shop.  I was pretty proud of myself.  The funny thing is I could have done more and pushed myself but I didn't. There is still so much to do and I had so many police uniforms come in yesterday.  I will be busy tonight and tomorrow for sure.

     Hubs and I did not get to the storage yesterday because it rained hard so that will have to wait for tomorrow if the weather holds. But I was able to drop a few more things off at good will.  Hurrah!

     We have the littles again today so not much will get done.   I will try to get some cleaning and cooking done when they go down for naps.  I cannot get this post done as I have had kids in my lap and now the dog is jealous.  I feel like a jungle gym.  I remember when my youngest was little she called me mommy mattress.

     I will be taking potato sup and bread to my friend tonight.  When I went to Lil sis's last night to dry some clothes she had to make potato soup for her office, so I helped her and she made way too much so I got to take home the leftovers which was fine for me.  I think I will make up some kind of rolls after the kids go to sleep. There is plenty of soup for us and my friends family.  Yippee don't have to worry about what to cook.

     I need to look at today's grocery adds for Thanksgiving.   I see of all these people on the blogs and the good deals the are getting.  So far I have seen nothing to write about but maybe the adds will surprise me. We will have dinner at Lil sis's and every time we get together we say we need to plan out a menu.  We talk about all the things we want to cook and never right it down.  Maybe tonight? 

     I really have a hankering for pumpkin pie, might just have to make a few early.  I do know I need to make pie crusts, so might do up 8 of those so they are ready for next week.

    Well I have nap time all planned.  What are you guys going to do for nap time?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Tuesday, Oi! The shop runneth over

     Well cleaning and packing has come to a stand still here as the garbage can is full and we have to wait for trash pickup tomorrow. So today I will tackle what I can in the shop.  Hubs and I will take at least one load to storage today sometime.  I just found out that Hubs agreed to go pick up his parents and bring them here for Thanksgiving.  Now I had suggested this, but he never told me it was agreed upon.   This will mean two trips 6 hours each way so over 24 hours of car driving, fun.

     I really can't complain too much as I think the year before we moved mom in here I made 17 trips to Missoula which were 8 hour round trips.  Mom lived here for three years and she despised Hubs.  He was always so patient with her.I do love my in laws but I have so much I need to get done in the next three weeks and they will add work and stress.  I need to quit complaining and suck it up. Hubs dad is pretty far gone with dementia but his mom is sharp as a tack and is so excited to come.  I need to get excited.  I will work on that.

     I am kind of happy today to just spend time sewing and trying to get caught up, not that it will happen, but just that I am trying. I just got a call that they are coming to pick up the dryer. Yippee! One less thing to worry about.  I will continue to dry things  on the line for now, and go to Lil sis's. So far it has worked fine.

     So for today:

1. get dryer picked up
2. hang two loads of laundry
3. shorten three doctor coat sleeves and hem
4. shorten 4 pants
5. shorten 3 jeans
6. shorten a pair of pants
7. shorten a pair of jeans
8. shorten coat sleeves on a mans dress jacket
9. shorten a woman's vest
10. line sleeves on a womans dress
11. pile of mending
12. pile of mending
13. 6 pairs of pants, shorten or let out waist
14. clean up laundry room
15. go to goodwill
16. go to storage unit
17. go dry cloths at Lil sis's
18. mend neighbor sons coat
19. peg and hem two pairs of jeans

     So let's see what I can get done today.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, November 18, 2019

Monday, Hubs might be on board!

     Saturday morning I actually was able to get organized and started by filling boxes.  I took several knick knacks off the walls in the spare room and bath upstairs.  These were packed and taken downstairs by the back door.  Then hubs and I packed up the pictures and the books in the family room downstairs.  We packed until we ran out of boxes.  Then we took two loads of things to the storage unit.

     It looks like things are under way.  The house is looking so bare but that is good as it will be easy to clean walls and paint now.  I really got no cleaning done at all because packing and moving stuff that has sat for along time is messy.  We were able to stop and get more boxes on one of our trips down from the storage unit and we have another truckload ready by the back door.

     I was able to get the under the stairs closet cleaned out and what a dirty mess. It was full of old suitcases, and years of tax returns, how long do we keep those again? There were some Easter decorations and then four large tubs of memorabilia. I have kept every award, picture, school project, report card etc that the kids did and then put them in boxes at tax time.  The problem was some times I was lazy and just threw all three kids things in someones box.  So I spent 4 hours Saturday night going through those boxes one paper at a time and sorted them according to child.  I was able to throw away two huge garbage bags of things.  Mostly papers out of the misc. box kept for our memorabilia.

   Do you think it was okay to throw away the cards from our wedding 42 years ago? Then there was all the cards from Franka's death.  I kept just a few from close friends and relatives. It was time to let go, after all the darling will be 35 on her next birthday.  I still had a blanket that my grandmother had made for her.  I put that in my eldest daughters box, she can pass it on to one of her grand children someday.  Each box contained their first baby shoes and a couple of blankets and quilts made for them by grandmothers. The girls will get these at Christmas and then they can do what they want with the things. That  closet only contains three suitcases right now and I hope it will stay that way.

     Then there was a wooden box that has sat in there going on 4 years.  It was full of old rain gear, outdoor clothes and Hubs work boots. I put him in charge of that knowing he would start reminiscing and refuse to part with anything. But he looked at the boots and then said he had two more pairs upstairs and I thought. " Yes, I know, I have been cleaning around them for 4 years."  He brought those down and started to grease and polish them up.  I was beside myself, but said nothing.  He then said that they should all be sold.  They are Whites, and Danners which are very, very expensive. The cork boots and packs were close to $400.00 a pair.  Hubs always took very good care of his boots and always had two pairs so he could switch off every other day. He wears a 9.5 which is the most common size for men. Often these kind of boots are rebuilt because they cost so much. We put them on  site and already have three people coming to look at them.  First come first serve. I can't believe he is going to let go of something. He also did not grouse about taking things to the storage.  I think he is getting on board.

     I also organized all the wrapping paper, boxes and bows  Mom was a stickler for wrapping and I had at least 4 different boxes of things.  I save boxes, bows, and tissue and recycle when I can.  So I organized and downsized cards and paper.  I got everything into one container and will use up as much as I can this Christmas. I just took shoe box full of cards and several tubes of paper to the good will this morning. Now I get to deal with the dirty mess all this packing has done. But that is for another day.

    The hot water heater closet, is 1/2 done as I took all the wrapping paper out of there.  So now it just has 4 fans and a box of believe it or not beanie babies of my mothers.  How I hated those things and the craze they caused.  Not sure what I will do with those.  Any ideas? But once that is cleaned out vacuumed and swept I will just have the two dressers and the main closet to do in the shop.

     The littles are here today as I have to take the eldest to a dance rehearsal at 4.  I also just realized I have no one to take a meal into a family that has illness.  I let that ball drop, so I will do up a pork chop and rice casserole as that is easy.  I have some broccoli that needs to be cooked and I need to scare up a dessert. Right now Hubs is at the ear specialist and I am trying to keep the monkeys in line.

     The shop has been very busy this morning and I will have to sew all day tomorrow. If I am not too tired after the rehearsal, I might just get that water heater closet done.  Yeah like that is going to happen, but a girl can dream.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, November 16, 2019

Saturday, Today I will....

     For all my lazy ways, I did finally complete another chart yesterday.  That has maybe spurred me to make better choices with my time.  So did I get anything else done after the babies left at noon?  No but I did get in a really good nap after the shop calmed down about 2:30. So much work came in the last two days, but mostly hems which are so fast and easy.

    I made two large yummy pizzas last night so we can eat on these for the next day or so.  I have to take a meal into a sick family today and find someone to take a meal in for the next two days.  So that is the first thing on my list to get done. I also will make scones for choir practice tomorrow.

     Lil sis is out of town so I have to go over and feed her cats and I will take a load to her dryer. I can do that about supper time, in the mean time let's get something done today. ( I am telling myself this.)

   Here I have a free Saturday one of the few I will have until Christmas and I am going to make the most of it.  ( yes trying to convince myself)

     Things on my mind to do today.....
1.Get dressed ( yes this is a major accomplishment for Kim, don't judge)
2. get info on family that needs a meal
3. post about family on church facebook web site
4.get meal ready for family ( frozen lasagna, make a salad, pick up french bread, scones for desert)
5. Make a triple batch of scones
6. call about getting dryer removed ( there is a service that will do this for free)
7. clean and organize the shop
8. clean the family room
9. pay the rest of the bills
10. pack at least 10 boxes from upstairs (pictures, knick knacks etc.)
11. Clean out large closet in shop
12.Clean out furnace room in shop
13. clean out under the stairs closet in shop

     Let's see what Kim can get done today shall we?  Don't hold your breath.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, November 15, 2019

Friday,I might be back....

         Kim actually got in the shop and completed a list.  I thought I had lost her. I can only sew for a certain length of time before my back gives out.  Since I have not really put in a good day for so long my back was really bothering me yesterday late afternoon. But I got it done.

     I also took a load of wash over to Lil sis's to dry last night.  We will usually visit for about and hour so it was perfect. When I was over there hubs called and said the Littles mom called and her sitter was out for the day on an emergency so we have the littles again today.  We will also have them Monday and Wednesday next week due to dance rehearsals, which I will have to take the little girl to.  Having less to do in the shop helps, as it makes it easier for us to take the babies.

     Yesterday a days worth of work came in so I am back on track with sewing.  Hubs also went with me to get a storage unit and we were able to purchase two large picture boxes, for all of our larger pictures and a few paintings.  We have some really large oils that I will have to fashion covers for out of cardboard, but I will do those at the end.

     I am feeling like pizza tonight so, I pulled Italian sausage and pepperoni from the freezer. I will make enough that we can eat it all weekend. I cannot believe it is 1/2 way through November already. Time is moving so quickly, but then I have been busy do  nothing for so long....

  I hope to be able to get some major cleaning /packing done later today and tomorrow.   I did not get to any of the shop closets yesterday and I am wondering if I dare try to tackle any of this with the littles present.

Any plans for the weekend?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, November 14, 2019

Thursday, I really must sew today

     I have not put a good sewing day into the shop now in three weeks and today must be the day as there are police uniforms that need to go out, no excuses.  Also some curtains that need hemmed and a cushion to cover.  I have been so lax in getting any sewing done.  I guess the pressure is off and I don't want it to turn back on.

     Yesterday was busy with kids and cooking. I did up three nice sized pans of chicken enchiladas, plus Mexican rice. We will have leftovers for dinner tonight.

     Hubs is tip toeing around me as he should.  I have no idea what I am going to pack or do today as I cannot seem to make myself make any plans.  I am just afraid they will be negated.  I'm a little fragile right now.

     I just keep looking around and saying to myself, that needs to go to storage.  I make plans in my head of how I am going to clean out and downsize things.  So far everything is in  my head.  Maybe after I get the sewing done I can motivate myself to pack something.

     We did go to one U-haul place for a picture box and they were out so perhaps we will go do that today and get a storage unit.  That will be a step in the right direction. Just getting things off the walls shows how much this place needs to be painted. I did donate a larger body form I never use to good will the other day.  It was given to me about 5 years ago and I have never used it.  I have just moved it around the shop over and over.  Why do we keep stuff we don't use?

     I did my roots last night, Cancun was hard on my hair, the sun and wind did it no favors.  But boy was the sun lovely.  I just think about how much fun I had there.  It was so beautiful and relaxing.

     Let's see what I can get done today, once I get out of my jammies and get moving.

1. dress :)
2. make up /hair (the few strands I did not pull out)
3. picture boxes
4. storage unit
5. sew cushion
6. sew two pairs jeans
7. alter two police shirts
8. alter two sheriff shirts
9. hem curtains
10. get a pile of mending done
11. let out a pair of pants
12. drop pockets on a pair of pants.
13. clean out closets in shop/yikes  what could be lurking there?
14. wrap some Christmas presents.
15. check with homeowners about offsite storage
16. pay water bill

Stay tuned, I may just go back to bed.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

I am in a negative mood.


Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Wednesday, Kim has a fit edition

     Yesterday did not go as planned.  I had such high hopes and plans. As usual Hubs had different plans, all which threw a wrench into my plans.  Now we have been talking since we first got married about going on a mission for our church when we retired.  Hubs will be retired 4 years this Christmas.  Since I am younger than him I am not at retirement age.  Mom came to live with us the same month Hubs retired, thus putting off our plans. Then after her death I needed time to recover and we wanted to pay off the house.  Now we have no excuses not to go ahead with our plans.  I am a planner. I am a goal setter, I see that things get done.

     Both Hubs and I have talked about the fact that we need to get rid of this house.  It is huge.  We have 4 large bedrooms, three full baths, a HUGE living room, family room, eat in kitchen, formal dining room, large deck and the yard from hell.  Plus the water bill was still $330.00 for last month. It is too much yard for hubs, ( I love yard work, but the shop keeps me inside) We have talked and discussed selling and know we have to do this.  Now is the time for action my friends.

     Unfortunately Hubs is not a man of action.  He will stall, argue, throw a stone in the path of any change or work.  He always has an excuse or a different way to do something usually involving getting nothing done.  So yesterday when I went to get boxes I was clear with him that we would be packing up pictures and books.  We would be downsizing as In going through and seeing what we could get rid of and then packing things up to take to a storage unit so we could start painting and getting the house ready to sell.  This was not a surprise to him.

     His favorite saying is, " people don't like surprises."  Hubs doesn't like work, or change.  So when I took some boxes into the master bedroom after asking him which room we should start in, he started his, "Why are we doing this?  Why are we selling the house?" "This room does not need to be painted."  It went on and on and I blew.

    I screamed, I cried, I sobbed, I tore at my hair, then I got sick and ended up in bed the rest of the day.  So nothing I had planned got done. After I vomited and stayed near a toilet for about 6 hours I was a little better.  Hubs was scared to death.  He went into his room and packed up at least 5 boxes of books no questions asked.  (did he down size any?  NO!)He knows I am done with his shenanigans.  He also made the comment, "but it always has to be your way."  Dang right because your way is to do nothing.

     Several times yesterday I screamed at him, "are we going or not?"  "Let's just give it up, we are not going."  I got no response over and over as I asked him, just that blank expression of shock.He has been working on the same corner of the house outside for weeks.  This was his claim to getting ready to sell.  I rarely criticize his work as I am so happy if he does anything, but I went outside and pointed out every flaw and there were many in his small corner of let's get nothing done. I was not nice, I was not pretty, and I will not apologize.  The time has come for action.  

     SO today I still need to make enchiladas, the house is a wreck, the littles are here and I am still shaking with anger toward him.  I have reached the breaking point in his indecision. Either move forward, or get out of my way.  I hope he has the picture.  Fit throwing always wipes me out.  It is not something I do often, in fact I can only think of a couple times I have really lost it with him in 40 years.  I am telling you living with Sheldon Cooper is exhausting.

Have a great and productive day, trying not to off your spouse.


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Tuesday, A little cuteness for your day

Schmills at the wedding in Cancun.  He had a married sign and a little box for the rings, but if you look closely you will see his hot wheel car, which he put in the box with the rings as it was his treasure.  Too cute I tell you.  He just makes you smile. If he wasn't such a hockey loving soul I would say he could model.  I think his parents should rent him out to a wedding service.

Well Sissie got a hold of me yesterday and kicked my butt into moving.  She can throw guilt just like our mother could.  I had to set a timer for 15 minutes and then work and call her and report.  This went on all afternoon and I am proud to report I did get the closets switched around.  I also had a huge black garbage bag to donate to good will.  Then I stopped at staples and picked up 20 of their empty paper boxes so hubs and I can start packing up books and knick-knacks from the house.  It is all about down sizing here. 

I will be decorating for Christmas in a few weeks, so taking things down won't matter.  We will be painting room by room over the next couple of months into the new year.   Hubs asked when we were going to rent a storage unit?  I said as soon as we have enough boxes packed to bother us. As I will stack them in the back shop hall it will probably be by this weekend.

We have to start somewhere. Going room by room and getting rid of things we do not want to store and downsizing so we can stage the house.  It is amazing how much stuff one accumulates over the years. I am excited about this and I am scared to death.

I also went into the shop and got the sewing done that is due out today.  I will definitely get in there today and get the pile done.  I feel the need for money.  Finally that old money motivation is kicking in, after all it has been almost 3 weeks since I really sewed.

I also went into the gift closet and rapped D#3's birthday gifts, so they are ready to go.  I really dislike gift wrapping so I thought I would try and get a little Christmas wrapping done every day. This will keep me from putting it off and having to do it all at once. I noticed I was really low on Christmas wrap as I have not purchased any in the after Christmas sales these past few years. So I am thinking of just going a buying a roll of brown paper and using that a red string.  Cheap and functional.

Chicken enchiladas are on the menu for tonight and I will take them into my friend tomorrow.  I will do up some Mexican rice and I need a make a dessert of some kind. The littles will be here tomorrow.

To do:

1. get a few groceries
2. pack up one room
3. make enchiladas
4. sew the pile
5. pay some bills

I hope Sissie calls me she is a real motivator. (actually she is a nag)

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Monday, November 11, 2019

Monday, Will Kim get something done edition?

     It is a holy mystery I tell you.  How can someone so driven, for so long become so lazy?  I am sitting here in my p.j.'s . It is 10 a.m. The desk I am sitting at is covered in papers and crumbs and trailing crap all around it.  The family room is a mess.  The shop is a mess.  I have not been in the spare bath or bedroom downstairs since the middle of September.  I have completed slob school and graduated with honors.

     I swear I am going to get something done today. I did manage to get all the ironing done Saturday, so I have no excuse not to switch over the winter and summer clothes closets.  When I do this I am going to down size as much as I can convince myself to do. It would be easier if I was not fighting Hubs the whole time.  He does not like change.  He wants it but cannot deal with the steps it takes.  I do not know if this is his condition or his laziness.  I suspect laziness.  It is a disease I am slowly allowing to take over my life and it has to stop.

     We are selling this house in the spring and we have to take steps to get it ready to sell.  The house is too big and too expensive for us to live in.  The yard is enormous and hubs cannot take care of it for much longer. We have made lists for each room.  We have fought over lists for each room.  We still need to do something and make some progress.

     Yesterday after church I came home and made a good breakfast. Schmills and his mom are here for the weekend.  They surprised us. I made Schmills dollar pancakes and eggs, and bacon.  He loved it.  Daughter #2 and I have talked about her and her hubby coming down to help with the house getting it ready to sell. Having a son-in-law here will be incentive for Hubs.

     I also took a 3.5 hour nap yesterday afternoon.  It was lovely.  So I am not sleep deprived as usual, I have no excuse not to get something done.  I made enough dinner last night for tonight so I don't have to cook.  This leaves me the whole day for...... possible getting something..... done.

     I just greeted my first client in my jammies. I am so professional:)

Okay maybe a list will help.

1. get dressed
2. hair/makeup?  I always do better when I clean up (Anyone else do better when this is done?)
3. put away clean laundry
4. make beds
5. clean out my dresser drawers
6. switch winter and summer clothes
7. take excess to good will
8. sew product due out tomorrow
9. Find something else on the to do on the list.

I am going to get dressed now. I think.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, November 9, 2019

Saturday, Death of the dryer part 1f

 The dryer is on the fritz again.  We have had it repaired three times this year.  Total out of pocket about, $280.00.  It has a new heating element, all new fuses. I know the belt works.  The repairman keeps saying it is old.  Yes I know that!  But we are selling this house in the spring and I did not plan on storing the washer and dryer, but just giving them away and getting new when we decide where we are going to land.  Chances are we will be moving between our kids or with Hubs folks for a while and I do not want to pay to store a new dryer.

So I do have a few choices.  1. I can just hang our clothes to dry and go with out until we move.  2. I can take a load over to my sisters a couple of times a week.  Really if I don't do sheets and bedding we only have a couple of loads a week. 3.  I can dry things at the local laundry mat that is a few blocks away until we sell.  4. I can buy a new dryer.

Have not decided what to do yet. I guess I will give it a week and see just how aggravating it is for me. Clothing is heavier now that it is cold.  Hubs wears a t-shirt and a heavy flannel shirt everyday.  Also very heavy pants.  Still we could hang things.  I don't know.  First world problem as my daughter would say.

I have an out of town bride coming today. Also a handy man is coming to look at our list for the house.  I am excited about that.  Getting some things done around here will be good and give me something to focus on.

Well the handy man just left and he thinks we should do a lot less work than I thought as this is a 70 years old house and will have to be sold as a 70 year old house.  So that is good. Maybe?

Did more sewing yesterday than I did all week but still did not put in a full day. Not because there was not work, but because I did not want to.

The ironing board has been moved into the family room so I can go on an ironing spree then I can get clothes changed around in the closets.  Got to get something off the list dang nabit!

Found out there will be no choir practice tomorrow so I am off the hook on making scones.  They can wait until next week.

I feel like this is my last day of vacation and next week I am going to get my butt in gear and get some things done.  I have major sewing I want to do for Christmas and major cleaning and downsizing that needs to be done.  The shop is slower now and I have no excuses.  But I am sure if I work at it I can come up with some doozy excuses.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, November 8, 2019

Friday, Kim has earned less this week than....

     I hate to admit this as I did get home Sunday evening prepared to jump right back into my old life and as of this moment (Friday morning almost 8 am) I have sewn less for the week than I have sewn on most days before vacation.  In fact less than 1/2 of what I would normally do on a day..... maybe I should get busy.

     Baby boy was very fussy yesterday and I spent a good deal of time walking the floor and rocking him to get him to sleep.  Poor little munchkin, ear infections are painful.  He is on an antibiotic now and much better from what I hear.

Hubs knew it was a hard day yesterday and asked if I wanted to go and get something for dinner, but I had everything for steak fajita's, so I said no and we had those instead.  But I did appreciate his offer. Baby boy usually is glued to Hub's hip, but when he is sick it is me only. I have now used up all the veggies I bought for Hubs before I left, so they were not wasted.

     I was able to run out and get my blood work done when the littles were napping, and hubs ran out to check his calendar at the high school. He is going into his busy season, with school concerts and shows. In fact he works tonight starting at about 3 this afternoon.  I'll have to run some dinner to him.

     Yesterday while I was feeding littles, I tried to get a few things done in the kitchen.  What I discovered is that my kitchen is dirty.  I mean you could walk in and see that it was picked up but this whole house is in such a need of a really deep clean.  I really need my Sissie to come out.  I have depended on her for too many years to do this.  When mom was alive Sissie would come and go through this house like a white tornado and I didn't have to do it.  But that has not happened now for well over a year.  Crap!  You mean I have to really clean this place for myself?  I think I will sell.....

     With no littles here today I have no excuse not to get my butt into the shop and get busy.  I also could maybe finish the laundry I started on Tuesday and do some ironing.  I know I have to make a quadruple batch of scones to use up leftover cream in the fridge.  I will freeze some and also have them ready for choir practice on Sunday.

     If I can get all the laundry done and the ironing I can go through my clothes and switch out summer and winter. Something that really needs to be done. Hmmm.... Sounds like so much work.

     I do believe I might get as much done today as that list above.

Rhonda (If you do stuff, stuff gets done), I may need some inspiration.  Send me some mojo please.

What are you guys going to do?  Any plans for the weekend?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, November 7, 2019

Thursday, Don't let me watch your children edition.

     We had the littles yesterday and they kept us on our toes.  I still had to get in the shop and get at least 3 pairs of pants done for people who were picking up.  This involved strategy as the littles are not really allowed in the shop yet.  What I am having a hard time believing is that the youngest will be 2 at Christmas.  Where has time gone?  What happened to that 6 week old infant that my Mom cuddled for hours?  He is a rambunctious little boy in cowboy boots.  His older sister is going on three and potty trained, such a big girl now.  But as they get older they are harder to take care of in some ways.  They really keep Hubs and I hopping.  Our only blessing is that they do take naps at about 1 in the afternoon allowing us some downtime and often a nap with them.

    Yesterday the little boy was very fussy and had an obvious ear infection.  Both kids have been  sick this last month.  I know both of the parents have taken several days off work to deal with this,  as I have been gone two of the weeks of  Oct. I had not really noticed.  Hubs was really sick for about 2 days with a stomach virus they brought us, but I escaped, thank goodness. The little girl had a double ear infection a few weeks ago.  I know the company the Mother works for is not as forgiving of child illness as they could be.  Working moms have it hard when there are school holidays and illness.

     When I woke little girl to get ready for dance, I told her she needed to eat something before I took her so she would not be hungry.  Her mother had dropped off a burger and some chicken nuggets earlier in the day while she was sleeping  segue:( will babysit for McDonalds diet coke) So I asked:

" Do you want a bit of cheeseburger?"


"How about a chicken nugget?"


"Can I make you a peanut butter bread?"


" How about some fruits snacks?"  ( I was getting desperate at this point)


"Will you eat some chocolate?"

YES!  So Hershey kisses it was. I am such a good Grandmother.( Don't let me watch your children)

     I knew when I left with little girl to go to the dance studio that brother was going down big time, so I told hubs to tell the parents we would take them today so they would not miss work again. 

     Kim this week has now officially only hemmed three pairs of pants. I do have to get into the shop today and I have to go get blood work done at the hospital.  Hubs is at the veterans home right now reading the paper and when he returns I will go into the shop and shut the door.  I can get to the hospital after the littles go down for naps.

     The family I cook dinner for on Wednesdays, was so happy to see me. They  also had the stomach bug while I was gone.  I can't imagine trying to take care of two elderly people with severe dementia who have a stomach virus.  I guess it was quite a fiasco. I just remember my mom when she would get sick. It was like taking care of an infant.  But on a very large scale. What was sweet is that  both of the parents recognized me and both were happy for a hot meal of baked chicken, new potatoes,broccoli slaw and Swedish almond cake. My mother always made almond cakes for  this couple when she was still in her health and they remembered her, which was so sweet. I rarely get to see their daughter when I take in a meal as she is always in her studio with a student. She has over 30 voice students along with teaching at 4 different schools. Her life reminds me so much of mine about 10 years ago. I  often get a text from her after the fact.  We keep up more on her Facebook posts than anything.

      I have been trying to use up the groceries I bought for hubs before I left.  So tonight I will used up the other 1/2 of 4 peppers, red, yellow,orange,green and a steak I pulled from the freezer to make fajitas. I can also use up some flour shells from the freezer. Last night I used up the wilting asparagus I had purchased for him to eat.  I found out the Littles parents fed him most of the time I was gone.

     Now my question is, will Kim ever get back to her sewing machine?  I think it will be a busy afternoon and evening here. It had better be, don't want that pile to get too high.  Plus people will expect to pick up tomorrow and I have a wedding dress fitting on Saturday for a dress that has been hanging in the shop for a month.  I really don't remember what needs to be done to it.  Yikes!

     You know having the desperation of house pay off gone might have really damaged my work ethic.Not that chasing a 1 and 2 year old is not work.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Wednesday,Please don't laugh at me

     I don't know but paying off the house may have been a bad thing.  I was gone for 10 days to Cancun and since I have been back I have not sewn a thing.  I didn't even get all the laundry done yesterday.  I used the excuse that I had run out of soap, but then we did go and get some and I still did not do it.

     Kim may be broken.  Do you think?

     I also have been waking up at 6 in the morning as apposed to my usual 9.  Of course there was a 2 hour time difference plus we hit the weekend of daylight savings so my clock is messed up.  But these early mornings are making my days long and I have taken a nap both Monday and Tuesday.  I could so dig this as a habit.  Although I am sure the shop will not allow it as a permanent feature in my life.

     Today the littles are coming and I have to cook dinner for my friend, so I will not be sitting around doing nothing.  In fact I have to get in the shop and sew at least one pair of pants.  I mean really?  What is wrong with me?  Me loves being lazy.

     I was able to pick up a check from the studio owner and pay my savings account back and I also picked up some costumes that need alterations for the upcoming Dec. 7th show.

     Dinner today will be chicken legs that I bought for 50% off at .69 a pound.  I will split the thigh from the leg and roll them in breading and bake with a spray of oil.  I will also use garden potatoes and yesterday I did put together a large broccoli slaw.  I think I will make up a couple of Swedish almond cakes and freeze one as my friend loves this for dessert.

     Yesterday, Hubs and I went to two grocery stores to get needed things and I was as frugal as ever. I finally found sweet potatoes at a half way decent price.  I have been craving sweet potatoes, but have refused to pay $1.69 a pound for them.

     Well I wonder how long this slump of doing virtually nothing will last?  Do I have any readers that want to take bets?  I could make up a chart or something.

     I am loving life right now.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Tuesday, Drum roll please!

     Well folks I did it!  It is done!  It is paid off!  I went to the Credit Union yesterday with my 2115.00 in 5 dollar bills.  I also raided my penny savings which had about $575.00 in it.  I took another $1600.00 which would have been our standard payment and then took $599.14 out of my savings account.  It is paid in full.  I have to pay my savings back but will have at least $500.00 of that when I go pick up a check from the studio owner this evening.

     I am keeping this a secret from hubby as I will present him with the pay off paperwork on his birthday in December.  I don't feel guilty about this as I have been the one that has scrapped and saved and figured out how to do this.  He is oblivious, but I must give him credit as he is not a frivolous spender and that helps tremendously with my budget. He knows we are close and we have both discussed having a mortgage burning party.  Which I am thinking will be New Years Eve this year.

So as the sign says, Now what?

Well we are not completely out of debt as we have the car and the house loan.  The house loan could be paid back today as we have not used it, but now we are really going to tackle the projects we neglected to do this summer.  The car is at 0% so I am in no hurry to pay that off and will do it after the house projects are done.  There are a lot of them.We will also have more money to cash flow projects.  I also have CC bills for travel which I will pay off this month.

How do I feel?  Well, relieved,excited, happy, proud.  I have just so many emotions right now.  Will my life change?  Maybe a little.  We had a whopping $1580.00 a month mortgage on an income of just under $4000.00 a month. I was putting at least an additional $1000.00 on this every month for the past 15 months.  Most months it was an additional $2000.00.  Out of that $4000.00  a month I was trying to keep everything under $1500.00 (insurance, food, utilities, car payment) so all other money could go to the mortgage.

I will not change my frugal ways one bit.  I plan to start updating the house to sell one room at a time and I will cash flow this. But right now I am just going to bask in the glory of no mortgage.

I have to say, that I was a slug (no reference to by best buddy).  I didn't even start the laundry which is out of control.  I pulled out a pan of stuffed shells for dinner.  I binged on netflix. It was wonderful. I did have quite a bit of work come into the shop and I do need to get some things done today.

Will I slow down?  Perhaps a little.  I have a very driven workaholic personality.   I don't think that will ever change.  But the immense pressure of always being behind the 8 ball, will hopefully diminish.

I am so grateful to all of the blogging community that has gone on this journey with me.  It has been long and hard.  But I can honestly say I could not have done this without you.  Just having someone to be accountable to daily was such a boost to my stamina in paying off debt.

Will I quit blogging?  No, I still need the support (yours).  I still need a kick in the pants in so many ways, either to get something(anything, you know what I did yesterday right?)done. I just do better when I have to be accountable for my day(s).

So let's see what I do want to get done today?

1. start the friggen laundry woman
2. maybe get dressed and put on some makeup and do your hair. (just a thought)
3. get in the shop and review the pile
4. get my flue shot
5. go get blood work done for specialist appointment
6. clean out the fridge and take stock of what's available and what needs to be cleaned out
7. do something anything on Novembers list, maybe 5 things as it is the 5th.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, November 4, 2019

Monday, Nice to be back

It was a beautiful wedding.  We had so much fun.  We also had our aggravations getting down and back, but overall it was a huge success.  I do have to say Mexico is not for the faint of heart or the pocket book.  Most of the aggravations were caused by money and airplane issues.  But we weathered it all and I will go back just with my eyes opened this time.

 The beautiful couple.  This resort was absolutely gorgeous. It was all inclusive which meant you could eat or drink as much as you wanted.  Of course I do not drink so I was a cheap visitor for them.  The food was not terrific, but edible, the sunshine was fabulous.  I slept and napped, and walked miles and miles on the beach.  I am so suntanned I don't recognize myself, when I look in the mirror.  The first few days were alot of work but once the wedding was over we just relaxed and enjoyed the terrific weather.  It did rain everyday some but would clear off immediately and be gorgeous.

You were having to tip people constantly and that was an aggravation for me.  No place would take a credit card and you were expected to have hundreds of dollars in cash on you at all times. Not something I would ever do in Mexico.  Not one of the websites we checked were accurate for pricing. When you would get to a venue it was always several dollars more and then they wanted cash, so we did not do many of the things we had planned off site. All the prices for everything were so high, way higher than you would pay in the States and they wanted only cash.  I finally got fed up as I felt taken advantage of and felt like the whole country was very dishonest.  You really need to go with an open mind when it comes to money.  I do not have an open mind when it comes to money, as I work hard for mine and I want to keep it.  I just got the feeling that no one had any respect for our money down there.  We were all rich Americans and we just owed them money.  It was distasteful and by the end I refused to tip anyone, unless it was for an extreme service I could not do myself.  That being said it was a lovely vacation.  I got plenty of sun and rest, something I needed.

     I missed my husband and my dog and I am happy to be home.  I think there is enough laundry here for a full days work, but I do have my suitcase unpacked and I am ready to start to face the laundry monster.

     I was up very early today due to the time change plus daylight savings time.  I got all the online bills paid and will go out later to get the others done like the last house payment.   I can't believe Thanksgiving is only a few weeks a way and f then a Christmas a few weeks after that.  I am not sewing today, just greeting customers.  I have a pile growing, but I will put it off until tomorrow.  Today is for laundry, bills, and catch up. I am so happy to be back and I missed my blogging friends.

     There are so many plans in my head swirling around and I have to take stock of our situation here and figure out what comes next. Right now I am going to figure out the money situation so I can see if I have enough to pay off the house.  Stay tuned....

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in  he negative.