Thursday, November 21, 2019

Thursday, Now I am behind.....

     Well I just knew I would do this, old habits die hard.  Now I am behind the 8 ball.  We need to go to D#2's house early tomorrow to watch Schmills as she has been called in to work for some doctor on the hill.  We will have to leave here by 6 in the morning and I am not a morning person which means I will have to plan and pack tonight.

     We had always planned on going up there, late tomorrow afternoon as we have tickets to a concert and we were going to go out to dinner. Then we will take daughter and Schmills with us to Missoula for my cousins 60th birthday.  We will stay the night in a hotel and come home Sunday.  Then Daughter's #2 and 3 are coming down to help clean and paint the basement.  They will be here Monday through Wed. then it is Thanksgiving.  Hubs has to go get his folks and I am putting them in one of the bedrooms we are working on I think.  Yikes every room is a flippen mess.  I really have not thought this through at all.

     On top of that I am now behind in the shop.  I have to get in there and get a few things done asap and I also need to get my nails done today sometime. I am just in a whirl wind of what next, all of my own doing.  Okay calm down I can do this. What has to be done first?

1. Get storage unit stuff taken to unit (clean up back hall)
2. sew men's sport coat and pants call for pick up ( due out Friday)
3. get woman's robe started for fitting this afternoon at 3
4. go to Rosauers and get butter and a Turkey
5. Line sleeves on a woman's dress
6. shorten a woman's vest
7. three police pants and 4 shirts
8. two police shirts
9. get nails done
10. pack for weekend
11. go to Lil sis's and plan menu

Where has the time gone?  I mean have I really been sitting around for almost a month?  Yes, yes I have.  Now it is time to pay the piper.  Boy is that piper expensive. Dang. &^%$#@

Have a great and productive day, I am going to have a nervous break down.



  1. Breathe! You got this. If you could go at the speed you used to - you got this. We all needs breaks and you certainly deserved one. Have a great trip and a good time my friend!

  2. Yep that Piper sure is expensive Kim ... & it seems he is never satisfied! Take a big deep breath & just work methodically through that list of yours. Hope you have a great trip & enjoy the weekend xx

  3. I hate it when that happens! I have very little to do on a day-to-day basis, but somehow time gets away from me when there's something to be planned-for on the horizon.

  4. You have a lot on your plate. I hope you had fun yesterday.

  5. I really do not know how I ever had to work. Retirement can be busy.