Monday, February 28, 2022

Monday, Kim and avoidance

 I am so good at some things!  I am quite proud of my skills at avoidance.  Like is my shop cleaned?  NO!  Is my sewing caught up? NO! 

But did Kim have a nice weekend doing things she liked?  YES!

Did I get the one sewing project done that was a rush job on Saturday?  Yes! But that was it, all my well laid plans went out the window as I putzed around. Just enjoying my free time, that really wasn't free, but I made it so because I am like that.

I did get 16 jars of mixed berry jam made and it is so delicious.  Like you just want to eat it out of the jar.

Of course, because I gave the mouse a cookie, I also had to make homemade bread to test it out.

As I am not making bread weekly anymore because of HUB's diabetic issues, I had to throw away a few ingredients I used all the time.  My sesame seeds, wheat germ had gone rancid.  So, all I added was rolled oats and no nuts.  I like a WW bread with lots of stuff.  But this was delicious. I will send a loaf home with daughter and with missionaries, so we don't eat it all.

So, when you don't bake bread regularly.  You don't store fresh ground flour. Therefore, I had to grind some.  Hub's went out to garage to bring in the grinder which was covered in dust.  (I am going to make a dust bag for that.  Put that on my list of things I will never get done, but what a good idea!) Why I get nothing done....  Are there meds for this?

Now I have bucket of fresh ground flour which I will have to use in the next few weeks. Dang!

Also made a pumpkin pie.  I pulled an eight-inch crust out of freezer and then tried to get it to fit a 9-inch pie plate, so it is a little dismal, but that did not affect the taste. 

I also made up a nice large pot roast dinner, which we will continue eating on.  Did a few loads of laundry and cleaned the kitchen a lot. 

How does one get jam makings all over the kitchen?  Watch Kim cook, she makes it easy to spread chaos.

This is what happens, when Kim notices a spill in her freezer and goes to clean it up.  I should have just left it there for months.  Then I would not have made a pie, and I could have thrown away the 8 cups of different fruits I had in there as they would have had freezer burn.

Now I have to really put my nose to the grindstone and get my butt in gear. I swear I will, I will.

DO any of you do this?  Please tell me I am not alone. I know I have asked you these questions before, but I need constant reassurance, that I am going to survive myself infliction.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




Friday, February 25, 2022

Friday, internet down, Staying afloat

 My internet was giving me fits yesterday.  I guess the string broke.  You know the one that connects the two tin cans together. In the rural west you take the internet you can get. 

I also laid down with both Kelsa and Oliver and we took a 3 hour nap and it was lovely.  I needed it.  Therefore, not much sewing got done and no cleaning of the shop, but hey the nap was good for all of us.

Last night I ran down to my old studio to help an old student brush up on a set dance for a local contest.  I thought she did well for not dancing for several years.  But then I remembered how dang talented she was.  I will meet with her again next week and for several weeks until it is perfect. It was nice to be back in the old haunt.  But still grateful I am out of there.  That time of my life is over.

I made two large pans of enchiladas, and sent one home with daughter along with 18 eggs.  The chickens are laying like crazy. Tonight we are having pork chops, homemade applesauce, roasted cauliflower and spuds.  I am also going to make a pumpkin pie with frozen pumpkin from our garden.  When I was going through the freezer I noticed something had leaked and of coarse it was sticky and bright purple.  What a mess, but it only took about 10 minutes to clean it up.  I found blueberries, huckleberries, cherries, and raspberries that all need to be used.  So I am going to make a mixed berry jam this weekend and I have enough fruit for 2 batches.  If I don't get this fruit used it will burn and then what is the use of going to all that work freezing it?

I only have 3 doses of antibiotics left and this infection is not gone.  I can feel it, so I made an appointment for Monday to see my regular doctor and get another run. I hate being on antibiotics for weeks at a time, but what else can I do?  Infections just throw off my arthritis so much. Inflammation in any part of the body can trigger a flare.  I do not want a flare.

This weekend I swear I will get the shop cleaned up.  Have I not had this on my list for 3 weeks now? I am going to post pictures.  Sissie look away.  (She is going to kill me tot find a way to do it long distance)

This mess needs to be cleared away. It is right as you enter the shop.  Mostly things from hand work on wedding dresses.  I need to hang up the other alterations.

Look at the mess around on the floor.  I need to vacuum!!!!!

Oh, the poor serger table and overflowing trash can, wedding scraps all over.

 Under the serger table, what a mess.

All the dresses hanging for second fittings.

Here are two dresses stacked on top of each other, ready for fitting.  I need to get my racks cleaned up, so I can hang things in order of completion.

 This closet is driving me crazy.  There are things in here I really haven't used since moving in here and they are going to go.  I am not traveling to do costumes any more and so don't need a big travel sewing kit.  I do not have the room to use my dress dummy, plus it was a cheap one and very aggravating to use.  I will eventually get a new one.

Sis was going to come here over Christmas and help me switch the shop into the larger bedroom, but with Hub's father's death and the babies deaths,  it took that time and money.  So we will have to wait until probably next January. Anyway I can really clean out and get rid of a lot of things and make the shop functional for the season.  I wish Sissie was here, she is much better at this than I am.

I just need to spend a couple of hours getting things organized and cleaned.  I know I will feel so much better once I do.

I was able to run down and pay the $500.00 to the hearing aid place.  Here is is the 25th and I haven't put any money in the sinking fund for the taxes. ($300.00).  Nor have I paid the power or phone bill.  I also have not saved any money in my 100 envelope challenge for the last two weeks and I have nothing for next week so far.  Then the $1,$5,$10,$20 bill savings has not been done for the last 2 weeks, nor will I have money for next week.  So I am behind. By the tune of about $800.00 by my estimate.

I have however still been saving my change, and also my $5 bills.  I have $90.00 in 5's.  But I need at least $300.00 for the phone and power bill.  I think I have $230.00 for that.  I am just going to have to punt and start in the hole next month.

That is okay.  Sissie says that I set too high an expectation for myself this early in the year.  I know that January and February are hard months with extra expenses, plus start out slow. I go through this same thing every year, and then feel like a failure.  Slugs said something to the same affect, but she was much nicer about it.  I am just going to try and catch up in March. I am sure I can. Things will just get busier and busier.

I know doing the grocery challenge has really helped as it has kept me out of the stores. 

I am very upset about the invasion in Europe. I just don't understand it and my heart goes out to those poor people and soldiers.  It makes me sick.  All I can do is pray.

I have a rush job on a suit coat and three zippers to replace before tomorrow, so I need to get those things done.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Tuesday, Sew busy, Cold!

 It is very cold here and very dry.  So yesterday was a nightmare hand sewing.  I had a lot of hand sewing to do on several wedding dresses and my thread would not stay unknotted.  I could not use wax on a wedding dress, so it was a lot of swearing under my breathe. I would try and dampen the thread, but it would dry out immediately and knot.  I think today will be worse.  Oh joy!

Two more wedding dresses in yesterday. I did not get the shop cleaned as I spent most of my time swearing under my breathe. EVEN KEEPING MY THREAD REALLY SHORT DID NOT HELP.

Daughter #3 found a bed on face book marketplace for our Oliver. HE is now crawling out of his crib, and landing, thump on the floor. It was down here in the valley and a good price.  Hub's and I went and picked it up this morning with the truck and hubs took it up to the University to drop it off at their apartment. I am so happy to see my kids use this resource. It saves so much money for them.

I did not get to make enchiladas yesterday as dinner time crept up on me as I was fighting knots and the chicken was still knot (excuse pun) thawed all the way.  SO, I made a quick dinner, out of large sausage dogs, frozen corn and potatoes.  After I arrived home from getting the bed loaded, I put the chicken in the oven to bake so I can take is off the bone later today.

Lil sis is so funny.  She has a tendency to be a last-minute person.  As in she puts off important things and then tries to hurry and make up for lost time. She is notorious for driving way over the speed limit to get to airports on time and then almost missing or missing flights.  We both have huge procrastination problems.  Hers is worse than mine.  Sissie got all the on-time genes.  Sissie plans everything, and she beats the two of us up when she is with us. Anyway, I digress.  As I have been on way too many butt clenching drives to airports with Lil sis, I have started lately to insist that I come and spend the night with her if it is an early flight out.

Now she was really offended by this the first time I did it, but tough beans, I was not putting my life and my blood pressure on the line for her anymore.  The last time I had to get across country in time for a meeting, she was not as owly about it.  Yesterday, she requested I come and spend the night with her to make sure she was fully packed the suitcase in my car, my alarm set, and I will get her A$$ up and shoved into the car and get her to the airport on time.  I think she likes not having the stress, or she is just lazy.  Probably a combo.

If you guys have not seen the Facebook post of Slug's dancing with her son at the wedding, you have to see it, I laughed until I hurt.  She is just so much fun.  She is up for anything and is so adventuress. They are just so cute. I hope she posts it on her blog when she gets home.

Grocery adds were dismal again.  I mean not a thing I would buy.  I will get apple juice which is a special at .99 limit 2.  The two grand babies drink this when they are here. We will have Oliver tomorrow late and he will spend the night and then his other grandma will pick him up here and take him to her place.  Daughter's work is already down one operator and she just found out another is retiring tomorrow. I don't have any idea what this will hold for her schedule, but she has now been a straight 12 days on.  It is crazy.  Her job is not just something you can jump into.  It requires training, and passing of National exams, plus she has a chemistry and micro bio degree for the lab work.  I expect we will be doing more sitting of Oliver in the future. I am so happy it is getting nicer outside at the end of the week.  This way we can play outside with grandpa and leave grandma to sewing.  Usually, Hub's goes up to their place to free me up from the distraction.

Well, I am off to see if I can finish up a wedding dress without having the problems I had yesterday. You might hear me screaming.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Tuesday, So busy!

 This is my life right now.  I actually have a black wedding dress to tailor and finish for this afternoon's pickup.  It will be the first thing I do today.

Yesterday was very busy, and I had two more dresses come in.  Did I tell you this is supposed to be the busiest wedding season on record?  I know I am getting dresses in faster than last year.  And last year was my busiest year ever.  I had to get out of dodge in August just to save my sanity.

Right now, the shop is a disgusting mess and after the black dress is done it is getting a thorough cleaning and organizing. 

Lil sis just came and picked up her daughter's dress, to take to St. Louis this weekend. She will mark and bring back the bridesmaid dresses for me to alter.  She also tried on her dress, and I marked the hem and I am going to take it in on the sides.  None of us girls were born with waists.  We are tree trunks.  I always said I was a square. We are small but no waist to speak of.  Straight up and down. SO, I am going to define her a waist.

Having a seamstress in the saves this family a ton of money.  We will also do all the flowers and decorating when we get to the venue. We were discussing ribbon and pins and other paraphernalia we would need to pick up once in St. Louis.  At least we are not trying to take glassware to the Bahamas.

I pulled out a large package of chicken breasts to make enchiladas out of for dinner.  I will probably make two pans and freeze one and then whatever chicken is left over figure out something else to do with it. Hubs will be working at the high school off and on for the rest of the week.

I am so happy Lil sis let me off on the wedding shower, or I would be getting ready to fly to St. Louis.  Just the thought of getting on a plane with this sinus crap and my ears all wonky makes me cringe.  Plus, the recirculated germy air. 

The missionaries came yesterday and used the kitchen to make cinnamon rolls, they are so funny.  I just stayed out and stayed in the shop. They tried to clean up, but.... they are men. I finally kicked them out about 4:30, it was like having 5 monkeys in the house.

Well, I had better get to work.  That dress is not going to do itself!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, February 21, 2022

Monday, Surviving Kim

 Thought I might send you a picture of Slugs Christmas present to me.  Yes a donut blanket, because you can never have to many donuts.  It is heavy and thick. and warm.  I know because it was my friend this last week.  Well when I could get the cat, or the dog off it.  I have forbidden the dog to get near it, and the cat, well, you look at her.... DO you want to fight that?

Also Kelsa loves, it I am sure for the color, and insists on being snuggled down in it for her nap.  Which Grammy loves also.

Even thought I was very busy and behind, I just took Friday off after the last Bride showed up.  I think Hubs was a little afraid of me. I just rested and slept.

Saturday I slept late and could hardly get myself going, until late in the day.  I did a little house work and also switched out the Valentine things for the St. Patty's, but that was it. I wanted to get some sewing done and even made a list, but my body just would not have it.

On Sunday, Hubs let me sleep in late, something he never let's me do.  I woke at 11:00 shocked.  He was already for church and I stayed home, just the thought of having to wear a mask for two hours with  this infection, was enough to put me over the edge. I spent a good hour in a hot bath and it was wonderful.

About 4 p.m., I finally rustled up the energy to get 16 pairs of pants done, and also tailor a grooms suit.  Then about 8 o'clock after the first dinner I have cooked for hubs all week, and an hours break, I was able to complete my nieces wedding dress alteration.  It took about 3.5 hours, but it is done and out of my mind.  Lil sis will pick it up this afternoon.

Today I have 3 brides due in, so I am on the run.  I have so much to discuss, but just can't today.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Friday, February 18, 2022

Friday, Kim needs a keeper.

I have discovered in the last two or three days that I need a keeper.  Anyone willing to do the job?  It pays poorly, but you will laugh a lot. 

I am feeling better with every dose I take.  Still suffering from some vertigo. This morning as I was cleaning up some things in the bedroom and trying to get all unpacking put away, I went to place something in the trash can next to the bed.  I heard both the doorbells ring and stood up way too fast and hit my head VERY hard on a large bookcase that hangs from the wall.  I hit it so hard, that even though it is secure it jogged it enough to then send a picture of my two brothers from the top shelf onto head  in the exact same spot I had already hit my head.  With the vertigo, I went spinning back into the dresser and started to cry.  I rarely cry, I have a very high pain threshold. 

As the room was spinning, the dog was barking, Kelsa was screaming because I was crying and Hubs was in shock and checking my head for blood, I knew somewhere in my addled mind, that I had heard bells.  Was that my head injury?  The room was still a little tipsy.  The dog was running back and forth down the hall between the two doors.  He is trained to do this as when Hubs does not wear his hearing aids, he has to be alerted that there is someone at the door. I could see Roscoe was in a state, but I didn't know why?  I could not get myself pulled together enough to get to the doors.

I started shouting at hubs over the din that there was someone at both doors.  One was a bridal party for final fitting and pickup and the other just a pickup. Of course, he did not hear the doors and he was more concerned about me, he does not react quickly or well to intense situations and has a tendency to freeze and just go into what I call Parkinson's shock.  After finally starting to scream three times there are people at the doors, and I mean I had to scream, because he was just standing there unable to unlock himself.  He got the bridal party in and then the man at the door.  I was so embarrassed.

I tried to quell the tears, but I had no control.  All the while I had the fitting tears rolled down my face and I kept wiping them away.  I was okay, I just could not get them to stop. This has not been a good week. But the bride got off okay and pleased, thank goodness, after my theatrics. I had another bride in within minutes and I had to explain my appearance. I just want to lay down and be done with the world.

I am going to have to sew tomorrow as I don't want to get behind and I just did not feel well enough yesterday to sew more than about 5 pairs of pants. Now I have a unicorn horn on the back right side of my head. By the way the picture was of my two brothers tossing a ball to each other when they were in their teens.  I think they both enjoyed hitting me and I know it is their fault.

I need to complete all the pants and I think there are at least 17 pairs, and then I have a grooms suit to alter, and a bridesmaid dress, and three rather easy wedding dresses to do to feel like I am caught up.  Also need to alter my nieces wedding dress and I think I will do that first and also get Lil sis over here to try on her dress, so I can mark it. That way she can take them next week to the shower in St. Louis. She can leave her mother of the bride dress there and that is one less thing to pack for the actual wedding.

I need a keeper.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, February 17, 2022

Thursday, Antibiotic in hand!

 I don't know what I was thinking, (I find myself using this phrase a lot....)but as I was waiting in feverish anticipation of getting to the night clinic, I soon realized (about 4 p.m. when my bride called and said she was stuck at work) I would have to drive myself to the doctor. Hub's was working at the school. He is one of two people that know his job and he could not call in a replacement.

So I called Lil sis and asked her to come get me after work and take me to the clinic.  The infection was spreading into my ears and neck and I was having trouble with vertigo. She came over masked and gloved and made me take a covid test (which was negative) in order to get in her car.  Isn't sister love great?

Got right into the clinic, with hardly any wait.  They did a rapid strep test which was also negative, but my ears, throat and nose, were very red and my glands were swelling.  So they will long term the strep and sent in a prescription for a sinus infection.  I called Lil sis who had gone back to work and she picked me up and took me to Albertson's for the dope. I could not wait to get that first pill down my throat, just like a junkie I was. Then home and back to my bed. Which I relished and I waited for the wonder of modern medicine to kick in. 

About midnight, as I was just starting to think I could sleep, I mean I was tired and sleepy,not something I have been able to feel or do the last two nights.  It has been constant pain and tossing and turning. I started to cough and I have never had this happen before, I coughed out some alien creature about the size of my palm.  Disgusting I know, my ears were cracking and it scared me to death. It was the first sign that the infection was breaking up. I slept well and woke feeling not dead.

I am still wonky, but have take my second dose and I know it is working.  I still get really sweaty when I try to do too much, which means that I still have not put away some of the things that I unpacked.  I put a few things away every time I go into the room. I have no appetite, but forced myself to eat a cracker and two pieces of cheese. 

While having a good long talk with my Sissie on the phone I managed to slice the pad of my left thumb open with anew pair of scissors.  I should never be allowed a new pair of scissors.

The cut is not deep enough to stitch, but deep enough to not close.  I am now thinking?  Do I need my left thumb to sew on wedding dresses?  They are white after all,.....maybe....

It took over twenty minutes to  quit bleeding, and I have band aids and surgical tape wrapped around it to catch anything if it opens and leaks.  Boy you are getting a very gory look at Kim's oozings (yes, this is a word) Poking out your mind's eye yet? 

I had to change jammies twice in the night, and when I got up this morning, daughter came over between surgeries and changed the bed sheets for me.  I have managed to do 5 loads of wash and still have the last two loads in the dryer and washer. Oh, for inquiring minds this time it was sweat.

I have had at least 15 pairs of pants come into the shop in the last two days, and I am grateful as those are very easy. I have at least 2 wedding dresses that are not super difficult to get done.  But I have to wait until I feel a little better. Just a little too shaky. Every round of antibiotic I take will make it better.  It is going through my system I can tell because,okay,okay you have had enough and your mind's eye may be recovering, I will let you off the hook.

Oh by the way B's  (the youngest)plant workers are all coming down with Covid and she has been called into emergency work detail, after having done a straight 10 day shift.  Signe's (the second) sister in law has just completed her 5 months of chemo and had a double mastectomy yesterday and is due home to a messy house, which is beyond her control. So Sig will drive to Spokane after work tomorrow, to get the house back in shape. I know Sig has put in a 5 day week at different offices, to help with the COVID situation.

Hey, my life is easy, I have some magic pills that are making me feel better. I get to see my grand babies tonight. The shop is busy, I have work. I don't have to work at a sewage treatment plant with a bunch of sick men, trying to keep them well, while I run the place.  I don't have cancer.  I didn't have to work all week and then drive two hours, to clean house all weekend. I have a sinus infection.  I am feeling pretty darn good about my life right now.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Wednesday, home with the crud, Dangit!

 We had a great time with the kids.  The boys loved the 4-wheeler, although it was so expensive to drive the truck down there and back, fully loaded. But to see Dannie's face as he drove the wheeler around made it worth it.

It was nonstop party and chocolate.  Daughter's birthday is the 13th and then Valentine's day and then Dannie's birthday on the 15th.  They also have an anniversary on the 17th.  That is good though one bouquet of flowers can cover 3 holidays.

Hub's mom really enjoyed the time with the great grandkids.

I started to feel a little funky Monday night.  I am pretty attuned to my body, as I need to be with RA.  Any infection really affects me. I was very cold, and my skin felt crawly. I had a hard time sleeping Monday night as I kept waking up with a very dry mouth, like I felt I would break my tongue if I moved it.  I did this over and over. So much sinus drainage.

We left for mom's house Tuesday morning, and I was so cold.  I could not get warm.  I actually made Roscoe sit on my lap even though he weighs about 50 lbs, just so I would warm up. I took a couple of Anacin and tried to sleep but nothing doing.  Got to mom's and laid on her settee covered with a heavy blanket in the sun and slept about an hour.  I finally warmed up.  It is a good  7.5-to-8-hour drive from Twin Falls to Lewiston and poor hubs drove most of it.  I probably drove for a little over an hour.  When we got home, I just unloaded and went right to bed.

I have had appointments all day and I am wearing a mask and just resting some between.  I am going to go to the clinic after 5 for a strep test.  I am pretty sure that is what it is, or a sinus infection.  Either way it is an infection of some sort.  Ow I was supposed to go over to the hospital and have blood work done for my specialist appointment next week, but I know with this fever and infection my rates will be off, so I called and cancelled the appointment next week and rescheduled for a later date when there won't be inflammation markers in my blood.

I did run a fever as high as 101.1 last night, and I was just so thankful to be home and in my own bed with my own pillow.  When you are sick there is no place like home.

There are several loads of laundry to do, but they can wait.  When I woke this morning, I swear every flat surface of the house was covered in just crap.  Mostly mail, newspapers, and just travel things.  I have slowly gotten most of the put away.  My suitcase is empty, but nothing is out away, and it may just stay that way.

I pulled the box for Valentine's decos out of garage, and it also hold St. Patty's Day things, but again no energy so swap things right now.

I did find new wall sconces in Twin Falls for the dining room, as the old ones were broken by my daughter accidentally when she was trying to put up a banner for her son's birthday. I had tried to glue them but one of them refused to stay fixed.  So, these will have to be put up, but not today.  I did finally throw the old ones away.

While I was gone, I found 16 and 20 inch steppingstones that someone was digging up on face book marketplace.  I have wanted to get these for hubs to put a trail down to the chicken coop.  It can get very muddy and slippery during certain times of the year and to buy these new would have been about $300.  Someone had over 20 of the for $5 a piece or $80.00 if you took all.  I asked them to hold them, and I went out first thing this morning about 9:15 to get them.  Now did I think about how heavy these suckers were going to be?  No!  Or that I would be loading them by myself? NO!  They were also not in a convenient spot for getting the truck into where they were, so had to be carried a distance each. Did I even think about the fact that I am kind of under the weather? No! Just so you know, I thought I was going to die.  It took me the entire drive home 8 minutes to get my breathing under control.  Hubs could not believe that I loaded them myself.  I did inform him, that I would not be unloading them.  But he was thrilled with the purchase. I am happy I found them. Put this on the list of stupid Kim things.  It is a very long list.

Hubs, just came in and asked why I was not laying down?  Because I want to get this blog post done.  I almost died this morning loading steppingstones and I need to tell people I survived. Duh....

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Going to lay down now.


Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Wednesday, first chart of the year!

 My first chart of the year and it is February.  Not a good start I tell you, but I will take it.

I was able to complete two wedding dress alterations yesterday and I actually looked up some videos on Horse hair braid and one of them really helped. She gave me a new way of doing it, I tried it and I think I might be over the fear.  Might?

Today is all about, laundry, straightening the house so it is clean when I get back and getting the ironing done, so I have something to wear.  

I did run down and pay the water bill that will be due before I get back, and I just remembered that we have not insured the 4 wheeler, so I will go down later today to add that to the insurance.

Kelsa loves to dress herself and gets very angry if you don't help her put on the things she finds.  Here she is in a lovely combo of her choosing. Her brother's t-shirt and boxer shorts, over her footie pajamas. Love the look.

I made 20 eggrolls last night and froze 1/2 for later.  They are so good.  Now to just keep the kids from finding them in the freezer.  Perhaps I should label the container they are in, Lima Beans? THAT MIGHT WORK.

Hubs has washed the truck and I told him to vacuum the inside well as the dog usually rides in the back and I will have to ride with him, as I would never allow Hub's mom to ride in the back, just out of respect, let alone with our dog, who is a non- stop shedder. I also insisted on getting the more expensive fake leather (pleather) seat covers, as I can wipe off the dog hair. 

Grocery adds were again very dismal. They did have a super sale on cheese.  A 32-ounce bag was $2.99, limit 2.  But I do not need cheese.  May pick it up anyway as that is a killer deal.  That would make cheese $1.50 a pound. I could freeze it for later.  But I am trying to empty the freezer. We will see.

I can't wait to see my daughter and her family.  Haven't seen them since Hub's father's funeral. I miss my grandsons and face book, and phone calls are just not enough.

Here is a picture of eldest daughter 16 years ago in a dress I made for her to wear to a Law School Ball. That bodice had 18 boned stays in it and at least 50 hand sewn hooks up the front. Her date was another student in her class, that I swear looked just like the  penguin from Batman.  She did not marry him, but they still keep in touch. Those relationships formed in the trenches of law school never go away.

Well I need to make a list or I will never get done today what needs to be done.

1. pay water bill

you will notice I put something on here that I have already done that is giving me motivation....

2. do three loads of laundry

3. straighten the house, kitchen and vacuum

4. arrange for someone to watch cat and feed chickens and pick up eggs.

5. get ironing done

6. get insurance binder on 4-wheeler and a license 

7. pack

8. get dogs stuff packed

9. remind Hubs to fully wind grandfather clock, It was a bearcat to get started last time we let it run down.

10. what is for dinner?

Have a great and productive day straying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Tuesday, Kim needs to pay more attention

 So, after the kids left last night, which was about 6.p.m. I was finally really able to get into the shop and start what I thought would be a couple of hours of work.

Boy was I wrong.  I knew there were some piles, but these were hard piles.  Like time consuming piles. E-gads.  I also had a wedding dress that needed to be ready for a fitting by noon today.  I knew I would never get up early enough to get this done, so did not allow myself to leave the shop until it was ready.

I was sewing until mid-night.  I have to start paying attention.  I had several things that were due out today, which I did get done before the wedding dress, but I also could have done them last week, instead of making myself crazy (I know, I know).

I have two wedding dresses to finish today, and one has a horsehair braid hem, which I hate, but I will persevere until they are finished.  Also need to make a few phone calls for pick up as we leave on Thursday morning.

Hubs said his mom is so excited to go with us. She has not been anywhere since we took her home after New Year's. I sure hope she has had some visitors.  I get a little upset with family that lives down there including her in things, but again this is not my family and I need to keep my mouth and mind shut.

Hubs is out trying to load the ATV into the truck backwards, which scares me to death.  I told him to load it forward and just bungy cord the tail shut. But he will do what he will do.

Tonight, I will make more egg rolls as I have all the ingredients and I can freeze the leftovers. 

Our middle daughter comes here almost every day for lunch and then takes a nap for an hour or so.  It kind of depends on her patient load.  I just think it is so cute.  Bear with me please I am a mother, who adores her cubs.

I just remembered that I need to go pay the water bill today or tomorrow before we leave.  Don't want a late charge. Put that on the to do before I leave list, along with some ironing.

I talked to Slugs and Sissie today about a possible trip.  Excited about it but will not happen if it does until next fall.  I can prepare now. 

Okay I am going to get my butt into the shop.  Are any of you procrastinators?  I am bad, but I want to know how many of you have this marvelous trait?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, February 7, 2022

Monday, busy weekend, I need to recover

 Well, the sour cream cut outs were a hit, or I should say are a hit. Schmills was happy to help and by the way he made Monster's hearts.  As monsters do have hearts you know, and they are nice inside those monsters.  They are only not nice on the outside. I have this on good authority.

 Kelsa was given a tiny bowl with frosting in which to dip her cookie.  She then painted the counter with her cookie dipped in frosting.  Then she dipped her socked foot into her frosting and frosted the counter, then grandpa took her away and she was mad.

I am a very messy cook and

making these kinds of cookies usually means the kitchen is covered in flour.  I also made two pans of shortbread one dark and one light. How can a cup of butter, 1/2 cup sugar and then 2 cups of flour taste so good? 

So, Saturday night the kitchen was at least somewhat clean.  Well not the floor, as I would be cooking for the missionaries on Sunday, and I was sure to make a real mess then.

Don't tell your grandson that if he doesn't take a bath, he will have to sit with all the stinky people in the back of the church, as he will immediately ask where they are when he gets to church. Like loud enough for everyone to hear. An 18-month-old can crawl under the pews, and you cannot.  This will result in a game of frogger, while you are in high heels. Just little bits of advice, because I truly care about all of you.

The roll menu was a huge success, unless you looked at the kitchen afterwards. Rice everywhere.  But boy was it good and we had very happy tummies. I still need to put away all the dishes and unload the dishwasher and really wipe down the cupboards.  There are plenty of leftovers, so yum again.

I have two wedding dresses to get to work on today and Kelsa is here but sleeping.  Hubs just went to get Schmills from school.  Daughter will pick them up at 6.  

We are leaving Thursday morning to go to daughters in Twin Falls. We will stop and get Hub's mom and take her with us.  It is Fraka's birthday on Friday, and daughter's birthday on Sunday.  Then we will have Valentine's Day and we will leave the morning of Daniel's birthday after he opens his present.  Just a quick get out of dodge trip and a check on mom.

I have to fill my saving envelopes and get my money to the bank for the 5's that I saved and my 2-envelope challenge. Saved $35.00 in 5's this week.  Another $100 to my two-envelope challenge. Then putting a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill in a envelope.  All leftover monies will go to my weekend trip.

I just ran into shop, and I have a lot more to get done than I thought.  I had better get busy.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.


Saturday, February 5, 2022

Saturday, Sunshine and baking

 The sun is shining today, and it is in the high 40's.  Love the sunshine. Hubs and I went out to get sodas this morning and we stopped a got chicken feed, and then I stopped a got sour cream for my cookies and a prescription.  I was happy to see that I had 3 month's worth and another refill of the same. This standing in pharmacy lines every week for hours at a time in the midst of masked sick people is getting old.  But we had to get a new doctor as our old one retired and every prescription has been a month at a time and then beg for a refill.  New doctor just can't take the word of old doctor.  Maybe that is a good thing, but still it has been aggravating.

We have kids due in this evening to stay the night.  I am going to make up a batch of sugar cookie dough and start my shortbread.  I am thinking, where is my shortbread pan? 

I will be interested to frost cookies with the Schmills as his Christmas cookies were all monsters.  Just what will he do with heart cutouts?

Missionaries are coming over for dinner tomorrow.  I am making Kimpa a Korean sushi roll, shrimp eggrolls, and Hawaiian spam rice rolls.  Everything is a roll.  Well, I might throw in an apple salad as I have apples to be used and some wilted celery that needs a home.

Our funeral was hard, and listening to his 5 kids was painful, but I am so glad we went. SO many good stories and lots of tears and laughter. Hubs and I went out after funeral and got a few things for my dinner tomorrow.

There are now 5 wedding dresses in my shop.  I am stoked.  Plenty to do, although a couple of them are nerve racking hard. It is just one step at a time. Horsehair braid is becoming more and more popular, and it is a pain to alter, there are two in the shop now!

Well, I am going to go put together a pan of short bread and while that is baking, I will make up my cookie dough and put it in the fridge. I should probably figure up something for dinner as poor Hubs has eaten chili all week.  Hmmmm. Maybe spaghetti. That would be a nice change, but a very small portion, not a Kim mega meal portion.

Hubs has been outside all morning; I wonder what he is up to?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, February 4, 2022

Friday, Funeral, food bank

 We will attend our friend's memorial service this afternoon.  It is just an open house as they will have a family service on the ranch, he grew up on later this spring.

Now trying to get Hub's into church clothes will be the real issue.  He always has to look like he is just stepping out into the woods.

My friend down the street just called me and said she had worked at the county food bank this morning and they insisted she take home boxes of food, as it had not been picked up and would be destroyed. So, I ran down there with curlers in my hair, and ask Slug I am a beauty with curlers in my hair, Hubs was like?  You are going down there in curlers?  Why yes.  My public needs me.

Anyway, here is the haul: Judge away, better than a land fill:  A cabbage, head of cauliflower, carrots, huge bag of apples, tangerines, oranges, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes (need to be sauced as they were frozen at some point), a huge frozen pork roast, butter, cheese, a box of clif bars (12). Clif bars will go to kids and missionaries. Also 6 ears of fresh corn on the cob? I was going to buy cabbage.  Which by the way when I was in Albertson's yesterday getting a prescription filled, I checked the price of cabbage and they wanted $1.99 a lb.  Which would make a large head of cabbage over $10.00.  Now that is scary.

I was able to get the whole house cleaned yesterday, it was so nice. I am freezing two containers of chili we are sick of it.  I have to learn to cook for two.  An age-old problem for many a mother.

Boy, I hate to go to this memorial, it is so hard to lose a friend at this age.  But I need to support his wife and kids.  This man was so funny, talented and full of life. Rest in peace Todd, may you be laughing with loved ones on the other side, and I can't wait to meet again.

Then home to do a little sewing, I hope. We have Schmills and Kelsa Saturday night into Sunday and then the missionaries for dinner.

I plan on making my Valentine shortbread (4 pans at least) and sour cream cut out cookies for Schmills and I to frost. Then I can take these down to Twin Falls with me when we go to see daughter's next week.

DO any of you have any big plans for the weekend? Are any of you doing any baking for Valentine's Day? If so, what?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.


Thursday, February 3, 2022

Thursday, No feeling sorry for myself, Thrifty Thursday

 Omicron is gang busters here and not relenting.  It snowed last night so no one is going out. It is dark and gloomy.  Kim woke up feeling sorry for herself, and then she decided to get to work and do something instead of contemplating her navel. I set the timer for 15-minute intervals and have almost cleaned the whole house.

I still have to wipe down the appliances and do the kitchen floor and mop the other floors, but I bet that doesn't even take 15 minutes.

I have a bride dress ready for a fitting and I plan on getting another ready today along with some other sewing. I spent a good deal of time in the shop yesterday.

The shop needs a thorough overhaul and clean.  Especially the closet, which is a disorganized mess.  But I think that is for another day.  I am about done with the three loads of laundry that I have, and two loads are waiting for me to fold and put away.

Hubs is with Oliver, and I want all the housework done before he gets home to poop things up again:)

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my spare change

2. saved all my $5 bills applied them to the mortgage total for the year $195.00

3. saved two envelopes in my challenge applied them to mortgage

4. saved the monthly total for my penny challenge which was $13.34

5. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill 

6. paid all bills except utilities will try and cash flow one next week


8. ate out one night but at a very reasonable restaurant and took home leftovers for the next day

9. fed all food scraps to chickens

10. baked a few items to keep from going to the store for treats

11. used coupons at Joanns for supplies

12. downloaded receipts to fetch

13. used grocery points that were going to expire to get some ground beef $7.00 off

14. used zippers that I purchased at a supply house and charge customer retail

15. picked up as many spring seeds at dollar tree as I could. 4/1

16. used scrap beading from a wedding dress for another dress and charged client accordingly

17. purchased gas at the least expensive station 

What did you do this last week to save money?  Any new strategies?

I am off to finish the kitchen and then sew. Oh, and fold three loads of laundry the job that keeps on giving:)

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Wednesday, Ground Hog Day

 And to think there are no ground hog cards, or candy or baskets... What is wrong with us? Did you know that now people are making Valentine baskets for their kids?  Like a plastic basket filled with all kinds of candy akin to an Easter basket.  Well not this mom.  Sorry.  I will frost heart shaped cookies, I will make homemade shortbread dipped in chocolate, with my heart shortbread pan.  That is, it. 

Hubs always buys the girls a box of chocolates.  But I am just surprised that we are not out spending money on ground hog's day.  How about a little plush ground hog? Come on Ye American consumer's we can exploit this if we try.

The grocery adds were beyond dismal.  I mean the only thing that was of any interest to me was ice cream was on sale.  I don't need ice cream in my freezer as I will just eat it.  The meat sales(snort) were also outrageous. I am so glad I am doing a freezer/pantry challenge again.  There is nothing I want to buy.

I made enough chili yesterday for an army.  But I will freeze what we don't eat today for meals. I need to learn to cook for two.  Will that ever happen?

The shop was so busy yesterday and I was so happy about it. I sewed most of the afternoon and I have a full day of sewing ahead of me.  I am also happy about that. 

Ran over to Lil sis's last night and picked up her mother of the bride dress so I could alter it. Still have to alter her daughter's dress.  But I will get to that soon..... (When she starts nagging me)

Any good grocery deals in you part of the woods? Do you think we go overboard on holiday crap?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Tuesday, the party is over and February Goals

 Well, I must say that I did it!  By the skin of my teeth, I completed all the goals I had set out for January.  Well, I could have had more faith and been a little less whiny and a little more grateful.  Still working on that one.

This month's goals are very similar.  It is going to be a little harder as the month is shorter (not that I am complaining) and I have more bills. So, I am going to have to be even more careful where any extra money goes.

There are extra bills in February that occur once a year and I can't get out of them along with a new payment on hub's hearing aids that throws a wrinkle into the mix.  But let's see what Kim can do when she puts her mind to it.

1. I always send my aunt $500.00 on her birthday Feb.11th to help pay her house taxes.  Sissie sends her the same amount at Christmas. This was our father's last request of us, to take care of his sister and keep her in her home.  She has very little to live on and we just make sure she has what she needs.

2. The computer protection is due $65.90

3. the car goes in for oil /rotation $100

4. hub's hearing aid payment $500.00

5. Valentine's Day and daughters and grandson's birthday? 

So how am I going to accomplish this?

1. continue the pantry/freezer challenge (this saved about $200.00 last month)

2. sew, sew, sew

3. try and cash flow some bills and gifts from shop

4. do all of my usual savings' strategies. 

Scary but I think I can do it.

By the way the shop is crazy busy again.  Just like that! I have had at least 10 people here so far today.  Money ought to start coming in pretty regularly.  Now I just have to do the work. Yeah, that part.  But let me tell you I am excited and grateful.

Sissie and I email every day and her mornings email stated that she has to go into Sluggy's room every day and make sure it is pristine as her Husband likes to use it as an overflow of his crap.  I had to question this?  Not the overflow part but the fact that Sluggy has a room at Sissie's house, and I don't. Just sayin.

Do you think this is fair? After all I shared a womb with this person A WOMB and I don't get a ROOM.

I have a big pot of red kidney beans soaking and I am going to go in and get a chili started and then start sewing.

We got a call last night right when Kelsa was getting picked up to get down to the food bank as the they had a truck coming in and needed pallets of food boxes done up so the trucker could take off.  It was two hours of fast furious work, and we were understaffed, so that made it all the more exquisite, I use that word lightly. I am a little sore today, my back is twingey.

DO any of you have goals for February?  If so what kind?  Are they financial?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.