Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday, Cranky mixed up day

     The day started out with a bad call from the insurance adjuster and I was not feeling my best due to congestion and headache.  Realized I had too much left to do in the shop as I had not kept careful track of what needed to go out by today.  So my stress level was through the roof.

     Of course the shop was super busy with phone calls and people in and out all day, so I could hardly get any hand work done and it seemed it was all hand work.  I am still behind as I have a set of dress blues that still need the rank sewed on and a good pressing due out for a funeral tomorrow.  I just sewed and sewed and people picked up and picked up.  I still feel like I am behind the 8 ball but I think today will be okay, just a few things to catch up on.  So happy all the wedding dresses for the 7th are done.  I would hate to have to come back to that pressure for next week.

     I had 4 dresses come in for a wedding that is tomorrow that just needed to be pressed and steamed so that added to the chaos.  But I did get 4 other dresses done and did a full set of dress blues, hem,waist,shorten sleeves, put on stripes (ugh!) and also shorten coat as the man needed a short and it came in long.  I was sewing up the sleeve lining by hand last night and realized it was 11:30 and I went to bed so this morning I will put on the rank and press.  I think a full set of dress blues is really harder than a wedding dress and almost as picky and I can't charge as much. 

     Good news somewhat on the insurance front.  They will replace the garage door opener that cost us $425.00 as the purse was stolen out on my car in my garage which makes it a burglary of my home. At first they refused and now I am fighting a $325.00 key fob.  The key fob on the truck that is 10 years old does not have to be replaced as I can start the truck with a $3.95 key the fob, is an accessory. But the new car which is one year old has a fob and must be replaced in order to drive the car.  It is a necessity.  They are calling is an accessory so I now have an insurance mediator working with me and I will keep bit%^ing until I get action. What a pain.  Our front door has to have the entire lock and door handle replaced as it is 60 years old.  We have not done this yet and they are only offering $60.00 to re key it.  It can not be re-keyed due to age.  I think we will win on this one as it was a burglary of a home.  If the purse had been stolen at Wal-mart no such luck.  This has been such a pain.

     On a good note, when dinner was about upon us, I pulled a rhubarb sponge cake I had made a couple of months ago out of the freezer along with a taco casserole. Both were delicious so the stress of the meal was non existent, plus bonus enough for today both lunch and dinner.  I usually keep frozen homemade entree's in my fridge for meals the church asks me to take out at the last minute, it was nice to be the recipient of my own good deed.

     We are driving up to Spokane for the weekend to go look at land with daughter and Schmills we will also pick huckleberries and daughter needs help putting a room together for a renter that is coming to stay with them for the year.  So we will be gone for three days, and it will be a nice break.

     What are you doing for the holiday weekend?  Any plans?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, August 29, 2019

Thursday, Cranky day

     I am cranky today.  Woke late with congestion and need to get motivated.

     Our insurance company is getting hard to get along with on replacing anything from my stolen purse.  Now they say that key fobs are part of the cars accessories so they don't have to replace them.  So I have a higher adjuster working on it.  They told me to go replace them and send in a receipt and now they will not reimburse even thought I followed their directions. It is so crazy.  If my house burned to the ground would they replace anything? Strange.

     Not a good way to start the day.  So far I have put out over $2000.00 on the purse thing $108.00 has been reimbursed even though I have a $1000.00 deductible.  It is such a dishonest system. Even when you have replacement cost on contents they will depreciate everything until you replace the said item and then turn in a receipt and then they say it is an accessory.  My front door lock is an accessory to my house.  Oh by the way they insure my house.  This has been such a huge waste of my time and effort.

     I did get some things done last night after the babes left and I have a pile of things that are ripped so I can start on them today.  I really need to get some bridesmaid dresses  and mother of the bride dresses knocked out along with an Army dress blue.  Plus the pile is growing again.

     Well have to go get to work.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Wednesday, Crazy and littles!

     Yesterday did not go as planned , but I do have three wedding dresses done so that is good.  One was picked up yesterday and the other will be picked up today.  So that means I will really have to get some things done after the kids leave this evening.

     It is also the day I take a meal in so I have to plan for that.  I made two squash casseroles yesterday and I am going to make fake shake and bake chicken and some rice krispie treats.  I have stuff left over from the wedding to use up.

     I have never made a squash casserole and this was delicious
  I mixed yellow squash sliced thin with and onion sliced thin , then added 1/4 cup of mayo and 1/4 cup sour cream, salt and pepper to taste.  Layer this and cover with 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese.  I then added a topping of one package of chicken stuffing.  I normally don't buy processed stuffing but these were on a close out for .25 a box and I needed to use them.  This was so good although not low call in any way. A keeper of a recipe.

     The kitchen did not get cleaned last night as I was finishing up the hand work on a dress. So I need to go up and clean and get some things ready for dinner. I want to be able to get into the shop when the kids go down for their naps. Or maybe if I get everything done I can take a nap with them.  Doesn't that sound great?

     Another chart was complete yesterday.  I am amazed at the amount of money savings I have had.  This is what a snowball does for you, also being so busy you can't get out and spend money helps.

     I also was able to get my ticket booked to go see Sis and Sluggy.  We are doing a girls trip early October.  I can hardly wait it will be a nice break that I will really have earned.

     Well I need to figure out how I am going to press a wedding dress and make a meal with two little ones under my feet.  Wish me luck!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, Nice day

     It was a nice Monday and although the shop was busy I felt like I was able to use my time wisely.  I did get a wedding dress done that was really hard and got another ready for a fitting.  I have called her and she is to call me back with a time.  I also have another wedding dress on the ironing board  that I will get ready for a fitting today.  But the pile is growing again and I am not counting dresses and there are a ton of them.  Just since yesterday I have 4 pairs of pants and two other jobs to complete.  It just never ends.

     SO today I will be working on mother of the bride and bridesmaid dresses.  I am hoping to get at least 5 or 6 knocked out along with the bridal dress that is on my ironing board.  The littles are coming tomorrow so I will not sew during the day.  Maybe I will get a little done in the evening.

     Daughter and I were able to walk the bridges last night and it was so nice.  We had a long chat and just enjoyed the warm sun and each other.  D#3 continues to call and tell us about her husband and his color glasses.  She says it is so much fun to have him tell her what he is seeing for the first time.

     My laundry is behind with all the wedding linens, but hubs cleaned out the slop sink so I have no excuse not to start soaking things.  Other than my own laziness.

     Daughter #2 also took all the wedding stuff as she has two family weddings on her husbands side this next year.  All I have left to sell are the linens.  It is so nice to get all that stuff out of the back hallway where it has been for over 6 months.  I also was able to get all the silver back up on the wall in the dining room.  Yippee!  I think other than the washing  of the borrowed linens the wedding is put to bed.  That is a cause to celebrate right there.

     Still trying to get a hold of Slugs, she is not answering.

     Well I need to get to get to work even though I don't really want to.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, August 26, 2019


     It was such a neat experience watching our son- in- law Dan see color for the first time.   He sees most things as green, yellow and brown.  He put his glasses on and never took them off.  He went outside and was so astonished by the different colors of greens.  He had never seen pink or purple before.  Reds and blues were very washed out and dull.  We had him identify colors before he opened his glasses and it was funny to watch him concentrate and not get the color right.  Then after he put on the glasses to be able to run through the list although he was stymied at purples, so many varieties of color.  He did not know Schmills was a red head other than he had been told he was.  On their drive home he was commenting on the sunset and the pink coming through the blue.  He had never seen that, isn't it wonderful that we have the technology to give people full sight?  The glasses were very pricey but we all shared in the cost and it was wonderful.

     Lil Sis and I made over twenty flower arrangements on Saturday and it took us about 3 hours.  The reception was beautiful and we stayed (hubs and I)until 10:30 helping tear down and put things to right at the church.  The Bishop and his wife were dragging they were so tired. and so were we.

     I had to get home and go to bed so I could get up and go to church and then finish cleaning the house and get dinner made for the birthday boy.  I was able to snag a 2 hour nap and not all house work was done, but daughter came in at last minute and helped me finish up.  Bless her heart.

     I am so happy this event is over.  I feel like I can calm down a little for this last couple of weeks of summer.  Even though the shop is still busy I don't feel like it is crazy any more and I hope that it stays that way.

     I do have a wedding dress I must finish today and I must get another ready for a first fitting.  The pile is under control and that is so great. I go into the shop and although there are still so many dresses in there the work load looks acceptable.

     I have a ton of laundry and linens to do from the wedding and I need to work on those as I sew today.  But first I have to clean out the slop sink as it is filthy from the basement flooding.  We kept pouring dirty water down it and it has to be cleaned so I can soak stained linens.  As soon as I have everything cleaned up I am going to post on a resale site and sell everything to recoup  some of the money from the wedding.

     D#2 and Schmills we be here until tomorrow so I am going to enjoy them.  I just want calm and rest now for a few weeks.  I also need to order airline tickets sometime today or tomorrow. Also need to call Sluggy.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Saturday, August 24, 2019

Saturday, there is a lot left on that list...

     I really worked hard yesterday, or so my fitbit said I did.  Although I was not wiped out exhausted.  I just kept plugging along at the list and there is still so much left to do.  Mostly cleaning.  Which I would like to get done today if possible. I don't want to be running like a sweaty mess all afternoon tomorrow.

     I had another wedding dress picked up and will start on a new one on Monday which will need to be picked up on Tuesday so I already know what the beginning of the week will hold.  I think I have completed the pile, although a set of Army dress blues came in Friday.  It is nice to have the shop down to wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, and  not have piles of things all over.

     I do have to get valances made for my neighbor soon and I hate making curtains.

     Lil sis and I did a mock up of the flowers for the wedding I am doing today.  I left it at her house and we will go over to the church about noon and get it set up.  At first she refused to help me,but I knew she would change her mind.  I think she really likes to boss me and she loves to do this kind of work.  Although she will hold it against me forever.:)  Sisters!

     I have to say I am a little ashamed of the back yard as the patios are so weedy, and it needs love but I have not had the time to pay attention to it.  I barely have time to get the produce out of the garden.

     I was happy to get both of the upstairs beds stripped and remade yesterday and the linens washed and dried on the fence. But most of the house work remains to be done.

     Our new son-in-law is color blind and we have gone together as a family to get him the colorblind glasses.  So we are celebrating his birthday tomorrow.  I am making ribs, potatoes, fried squash,beach bread and his mom is bringing a cheesecake.  I wish the back yard looked better but oh well I have been busy.

     I do need to get some of the house cleaned up. So before I go and get Lil sis, I am going to clean myself up.(makeup/hair)  Then try and get the master bath and bedroom done and also the guest bath.  Then I can move down the hall into the front room.  That will just leave the family room which won't take more than a few minutes and the kitchen for tomorrow.  Depending on how long it takes to do the flowers I may have time do to more work before the reception starts.  But I know it will be a very late night with tear down and I am sure Hubs and I will help.

     It will be nice to have this off my to do list so I can enjoy the rest of August.  I really want to get out and get some huckleberries picked, maybe the end of the week next week if I can get all the wedding dresses at least to the first fitting.

What are you going to do with your weekend?  Any plans?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, August 23, 2019

Friday, I need a keeper

     Last night after sewing all day I went up and started dinner.  While things were cooking I ran out on the deck to water the plants and decided to put more water in the pond.  As I had things cooking I went into check and the phone rang then I was distracted and left the water running.  Have I done this before?  Yes.  We all have.  So I flooded the basement, primarily the shop and the laundry room.  Thank goodness it was caught in time.  But my heart about stopped as I have dresses hanging all over.  I do not allow anything to touch the ground but it is still so scary.

     Lil sis and I spent about an hour sucking water and cleaning it up.  This morning I have to put everything back together as I tore up rugs and things and moved things to higher ground.  What a mess.  When will I learn, that you must sit by the pond when it fills.  No just a minute I will run in and....  Hubs sets the timer on his cell phone and I will do that from now on.  Crap and double crap!  But the floor in the shop is really clean;)

     I feel like I have control of the pile as there are only a few things left to do and they are easy things.   I will get those done today and also get another bridesmaid dress done.  I have a wedding dress ready to go out and 4 more to get done.

     I was able to get another $500.00 on the mortgage principle and we are now below $12,000.  Yippee! Next month we will get below 10, still putting me short of payoff, so I must be diligent about all extra money.

     Today I will try and quit sewing early as I am doing the flowers for a reception tomorrow and I need to run to the church for a mock up later this afternoon.  I also would like to get some house work done.  Every room needs love and I will spend most of my day at the church tomorrow and I am having my daughter and her new husband and his parents over for dinner on Sunday.

     I don't think I can accomplish this with out a list so here goes:

1. sweep all basement floors for flood debree
2. get all towels washed that were used to soak up water
3. put shop back together.
4. hem pants.
5. hem pants
6. alter black bridesmaid dress
7. call bride for pick up if possible
8. get all silver put away and hung in dining room
9. clean and sweep master bath
10. clean guest bath
11. put away laundry and clean master bedroom
12. change sheets on guest room bed ( daughter coming)
13. Deep clean the kitchen
14. dust and clean front room
15. straighten and vacuum family room
16. clean and arrange back deck for Sunday dinner.
17. get to Albertsons to get flowers
18. cut all greenery and flowers from yard needed
19. go to church for mock up.

     I don't think I have enough to do today, *snort*

What crazy things are you going to try and accomplish today?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, August 22, 2019

Thursday, My snowball is rolling

     I completed another chart and I am on fire here.  This is what a debt snowball can do for you.  As you pay off more and more and reduce your expenses more and more, you can put more money on the next debt. That next debt for us is the house.  I can go down to the bank today and put at least $500.00 more on the principle.

     It seems that all I do is get up sew, clean a little, garden a lot and go to bed. I rarely go to the store and if I do it is for a gallon of milk or a specific item.  Yesterday you could get 4 cans of tuna for .39 a piece.  So I grabbed those when I picked up celery. Almost all of  our meals come from the freezers and the garden and storage.  This is really  making a difference on how many charts I can complete.

     I sewed really hard yesterday and was able to really hit the pile, which kept getting bigger as I uncovered thins in the shop.  I was also able to rip many things last night so I could quickly get them on the machine today.

     I had a wedding dress picked up yesterday and will have another either today or tomorrow.  I also need to start on another one today.  I feel like if I can get the three wedding dresses due out for Sept 7th, I can start on the others, plus I have so many bridesmaid and mother of the bride dresses that are also due out.  It is crazy.

     So today it will be to finish the pile (ha like that will ever happen) finish a wedding dress, call several clients for pick up, then start another bridal dress or get at least 4 bridesmaids/mothers done.  If I can do this I feel like I can breath, maybe.

     September will be here before you know it and I have many things due out, plus my busiest month is October and I have to get all October things done before the end of Sept.  I don't want anything to worry about anything when I go to see Sis and Sluggy.  Yikes!

     I also found a check for $72.00 in my check book that I had used to put between pages as a buffer.  I don't know how it got there. but sometime at the beginning of the month.  Hey I can use that.  Found money is great but $72.00 of found money is better.

Have you ever found a larger sum of money you stuck away?  How much was it?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Wednesday, I am so tired of the push

     Whine, complain, sniff.  If you don't want to listen to Kim whine don't read. I am tired of the constant work, sewing, cleaning, yard, garden, debt payoff, dinner making, canning, freezing, saving money..... just tired.  I want it to be done, over with, gone, kaput. I know this is immature, but it is how I feel.  The silly thing is, I can't think of anything else I would rather do either.

     Like would I rather be shopping for stuff I don't need?  No.  Would I rather be sitting around doing nothing?  No. Would I like to go back to bed? Yes. Am I sleepy? No. I am just DONE!

     Okay I am over that rant on with my life....

  Can you believe there was this much sawdust at the bottom of a large bag of Hub's cereal?  1 3/4 cups, so I put it in some blueberry muffins.   What a waste.  I did not want to freeze the last 2 cups of blueberries I had picked, so this was a good way to get rid of both.  I also wanted to have something to take to my friend today along with a meal.  Killed two birds with one stone so to speak.

Yummy, baked in a hot oven.  I had help from the littles and let me tell you cooking with a 1 year old and a 2 year old is work.
Beautiful cranberry scones.  Yum!  I will send 6 of these to my friend and keep the others for Hubs and myself.  Scones are so easy to make and among the favorite treats I make for early morning choir practice at church. In fact I  am sharing one with my dog right now.:)

Last night we had leftovers for dinner and tonight I am going to make a couple of pork chop and rice casseroles.  My friends parents love this so that is what it will be.  I will also fry up some green beans and yellow squash.

     Last night I also got a good start on another wedding dress and I have a wedding dress pick up today.  But as I concentrate on wedding dresses the pile grows higher.

Ah the Pile.  This consists of, pants to hem and pants to be let out or taken in.  Pants to be lengthened, small sewing jobs for clients.  It all goes in the pile.  So after I call and complete as much as I can do on this wedding dress I will be consumed by the pile.  It all has to be done. I must stay on the hamster wheel and every penny goes to house payoff.  I almost have another $500.00 ready and I think I will have it by this evening.  Push, push, push.

     So today the plan is:

1. laundry at least get it washed and dried
2. make pork chop casseroles
3. hem 4 pairs of jeans
4. hem two work pants
5. alter shirt sleeves, take out pants
6. alter jacket sleeves, hem and peg pants
7. finish mother of the bride shoulders
8. let out pants and take down hem
9 .take in pants and let down hem
10 alter a pile of clothes/mend
11. hem two shirts
12. alter two skirts
13. finish as much as possible a wedding dress and call client.
14. go to grocery store
15. hem blouse sleeves
16. hem one pair of jeans
17. take meal into friend
18. hem pair of work pants 
19. hem 2 pair jeans for hubs so he will stop complaining
20. patch sweatshirt for D#3

     Will I get all of this done today?  No way, but I  hope to get a good start.  I just have to keep pushing myself up this steep hill.

What are you pushing yourself to do?  Do you ever get tired of the rat race you call life?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Tuesday, Gardens are hard

     The garden is producing so much right now and it takes so much of my time.  At least one day a week I have to spend almost the full day, picking and dealing with veggies. I also have hubs take care of some of the produce 1/2 way through the week.  I am so grateful for all the food and it certainly saves us money, but it takes so much time to deal with and I really should be sewing, or so I think.

     Yesterday was no exception. By the time I had all the tomatoes, squash and cucumbers, blueberries, green beans picked I had an entire sink full of produce to deal with, this involved cleaning out the crispers in the fridge and taking what was old to the chickens. We just cannot eat everything fast enough and there are always a few withered tomatoes and cukes. I don't mind feeding the chickens left over old garden produce.

     So now I find 6 apples that need to be eaten and some limp celery.  At the price celery has been I will not waste this.  So before I can even think of sewing I am dealing with produce.

     I sorted and snapped all the beans first and we have enough for two meals this week.  Then I sorted tomatoes to eat fresh and those we will slice.  I also pulled out all the heirlooms to makes Hub's favorite, tomato, cuke, and onion salad.  Got that done and then shredded and drained two larger Zucchini for bread and muffins later.  I kept the two cups of blueberries and I will make muffins today sometime.

     All of this has to be washed and peeled and the chicken scraps are massive.  I froze two gallon bags of cut up tomatoes for winter soups and sauces.  Then I sliced all the small yellow and white zucchini for supper. The last thing I made was an apple, celery, and pecan salad.  So lasts nights dinner was chicken and fried squash and two salads.  It was good and there are enough leftovers for dinner today but to get all this done took me until 3 p.m..  This does not leave a lot of time for sewing.

     I was finally able to get into the shop and finish up a wedding dress and get a few other things ready for tomorrow or this evening.  The littles are here today so not much sewing is going on.  I am waiting for Hubs to get home from reading the paper at the veterans home and then I will go upstairs and make some blueberry muffins. I am also going to make some cranberry scones.  They can bake while we are out on the back deck and the kids play in their wading pool.

     The repairman came and fixed the dryer again, he forgot to make a connection to the part he replaced and then as he was behind he didn't test his work.  He was embarrassed but it happens to all of us.  We work too fast and sometimes things get missed. 

     The bishops wife is coming to get all the wedding supplies and it will be nice when this is over and I can sell all of it on Craigslist. I will be glad to have my back entry to the shop clean again.  It has been stacked with boxes for months.

     What kept you guys busy yesterday?  Do you find your garden wearisome this time of year?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, August 19, 2019

Monday, so glad we went...

     Hubs is rather shy and he was not planning on going to his 50th High School reunion.  But I talked him into it.  Mostly I wanted to see how many people he would remember as his memory issues get worse.  He was painfully shy in high school.  As soon as we got to the event a man came right up to him and shook his hand and said," Hi Joel."  I could tell Hubs had know idea who he was.  But as we entered the very crowded area many people recognized Hubs and came up to him.  Needless to say he had a great time.  After he calmed down we were able to sit and had many people come by who wanted to talk to him.  I sent him to get water refills and it took forever for him to come back because people kept stopping him to talk to him.  It was so good for him.

     Hubs was the concert Master to the large city orchestra his senior year and also sang in a premier singing group.  He had a really good voice and still does.  Because there were two high schools the orchestra was combined and Hubs spent 1/2 of his time at the rival high school playing the violin.  His senior year his parents wanted him to take a job at a local lumber mill to help offset the costs of his older brothers mission.  Hubs would go to work at the mill at 11:00 p.m. work all night then go do a paper route.  His mom would let him sleep until noon then rouse him to get to orchestra and his music classes.  His principal stopped him in the Hall that spring and asked him what he planned to do next year.  I can just see Hubs carrying his violin and moseying down the hall toward the band room. Hubs replied he planned to go to college and study music.  The principal said well you are failing your English class due to lack of attendance and will be going to Vietnam.  Hubs explained his circumstances, and the principal told him to go get measured for a cap and gown and signed his diploma on the sly.  That would never happen today.

     Things were different back then and people dropped out of school to help support their family.  Hubs music was important to his mother and him so that kept him going.  The fact that hubs was working a grown mans job and also doing a large paper route by himself and his parents controlled all his money did not help him to learn to love hard work.  He saw nothing fun from his investment of time and energy.  The only thing he was allowed to spend money on was the church and his mission.  This gave him a real distaste for hard work.  He did complete a mission in the Philadelphia area and when he came home was still not allowed to touch any money in the "family " savings account. his parents later used the money to send the younger girls to school to find husbands, which they did.  Hubs was the only one to graduate from the University with absolutely no help from his parents.

     I swear we ate nothing but junk for the 28 hours we were gone, and I am paying for it this morning.  There is so much to do here and I am having a hard time convincing myself that I need to get to work.

     Oh by the way the dryer that I paid $105.00 to have fixed, was not fixed after I finally got to the laundry late Friday afternoon.  So I had to hang two loads of laundry to dry.  But I am proud to say that I did get all the ironing done  Friday evening as I watched You Tube videos.  There is just a little ironing left from the line that I will finish today.

     I absolutely must clean the family room and vacuum the down stairs today.  I have been so busy sewing that I have not done any house work except what is a have to, to survive.   So today although I am feeling very lazy I will get these things done....

1. clean and vacuum family room
2. finish ironing
3. get dryer fixed again
4. vacuum stairs
5. vacuum upstairs
6. go pick all garden produce that is ready
7. figure out dinner
8. get a wedding dress done
9. start another wedding dress
10. alter several things for a client
11. get a few groceries this evening

     There the list is made now if I can just get to work.  My motivation is low so I might have to kick my own butt.   This however is easy for and Irish dancer.

     What are you going to do this Monday?  Any plans?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, August 16, 2019

Friday, Dryer fix again....

     Well I finally got to the laundry and the dryer went kaput again.  Last time it was the heating element, which is still under warranty, so what is it this time?  It was a sensor, so I just wrote a check for $105.00, so I could dry my clothes.  At least I did not have to buy a new dryer.

     I finally had some success at getting people to pickup things.  Now there are the lagers, but that will always be.  I had two wedding dresses go out and one more come in.  I have a second fitting on a wedding dress this afternoon. I have all of my today's work hanging ready for me to do and then after that is done I really have to tackle some ironing.

     Thanks for all the input by the way on the shop, all advice and suggestions are good for me.  I have always just run by the seat of my pants and usually don't stop and say to myself , "Is there a better way?"

     Hub's 50 year high school reunion is in Missoula on Saturday night so we will be leaving here tomorrow morning and driving the 4 hours over the pass.  We will come home Sunday.  I was going to go earlier and stay later to help my little brother with a project but the shop is too busy and I need to get too many wedding dresses out before the 7th of Sept.  Now that Hubs is playing in a pit orchestra I can go some weekend in Sept, without Hubs which will be easier on both of us.

     I was able to go and put $500.00 dollars on the mortgage last night and this always makes me so happy.  I would have liked to have gotten it below $12,000 but I needed a little cash to go to Missoula.

    I have three Wedding dresses due out before Sept 7th and my plan is to get those all out before the end of next week.  There are several bridesmaid dresses that are also due out before the end of the month or the 7th.  So I have to keep this nose to the grindstone.  My nose is starting to hurt.

     It seems like this debt payoff is taking forever.  I am so close  and I keep thinking of how many months are left and how much extra I will need. I have been averaging $2200-2500 a month on the principle. So right now that leaves an extra balance of about $1500.00, which is down from the $3500.00 I had calculated at the beginning of the year.  Just putting extra on the mortgage when ever I had it has really helped.  The Wedding did not help.  I still have a large Am Ex bill that I will have to pay at the first of next month, so after I put on $500.00 more dollars I will save everything toward that bill.

     Debt payoff consumes my life or I should say the goal of getting the house paid off consumes my life.  It was my goal for the year and dang it I am going to get there if it kills me.  It just might.

     What are you going to do for the weekend?  Any plans? Anything fun?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thursday, frustrating day

     I don't want to say yesterday was a bust, but it was frustrating to say the least.  Too many phone calls, too many clients, NO one picking up the work I had done.  I have several bundles and dresses hanging and the phone #'s to call are not answering or are no longer in service (because the cell bill is not paid) so how can they pick up clothing if they can't pay the cell phone bill? I have money out on the books and need to call and hound people which I hate.  Really?

     I am working like a dog and I feel like clients just don't care, or I at least that is how I felt yesterday.  By 2:30 in the afternoon I was done.  I told hubs I was laying down and I slept until 5:00 then got up and realized I had made nothing for dinner for my friend I take a meal into on Wednesday.  I had our meal planned so that was okay.  So off to the pizza place I go to spend $24.70.  Our meal was free as it was out of the garden and neighbors had brought over fresh Halibut and steamer clams.  So that was a loss but they sure loved the pizza.  Heck I would have loved the pizza too.

     This is where becoming too busy cuts into money savings.  When you forget and I do have a Taco casserole and a cake in the freezer I could have taken if I had remembered. I did send a bowl of cut up cantaloupe as a fresh side.

     Hub's washed and cut up two large bags of fresh tomatoes for me and stuck them in the freezer.  So I was happy about that.  After dinner I sewed on wedding dresses and this morning I have two that I think will be picked up.  Plus I need to alter two Sheriff shirts as soon as I am done with this post.  I have two more wedding dresses coming in tomorrow.

     I need to get to the laundry today, there is a load in the dryer and the washer and one more to do.  But the shop will take precedent.  We are not taking the littles this week as I am just too busy. As much as I want to this shop has to come first.  My mental state and anxiety have to be dealt with.

     Hubs just came downstairs and said he was called to play viola for an upcoming musical, the violist cancelled at the last minute so he is thrown into rehearsals tonight. That is fine it keeps him busy and out of my hair.

     We also got a call from the wife a  good friend of ours who used to work with hubs.  This man   was forced to retire early like hubs because of Parkinsons. He had passed away the night before, and she was devastated as she should be. So my thoughts were with her most of the day.  We went over last night to see her and see what we could do. Hubs spent time during the day contacting the State and all retirees. She had not slept much and we finally got her down into a good sleep.  She was alone which I thought was not good but that was the way she wanted it.  So sad.  He was only 74. Hubs will be 69 and even though his meds control his shaking pretty well, he stiffens up and has balance issues.  This is scary for me.  Every case of Parkinsons or essential tremor is different and watching hubs for signs is always hard for me.

     Well the shop is calling and I need to get to work.  I keep telling myself how blessed I am to be able to do this work and to be able to pay off my house sooner than expected.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Wednesday, Chart 16!

     I completed another chart yesterday so that is an accomplishment.  I am hoping by the end of the day to have at least $500.00 of the $1000.00 I need for my extra house payment for the month.  I feel like the month is getting away from me and that no goals will be accomplished because the shop is just so dang busy I can't come up for air.

     The Littles parents brought us over some fresh Halibut and some steamer clams from their time away last weekend.  I am looking forward to dinner. Yum!

     Fresh tomatoes,fried yellow squash and Halibut with a side of clams on pasta, I can handle that.

     I have the upstairs kitchen counter covered in tomatoes and I do not have time to can so I am having hubs wash cut and freeze this batch, as I think I can find room in the freezer.  There is just no time to go through canning pantry and things right now.

     The shop has been non stop calls and clients all morning.  I was able to get a wedding dress out yesterday and hopefully will have another out tonight.  I have some hand work left to do on the one going out today.  Crazy busy yesterday. I love the money and the business but I would like to be able to finish a sentence before the door bell rings or the phone goes off. 

     I just ran out to pick up the chicken eggs, and I watered the flower boxes and fed all the food scrap in the fridge to the chickens who really love me by the way.  Those two things are off my list.  I also started a load of laundry and I have two more to do.  We are not even going to talk about the ironing as I still have a couple of blouses in the closet;)  But that will have to be faced soon.

     Well I need to get to work, and get some of this crap out of the shop.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Tuesday, Sometimes a good whack!

    Yesterday, just as I got myself into the sewing room planning to stay there until the cows came home, Hub's tells me that the pond pump is not working.  Ugh!  I knew the water was not low as we refill every few days for a short period of time.  When I watered the flowers I checked and the pond was fine.  But hubs said it was not spilling.  He said it was low and he had just filled it.  Crap!  We could very easily burn up our pump if we do not pay attention.  So I get up and go outside and no it is not working.  I try the unplug it method, and replug, that did not work. So I went over and got on my hands and knees and pulled apart the skimmer and unscrewed the pump from the flange.  The bottom of the pump was clogged with debree. (snails, sticks, gunk)  I tried it again nothing but the humming sound it was not sucking.  So I unplug and I decided well if it is broken I cannot hurt it, so I will just give it a good whack on the cement maybe that will dislodge whatever is keeping the pump from moving.  Then I plugged it back in and it worked!  It is still working.  At $389.00 it was worth a good whack!  Then I had to come inside and clean up after crawling through the muck and getting splashed with pond water and filth.  Back to sewing.

     I was able to get the pile to a satisfying level and also get two bridesmaid dresses altered.   They still need to be pressed and I will do that first thing and then call the owners.  I only got to one wedding dress but I will be able to finish that in about an hours work.  Then onto the next dress.

     My goal for today is to get at least two other bridesmaid dresses done, one mother of the bride and one wedding dress.  The shop also needs to be swept as there are scraps all over.  I just want to see progress.  Maybe some corner where there is not a dress or two or six laying or hanging.

     Dinner last night was a stir fry with garden veggies and a chicken breast.  I tore a sack of frozen marinara sauce in the freezer yesterday so that will be dinner tonight with pasta.  I don't know when I will get to any of my goals for the month as the shop is taking all of my time.

     I will start the laundry and try and get the plane tickets ordered today. It is so easy to put things off.

     Is there anything that you have been putting off?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Monday, New goals

     I cannot believe it is almost the middle of the month.  Where did the time go?  I have been so busy with the wedding and the after wedding it seems like my life has spun out of control.  I can't say that it will get any better for a while either.

     The shop is very, very busy and I really have to pay attention and get things done and out.  I can't really see a break until the end of Sept. I just remembered something to put on the goals list.  I need to order airline tickets.  One trip to Sluggy's and the other to my nieces wedding.

     Two of the lights in my shop are malfunctioning. I don't know if it is the ballasts or it is the bulbs.  Hub's will look at them but I think I will have to call an electrician and replace the two fixtures and if I do I don't want them to be florescent.  I want just a simple bedroom fixture as when we sell the shop will be a bedroom.

     The problem with life right now is that I would like to ignore the house , the laundry, the dust, the yard, the garden and just sew and get caught up.  But unfortunately that cannot be done.  All I can do is take it one day at a time.

     Today it will be deal with the lights in the shop, get the laundry caught up and sew as much as possible.  I did get quite a bit done on the pile Friday before we left for the camp out.  There are still things left in the pile and I will do those first.  I hope to get at least two wedding dresses out today. That is my goal.

     I also want hubs and I to go through the kitchen and make a tic list of everything that has to be finished and see what we can do and what a professional has to do.  I figured if we just get an item a day done it will be finished before the end of the month.  We have the time to concentrate on this now.  At least Hub's does.

     Well while I was writing this post Hub's managed to get two of the florescent lights working in the shop.  But I will need to go and pick out new lights if I want him to replace them. He is a constant worry when he tries to fix something.  But I want him to do what he can. It saves us money and is good for his self esteem.

     I updated my $5.00 savings goal and I am at $1500.00 so far so that is great.  I will probably use it to try and pay the house off at the end. Also my penny savings needs $73.12 in it for the month of August.  So far I put in $40.00 for the month and I will put in the other $33.12 sometime this week.  This savings should be over $600.00 by December and again may be used to help with the final payoff on the house.

     Well I am off to get things done.  What are you going to try and accomplish today?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, August 9, 2019

Friday, Can't make myself do that....

I love this picture taken at their engagement, I just hope they are always this happy.

Hub's was having a really hard time walking on the slopes and he had forgotten to taken his afternoon pills.  He had been on his feet all day which is hard for him and then in dress shoes which are always iffy. I thought Braunwyn was going to have to carry him down the aisle. As they came down I could tell he was really struggling.  I don't think anyone else noticed.

     I really, need to sew today.  I have been so wrapped up in getting things put away and I am tired.  I have just not pushed myself in the shop at all and it is going to bite me hard if I don't get busy.  The fact that I did little or no sewing for clients last week has transferred to this week.  I have no excuses other than I am trying to clean up the wedding.

     We have a ward camp out tonight so we will be leaving here about 3:30 to get to the venue. Hub's has to load the chairs, cots, tent and things and I am in charge of me and the cooler with a salad and our drinks.  We will leave after breakfast tomorrow and drive to Pullman to the lentil festival where B is working.  We will also pick up many bags of free lentils, chickpeas, green peas and things that are given away.  So our Saturday is planned.

     I have to give the lesson on Sunday, so I need to prepare that and Hub's and I would like to sneak out and go huckleberry picking sometime soon.

     The freezers are both full, full and I need to get all the fruit and berries out sometime in the next month and make jams, we are almost out and the freezer needs to be freed up.  I have raspberries,huckleberries, and blueberries to make into jam.  So I see a major pantry and freezer redo in my future.  This will tell me what to use up and what to NOT buy.

     I am going into my shop right now and not coming out until 3:00.  The pile is going down or maybe even getting eradicated.  Wouldn't that be great!

     Have you any plans for the weekend?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, August 8, 2019

Thursday, Tired of eating elephant

     This isn't a great picture, but this group of young men made the wedding possible.  Well besides the groom who was very necessary. All of these boys grew up in a very small town in Idaho.  (3000)  They all played soccer together, and almost all completed their Eagle Scout award.  Two are lawyers,  two are PhD. candidates, all are successful young men.  Every time we needed anything setting up or even tearing down the next day we would holler.  "BOYS"  and one or two or six would appear to help, carry, unload, clean up, set up.  They were a god send.  We set up a large tent for serving food, many tables, over 100 chairs, heavy glassware, light strings through out the venue.  What a blessing. I don't know how many bags of ice these guys carried.  We could not have done it without them.

I thought this was a sweet picture of Dan and his mom.  Can you tell these two are related?  I love his mom she is the greatest.

I loved these steins that my Lil sis etched.  Each guest got to take one home as a memento.  Lil sis spent hours doing these. We had twinkle lights on every table and they looked so pretty shining off the silver plate.  You could look out into the night and it looked like a fairy land.

     Well I have all the wedding things pretty well under control.  There are still things to be delivered to our friends, but they escaped to the lake.  (I wonder why?)  I have a large pile of things that our Bishop will pick up and then there are two boxes of silver plate that I will sell on a resell web site.  I also have to put all my silver either back on the wall display or put it away.  It is covering the kitchen table.

   All the food is done and I think we are almost back to status quot.

     I was able to freeze 3 large bags of corn yesterday.  We had, fried green beans/yellow squash, sliced tomatoes, corn on the cob and whole grain baguette for dinner.  The baguette was free at Albertsons.  They are offering a free item every week.  I have gotten a case of water, tin foil and bread in the last few weeks. Even though we do not drink bottled water, we keep some in the garage fridge for missionaries to stop by and get a bottle, or the garbage men, who ever needs a cold pick me up.  It is over 100 here for about a month every summer.

     I did not get as much sewing done yesterday as I needed to and the littles are here today, so I will have to sew this evening.  I also had 5 wedding dresses come in yesterday.  YES, 5 wedding dresses plus two bridesmaid and one mother of the bride.  My next month will be a busy one.  Tonight I will work on the pile that was neglected yesterday.

     I just realized I have not updated any of my blog lists for the month.  I have not listed my goals, I am just in survival mode this week.  I can wait to do this. I just don't want to think of anything that needs to be done right now.  Wading through the wedding stuff was enough for awhile.

     Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Wednesday, still eating...

     My oh my, I don't think I will ever get caught up at this house.  Although I worked steady yesterday and got so much done I still feel like I am surrounded by stuff.  Hub's was able to wash all the dishes and I did get major sewing done.  So I am grateful for that.

     I took a car load of things over to Lil sis's and there is still more to sort.  My goal today is to get everything that our Bishop's daughter is going to use in boxes and have them come and pick this up.  That will get rid of some major things.

     On the food note I was able to make 4 gallons of really good beef stew.  I froze three and I am taking a gallon to my friend that I take a meal into once a week.  We skipped last week due to the wedding.  I have rolls left over in the freezer and we have one watermelon, one cantaloupe, and one honey dew, which I will cut up and take a bowl over. I have not figured out dessert yet.  I will also take a large bowl of fruit to a church camp out this Friday.  Then the wedding food is done.  Everything else is either frozen or cooked up.  Hooray!

     I must get out in the garden today and get tomatoes and squash picked.  Also everything needs water as it was 108 here yesterday.  With this heat either the plants burn or grow.  So I need to keep up on that.

     I sewed hard in the shop yesterday and it was busy, but every time I had a free minute I tried to do something either in the laundry or the wedding pile. I know I am making progress but when I look at the piles it still seems like there is so much to do.  One bite at a time.

     Yesterday I had a bride come in that had bought a wedding dress second hand that was way to big for her.  I just took it in about a month a go and it has been laying in the shop.  When you are taking in huge amounts of fabric on either side of a dress, alterations can be a nightmare.  She is getting married next week and came in for her first of many fittings.  That dress zipped up and fit like a glove! I felt like it was a holy miracle. I still have to cut and finish the inside and hem and do a few other things to it.  But that has never happened before.  God is good and he knew I needed a little pick me up.

     I have two wedding dresses coming in this afternoon to add to my chaos. So I really want to get the shop a little more organized if I can. Yesterday was Sheriff uniforms almost all day.  Today it is the pile of misc. items that all need done.  I will concentrate on the pile, then the wedding dress.

     I think the corn in the garden is ready so I will have hubs pick and shuck and then we will blanch tonight outside and freeze what is ready as we can't eat that much corn all at once.

     So today's list of to dos:

1. finish putting away laundry
2. pick garden and deal with produce
3. make dessert for meal to be taken in
4. cut up fruits
5. water all plants
6. scrub the two toilets. (they are awful)
7. get hub's to pick and shuck corn
8. blanch/freeze corn corn
9. get wedding things that will be taken to bishop sorted
10.get large container for all leftover disposable silverware and paper goods put away in garage.
11. Sew, sew, sew, the pile!
12. take things to Jim/Sue and pay them for wedding foods they purchased.
13. take a meal into friend.

That is quite a list and it all may not get done, but I will continue to eat the elephant.

Are you eating an elephant?  What are your plans for today?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Tuesday, How do you eat an elephant?

Daniel and Braunwyn, Korbel August 3rd 2019
      Here are the happy couple, but no one is happier than the mom-ma, that the whole darn thing is over.  B will be 27 this fall it is hard to believe she is that old.  My son-in-law has the most beautiful blue eyes.

This is a picture of the Palouse prairie , more wheat grows here per acre than any where else in the world.  It is beautiful country.

I see her shoes are up on the wall behind her.  They sure had fun at this wedding.  Those flower stakes were actually pew bows during the ceremony.

     I will keep showing pictures as they come in.

     The whole house at least the basement and my shop are covered in wedding things.  The linens are done and need to be passed onto the next wedding.  I am going through things slowly one box at a time.

     Yesterday Hub's started to wash many of the reusable plastic plates, but not all are done.  Maybe today this will be a goal.

     Just getting laundry caught up is taking time, as last week we just ran with scissors.  When I got home the main concern was the garden and all the produce that had been picked and then the overabundance of new produce to be picked.    I ended up throwing some yellow squash and a few zucchini away due to rot.  It could not be helped.  But I had two heaping kitchen sinks full of, yellow squash, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, and I also picked 1/2 gallon of blueberries that would have gone bad.

     There was some wedding food left over that needed or needs to be eaten or made into something else.  A bag of this and a bag of that.  One salmon, 1/2 a brisket, the salads we are eating down with just one small salad left.

     So the day was spent taking care of customers and dealing with produce, and sorting wedding things.  No sewing was done.  I have to sew today.

     I was on my feet all day yesterday until about 6:30 in the evening when I finally was able to get the kitchen cleaned up.  I froze the blueberries after cleaning them.  I sorted and snapped the green beans for later this week.  I then started to clean and chop the two sinks full of veggies.  It took all day to just pick and deal with the garden.  When ever a client came by and I was waiting while they changed I sorted wedding boxes, putting things into piles to deliver back to people that they belong to.  Mostly Lil sis.

     Buy 6 p.m. I was able to put up 17 quarts of a rich think spaghetti sauce.  I used Italian sausage and burger out of the freezer and of course all of the burger was bought at below $2.00 a lb.  As I have been using up my pantry staples since mom died, I used up the last large can of tomato paste.  So I ran to a store in my apron (I was stylin) where low and behold the butcher was putting out a box of 85/15 ground beef for $1.89 a pound.  I bought all 9 packages and then had to reseal them with my vacuum sealer.  Didn't mean to add to my chaos but I could not resist and the kitchen was already so messy what is one more thing?  My sanity was long gone.

     Last night was the last of the company as Aunty flew out this morning and my girlfriends and twin sister will leave today.  Sissie was just here with all the linens washed and folded.You got to love her.

     So at 6:30 I went over to Lil sis's for a girls night.  We ate wedding leftovers, and we soaked our feet and dipped our hands and feet in wax and laughed.  Hubs (got to love him) pressure canned all the sauce while I was gone.  It was over 100 here yesterday and will get to 108 today.  So he waited until the sun went down and it cooled off to can everything out on the outdoor canning set up we have.

     You don't know how good is feels to get all of that mess taken care of and to know that the garden is picked and will be quite for a day or two.    Today I will continue to clean and deal with food from the wedding.

     I have a whole grilled salmon in the fridge to debone and freeze.   Will use this later for bisque.  It has to be done today.  Fish and company. I also am making a huge pot of stew using cut up brisket, left over carrots and celery.  I will pull onions and potatoes from the garden.  I will freeze this in gallon bags.  That should take care of all the wedding food.

     So today I have my work cut out for me.

1. debone salmon and freeze
2. make stew up with left overs
3. continue to sort and put away wedding things
4. continue laundry ( last load just went into the wash)
5. wash up all reusable dishes, sew, sew

     The Sheriffs department just got all new uniforms and of course they came in late and all have to be in new uniforms by this week for an inspection, so I have uniforms due out today and tomorrow and more coming in every hour.  Is this my problem you ask ?  Why yes it is....  money, money. money I keep telling myself.

     I am eating this elephant one bite at a time.  Soon my life will return to semi normal.  I will never ever call it normal.  But I am sleeping well at night with no stress thoughts waking me, it is wonderful. I am grateful for family and good friends.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, August 5, 2019

Monday, Survived....

Just had to start out with one of the cutest parts of the ceremony.  My Schmills (William).  I am behind him in the pink dress and shoes. I am wearing my mothers pearls I inherited. My head is cut off so only the best part of me is showing.

    The wedding was wonderful.  I am not sure if my sisters are still speaking to me.  Lil sis keeps saying I am dead to her.

     It was so much work and all three of us about killed ourselves. I can never do this again.  If it hadn't been for good family and friends we never would have pulled it off.

     The brisket was divine and the 5 kinds of homemade ice cream were a hit.  We had huckleberry which of course went first, strawberry, vanilla, lemon velvet and chocolate chip grape nut which is a family favorite.

     The flowers were beautiful and my sisters did a superb job on the pew flowers and the wedding arch.  They had a few melt downs but once we got our act together they performed as I knew they would. My 84 year old aunt helped me pit together the 5 bridesmaid bouquets, and all the corsages and boutonnieres.  We saved the bridal bouquet for last and it was gorgeous.  While we were doing this I was running back and forth supervising the kitchen and the ice cream making.  No wonder my feet were blistered.  The wedding was at 5 p.m.

     I can't wait to share photos as they come in.  I was going to snap cell phone pictures throughout but I was too busy and could never find my cell phone.  We had many, many almost disasters, but God was with us and we were able to circumvent anything too awful.

     I think the hardest part was timing all the food.  The ceremony took place down at a pond on the property so 100 chairs had to be set up in church rows.  After the ceremony the officiant asked the men to carry chairs up to the wedding venue where the tables were set and the wedding party including me had to go do photos.  My sisters and sister in laws and friends had to run up the hill to beat the crowd and set out all the food.

So first course was:
drinks from bar (Sister in law was bartender)
deviled eggs (Sis)
smoked salmon  (hubs)
spinach dip with bread (Lil sis)
veggie trays
fruit trays
crack corn dip/chips (Lil sis)
tomato mozzarella/basil (Sissie)
cold shrimp/cocktail sauce (Lil sis)

After the bridal party actually the bride and groom came we had to move out the snacks and set out the main course.

Grilled whole Salmon (son in law and officiants husband) served off the bone
Smoked beef brisket  ( our best friends Jim/Sue) sliced to order
Potato salad(Friend Debbie)
Broccoli slaw (Lil sis)
Acini d pepe salad( Me with help of grooms mom and friend)
Shrimp pasta salad ( me with help of grooms mom and friend)

After main course we had to clear and set people up for dessert:

cake (daughter)
chocolate Fountain  ( friends Jim/Sue) with strawberries,large  pretzel sticks, graham crackers,and rice krispie pops (Sissie)
Chocolate cake pops (daughter made 100 of these)
5 kinds of home made ice cream which let me tell you was so delicious.( Sue/Jim)

Our friends Jim/Sue worked so hard all week to have the meat and everything ready for this wedding.  My sisters about killed themselves.  All of us had blistered feet by the end of the night, but it was beautiful and went off with many hitches.  It is done.  I am happy.

     It is hard to do a wedding with everything done by yourself and certainly would have been easier to cater everything and have the flowers done by a professional.  But we ended up with a beautiful wedding just a bit over budget. So I am grateful.

     We gave the bride a $5000.00 budget and said when the money was gone she had to do the rest.  Her sisters were very generous and kicked in for some things.  My flower cost was just under $200.00 and food ran about $850.00. We have lots of left overs so we will eat well for a week or so and have some to freeze. I had budgeted $1400.00 for flowers and food and we came under so that was good.

     Now I have to deal with wedding fall out.  Sissie just came over the gathered all the linens to take over to Lil sis's to soak and she will wash.  I think I am still dead to Lil sis right now.

     I really need to deal with left over food and the garden produce which will go bad if I don't hurry and pay attention.  So I am going to go check out the laundry situation and get that started.  I haven't done laundry in a week, and then get out to the garden and water the flowers, and pick all the overgrown produce.

     I am going to make large pots of spag sauce and beef stew this week and can them outside to use up all the left overs as we can't eat all of it now.

Well I am off, there is so much to do, but I am so relieved that it is over.  All three are educated and all three are married, my work now is to spoil the grand kids.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.