Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tuesday, about to give up

 Signe' took all the kids but Oliver last night to her place and I was finally able to get 4 dresses done.  Three have been picked up and the 4th will be later today.

Now I have 5 more that I want to get done today.  So far all I have done was fit three new brides, changed dirty pants, made homemade popsicles, and tried to stay ahead of the storm.  

My kitchen floor has that thwack, thwack sound. Hubs took the 4 littles to the park, and I hope the two youngest come back asleep.  I think Signe' is off work early today and she can take everyone to the pool along with grandpa and I can get something done.

I have kind of given up on the house. I tried getting up this morning and going through the house picking up things that did not belong.  I was counting the objects as I was trying to encourage myself through the mess that I used to call my home.  After I got to object 100, I gave up.  This is the way it is.

I have to run mail packages to my brother's girls and drop off two almond cakes that I made last night for a funeral tomorrow.  Then try and get back here to get something done.  Yeah, I was sewing frantically last night until after 10.  Then doing hand work after I got the cakes in the oven and out by 11:15. Tired I was.

But am I loving these grand kids?  You bet!

They grow up way too fast the little buggers.

So just when am I going to get to mop that kitchen floor?  Anyone want to guess?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, June 27, 2022

Monday, Grandkids!

 It is a little or a lot crazy here depending on how you see it.

Saturday morning Hubs and I got up and went over to Lil sis's sig other to help him clear off his deck. We also called our missionaries to help as there were very heavy cabinets that Lil sis and SO (Significant other) had pulled out of kitchen as he is doing a full remodel.  She said it almost killed them getting them out to deck and they needed to go downstairs and out to his shop.  So, missionaries came and in 20 minutes had those things in garage where he wanted them, and several other large heavy things moved.  It would have taken us forever. Plus, I don't know if could have done it.  We were very grateful.

Then Hubs and I drove about an hour away to Mosse creek where Hubs surveyed and lined out the roads about 25 years ago.  There is a nice campground there and we wanted to check it out. We are going to take our grandkids camping on Wed-Thur.  We wanted to check out availability.  Then we drove home as hubs had to play in the pit.

I was going to get the ironing done this weekend, but my right shoulder has really been bothering me especially at night.  I had three ball room wedding dresses to steam and press last week and those are so heavy.  I think I stressed the muscles around the shoulder doing those and my arthritis flared. So as to not aggravate it more I did not iron.

Sunday, we had missionaries over for BBG steak and just as we sat down the kids showed up, coming in from a Wedding they had attended in Nampa. They brought James and Danny with them.  Of course, all were hungry, but I had made extra potatoes, squash, and roast carrots, homemade biscuits. I also cut up a small roast and put it on skewers and BBQ'd them.  There was plenty of food for all.  Also had plenty of dishes to do. We took all swimming at Lil sis's after dinner to tire them out.

Nate and Signe were tired from traveling with 4 kids and WIlliam wanted to stay with James.  Sig was bringing Kelsa back down here this morning at 6:30 as she had a to be at the surgery at 7:00.  I told her to just leave her with us. So, we have all 4 kids. They were tired after swimming, and no one argued about going to bed.  Kelsa fell asleep on the way home and went right to bed.

Up at 7 and on dead run, empty dishwasher, make blueberry pancakes, clean house, make beds.  The house was a wreck.  You forget how fast 4 kids can poop up a house.  Our oldest grandson Danny is going on 12 and such a big help with the little kids and he is great with Kelsa. James and Schmills are only 6 weeks a part, so they are attached at the hip.  

I need to get Kelsa asleep after lunch, and Hubs will take the boys to Lil sis's to swim. Then I will get some sewing done. Signe will pick kids up this evening and take them to her house, and I will have some time maybe?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, June 24, 2022

Friday, Free day!

 It is a beautiful warm summer day outside.  Kim has all of her have too sewing done. Hubs is up watching Oliver. It is only 1:20 and I have an afternoon to do what I want.

I am going to finish straightening the house and vacuum. I will do a little banking.  I will make dinner, and then this evening I am going to binge watch TV and get the ironing done.  Doesn't that sound exciting?  Oh, I might also peruse the secondhand stores.

Sissie is at Sluggies right now and they are having fun without me. They taunt me with pictures.  I think it is very cruel.

But I am not going to let it get me down.  Also, Slug's sent me a nice present yesterday, so I have to love her.  It was a box of assorted goodies.  Makeup, and hair dye that I will use.  Also, a bunch of donut related objects that were so cute.  A bathbomb, a notebook, a luggage tag, and the cutest dish towels.  I am loved. 

So, in the shop there is on wedding dress left for July, and 8 dresses of various types. Plus, the piles.  All of this will be done next week before we leave for the fourth. I kind of feel on top of my game which is highly unusual.

Kim is off to get some fun!  What are you guys going to do for fun and excitement?

By the way my class taught last night was well received.  People really liked my list of 100 ways to save on groceries.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, June 23, 2022

Thursday, Another chart, thrifty doings

 I filled out another chart last night and got two wedding dresses out.  Yeah!  I have another going out today along with three bridesmaid dresses.  I only have one more July dress left, and I can start on August next week. But there are piles, and also many bridesmaid/ mothers of the bride dresses left for July.  I want all the ones that are due out for the 8th done before this weekend, as we have the boys next week and plan to do at least one night camping and then we are going to the eldest's for the 4th. Just trying to stay ahead of the game.

Hubs went to the dentist this morning and has a filling that is lose so he has to go back in and have that taken care of. But we will get a good discount on the work, plus the free x-rays and cleanings.  I am so grateful.

My brother and his family left this morning.  It was nice to see him, but boy that whole situation is such a mess.  There is nothing I can do to change it. All I can do is love them.  I will not enable the parents; I will send gifts to the girls.

I pulled chicken hind quarters and 3 lbs of burger out to thaw.  Don't know what I am going to do with them, but I will figure out something.  I was able to run to the nail salon late last night to get my nails done, it had been 5 weeks and they were beyond gross.

Both the kids are here today, and Hubs just took a very cranky Kelsa to the park to wing(swing).  Hopefully she will fall asleep on the way home, she was up at 6:30 this morning and needs to take a nap. She and Hubs can go down when they get home.  Hubs also took Will over to Lil sis's pool this morning for an hour to swim before the sun got too hot. Tomorrow he is up at Oliver's all day, and I will have a good day of sewing without interruption. 

I have two bridesmaid dresses I want to finish today besides getting this huge ball gown wedding dress out.  Then I want to get some housework done. I also have to teach that lesson tonight at the church on how to survive a recession.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change

2. saved all $5 bills now have a total of $575.00 so this week saved $60.00 this week

3. saved a $1, $5, $10, $20 bill

4. Did not eat out at all this week

5. cooked from scratch using things from freezer and storage.

6. found strawberries on a good sale and sliced and froze for jam later

7. picked fresh greens from garden for salads

8. picked up many free things at food bank at end of day, carrots, blueberries, zucchini, asparagus, apples.  Mostly produce and milk and juices. 

9. Continued to feed food scrapes to chickens, and also picking alfalfa for them

10. Used coupons at Joanns

11. downloaded receipts to fetch

12. looked for the least expensive lace to get gas.

13. went to second-hand store that had free bread.  They were ready to close and were throwing the produce away.  I paid $1 a loaf for 4 loaves of very expensive bread and picked up free lemons and limes.  I could have taken the bread for free, but I felt like a $4.00 donation was worth $14.00 in bread. 

14. Enjoyed my Lil sis's swimming pool, tried to help her by cleaning up and doing dishes and such with her company.

Well, I am off to get some things done. What did you do this week to save money?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Wednesday, Crappy adds, another rattlesnake

 Look at these beautiful, weird flowers.  I call them Dr. Suess flowers.  They last forever, picked them at Lil sis's she does not know what they are either. Oh, no!  You are seeing a doily at my house; I am so out of style..... Also the viola score to Cinderella.

Grocery adds are crap.  I mean real crap!  Thank goodness for a freezer and a storage.  I will not pay $1.29 for chicken, at least not yet.  I might be killing a chicken.

Took elderly neighbor to food bank late yesterday and came home with, two quarts of fresh blue berries, large carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, asparagus, boboli pizza crusts.  I have never tried those, but as they were going to toss them, I took them. I figured the grandkids would love to make their own pizzas.  Also, gallon of milk, three gallons of apple juice, some dried prunes, large bag of fish sticks.  Again, the grandkids will love these. Also, a large bag of mild shredded cheese. Two large bags of apples, which I will peel, slice and freeze for pies, those that we don't eat. So well worth the drive and gas to help the neighbor who does not drive anymore. Well that sounded bad, I would take her regardless even if I did not reap any benefits.

While at Lil sis's last night Hub's sent me a picture of a snake in our yard he had killed.  Great!

He had just been reading, sitting in the red chair.  He often reads out there out of the sun. After doing a perimeter check he found the hole dug under the snake fence where the critter got in and he plugged it.  He could see the snakes tracks in the dirt before it got to the river rock.

Now the grandsons that are due in next week are so excited.  I told hubs we have to make sure they don't go looking for snakes.

Sluggy, quit worrying they will just kiss your toes when you are out sitting in a lawn chair. I'm telling you guys Slug's is kind of a baby about snakes.

I have to steam today and not out my ears.  I spend a great deal of time ironing and steaming gowns.  It is part of my service, and I am not fond of this part. I have two large ball gowns to steam and three dresses. I would rather be sewing. In fact, if I could pay someone to do the steaming I would.

We just got back from Hub's consult, and he has to have surgery.  So we should be meeting with the surgeon within the month.  We feel good about this.  We could do radiation, and that might be a better option with Hubs dementia issues, but once radiation is done and the cancer comes back it is not an option and can lead to not good results. As hubs has an older brother and an Uncle that had a real hard time with this, we just feel this is the best route.

Well, I am off to get some steaming done and some sewing. I cooked up a large bag of pollock yesterday and there is plenty left for dinner along with salad from the garden. SO I don't have to cook.

By the way I was supposed to have the kids last night and all day today, but daughter decided I was too busy and gave me a reprieve. Thank my lucky stars. She wanted me to pick up the kids after I went to the food bank yesterday and I said no as I was so behind, and she would have to bring them down in the evening. I rarely say no so she knew I was overwhelmed.

Okay I swear I am going to get at least two dresses done, and at least two out today if it kills me.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Tuesday, another chart! Kim said no again!

 I am ahead on charts this year, mostly due to a busier bridal season and living in a house that is 1/2 the size, and the weather, that has been cooler, and my food storage feeding us.  Just all the little habits of saving that add up over time.  At the end of the month there is the extra. It is nice. 

I had the food bank contact me two times today to come work tonight and I said no as my brother is here and I am behind on sewing.   Kim said NO!!!!!!  I did not try and work it into my schedule. This is also the day I take my elderly neighbor to her food bank, where we go at the end of the giveaway and get anything they are throwing out.  Tuesday must just be food day at the banks.

Went to Lil sis's last night for dinner. I took a green salad and the rest of the shortcake and strawberries we had not eaten.  I picked a good quart of fresh strawberries from her patch, and many had gone bad as she has not had time to pick them. I will keep an eye on this as we go over to swim and freeze for jam later.

It is my sister in laws birthday tonight so I don't know what the plans are, but there will be plans.

Finished a wedding dress yesterday and got a good start on another that I hope to finish today.  I really need to attack the piles as they are getting out of hand.  Plus, I need to concentrate on dresses again as they are stacking up like firewood.

Hubs ate the rest of the shrimp salad for lunch, and some of the brats that were left over.  There is still enough meat and salad that I won't have to cook tonight.  I love leftovers, makes my life so much easier and no waste.

It has finally turned hot here for at least a few days, and I am loving it.  The gardens need that heat to flower, and we are a little behind. But I must also remember to water everything as I have not had to hardly at all this last 4 weeks. 

Hubs just left to go check out a volunteer project in some old person's house.  Again, I have to remind myself we are old people. 

We have the kids tonight and tomorrow, but Lil sis has agreed to take them most of the day tomorrow, so they can play with cousins, and I can sew.  Hubs will go over with them to help. Lil sis will watch them when we go in for Hubs consult with the urologist. 

It was fun to watch my nieces play in the pool.  They were having so much fun.  I was going to take them to buy some 4th of July clothes, but I talked to brother, and he said that they so loved getting boxes delivered on the porch, they would probably be more excited to have me mail them when they are home next week.  So, I will do that.  I know I will have to pay postage, but these two get so much joy out of it, it is worth it!

I actually got Hubs to get rid of 4 shirts.  It was a holy miracle.  Now Kim needs to downsize her ward robe.  But I need Sissie here to help.  She sends me so many lovely things, and I hate to get rid of things I might wear.  But my closet it at the point of the ridiculous. Right now, I have the ironing pile high, and I always wear the blouses I love first.  Maybe the ones that are left I could get rid of, but then I love them, or they were expensive (not that I paid for them).

Just how many blouses and pairs of shorts does one need? What is the magic number?  Having too much actually costs you money and time. I have neither.  Especially time. Nor do I have space.  Cramming the space full, just wrinkles the clothes I just ironed, plus leads to stress. This is something I really want to address.

Do any of you have too many clothes?  Does having too much stress you out?  What do you do about it?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, June 20, 2022

Monday, No break here

 Happy belated Father's Day.  We sure had a good one.  The weather cooperated for a nice BBQ.  The little babies ran around nakie with watermelon slices.  So cute.  They played in the kiddy pool and with the water table. We all ate way too much.

Hubs got many nice gifts from the girls.  He actually received 4 shirts and I told him he had to get rid of 4 shirts, as he had way too many. 

Kids left about 6:30 and we both collapsed.  Funny how they do that to us.

Of course, Dan was our focus yesterday and we kept getting Dan's name mixed up with Danny (my eldest's son) and Dan my Sissie's husband.  So Sissie's husband is now Granddan.  Dan is Dan and grandson is Danny. Otherwise, we have no idea who we are talking about. It took us a while to figure that out, with lots of confusion and laughter.

THE RAIN HELD OFF and it did not rain until after everyone left. It has been raining all day here again.

The shop has been uber busy with phone going nonstop and plenty of clients in and out. I plan on finishing a bride dress and getting two others started today.  The piles are getting out of hand so I do believe that will be in the works for part of tomorrow.

My youngest brother is in town with his family and is staying at Lil sis's.  We will go over tonight to visit. I wish I had, had a specific schedule for him, as I am booked out every day till Thursday with clients coming.  But oh well we will do what we have to in order to spend time with him. 

Cinderella was so much fun, but my two friends were so cute as they kept focusing on Hub's.  As in he is so handsome, yes, he unlike most men his age he has all his hair, he looks like a Kennedy brother.  Then they kept telling me what he was doing in the pit. " He has to play so fast, his fingers never get a rest, oh he is putting on his glasses", I am thinking really?  Watch the show.  They did enjoy the musical immensely. I just got a kick out of their fascination with Hubs playing the viola, as he was front and center in the pit right below the stage.  I never watch him, I have to listen to him.

Okay I am off to get some dresses done.  Wish me luck.  I need the phone to stop ringing please.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, June 18, 2022

Saturday, Feeling better about things today

Totally messing up the kitchen seemed to help my mood yesterday.  I made two pies, and three casseroles, and two cakes.  Then I sliced 10 lbs of strawberries and made two large bags for the freezer.  Really, I timed myself and slicing up those strawberries only took about 1/2 an hour.

Hubs had to be at the theater by 6.  I went and bought 10 lbs of potatoes and more onions. I went to Walmart, and the potatoes there all had bad spots.  I could not believe they would not look at the bags of produce they put out. I rarely buy any food at Wal mart.  Thier produce always goes bad much earlier than other stores.  But their onions were much cheaper, and we use a lot of onions.

I then went back to Winco and bought potatoes.  Which by the way were 3.98 for 10 lbs.  I have never spent that much on potatoes before.  Can't wait to go south and pick my own come fall if they even give us that option this year.

Tomorrow we are having the two girls and the kids down for a looks like wet BBQ. We are having hot dogs, brats, and burgers.  I am making strawberry shortcake and a shrimp salad, and beach bread, which is sliced tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, on a baguette, with olive oil and dipping sauce.  The fresh mozzarella was over $12.00 a pound.  The only reason I bought 8 oz. is because it is Dan's favorite.  Braunwyn told me that I would never spend that much money on cheese for her.  I told her she was right but this was for Dan. She got a good laugh.

I am taking two widows in our church to Cinderella tonight that will be fun.  I had two free tickets and I thought about who would enjoy the show.  So, this will be a night out for my friend who recently lost her husband and another woman who lost her husband last Christmas.

I need to make a shrimp salad this afternoon and I also want to make 8 more piecrusts for the freezer. 


Braunwyn told me she was woken up by Dan as he was making odd noises.  She tapped him and he did not respond, so she grabbed her cell phone and turned on the cell light and he was shaking with his eyes wide open and frothing at the mouth, She could not get him to respond.  She turned him on his side and removed anything that he could knock over like the lamp, then called 911.  She said the responders were there within minutes. Dan never responded while they were doing vitals, but all his vitals were normal.  He seemed angry that three men were in his room,  But he did not recognize Braunwyn.  The responders thought maybe it was drugs, as they do live in a college setting and Dan had a broken arm.  But B said no, he did not have any drugs.  Then Dan was able to get up to go to the bathroom and he completely did not observe the baby gate and walked right through it.  That is when the medics decided to transport him. 

I thought it was sweet that one of the policemen that showed stayed behind with B and helped her get Oliver ready and into the car and then followed her to the hospital to help her get inside with the baby.  How sweet was that?  Anyway, Dan did not come to his senses until after he was at the hospital.  He remembered nothing and had no idea how he got there.

In talking to my brother in law Sissies husband, he said these kind of seizures were very common in soldiers throughout his career as a medic.  Of course all the tests were done, they saw something and it turned out to be nothing, but were on anti seizure meds for life.  Dan's mom seemed to think this was also going to be the course of action.  She stayed up with the kids until early this morning. Dan has an appointment on July7th with the specialist. We are all feeling better today.

When B and Dan got home, she said his pillow was all bloody and sure enough he had bitten his tongue and it was very sore.  So, all the classic seizure things.

I had two wedding dresses picked up yesterday and I only have 4 more wedding dresses for July, unless last minute ones come in.  I am feeling pretty good about that.

Thanks so much for all your prayers and well wishes it means the world to me to have this army at my back.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, June 17, 2022

Friday, Crazy Day, late post!


My oh my does Kim need a moment to vent.   Well, I am always venting, but this a particular vent.

I started out this morning with the idea that Signe' would be bringing Oliver down along with Kelsa and Schmills, so she could get a few things done in town.  Didn't know that yesterday when she was supposed to have Oliver that Dan (his dad) was home sick. 

I guess Dan has been experiencing some weird symptoms, that he has been ignoring because he is a man, and he already has his arm in a cast.  He had been seriously vomiting all day and last night appeared to have a bad seizure.  My daughter got him into the hospital about 2 in the morning toting the baby with her.  She also called Dan's mom who made the two-hour drive to the hospital to pick up Oliver.

Dan had a CT scan that showed a wrinkle or a small tumor in the brain.  So, he was held for an MRI at 7 this morning.  The MRI shows a growth, and he is now scheduled for a biopsy up at Kootenai Hospital in Spokane Washington.  This is not good.  It was evident from the MRI that he had a seizure, and he is now on anti-seizure meds. Both kids are now home and sleeping and Oliver's grammi is still with him.

Dan did have a seizure when he was younger and showed the same results in scans.  SO, in comparing the different scans from then and now, it apparently shows changes.  Could the swelling be caused by the severe vomiting or vice versa? Plus, many bad headaches.  We are all very worried, and of course Braunwyn is scared, and I don't blame her.

 She has so much responsibility at the plant, problems getting day care and now a husband that possibly has a serious problem. B has a microbiology and a chemistry degree and is a level 2 operator for sewage and water treatment.  This is a field almost devoid of women. Even though most of her colleagues are much older than her and all men, she holds responsibility when the head boss is away. She will eventually take over the lab for 1/2 of the state of Washington, which will make her 9-5 M-F, but even then, she will still hold top spot for oversight. Her blessings are having two sets of parents who are close and take over as needed.

Hub's last MRI was very short, this last one was 40 minutes so that does not bode well for him either.  Thank goodness our consult is this coming Tuesday, so we don't have to wait forever for answers.

I woke this morning with such high hopes as yesterday I was able to completely finish a dress and get a good start on another. I was to take in a meal to a friend today whose mother is on hospice.  I took in a large pan of stuffed shells I had in the freezer, some French bread, a salad from our garden and I made Swedish almond cake. It was nice to see her mom who was a friend of my mother, and I was able to talk to her, but she is very weak.

I ran to Winco on the way home from dropping off the meal and they had strawberries for .98 a lb.  So, I picked up 10 lbs, to freeze.  I can make jam later if I don't use them in other things. I went to get some tater tots to make a few more casseroles for Dan and Braunwyn. 

I also agreed to make pies for the Father's Day celebration at church, So I pulled out my last two piecrusts and a big bag of apples I sliced and froze earlier.  Hub's favorite pie is Dutch apple, and I will make two of those one for here and one for the church.  I have to laugh as I made two almond cakes and they came out of the oven this morning at about 11:00 it is now 3:00 and there is one sliver left of the one I made for us.  Between Hubs, myself, Signe', Nate the babies and a couple of missionaries who stopped by, it was devoured.  


If you need me, I will be in the kitchen.

What do you do when you get bad news and are stressed?  How do you cope? Drinking is always an option....😀

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, June 16, 2022

Thursday, dismal grocery adds...

 No, I did not do this with the ground beef.  But I thought this was the most unappetizing picture I could come across.  Not that I don't love meat loaf and green beans, it is just the presentation that put me off.  This is how I feel about the grocery adds, yesterday. I mean dismal does not even begin to cut it.

We actually had nice weather yesterday, not hot but nice enough that we were able to sit on the back deck and eat dinner.  It was not raining.  Hubs was able to spray the weeds, which he has not been able to do at all due to rain and wind.

I must cut more lettuce today so I can keep it from bolting. 

Every day, when hubs and I go and get our daily cokes (yes, our one bad habit) we stop and cut a huge bag of alfalfa.  Then we take it to our chickens. It cuts down on the amount of feed they consume, and they love fresh food. We will continue to do this until it flowers.  I have talked to hubs about maybe just putting the lower part of our lot which is all rock and a drainage to alfalfa.  We can always throw the left over to the cows over the fence.  But then Hubs said the cattle would smell it and break down the fence to get to it.  I had never thought about that.  We already have to watch them as they do break the fencing every once in a while.  Still, we love having the cows and the babies right where we can see them. 

I sewed by hand on a wedding dress for 4 hours yesterday and I gave myself a real headache.  It of course was horsehair braid with lots of lace to reattach.  I pray it fits okay and it not too long.  Yikes I would hate to do that over. Today I want to get two more wedding dresses ripped and ready and then get to a few of the bridesmaids that have come in.  I was so happy to get all of them caught up a week ago and now low and behold I have 8 more lurking.  I swear they breed.

I think Signe' is bringing Oliver down tomorrow as she will have him for two days this week and she needs a break.  I love that these two sisters help care for each other's children.  I feel blessed that our family and our children's in laws take this so seriously.  She has some shopping to do and some appointments and then he will get picked up by his parents.  We can give the girl's extra eggs and lettuce.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change in my bank

2. saved all my $5 dollar bills  not as stellar as the previous weeks but not bad either. $40.00 so total now $515.00

3. saved a $1, $5, $10, $20 bill 

4.I paid the taxes with money saved for that purpose.

5. I paid off Hub's hearing aids! Now I can put that $500.00 a month to another bill

6. We searched for the least expensive place to get gas.

7. used lettuce from our garden for salad and sandwiches

8. Ate all meals at home except for one at hubs request.

9. Used coupons at Joanns for sewing supplies

10. downloaded all receipts to fetch

11. even though no great adds for groceries, went to Winco, and found brats marked down and bought 3 packages.  I use these for my sausage, as it is cheaper than buying bulk sausage.  Just take off the skins.

12. Made two meals last week with free food.  Baked potatoes from funeral, a head of cauliflower, cheese sauce with free cheese, free chicken legs from food pantry throw away, free bottle of BBQ sauce.  We ate on this for two days.

13. cleaned bathroom lower cupboards and found 6 bottles of shampoo and conditioner that I bought over 50% off and realized I don't have to buy more.

14. Let daughter know our electric toothbrush is acting wonky and she is bringing us a brand new one from her office!

15. found .2 cents this week Yippee!

16. parked at courthouse and walked around block to pay 5 different bills, small towns are great for that.

So what things did you do this week to save money?

Hubs just left for his MRI and we have a consult with doctor next week. This is moving fast so that has me worried. Say a prayer for him and me ( me nerves) 

 Not a great list but remember is all adds up over time.

 Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Wednesday, Keeping the man down!

 Hubs was shaky and weak when he got home.  Well, he is usually shaky, so this was no surprise.  He slept sitting up on the sofa most of the day.  I had to keep reminding him to stay down.  There was a lot more bleeding than I had thought there would be. He was told to take it easy, so I am really happy we had no grandkids.

I went out to start something with the burger I had thawed, and he was dozing.  I asked him what he wanted me to do with the burger and he said he was craving a sub sandwich from Jimmie Johns.  I said OKAY!   Well really all I was thinking is, I don't have to cook! But that is what he wanted, so that is what he got.

I did not get the day I wanted yesterday, even though I had no kids, it was hard to get myself started.  I realized while talking to my Sissie that it was the 14th and I had to get some bills paid, and then the house taxes are due on the 20th, and I had checks to cash out and I had enough cash to pay off Hub's hearing aids.  So, I took off thinking I could be back in an hour.  Yeah, like that happened.  But this was the route.

Drive to phone company drop off money, stop and get a soda at Mc D's, down to county courthouse to pay taxes, $1634.89, (ouch), then stop and pay off the rest of Hub's hearing aids (Yeah!), swing by bank go in and cash a check, drop by post office to mail a couple of bills, find another bank and wait a long time to fill out ridiculous paper work just to cash a check on one of their clients. Drop off water bill, drop off power bill. Realize that almost all of these things were within walking distance of each other.  It is the going into get it done that caused the slow down. Finally stop at my bank on the way up the hill.

I know, I know I need to set up payments online.  When Sissie gets here she is going to organize me.  I can actually pay most of these automatically, but I have never been in a financial position that I had enough to cover my bills.  Now that I am more debt free, I think I can do this, and it will be a game changer for me. I cannot pay the city water, or the taxes or the hearing aid bill (which is now gone!!!) online.  The city will not debit a checking account.  Nor will our small local phone place, but almost everything else can be paid while sitting at my computer. I am so behind on this new tech stuff.  And to think I have a degree in software.  Yeah, it is a 32-year-old degree and things have changed.  I am smart but also very dysfunctional in some ways. But I love me anyway.

This morning Hubs and I were on our way home from getting our daily cokes at Mcd's and He wanted me to drop him off so he could walk the 3 miles home the last 3/4 mile straight up hill and I said NO! Does he remember yesterday?  Does he?  And NO!  He is now out putzing in the yard. 

I got a late start sewing yesterday because of all of the bill paying nonsense. But I was able to get a good lot done.  I have major work to do today, plus I have to do something with that hamburger, no excuses this time. I have a bride picking up today and I need to get in and put a dress away and then start finishing another that goes out Friday.  Plus, I have a dress to put sleeve in.  Oh my! Then I want to get everything that is due out in July froward on the rack so I can see where I need to be before the end of the month. 

Okay I am off.  I think...

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.


Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Tuesday, I got things done!

 Isn't this the truth? It is so easy for me to worry and stew when I walk into my shop, or when I start getting client, after client coming in with product.  I have had two wedding dresses come in this morning and only one went out yesterday. I can allow myself to be overwhelmed or I can do something.  Yesterday was a perfect example.

It was a busy day and I had two grandkids here and it poured rain.  So, hubs could not take them outside or fishing or to the park. There were constant interruptions, not so much from the kids but from the phone and the door. 

Well, this is my life, and I can either figure out how to deal with it, or I can sit and worry about it. I chose to begin. I was rather surprised by the end of the day just how much I had accomplished. Piles were done, and I was able to get one wedding dress out and another two ripped and ready.  One was already tried on and I will finish it today.  The other will be tried on today so I can finish it.  Hopefully I can have three out by the end of the week.

Hubs had his biopsy this morning and he is in bed resting.  I think it took some pep out of him, poor guy. He goes in for an MRI tomorrow.  Because of this, our daughter hired a neighbor girl to watch the kids today, and Nate is taking tomorrow off, to allow Hubs to rest.  This is nice because I can really sew and get things done.

I need to make a quick trip and run out and pay bills today. Which I will do after this post. Don't want any late charges.  Then home to hit the shop.

1. hem a white dress

2. replace a zipper

3. put patches on vest

4. alter a pair of pants and put sleeves in a dress

5. finish a wedding dress

6.alter a pile of clothes and make a pillow cover

7. try and rip another wedding dress and call

8. try and rip another wedding dress and all

I have three pounds of hamburger thawed and have no idea what I am going to do with it.  But I will think of something.  Maybe make up taco meat, and some mini meat loafs. I think Land of the living skies, talked about cabbage, onions and ground beef cooked up and baked inside of bread dough.  Doesn't that sound lovely? I have no time to make bread dough.  Me must sew, me must.

But I also feel like I need to make Hubby something nice as he was such a trooper today. Do you ever baby your husband?

Now I have to get to work and that is what it is all about.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, June 13, 2022

Monday, The phone won't quit ringing

 Okay change that to diet coke.  This is my mantra right now.  I am a little sunbeam.  The phone won't quit ringing.

It is cold and rainy here and I had to put the heater back on.  But I guess if it was a normal June (is there such a thing as anormal June?) we would have the air conditioner on, so it is a break even.

Schmills has picked up my fascination with coins and is playing hard with a change jar.  He has so much change in his pockets that his pants are falling down.  But hey it keeps him occupied.

The phone will not quit ringing, and work is coming in at a pace way faster than I can do it.  Take a deep breath Kim.

Hubs and I actually went grocery shopping on Saturday, something we have not done for a couple of months. I have budgeted $70.00 a week for groceries, up from $50.00 a week last year.  Now I have not had to spend that, as I have only been buying what I need.  Like I ran out of Sesame oil so replaced that.  Plus, only buying the loss leaders. But we actually were low on carrots, onions, and salad fixings. I found strawberries for $1.28 a lb and bought 3 pounds.  If I had time I would go back and buy more to make jam. But that is not in the works for the week.

I have plenty of pasta, but I am out of shells as I make that shrimp salad so often.  We found a pasta on sale for .88 at Winco and Hubs had me buy several to stock up. So, we spent $68.00 but most of it was storage except the fresh things.  But it was interesting and scary to peruse the prices. 

I have to teach a class on surviving a recession, in a couple of weeks.  What topics do you think I should cover?  I plan on doing handouts, there is just too much info to cover.  But what do you guys think should be the main topic(s)?

I know how to save on groceries will be one, then how to save on gas, I think the necessary consumables are important.  But is there anything else you think could or should be covered? Having survived a really bad recession in my young married days, and then several smaller ones throughout the years, I learned a lot. Not that I survived that well as we had terrible debt and now have PTSD from it.

Anyway, I must get to work So much to do!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Friday, June 10, 2022

Friday, It can't be Friday! Kim says NO!

 Yikes!  It can't be Friday already, can it? Kim needs to get her butt in gear.  I have two dresses and 4 pairs of pants due out today, by this afternoon.  I have not touched a wedding dress all week and I wanted to have one out and three more ready for fittings.  Well, that did not happen.

We had a beautiful day for the funeral.  It was sunny and warm, and everything was lovely. I also have to say that Schmill's graduation was really, really cute.  Even though I thought it was unnecessary. Those little kids in caps and gowns were adorable.

Also, Kelsa has started to walk! The little bugger has refused to walk, and she is 22 months old. Remember how she would not pull herself up to stand and she was a year old.  Signe' and Nate had a specialist coming to the house for therapy and the little bugger pulled herself up and climbed on an ottoman the day before the appointment.  Well, they have a therapist coming today and she stands up at Schmill's graduation and walks across the gym.  I guess she didn't want her brother to have all the attention, the little minx.  But we are relieved. Probably won't be so much when we are watching her from now on.

It was a really long day yesterday.  Schmill's graduation was at 10:15, and we both had to get up early to get things loaded for the funeral and out the door.  We then had to drive 1hour.15 minutes to the cemetery to get the flowers set and we got there about noon.  Then back to the church for food set up and then back to cemetery for Hub's to go over music. The funeral was at 2 and it was just a graveside service.  As soon as it was over, we rushed back to church to wait for people to arrive.  It was a baked Potato, chili bar, with salads, rolls and cake. Hubs and I left and got home at 4:45, and I laid down immediately and slept until 8 p.m.  So tired.  Poor hubs had to go to pit practice until 11:30 last night.  Dress rehearsal is tonight, and I am going. He slept until 9 today he was so exhausted.

I am so happy it was nice yesterday as it is raining again today. The weather is supposed to be awful all weekend.  So, I will have no excuse not to get some things done like maybe sew?  Novel idea? Yes?

I just realized that I had a bridesmaid coming for a dress, so I ran into shop and hemmed and steamed it.  Took 10 minutes.  It is drying.  Little segue in the blog...

Hubs came home Wednesday night and said that the guest director for this musical was upset with the costuming, of a boy's scene and that the boys were not dressed in the period of the show. I knew that there were ten cream peasant shirts and breeches sets at the studio I used to own.  I could ask daughter to grab the bins when she was down there and they could borrow them, as Hubs could take them with him to rehearsal. They replied back yesterday when I was in the kitchen at the church that they had it taken care of but could I please help outfit 5 young girls?  They showed me a picture and they were supposed to be Cinderella's flower girls and let me tell you it was dismal. This would mean I would have to go and pull things and see that they fit and in less than 24 hours.  I said sorry no.  I felt bad, but their poor planning is not my problem. They should have asked me weeks ago for help.  I know they contacted me about dancing and I said no, and then they wanted to borrow the coach that I had made and I was able to get them that along with how to decorate it.  But now they need 5 dresses of various sizes in a Victorian setting.  I would have had to really doctor dance costumes to get this and yes I could have, but sorry not right now. I am getting better.  Kim before would have said yes to her own detriment.

I will run over to my friend's house before I go to the dress rehearsal to see how she is doing.  I actually picked up a package of gluten free oreos for her.  I also want to see how she is the day after the funeral when no one is there, and she is finally alone. I has been a long 10 days since her husband's death and I think it will finally set in.

  This is why we stayed at Hubs mom's for a week after his dad's death.  All the family left the day of the funeral and we stayed and I redecorated her living area.  She needed to be busy and a new environment. When hub's grandfather died, everyone left that day and I was the only one in town. Hub's grandmother had an awful time alone.  Jethelyn (my oldest she was 4) and I would go over every evening and just get grandma to eat.  If she was making Jethelyn something then she would eat something.  She lost over 40 lbs in her grief in just a few months. This is when I learned about how to attend grief.  I had just lost Franka about 8 months earlier.  I knew what she was going through.  It is a very hard time.

Well, I am off to get some sewing done and I mean it this time!!!!!

I missed Thrifty Thursday, so here is a Thrifty Friday
1. saved all my spare change
2. saved all my 5's now have $475.00 or $110.00 saved same as last week I mean really this is hard I could use this money elsewhere and I have to save it. But I will be grateful when I am going on my girls trip.
3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill
4. Used points to get a free gallon of apple juice for the grandbabies
5. saved my friend $720 dollars making a funeral spray plus gained a new experience 
6. dried heavy bedding outside between rainstorms
7. used all foods from pantry and freezer for meals no eating out
8. reused funeral flowers for bouquets and saved the saddle for the next time.
9. used coupons at Joanns
10. found the least expensive place to get gas
11. found several pennies this week at least .6
12. because of rain we have hardly had to water, which is saving us money.  Water here is so high.
13. we are picking a ton of lettuce from our garden more than we can eat, so we are blessing others and eating lots of salad.
14. stocked up on flour at least expensive price and put it in buckets for the year.
15. Daughter bought Hub's a year of dental care for Father's Day!  Now that is a blessing

Okay Kim is now getting to work, she promises.....

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, June 9, 2022

Thursday, Funeral

 Okay there are $82.00 worth of flowers in here and it took me about 1 hour to put this together.  More blooms than the florist who wanted to charge $800.00.  I do not have a banner that says beloved husband or father.

We are off to graduation and then onto Pomery it will be all day.  Wish me luck.  I do have on my black outdoor travel dress and comfy sandals as it is supposed to be 85, but I am taking my raincoat and umbrella. I don't trust the weatherman.

I watched a youtube post about, how your home looks dated and I laughed.   1.fringe on lamp shades, YEP

2. doilies, or crochet items, YEP

3. gold picture frames YEP hey some are 200 years old

4. dark mahogany woods. again, with the 200 or more years old YEP

4. display of china and crystal YEP

 Am I going to change anything? NOPE

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

I'm off like a prom dress ( such a bad girl)


Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Wednesday, Lesson learned, I think?

 If you have two almost 2-year old's, a 6-year-old and a 72-year-old, come home at 4:30 they are going to want dinner by 5.  If the 72-year-old leaves for pit practice, you will really get nothing done.  When the mom comes to pick up the 6-year-old and leaves the 2 almost 2-year old's, you will really, really get nothing done.

As one of the near twos only took a 40 minute nap (Kelsa) she was very grouchy and needed to go to bed early, but refused to go to bed period. What a pill.  Oliver was a gem.  Both woke up at 6:30 and I am not an early riser.  I let Hub's sleep until 8 as he has a late rehearsal again tonight. 

When I got done with making pancakes for breakfast, I looked around my house, and it looked like I had not spent yesterday cleaning it.  But I quickly cleaned the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher, made the beds, and I am ignoring the scattered toys, as those will be easy to clean up.

I did get my shop vacuumed and clean yesterday, but I do need to finish cleaning my sewing table.  Hub's has to run his time sheet to the school office and then I am going to lock myself in my shop.  

The grocery adds were dismal as usual. I am going to get the limit on shrimp, which is 2 from Albertsons, but that is it.  I do have to do a general shop at Winco tonight for a few fresh items we are low on.  I am making a double shrimp salad for a funeral tomorrow and some to leave at home.

I am grateful that I was able to get as caught up as I am in the shop, but I really want to get to at least 3 wedding dresses before the week is out.

I am also making the funeral spray for my friend's husband's coffin. So, my daughter will take me to Costco tonight to get flowers and I will fill in with cedar, hosta leaves, and anything else I can find to pick that will hold up.  A large spray can run around $800.00 here and I can make one for about 75.00.

So I have a busy evening ahead of me. Tomorrow Schmills has kindergarten graduation ( which I think is kind of silly) and then we have to leave for the funeral.  I have to get flowers to mortuary by noon. It will be a long day. Hubs is playing at the graveside and the luncheon after for the family. I will serve and help in the kitchen and then we have to hurry home as hub's had dress rehearsal.  I will be sewing.

Kim has learned that no sewing will get done when she is the only adult and there are two babies. Kim is a slow learner.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Tuesday, Another chart! I don't know?

 I completed another chart yesterday! It was a rather frustrating day as a very hard wedding dress I had done was too long, so I have to get inside and hem it.  Then I had another wedding dress come back as the girl had lost weight.  Not my fault, but I still have to fix it.  I felt like all I did was redo, and then when I sat down and figured out my day, I did make my quota, so I need to be a little less hard on myself.

I have a big pot of mixed beans I have soaked, and I am taking them out of the water and rinsing them and make a large pot of soup again. I took a bag of leftover ham out of the freezer and made Hubs a ham and cheese omelet for dinner. He will have ham and bean soup and a salad from the garden tonight.  He is back on his diet and hungry. No ore cookies around here for a while.

Hubs is up with Oliver today, and he will bring him down after 3 along with Schmills.  Mom will pick up Schmills when she gets off work.  We will have both babies tonight and all day tomorrow.  Hubs will be here to supervise outdoor play and he will take them to the park. It is a rough schedule with kids this week. Hubs also has pit practice every night this week and the show opens on Friday.  So, he will have long days and I will be with both babies until he gets home late.  I have to get everything done today as I won't get much done after he goes to rehearsal.

It is very easy to get nothing done when I have Kelsa.  It is not that she disrupts me much, I just use her as an excuse to do nothing.  Right now, she is playing with toys and watching COCO Melon. I can still be in the shop sewing; she will come find me and the door is open so I can hear her.  But I will sit and just waste time watching her and that cannot happen for the whole week.   Also, the house needs work desperately as in floors, wipe down and dust. I can do those things while she is here.  I raised three girls who were all tiny and busy and I still sewed and cleaned the house.  Why do I now set my butt in a chair when she comes over? Kim needs to rethink this habit, I have developed, just sitting while the kids are here.  I have work to do.  If not in the shop, then in the house....

We had another really bad rainstorm yesterday.  I felt bad for the people that had cleaned up after Sunday only to have to do it again.  On the bright side, I have not had to water the gardens or the pots.  Saves me time and money. Although watering is my excuse to go out and enjoy!

I washed the beautiful handmade quilt my daughter bought me in Hawaii, on delicate and I have it hanging out on the clothesline to dry.  It is a beautiful day today and I have to take advantage.  Although we are going to have more bad weather toward the end of the week.

So today as it will be kid crazy, Kim is going to get some things done before the chaos, starts.  By chaos I mean being left with two almost two-year old's this evening. I don't know do you think I can do it?

1. get bean soup started  Done in the first 15 minutes

2. empty dishwasher Done second 15 minutes

3. clean and organize shop and vacuum

4. vacuum and dust, spare bed room Done second 15 minutes

5. vacuum hall and dust vents Done second 15 minutes

6. clear dining table of odds and ends done in the first 15 minutes

7. vacuum front room and dust done second 15 minutes

8. vacuum dining room after sweeping and dusting done in 3rd timer

9. clean and wipe down family room and vacuum done in 4th timer

10. now mop all the floors 5th timer

11. wipe down the appliances 4th timer

12. call a client for pick up

13. get wedding dress hemmed again

14. pull two more wedding dresses and rip them to get ready to sew

15. clean the kitchen done in 3rd timer

16. vacuum master bedroom 3rd 15 minutes

Now how long is it going to take me to get the housework done?  I am going to set the timer for 15 min. and get started. Kim is not going to sit and do nothing.  Although she really likes to do that.

On you mark, get set, go!

Okay 15 minutes in did a couple of things, including greeting a client, changing a diaper and redressing a baby, more interruptions than I thought. 

Okay second 15 minutes got alot of vacuuming done and some of the kitchen cleaned but it is not done

3rd 15 minutes more vacuuming, took out all trash and relined small trash cans, also scrubbed the baseboards in the hall. Cleaned up some cat vomit hidden in front room, gross.  Why always the nicest room in house? 

took a 1/2 hour break to get Kelsa down for a nap

4th timer Kelsa down, wiped down appliances, wiped down family room tables, cleaned around dog dishes, pulled rubber rugs from kitchen and hosed them down.

5th timer, moped the house and then vacuumed  up any extra fluff 

6th timer, put mops and cleaning supplies away, put rugs back down, shook dog bed and returned This is taking a lot longer than I though it would, but I had to finish mopping with a baby on my hip. I want at least the house cleaned before Oliver gets here. 

So far although this is not easy with a little one and it does take longer, I have in 1.5 hours cleaned the entire house.  Well not the shop but that is coming.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative. 


Monday, June 6, 2022

Monday, Planning the week! and Thunderstorms!

This will be a very busy week and I am so glad I did not sew on Friday as I feel more energized for some reason.

We will have a lot of grandkid time this week as Braunwyn's schedule is M-F now for 6 weeks and she needs a sitter 4 days a week as opposed to 2 days.  Signe' is 4 days and Nate went to days.  

So, a lot of diving to pick up Schmills and this is his last week of school. I have to figure out how to get my sewing done and keep kids happy. Luckily Hubs is a big help in this area.

Hubs has gained some weight, and we are back to blah cooking.  I have love making pies and cookies.  But He lost 45 pounds the first year of covid and he was able to go off all meds for his prediabetes.  We want it to stay that way.  So back to cooking some kind of protein, and vegetable and salad. We will have a treat once a week.  We talked about it and when he got home from walking the dog, I found him slicing the last of the homemade sourdough and I asked him if he remembered our conversation?  He put the bread back. It is so hard as I crave carbs first and so does, he. I like cooking and just making a protein and a veggie, gets old for me.  Oh well, you do what you have to right?

We went to two different graduation parties yesterday, for old dance students and I must get graduation cards out this week for others. Also need to go pay all the local bills this week. 

I did an inventory of the shop and I have 9 wedding dresses to get out for July and assorted dresses.  I know more will come in but at least I have a grip on what is in there.  Now just to stay on top of it.

Hubs and I put 100 lbs of white flour in buckets for the rest of the year.  I just feel better, knowing that wheat may skyrocket. Even if it doesn't having staples like, flour, salt, wheat kernels, sugars, (white, brown, powdered), extra soda, baking powder, yeast, spices, oils of different varieties just makes me feel safe. I can make bread if I have to.  Even though Hubs should not be eating that much bread.  If push comes to shove we can still eat.

We had two really bad thunderstorms here yesterday.  So I think these last two rainstorms have taken us out of drought conditions.  This is a semi arid dessert region and the farmers that grow much of the countries wheat on the prairie do not irrigate.  Knowing that we have enough water in the soil is a great relief for this area. They rolled in fast and furious, with lots of lightening and wind.  We had some flash flooding in the area, and our lower lot filled with water.  (it is a drain field) I am so grateful we do not have the water problems here that we had at the other house. I bet you they are flooded.

So between kids, and sewing and a funeral I will have a busy week.

Have you stored any particular foods because of rising cost?  If so what are they? By the way in 1980 (during the Carter years) when we had gas prices rise from .56 cents to $1.20 it was a really bad recession. I remember 25 lbs of sugar was $12.00.  Today 25 lbs of sugar is only about $13.00.  So not a big difference.  Now flour is a much different story. You always want to look at your staples when it comes to rising prices.  There is no need to panic, just to be forewarned is to be forearmed. 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, June 3, 2022

Friday, Kim takes a day off!

  I was very tired yesterday, but I got everything done I had planned, and I have done that every day this week. I did an assessment of the shop and I have gotten my quota and then some done for the last 4 days. Although I love to sew it is mentally exhausting and the hand work can be grueling.

I woke up today just really blue, and I decided I had produced enough this week and I was not going to sew today.  Now I do have clients coming and going all day, but I will not be sewing. So, it is not a real day off, but anyone new calling I tell them to come in on Monday.

Kim needs to refresh and do something else.  If is not that I won't do anything, you all know me we enough to know I will do something.

Last night I went and bought a few more food grade buckets to store flour and sugar in and also picked up a few odds and ends to store. I found blue bonnet margarine that I only use in several baking recipes for .99 a pound and bought several of those as I have not seen them below 1.00 for a long time.  I cooked up all 5 large pork chops last night and we ate two and I am using the other three in egg rolls and fried rice.  I also took a 5 lb. bag of small granny smith apples that have sat on our counter for two weeks (I was given them at the food bank) I quartered and peeled them and then sliced them into fruit fresh water and drained and froze them for pies later.  I knew we would not eat them, and I was just biding my time for when I would feel like doing this.  Well that time was last night. 

When I left the shop last night, I could not get the door to shut, and I realized the screws on the hinges were springing.  I cannot leave the door open at night as our cat loves that room and will go nest on anything she can find.  She does it on purpose and is very devious about it.  It is like a game for her, not so much for me.  So, hubs first chore this morning was to fix the shop door.  He was grumbling that there was always something broken in the house, and I told him, "You and I are broken, get over it." 

So, what does Kim have planned with her free day today?  Well, I want to make Kimbap and eggrolls and fried rice today.  Kimbap is timing consuming, and I already have the rice cooker going. I am going to take egg rolls, fried rice and kimbap to a girl friend who has to get two wedding cakes out tomorrow. 

I really do love to cook, but most of my cooking is getting a meal on the stove and done in a 1/2 an hour and I have gotten quite good at it.  It will be fun to do something that will take some staging and effort.

Hubs had a great time 4 wheeling yesterday but then figured out the gas to get to the mountains and back, pulling a trailer and the cost of the more expensive fuel the 4-wheeler takes.  I told him to knock it off.  Yes, it cost X amount to go out and have a good time, but we all need to do that. He needs to do that.  Everyone needs down time.  It is not like he does this every week.

I just realized I am low on egg roll wrappers, and I need spinach, and I need some fake crab, so I will be running to the store. I know I should grow spinach in the garden, I think I need to add that. I will spend a little money to do something I want to do. Even though I am frugal, and I am trying to look at the costs and the future costs of things, I don't need to eat oatmeal three times a day. The rice cooker is done so I poured out the rice to cool and I filled the cooker again for the fried rice.  I have to add, sugar, salt, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, and sesame oil into the rice for the kimbap.   It is quite a process.

Hubs just got back with lawn mower gas, after he ran out mowing the yard.  I asked him if he had to take out a bank loan? I am so happy he is not commuting 100 miles roundtrip to work anymore.  Talk about a blessing.  The newspaper sent a letter that they have to raise the rates $1.00 a month to offset the carriers gas bills, as many carriers are quitting.  Most of our routes here are car routes because we are rural.  I think that is totally fair.  They said when gas went down that would lower back down. I am thinking of leaving a tip for my paper woman to help her offset the cost of gas.  She is a single mom, and it is her second job.  There are so many out there struggling in ways that we don't even think of. I need to be more mindful and grateful.

Well Kim is off to make a horrid mess of her kitchen.  How fun is that?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, June 2, 2022

Thursday, Bad case of the I don't want to's...


I have a very bad case of the I don't want to do anything.  There is just a never-ending supply of work and everything I tell myself just roles off my back.  I try my mantras as in "You are so blessed with work," and that is not working.

I sewed hard yesterday, and I was able to complete 5 hard items, but more things poured in. Wedding things are seasonal, but the piles are ever with me, and I have to stay on top of them. I was so pleased with myself working on Memorial Day and cleaning up those said piles and here we have new ones.  It is like I did nothing. Blah!

Okay deep breath, Kim. Now I am talking myself into getting busy.  Soon I will just set my timer for an hour and tell my inner brat they are not leaving the shop until the timer goes off.  Then when it does go off, I am usually in the middle of something and because I am a finisher, I keep going into the next hour. But I am telling you sometimes I just want to run away.

Anne remind me  please of my whining in January because I had nothing to do. Yes that did happen, once. long, long ago (5 months) I had nothing to do.

So today I swear I am going to get into the shop and get things done.

1. replace zipper in a golf coat

2, press three outfits and call owners as they are done and ready for pickup

3. hem and dress and fix straps

4. hem a dress

5. hem two pairs of jeans

6. put darts in two pairs of jeans

7. hem two pairs of police pants

8. take a jacket in

9. put together a bridal veil (bride getting married this weekend and her veil has not come in)

10. start another alteration on a dress.

11. hem two pair of groomsmen pants

12. mend missionary pants

I would really like to go through my rack and organize again according to dates and what kind of items need to be done.  This keeps me from missing anything.

Here it is Thursday again and time for me to list all the ways I have saved money this past week.

1. saved $50.46 in my penny can for the month

2.saved all my spare change

3. saved all my $5.00 bills now have $365.00 or $110.00 this week. I swear many people paid in 5's.  I think it is my best week ever.

4. saved a $1, $5, $10, $20 bill

5. ate all meals but one out of pantry and freezer

6. picked lettuce for salads and sandwiches from my plants

8.  Used coupons for Joanns

9. stocked up on soda that was 1/2 price and buy 2 get 3 free

10. bought 4 butters at $2.50 a pound, but best price in a long while

11. made cookies for snacks

12. used our abundance of eggs for egg salad and deviled eggs

13. researched the least expensive place to purchase white flour.  Turns out it is Albertson's so bought 80 lbs.  WW I can grind myself.

14. Stockpiled some mayo, cooking oil and crisco, as the prices have doubled and if you are going to cook from scratch to save money you need these things.

15. Bought another 25 lb bag of sugar to store.  Sugar prices have not risen that much which is amazing.

16. downloaded all rec'ts to fetch

17. wearing clothing that my Sissie sent me.  Free clothes Yeah!

18. picked up a package of porkchops with a 50% off sticker 5 chops for $2.30.  Always check the marked down meat section

19. picking wild alfalfa daily for the chickens, they love it and it helps reduce food costs

20. still using the large box full of dog treats that my Lil sis gave me when her dog passed. I still have a large box 1/2 full of different things for the dog.

21. researched the least expensive place to get gas.

All are small things, but they do add up.

I do fear we are going into a bad recession.  I don't think we have to panic, but I do think we have to prepare.  If you prepare you won't be hurt as badly by it.

Buy a few more cans of your favorite food.  Stock up on pantry essentials.  As prices continue to rise you will be prepared to endure the recession.

Have any of you stocked up on anything?  If you have what is it you have purchased?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Wednesday, Funny photo

Here is a picture of Signe' visiting Jethelyn's office at the courthouse.  Yes, it is an old Jail cell, complete with a metal ladder that leads to a high window in case there is an active shooter.  Try climbing ladder during a drill when you are 9 months pregnant in heels.  You have to escape to the roof. I just came across this photo, and it made me laugh. My girls are all comedians.  Sometimes I have to make them leave the table when they start the shenanigans. Let's not even talk about their behavior at church. I swear I lost more religion than I gained getting those miscreants there.

My girlfriends husband passed yesterday afternoon about 5.  I am very sad for her and for myself, but I am also glad it is over for him.  The last night I spent with him he was talking to people who were not there.  He was whispering so I did not know who he was talking to.  But then he said in a really loud voice.  Not Yet!  I thought to myself, how nice to be given a choice.  He planned his funeral the next day. Hubs will play at his graveside service.

I sewed hard yesterday, and I still have two more dresses to finish for a bride that will come in tomorrow.  Plus, I bought the wrong zipper for one of my coats and had to return it.  I want to get that put in today and another few dresses done.

I had a young girl probably 18 in my shop late yesterday afternoon that has ordered a prom dress that had a slit that was so high it showed her underwear.  Nothing I did to try and correct the problem made her happy.  She pouted and stood in front of the mirror, while her mom danced around her, and I was trying everything I could think of to correct the problem.  Finally, after an hour of my time and her sour attitude, I told her I charged 50.00 and hour for my time and she had to make a decision.  Ungrateful little wench.  But I blame the mother allowing her to act like that. I wanted to slap her.  Have you ever had to deal with someone that was horribly rude and ungrateful when you are trying to help them?  Well besides your own kids and then you can smack em.

Made a batch of molasses cookies last night as I noticed that we went out less for a treat last week as we had cookies. Instead of say grabbing an ice cream we just ate cookies at home.  I had 4 this morning when they came out of the oven, so I have had my share for today.

Hub's is up watching Kelsa today and he is going out on his 4-wheeler with a buddy tomorrow.  So, I have no excuse not to get sewing done. But I am sure looking for a reason. 

Wel I am off to set my timer and get some sewing done.  But me just wants to waste time.  Me really does.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.