Thursday, June 16, 2022

Thursday, dismal grocery adds...

 No, I did not do this with the ground beef.  But I thought this was the most unappetizing picture I could come across.  Not that I don't love meat loaf and green beans, it is just the presentation that put me off.  This is how I feel about the grocery adds, yesterday. I mean dismal does not even begin to cut it.

We actually had nice weather yesterday, not hot but nice enough that we were able to sit on the back deck and eat dinner.  It was not raining.  Hubs was able to spray the weeds, which he has not been able to do at all due to rain and wind.

I must cut more lettuce today so I can keep it from bolting. 

Every day, when hubs and I go and get our daily cokes (yes, our one bad habit) we stop and cut a huge bag of alfalfa.  Then we take it to our chickens. It cuts down on the amount of feed they consume, and they love fresh food. We will continue to do this until it flowers.  I have talked to hubs about maybe just putting the lower part of our lot which is all rock and a drainage to alfalfa.  We can always throw the left over to the cows over the fence.  But then Hubs said the cattle would smell it and break down the fence to get to it.  I had never thought about that.  We already have to watch them as they do break the fencing every once in a while.  Still, we love having the cows and the babies right where we can see them. 

I sewed by hand on a wedding dress for 4 hours yesterday and I gave myself a real headache.  It of course was horsehair braid with lots of lace to reattach.  I pray it fits okay and it not too long.  Yikes I would hate to do that over. Today I want to get two more wedding dresses ripped and ready and then get to a few of the bridesmaids that have come in.  I was so happy to get all of them caught up a week ago and now low and behold I have 8 more lurking.  I swear they breed.

I think Signe' is bringing Oliver down tomorrow as she will have him for two days this week and she needs a break.  I love that these two sisters help care for each other's children.  I feel blessed that our family and our children's in laws take this so seriously.  She has some shopping to do and some appointments and then he will get picked up by his parents.  We can give the girl's extra eggs and lettuce.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change in my bank

2. saved all my $5 dollar bills  not as stellar as the previous weeks but not bad either. $40.00 so total now $515.00

3. saved a $1, $5, $10, $20 bill 

4.I paid the taxes with money saved for that purpose.

5. I paid off Hub's hearing aids! Now I can put that $500.00 a month to another bill

6. We searched for the least expensive place to get gas.

7. used lettuce from our garden for salad and sandwiches

8. Ate all meals at home except for one at hubs request.

9. Used coupons at Joanns for sewing supplies

10. downloaded all receipts to fetch

11. even though no great adds for groceries, went to Winco, and found brats marked down and bought 3 packages.  I use these for my sausage, as it is cheaper than buying bulk sausage.  Just take off the skins.

12. Made two meals last week with free food.  Baked potatoes from funeral, a head of cauliflower, cheese sauce with free cheese, free chicken legs from food pantry throw away, free bottle of BBQ sauce.  We ate on this for two days.

13. cleaned bathroom lower cupboards and found 6 bottles of shampoo and conditioner that I bought over 50% off and realized I don't have to buy more.

14. Let daughter know our electric toothbrush is acting wonky and she is bringing us a brand new one from her office!

15. found .2 cents this week Yippee!

16. parked at courthouse and walked around block to pay 5 different bills, small towns are great for that.

So what things did you do this week to save money?

Hubs just left for his MRI and we have a consult with doctor next week. This is moving fast so that has me worried. Say a prayer for him and me ( me nerves) 

 Not a great list but remember is all adds up over time.

 Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Staying home, using what I have and using leftovers. Very hot and quiet week here.

  2. Not much myself other than decided we need to eat out less and hubs and daughter really need to eat lunch at home.

  3. We had three meals for both of us from dinners we picked up from church. Yay for me not cooking. Forgive me, but what surgery is he having? I forgot or it slipped right out of my brain. Ads for things I can use or want to buy are poor here.

  4. Every adult in my house works within 3 miles of each other so we are doing a lot of car pooling. Unfortunately our schedules don't line up so I am trying to have a list of errands that I can do while I wait. I also got into the habit of going into 2 different grocery stores on the last day of the sale to get half price items. I have too much and I am going to only stop at one every other week until I reduce my stock.

    1. I had to stop buying some things and just use things. No use stocking if you have to throw it out!

  5. Sending good thoughts for your husband, and you. A few thrifty things: Nick's residential tennis camp was cancelled, and the one he did this week was cheaper. It required more driving, but saved some $$. We still would have done the residential one, because it was a better fit for him, but what can you do. Went out to dinner for M's birthday, and took a bottle of wine with us. They have a corkage fee, but it's still cheaper than buying it at the restaurant. And, ate leftovers, picked things from the garden, etc.

    1. I am so waiting for our garden to start producing something other than herbs and lettuce!

  6. The visual of "Green Bean Pizzarino" is enough to put anyone off eating, period. I am still shuddering. On a more serious note, may the testing go smoothly for your husband and I hope you all can start to get some direction when you meet with the doctor next week. Holding you in my heart and thoughts, Kim.

  7. Great job my friend.

  8. I actually did this with meatloaf when the kids were little. BUT I put mashed potatoes in the middle. Always served meatloaf with mashed potatoes and corn. Still do to this day... poor Hubby