Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday, Sarah admits her guilt....

     So Sarah admitted slipping her new totals in under an old post and was surprised that I noticed.  SURPRISED!!!! I say I am watching her like a hawk.......  We are in this race together although I feel like the tortoise most of the time.  I get discouraged because in my head I can pay it off so much faster but in reality things come up.  It gets tricky.  But I know I can do this.

     We received Hub's statement from the State on his retirement in a little over a year.  It won't make much difference except that our insurance will be different and I am sure more expensive.  I think he gets to take all his vacation time and sick leave and buy out insurance for a few months but we have to see.  Scary, but also exciting. As fast as the year goes it will be here before we know it.  Hub's is carpooling again and it was so nice to get into the car and see it was still on full last night.  That will save me at least $120.00 a month through the winter.

     I was feeding the cat yesterday afternoon and I noticed a shiny spider by the slop sink in the laundry room.  Sure enough it was a black widow.  So I started to pull out spray and clean a little around the slop sink.  Well that then led to moving the small table between the washer and dryer and sure enough another spider.  Then I discovered that a bottle of laundry detergent had somehow cracked and had slowly poured out and made a terrible mess.  It had also corroded that fake particle board shelving it was on.  Gross.  So now I am moving the washer and the dryer, also very gross.  I mean who spills cat food under the dryer?  So because someone gave a mouse a cookie, I spent a good part of the morning moving cleaning and scrubbing the laundry room.  Then this proceeded into my shop which needed a thorough clean.  It looks so nice and I love working in a clean environment. 

     My goal is to have all things caught up before I leave in a week.  Now I have to pray for enough money to come in to do payroll.  So far I am broke!

     I have one more batch of pears to dry and I am done fore the season.  What am I going to have for dinner?  Hmmm... will go look.

Have a great and productive day.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday, Sarah is a sneak....

     Okay did you guys see that Sarah did not change her post but updated her totals?  Yeah, yeah, she did that.  I also updated my totals and I was less than $1000 away from getting ahead of her and then she slides in with another large payment and I am now $3400.00 behind.  That is it I am gong to have to go sell some blood or plasma.  She is kicking my butt right now, but this is war.  A war against debt and things at this camp are going to get better, because I love a challenge!  But good for Sarah, she is so close to breaking the $100,000.  I wonder who will do it first?  Hmm...(twisting my beard)

     I baked bread yesterday eve and made a pot roast for dinner.  I have some chicken breast in the fridge and am trying to figure what I will do with them.  I think I will cook and make a shredded chicken Caesar Salad, I don't like it but Hub's will.  We leave for Florida next week so I need to get my ducks in a row.  The nice thing about having us travel together is that I don't have to worry about making sure Hub's has money at home.  How much gas will he use? Will he write checks for groceries?  I can just go and know that even though I am not earning anything, he is not spending anything.  I have money put aside for the trip.

          We had a nice quite weekend and the kids got home last night from a weekend trip.  D#3 was really sick with a cold.  She went right home to bed.  Hope she is okay.  She looked miserable.  Her class load is really hard this year. D#2 has been sick with a bad virus but she seems to be better.  Just stay away from me!

     I need to run through this house, laundry, kitchen, organize, toss, throw away, pay bills.  The normal routine.  Blah!  I will fuel myself with dreams of how I am going to take down Sarah.  That will keep me motivated!

Have a great and productive day.



Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Afternoon!

     We went to a church breakfast this morning and of course I ate too much and none of it good for me.  Because I went for the doughnuts!  Sorry me has to have donuts,yum,yum,yum (said in cookie monster voice!)  Then hubs and I went and picked up part of my mom's Christmas present that was marked down to 70% off.  I have been watching them for weeks, go down slowly.  We also went grocery shopping and hit the meat sales and filled the car with gas.  Chicken thighs and legs .79 a lb., Good all meat bun franks (beef) .99 with $1 off coupon, Fresh coho salmon $4.99 lb.  bought a 6lb fish., Burger $2.99 in large packages,  peppered thick cut bacon $1.49 lb must buy 10 lbs and wrap yourself.  So a lot of meat wrapping when I got home.  I figure a chicken dinner with potatoes and veg will be about .50 a serving, not bad.  Stocked for at least a couple of months.  I also bought 2 beef roasts, $3.99 a lb and a T-bone steak marked way down.  I will have roast beef tomorrow and I froze the other two.

     Neighbor had brought over a big box of pears from the Orchard.  Again too large and scarred to sell so I have 1/3 of them in the dryer and and will do two more batches in the next couple of days.  Chickens are laying well and I take the eggs I don't use and sell them at the dance studio.  Usually 2 dozen a week.  It is an extra 6 bucks and it goes right into my piggy bank.  

     Missing my mom dreadfully.  I need to clean the shop it is a sty, maybe I will do that after this post. I posted new totals and I was just sure that I would be below Jenn and Sarah for just a few hours but not yet!  Dang, double dang.  I did however put at least $2500.00 on other studio bills as that is debt I really want paid off.  I would have liked to do the truck but I put it where the interest was higher.  That truck however is going down soon and I will get ahead I swear I will, Hahahahaha ( said with evil laugh)

  Okay I have no excuses now to not clean the shop, whimper, splat....

Have a great evening!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday, day off sort of...

     It is my day off.  Tonight is the Art walk downtown so I will have to go to the studio and see that window is presentable.  I also have many sewing projects to do today.  Showered and I have to fix my hair and put on some makeup so I don't scare the natives.  Then I am going to hit my machine full throttle.

     I have no plans for the weekend and that is nice.  No big list of to do's.  I won't have many more of these until after the Nutcracker.  I am going to do bills today and get totals to post.  I have many customers coming in this afternoon and the Homecoming dance is over the weekend we will be in Florida so the next two weeks should fill up with homecoming dresses.  I had better get my shop cleared out before that mess hits.  One more reason to be motivated.

     I think having mom here motivates me to get more work done.  Well put it this way, she has to have somebody to hound so she does it to me.  Makes her feel better and I get more work done.  I don't even find it aggravating, just a challenge.

     Out My Window:  Beautiful days, in the high 70's.  It is a beautiful Fall.

I need, have, must,get to work!

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday, Up late, trying to care:)

     I got up really late today and I don't care if I do anything although I have so much to do.  Just lazy and I think a little blue from mom leaving.  I am also very tired.  She is so much work on an emotional level.  If she comes here to stay we will have to work things out.  I was able to get everything done I normally do and her projects as well, but I cannot maintain that pace forever.  Two weeks were hard, it was like a stressful vacation, even though I really enjoyed it.

     We are involved in a little family drama with my brother right now and as usual he leads to mom's stress.  There is nothing we can do, he made his choices long ago and now has to live with them.  Mom just blames herself and then tries to help him and there is no helping someone who refuses  to take the blame for any thing he does.  So hard on her but the worse he gets the closer we have to getting her out of that mess and some where safe.

    Hub's and I had a nice talk last night and D#2 and I stayed up way too late talking, it was nice.  I bet her butt is dragging at work today, at least I could sleep in.

     Well I really, I mean really need to get some things done around here, mom is not here to do them for me.  Darn!  Sissie will you come out here for Christmas?

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday, Mom's going home

     Mom is going home today and I will miss her. We have had so much fun.  Yesterday we made 33 pints of huckelberry jam.  She has all her things packed up, we are just waiting on laundry.  She is sick this morning, but she is often sick to her stomach.  I just worry about her traveling while she is not feeling good. Every time I am with her I think this is not good she really needs to live with somebody.   I find her biggest problem is that she can't see.  It is scary how much she covers up.  But working with her and seeing her once impeccable work is proof that she is going blind. 

     She cannot see directions to read them.  She really should not be sewing anymore.  I think she does much more by touch than she realizes. Much of the ironing she did will have to be touched up, but some of it was great.  Again she works by touch and feel, but with a hot iron? Yikes. Making jam was a eye opener.  I had to watch her like a hawk as her attention span is poor.  I caught her not following directions and pots boiling over, not cleaning jars so they would seal.  She loves to do these kind of things but with her vision it is just too dangerous. If she wants to continue to have these hobbies she will have to move here.  I am really anxious about her driving.  She only drives during the day, but even that is a danger as far as I am concerned.

     I made a delicious shrimp pasta with a salad last night.  I found the shrimp in the freezer obviously left over as the bag was half empty.  The house keeper is upstairs and I need to get work done in the shop today.  I have not been very productive this week.  I have plenty to do.  Need to start carrying mom's stuff down stairs and pull the sheets off her bed.  It will be a lonely room now until she is back.

     I sat and figured out how much it would cost you if you had to buy all the ingredients for homemade huckleberry jam and it came out to $3.00 a jar.  Know wonder they charge the outrageous prices they do for it.  I try to recycle my jars, and people do return them.  I also wait until the end of the season and buy new on markdown.  Seals can be purchased for under a $1.  I stock up.  Our blueberries should produce enough next year and that will also be a savings. In the mean time the choice is to use a tank of gas or buy the berries.  With mom it was buy the berries.  Can't you see me out in the high mountains with this deaf, blind woman with a cane stumbling through the brush?  Yes, yes, some of you can:)

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday, makin jam'

My trusty, dusty  dansko tennies always make me happy!
     Mom and I bought huckel berries yesterday to make some jam today for gifts.  I really got nothing constructive done yesterday other than meet with the civic and get some things hashed out.  Mom and I pooped around.  Mom got a lot of ironing done which is nice.  But today once I get her started on the jam I need to get busy and take stock.  Also Hub's gets paid on Thursday so I can pay the last of the months bills and see where I stand on my totals.

     I could not sleep last night and I am groggy today.  I feel hung over and I do not like that.  I hope I can sleep better tonight. When I can't sleep I get into those late night I think I wasted my life moods.  I can dwell on all the things I should have done different, which is so stupid. Blah!  I am in a funk.

     I need to get to work to dispel the gloom.  Mom has to pack and organize her suitcases today.  What a job I tell you.  Her room is a disaster.  Looks like mine as  teenager.

     Well sitting here is not helping me lift the black cloud so I had better go do something constructive and stop complaining.  oh poor me, whine, sniff, choke,gasp.......

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday, Busy weekend!

Mom's Fall leaf Swedish Sour Cream Cookies
     Mom and I woke Saturday and put away the applesauce, then I did a little house work. I started to roll out cookie dough at 11:30 and did not finish until 3:30.  Mom insisted on doubling the recipe and it was already doubled!  After I cleaned up the kitchen Hub's and I went out and bought him a new belt and got a few groceries.  We went to Ross and he found a hand grind pasta maker really marked down, we also found an apple corer and peeler like my grandmother had when I was little.  he bought both.  I am not a big kitchen gadget fan.  I don't have room to store things and I hate crap just laying around.

     But I also have to be realistic. I could not bake bread, or make noodle dough with out this new powerful bosch mixer.  My hands will not knead any more.  I make most of my own pasta noodles and the dough is really hard for me to roll.  So here comes another gadget.  If it does not work well I will return it.  I do boxes of apples in the fall so this now peeler will come in very handy.  Again if it does not work it goes back!

     We took mom out to dinner Saturday night.  She loved it.  She really loves to go out.  We used gift cards so it cost us nothing but the tip. Then we came home and watch the last of the Roosevelt series.  So interesting as she lived all through that area.

     Mom frosted all the cookies while hubs ad I went to church.  Well actually we had made all the gold star cookies and bagged them for the children.  So she did the rest.  They were beautiful!  Looked just like a pile of fall leaves.  I don't want to eat them.  Just shellac them for a center piece.  Remember shellacked bread?  You had it as a center piece.  Please ignore the messy table we had not cleaned up yet!

     The two youngest girl and their boyfriends came for dinner.  It was lovely on the back deck, of course too much food so we will eat left overs today.  Washed dishes until 8:30 and then crashed in front of the TV.  Mom went to bed early as she was not feeling well.  She ate too many sweets.

     But this morning she is up like a mad woman and I have to get busy.  I have a late lunch meeting with the civic board and several teachers to solidify the Nutcracker.  Always something.

Out My Window:  Rainy and cool.  I can handle that.

I am off to the races!

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday, In the kitchen.

     Woke up with really stiff hands.  My medicine has been working really well so I cannot figure out why?  Then I realized that I had recovered that tractor seat and had used a heavy duty hand stapler.  In fact the owner had to come help me finish becasue my hands and arms gave out.  Stretching the fabric is hard work and this is why I do not do upholstery any more.  It really takes two.  We were both sweating by the time we were done. It looked great and he was happy.

     Mom and I did a little shopping yesterday and we were supposed to make cookies, but we just made the dough and we made applesauce instead and 4 pies.  2 apples, one pumpkin and one banana cream.  Why?  Because she wanted to!  We are still watching the new Roosevelt series by Ken Burns, it is very good.  One more episode left tonight.  I ate way too much pie last night and was miserable.  I have been really watching my weight and only have 5 lbs to get to where I was before steroids two years ago, but last night was wonderfully miserable.

     So today we are going to finish the applesauce and make cookies, I am sure we will get into other trouble.  Hub's is going to take us out to dinner.  At least I am not cooking.

     I have laundry and ironing and my shop needs to be cleaned.  I will hope to work those things in sometime during the day!

     Hubs needs to clean the chicken coop!

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday, Yippee!

     It's Friday, I don't know why that makes me so happy as I have just as much work today as I did yesterday and with mom here there is no chance of slacking.  I sewed hard yesterday and I only need to do a little today.  Okay one zipper, take in 3 dresses and recover a caterpillar seat and arms.  My neighbor is selling his cat!  That would be a huge diesel cat and I told him if he washed it and recovered the old rotten seat he would get more money.  Me and my big mouth;)

     Mom cleaned two more cupboards yesterday.  Today we are going to make cookies for my music kids at church.  Hub's also brought home another big bucket of apples, so we are going to be making more applesauce.  I made 5 loaves of bread yesterday afternoon before I left for the studio.  Mom baked it.  I also made homemade noodles for a big pot of chicken soup.  We will have leftovers tonight.

     I really get so much more done with her here when she is feeling so good.  I don't have to do as much cleaning and cooking.  I just kind of plan with her and she takes it from there.  I could get so used to this.  Of course she has been here when she has been very sick and that is a whole different story, but right now I am loving it!

     I am hoping to get out of my shop by noon  so I can enjoy the rest of the day with Mom. 

Out My Window:  Beautiful bluebird fall day.  The smoke has cleared the valley and we are breathing better.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday,my hardest day of the week!

     Last Thursday, I was about dead by the time I arrived home from the studio.  I am a little tired this mornig although up earlier. I will see how I feel tonight and I may have to adjust my schedule. 

     Mom is staying until the 24th and she has been so busy sewing and cooking.  Her eye sight is really bad, and I think she is coming to grips with that.  We had a meatloaf last night and mom made a potato salad with the left over potatoes from past dinners.  She also boiled up the chicken carcass we had from Tuesday and we will have homemade chicken soup today.  I will make bread today.

     I sewed hard yesterday and have a major amount of hemming to do today and also 28 button holes!   But once this pile is done I think I can breath for a while.  However work just keeps pouring in and I am happy about that.  I can tell mom is happy here, she feels of use and she keeps busy with hobbies.  I can help her when she gets stuck.

     I did get the bills paid I was worried about and I am looking forward to posting totals for this month, just hoping to make some extra progress.  I still have 4 sets of parents that have not paid tuition.  They are long standing students but need to get busy.  I talked to 3 of them last night.

Out My Window:  Chickens are laying well and mom uses many eggs so that is good.  Hub's mowed the front lawn last night and it looks so nice.  He will do the back tonight.  I want him to clean the chicken coup.

     Well I have at least 15 hems to do so I had better get busy.  Mom is still asleep.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday, need to pay attention?

      With Mom here it is kind of like a vacation.  So I am not paying attention to things like I should.  I almost missed a bill dead line.  I am messing up customer deadlines.  It's like mom and I are having a party and we have to get all these things done while she is here.  What I have to realize is that this may be a way of life soon.  Not that we can't party but I still have to pay attention.  Ugh!

     Took mom to both dumps yesterday, which she found fascinating.  Okay she is easy to please.  Then home to sew. I did not get done nearly enough.  Too many interruptions.  Today I will really try hard to concentrate on what needs to be done and quit pooping around.

     I need to pay a bill today, check on our medical savings and get it billed, clean the shop, sew, sew, sew!  and Iron, I can't stand it any more.  No more excuses.

I wonder what my excuse will be tomorrow?:)

Have a great and productive day!



Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday, Judy has offered to hide me:)

     Okay Sissie, I think we have found shelter, Judy will hide us.  Maybe we can take Sluggy along.  I will be the designated driver.  It is not even 9 a.m. here and mother is in sewing a blanket.  I am wiped out!  Well not really but I am not sure when she is going to crash.

     I did not get much sewing done yesterday.  Okay let me reword that I did not get any where near enough sewing done yesterday.  I did get the pond running again.  I did get all the rotted and broken flowers boxes in the back of the truck and my were they rotten.  In the back of my mind I was thinking maybe I could get one more year out of them, but NO!   I only had two Terra cotta pots that were not cracked or flaking.  All of this stuff is over 14 years old so I think I got the goody out of them.
     The garden is so nice and clean with just a few veggies left in it.  I still need to clean around the pond and over the garage.  Then all that is left is trimming the yard which will be days and days of work and I am not even going to face it until after we are back from Florida.

     Mom sewed and cleaned cupboards yesterday.  Yes Sissie cupboards.  She was down in the shop ( a very messy shop I might add) asking , "What is this pile?"  ironing "What is this pile?" ironing  I am in trouble she raised me better.

     I must make a trip to both dumps this morning to throw away pots and then all the yard waste.  Then I must hit the shop and not leave until I am caught up.  It is ridiculous it really is, because you all know I have been just sitting around doing nothing!

     We had left over beef and bortsch with new potatoes for dinner last night.  Tonight roast chicken, new spuds, new baby carrots, yum.

     I need to get to work!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday, in trouble with Sissie.....

     Okay I have  "The Mother" as we like to call her and I have not posted since last Thursday, so Sissie is upset as she cannot get a hold of me and does not know what is going on.  Well I can tell you the usual. 

     I drove over to Montana early Friday morning and Mom and I were back on the road coming home at 2:30.  Of course she brought enough stuff for a 6 months stay.  We arrived home about 8 in the evening and I was very tired.  But not as tired as I had been on Thursday evening so that is something I will have to fix later.

     Saturday I was up and in the garden for 5 hours putting it away.  It is still not done but getting closer.  Mom and I went and had our nails done and then we did a little grocery shopping.  Hub's and I took her out to dinner Saturday and she was happy.

     Sunday she turned into me.  Hub's and I went to church early as we had a conference and when I got home hoping for a long nap she had started making a big pot of applesauce.  She was cleaning my huge refrigerator, which was the mess from hell.  She had also started a load of laundry, made her bed and cleaned the kitchen.  I'm like,"Mom, what in the he??"  She is just tooling around.  Then I see that she has a pattern out on the dining room table and would I go down and put different thread in my machine as she can't see to thread it and could I help her get this pattern cut out?  Now she is boiling beets left in the crisper and she wants me to make borsch.  Okay,  I was hoping she would wind down for a nap. But first we have to put all the applesauce she has made in freezer bags and shred all the beets.  Sis can you see the mess? She finally did  go down and I laid down beside her and slept for 2.5 hours until she woke me up because she needed the machine thread color changed. So she sewed three baby blankets and wants to finish them today.  We ate her clam chowder she brought with her that was frozen in a cooler.  Clam chowder and borsch for dinner?  Will eat more tonight with beef and potatoes.  But the woman is running around here like she has a pre delivery nesting instinct and I expect a new brother or sister soon.  I am exhausted but I have a clean fridge!

     I jumped up this morning after sleeping later than I wanted.  I went to bank and post office to get bills paid.  The back of the truck is full of bags for the dump but I need to put quite a few more things in there.  I also have to clean my shop as it is a disaster and sew quite a bit today.  I think if I could get the ironing done it would help the shop as there are piles everywhere.  Also the laundry is backed up as the kids brought home about 4 loads from the college.  I don't have to be to the studio until 6:30 so I have time to get some things done, if I don't have too many interruptions.  My mother's middle name is interruption.

  Actually, my biggest problem right now is I have no plan for the day and I need a plan?  It is like I am lost in a fog.  What do I do first?  I have started the laundry, guess I will go upstairs and straighten the house and work on the deck as I can hear the shop bell from there.  If I can get the deck done and get to the dump before noon I can sew this afternoon.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday, answers and questions?

     Why am I going to Florida?  Hub's has a brother that lives in Florida and the family has been estranged from him for several years.  I won't go into the details, because like most family feuds they are stupid.  Just leave it to say that Mom and Dad, Hub's folks got put smack dab in the middle as they would not take sides.  It was an awful few years.  These two elderly people have their faults, but they did raise their family to be a close knit fun family.  Family is very important to them.  Hub's dad is very frail and has dementia.  Hub's mom is also frail but in very good health.  They desperately want to see their son and cannot make the trip alone just because of age reasons, 85,86.  Also son and his wife will bring up past problems which mom and dad can do nothing about.  This will be upsetting to them and they need to be protected.

     So enter us.  We agreed to take them down to Florida last year.  They will reimburse us for tickets.  In the mean time another sister and her husband decided to join us.  Then another sister and her husband are coming and finally that last sister decided to come down for a few days as she lives closer than the rest of us Idahoans.  So my mother and father-in-law will have all of their 5 kids together for the first time in 7 years.  Mom has cried buckets over this and it has been such an upsetting experience for her as a mother.  They really feel like their son was dead to them, by his choice by the way.  I am not to thrilled with all the family being there as I am an outsider and the more people you involve the harder things get, plus Hub's youngest sister is schizophrenic and heavily medicated.  She is kind and nice but can be a lot of work.  She is the baby of the family and a BABY!  One on one I love her in a group not so much.

     I realize the need for mom and dad to have closure.  I feel dad's days are numbered and he wants to see his first born. Dad is hard to deal with as all dementia patients are as they progress.  Mom is exhausted most of the time dealing with his behavior. I can somehow handle dad better than his real children.  They get upset with him and frustrated.  I have a way of getting him to laugh at his stupid behavior.  This trip cannot happen with out Hub's and I, the other kids cannot do it, as they have never traveled with dad and don't understand how hard it will be.  I also think it will be a great experience and a trip of a life time. I will sacrifice for this.  I will sacrifice for family, my feelings, my money, my time.  Families are forever.

     I had an exciting day yesterday.  I spent some time in the yard in the morning and in the evening.  I did some ironing and shop work.  Then I laid down for an hour before I had to go teach and I got a phone call.  It was a bride she had just got into town from 120 miles away and she was coming to pick up her dress.  I had her listed as the 21st not the 12th.  I shot out of bed and told her I could not see her until 6:30 as I had to teach dance.  I could have gone to the studio at 4 instead of 5, so a small white lie. Then I rushed downstairs.  In one hour I was able to triple bustle, take in the front and steam/press that dress.  What stress.  Now it could dry while I was at dance. I am just leaving for the studio I have 5 minutes to get there, and hub's comes down the hall from the front room choking  He just had is esophagus stretched 8 months ago and he is in trouble.  He was leaning over the slop sink in the laundry room.  I kept asking him if he was breathing, but when you are choking you can't talk.  Finally he was able to talk and I asked if he had gotten all the food out that was stuck.  He said yes.  I said before I leave you go get a diet coke and drink it.

     The acid in the coke bubbles up and eats away at the food.  Well sure enough all this soda foams up out of his mouth so he had not passed the food.  He told me to go; he would be fine.  I just did not feel good about that.  So I went and knocked on the boarders door and told him what was going on.  He has been a CNA for years and is in the nursing program at the college so I knew he could handle this, but he says, "I only have a scooter".  Drive one of our cars!  "I don't know the way to the hospital?"  Hub's can point the way there, or call 911.  I finally got the thumbs up to go and hubs was swallowing.  We had a good laugh when I came home.  The boarder and I agreed to split and life insurance money if he just steps over hub's body.  :)  That is a joke!

     I ran out of bags this morning(the big black trash/leaf bags) so I had to quit in the garden.  I did have a full truck load for the dump and went to the landfill this morning.  Now I need to clean up and get into the shop. I have a lot of hemming to do, before I go teach.

     Tomorrow I am driving to Missoula, to get my mom.  She is struggling with health issues and just needs to be here for a while. She will stay for a couple of weeks and then my step sister will take her back home.  I swear aged parents are a big time commitment, but I would not have it any other way.

     How do you deal with aged parents?
     Have any of you been in this situation?
     Can you offer any advise?

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday, late post!

     I was up early, but went straight to the yard.  Then I had to bathe as I was a total mess and stinky, then the customers started showing up.  SO I finally get to post. Housekeeper was here this morning so the upstairs looks great!  Saves me from having to do a run through.

     I did a full dehydrator load  of apples and pears.  I need to refill the trays after this post.  Dinner last night was bland, but lots of left overs so I combined the rice and chicken and I am adding onions, peppers, mushroom soup mix and making a casserole.  That is extra yummy.  Why because I added a lot of salt and calories.  Maybe I will add some cheese and make it even better.

     I did get tickets ordered for Florida.  Paid a little more than I wanted but got better seating as hub's about died last time we flew.  Also did a deal where I received 50,000 bonus miles/points which is enough to fly somewhere else.  I also did a little ironing, and a lot of sewing. 

     I have plenty to do today, and will keep plugging at the ironing and weeding.  Don't have to be to the studio until 5 today so I plan to get a little more done in the shop. Spending 2 hours out in the yard has put me behind, but it has to be done.  As I get done teaching today at 6:30 I can get a little more done out back, or maybe get hubs to help me load everything in the truck so I can go tot the dump tomorrow.

     I don't know why I think I can go out to the backyard jungle and get it whipped into shape in 2 hours.  I was disappointed with what I got done yesterday and this morning.  I was only able to weed 2 patios, and get part of the french drain cleaned out.  I have not touched the garden and the deck is a mess.  I am going to concentrate on the deck and boxes when I get home.  Then on to the garden tomorrow.  Many of my flower boxes are over 13 years old and are rotten on the bottom.  I told myself this is the last year I will use them.  I also have many Terra cotta pots that are breaking.  They only last so long in the elements.  I have painted them and reused them year after year.  So I am actually going to down size pots this fall.  All part of my make less work for Kim plan.

     Well I am behind so must go get crackin'
Oh added 4 new student to studio so that is good news!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday, doing better, I think?

     I did manage to get most of the things I needed to get done or needed to start working on started yesterday. The problem is that I have to start most of the things over and that is what I don't like.  Whine, whine, sniff.  Why can't things just stay done.  I swear life can just be monotony at times.  Like watching mold grow.  I still need to order tickets to Florida and at least that will be done, DONE.  I also did not get out in the yard at all.  Wondering how to fit that in? 

     It looks like I will only have to be at the studio at 6:30 on Mondays from now on so that is good!  I actually did not get any sewing done yesterday, but came home last night from the studio about 8:30 and was able to get my quota done.  So not having to go to the bank does have an advantage.  I have energy left for some sewing. Still have ironing to finish, and the regular chores.  But where to fit in the yard work, I don't know.  It may be that I don't have to really be or stay at studio on Tuesday's either.  We have a few bugs to work out in the schedule.  But if I don't have to be down there, great!  So instead of 4 nights a week like last year, it would be three.  Just trying to cut back.  More time for me.

     I put chicken breasts out to thaw and I am going to put them in Judy and also make a big thing of rice.  Chicken and rice and vegetables.  So I have dinner two days in a row, boy am I an over achiever.  Hub's won't know what to do with himself.  Hub's also brought home a big box of apples that I will need to dry, so I will have to get the dehydrator going.  Oh joy!  Because I don't have enough to do.

     Well I am off to see the wizard!

      Time to get this butt moving, tomorrow I will try to report that ironing is done, and tickets are ordered, dehydrator is started and I might have pulled a weed?

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday, Schedule?

     I really need to set a schedule for myself as summer was a little lazy.  So I am now trained to be a little lazy.  Just kind of dragging my feet about it is all. Things just run smoother with a schedule and I need smoother.  Two businesses and this house and yard make for a lot of work.  I would also like to leave some kind of dinner for hub's at least to start.  So I have to get organized. Blah!  Sissie?  I need your help?  Sissie is organized.  I feel waves of exhaustion running through my body, it happened right after I said the word organized.  I feel a nap coming on and I just got less than an hour ago, so I must fight off the sleep demons.

     We have a new boarder for a few months.  Younger brother of one of girls college friends.  He is in the nursing program here at the college and managed to get into a bad rooming situation.  His mother was having kittens, so we moved him in here.  Having had kittens many times I know how painful it is.  Anyway nice quite boy so far.  He only lived with his other mate 5 days so I can't imagine what went wrong.  He comes from a very nice family and I think he will be fine, we just have to adjust to another body in the house. We are also very close to the college, much closer than where he was living before.  No car just a mo-sped?  That was not going to go over well in the winter.  He can easily walk from here.

     So here are the things I must or should get done today.  Laundry, clean kitchen, run through house and straighten, make a deposit, order airline tickets to Florida, go to the bank, pay bills, ironing, yard work, sewing, teaching, what is for dinner?  Okay now do you see why I want to go back to bed?

     This blog post is not helping, it is just making me tired.  SPLAT!

Well I have so far, got dinner started in Judy, straightened the house, started the laundry, went to the bank to pay some bills, made a deposit, started ironing a few pieces, greeted a few clients.  I will keep moving.

Will report back tomorrow on progress, unless a bed grabs me first.

Have a great and productive day.



Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday, microwave death....

     My micro wave and Sharon's microwave must be related.  Mine decided to die last weekend.  I could jiggle the button and it would start.  Then I could stand a hold buttons and it would work.  So it was only mostly dead.  Then I was holding down the button and it blew a fuse in the kitchen so the stove and the fridge were out of power.  Hub's said no more finagling.  We did not want to lose the fridge in the process of going through the microwaves pockets and looking for loose change.  After a week of no microwave, hub's wanted a new one.

     Well my old one was a DCS convection microwave.  It was large and heavy.  So heavy in fact that the cart it was on was not very stable.  It had always sat on the portable dishwasher, but that died a couple of years ago and I finally had it taken to the recycle last winter.  So I bought a cart and Hub's hated the cart.  I liked it because it allowed me to store Judy and my grill where I could get to them.  It was getting really wobbly. Hub's is home alone in the evenings when I go to the studio so he is the one that reheats what I cook or he cooks.  There is no way I am going to spend the money to replace that expensive micro-wave.

     So yesterday after Nutcracker tryouts and the bride, we went to Sears and bought a small microwave and then to Shopko for a cart.  The cart was more than 1/2 off and very stable.  It has a small drawer and two shelves, so I can still store my beloved Judy and even put utensils away.  I have so little drawer space in my kitchen so this is great.  The cart was originally $199.00 and we bought it for $69.00.  I really like it and it does not wobble every time you shut the microwave door.  I paid cash for the two and hub's is happy.  Sometimes you just have to do what the other wants.

     We were going to go out to eat last night and we went to two restaurants and they both had long wait lines.  The big Rodeo is in town.  So we went to Albertson's and bought some chicken and a couple of sides.  Then I saw a rack of cooked ribs and we bought those.  Well the ribs were on special for $8.99.  I knew we did not need both but I could use them for dinner today.  I always watch at the grocer for mistaken prices.  The ribs rang up for $12.99.  I went back to the deli and sure enough here is the sign so I asked the deli manager and she says it was to be removed, so I was taken to the courtesy desk where I was given a refund and the ribs were free!  I was more than willing to pay the sale price, but that was there policy.  Not bad dinner for 3 or 4 meals for us for about  $12.00.  Kind of made up for the microwave?

Well I have 15 minute before I have to make myself beautiful for church.

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday, made it through the first week...

     Well I made it through the first week of the dance studio being open.  Now I did not do it well.  The house is a wreck, I am a wreck, but I will eventually get organized.  I will not go down to the studio tonight , but I do have Nutcracker auditions tomorrow morning and then I have to dress a bride tomorrow late.  Today I have one project in the shop and when that is done, I am cleaning this house, and working in the yard the rest of the day and I can hardly wait.

     The weather is perfect and beautiful.  I want to clean out a lot of flower boxes and just get all the garbage we have been saving (yard waste) into the truck and start weeding. The chicken coop needs to be cleaned.  I have been really lazy this week about cooking, shame on me.  I hope I can be a little more organized next week.

     I need to sit down and pay bills and figure out where I stand financially and I hope to be able to get everything caught up and then put a big old payment on the truck.  My goal is to pay it off this month, but I do not believe that will happen.  You know my old habit of paying too much on debt and then going back.  I am trying to keep myself from doing just that right now.  It is hard and I am so tempted.

     I had better get busy as I am still in my jammies.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday, I slept on my laundry:)

     Yes, I am reverting back to my slob days.  Last night when I went to bed(late), I forgot that I had put laundry on the bed.  Hub's put his away, but I dd not, so when I was feeling my way into bed in the dark I felt piles.  Not wanting to wake hubs I just shoved it all to the bottom and went to bed. I woke up to a few wash cloths on the floor.  I really need to get a routine going, but I am just in the fog right now.

     I finally am done with the wedding dresses for a week, well I have to steam one.  Then I have to line 4 bridesmaid skirts.  The shop is such a wreck.  Actually the house is kind of a wreck.  Or maybe I am just a wreck?  Having a hard time sleeping or at least staying asleep.  I might need to do something about that.

    Now that the studio is up and running, I should be able to pay this months studio bills and pay myself back some of the money I spent on the studio this summer.  This will help my debt go down some.  I am excited to see what the next few weeks holds as far as money goes.  I have no payroll this month and extra registration fees coming in for the year.  We might have a drum roll soon!

     Out My Window:  It is getting cooler at nights and the garden is slowing down.  Days are still quite warm, but not triple digit warm.

I am going to try to get motivated here.  Sometimes that is so hard.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday, think positive

     I did not feel well yesterday.  Swollen glands, feverish, and bad headache.  Tried to work through it but spent much of the day laying around.  Daughter came by for lunch around  2 and I was running a low grade fever.  Took meds and went to the studio at 4.  We had less enrollment in the younger classes which was alarming for me.  I did no advertising  this fall because of cost.  But Daughter felt that this was a good thing.  It will mean less payroll and less hassle and sometimes less is more.  Our Ballet classes are large and our Celtic classes are large and that is what counts.  I came home about 6:30 and changed into Jammies.  Then I went into the shop as I was feeling less achy.  I sewed about $125.00 worth of product due out today.

     Now I must make a deposit and get a wedding dress finished and steamed.  I am feeling better today.  Still have swollen glands and I am sure it is the Sjogren's syndrome raising its ugly head.  I really need to get a schedule set up for myself so I can use my time wisely.  I am a great time waster.

     One thing I can say that was really positive is that when I came home last night, tired and achy, I did not have to go and clean that D*&^ bank!  I have been teaching dance here for 22 years and have always had a cleaning job after lessons.  Well no more and it was so nice.

      My shop is such a mess right now and I am rather ashamed.  After I get these two wedding dresses out, I am going to attack it.  I think part of it may be the huge pile of ironing that might reach the ceiling if I don't get busy on it soon.  BLAH!  Sissie can you hop a flight and come do the ironing?
     I am off to do deposit and maybe dry my hair and put on some makeup.

Have a great and productive day.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday, Studio opens...

     I can't believe I am typing in teaching clothes.  I really have been ignoring the fact that the studio is going to open. Finally at 8 o'clock last night I went down with hubby to check on progress of floor.  Daughter and another teacher were dancing and it was spotless.  I just hung 2 new company pictures and I was out of there.  Really hoping to transfer ownership within a couple of years.  I keep telling myself this is the year we make it or break it.  I just want the debt paid off and if that can happen I will be happy.

     Now I must memorize a new schedule and within a month I will see how much I am needed.  One thing we did this year was have the baby classes later, and that is nice as it does not involve me leaving the shop right when the high school lets out.  This way altering prom and evening dresses for students will be easier. M-W I don't have to be at the studio until 5, T-Th at 4 so I can cut off shop hours at 4 and make evening appointments as necessary, after 6:30 most nights.  Clients who can't come on their lunch hours can come after dinner.  Works for me.  The shop is where I really make my money and I can control the amount when the arthritis rears its ugly head.

   I love teaching dance, I just can't handle the strain of the large shows any more.  The politics and the money issues drive me crazy.  If I could just deal with the kids it would be great!  I am getting old. Like crypt keeper old. But starting a new dance year is always exciting.

     Wedding dresses await and I have several other items that are due out tomorrow.  I need to get keys made and also get photo copies taken of enrollment sheets.  So I had better get into the salt mine.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday, 7 hours, I tell you 7 hours

     So after church yesterday, (we have late church from 1-4 p.m.) Hubs and I came home and  had thawed homemade spaghetti sauce.  We had spaghetti, and a fresca salad, with garden tomatoes and basil and fresh mozzarella.  I used the last of the home made bread.  Then daughter #2 called and wanted me up at the apartment.  As Hub's had string quartet practice I drove up to a third world country called college apartment.

     E gads I know I raised those kids better that that. Luckily one was at work until 2 in the morning so less fighting and blaming the other for the mess.  I know these two are adults but they are also sisters and sisters like to blame each other.  At least my sisters and I did and still do on occasion.  For instance the weight I lost before going to see my sissie is back becasue of her cooking!  Anyway, I immediately assessed the situation.  Other than needing a good vacuum the place was clean under neath, they just have too much stuff, unfortunately they get this from me.  I work all the time at de cluttering and I am certainly better than I used to be but it is a constant struggle. Now that both are established in the apartment, they needed to organize their stuff.

     Shoes, bags, boxes, too much kitchen, too many linens.  No one needs 10 pairs of black sweat pants.  We purged, and purged, I cannot say how much was thrown away.  All the D#2's dance clothes and running things were brought down here.  She has a nice closet and dresser in the basement bedroom.  She goes to work in sweats and changes into sterile clothes at her office, then back to sweats and now that the dance studio will be open she will change into dance clothes.  She also stays here a couple of nights a week.  So having those things down here is no problem.  She almost always stops by here for lunch and we discuss studio and upcoming things.  That alone eliminated much of the overload in clothes. Old running shirts and sports bras were tossed.  Beach season is over so beach towels were put in a bin and brought down to store here.

     I got up to the apartment, at 6:15 and at midnight I sent daughter to store, for (diet coke, I desperately needed one) toilet paper, paper towels, cat litter.  While she was gone I cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom.  Both were in pretty good shape it was the bedrooms and living areas that were overwhelming them.  So two shoes organizers, and a laundry sorter later things looked pretty good. I also moved their makeup area to the spare bedroom.  It will be a staging area for changing and makeup and laundry.  There is no reason they can't keep this organized with a little effort.  All the moving back and forth since last January, job changes, starts and restarts, have taken there tole on the organizational skills.  I was not going to leave it 1/2 done because it just gets trashed again.  Now it is done.  Shelves are up in the bathroom, closets are organized, drawers are assigned, study area, makeup area, they should be fine.

     I came home at 1:15.  That is 7 hours! I need to make bread today, and I have two wedding dresses that need work.  Hubs and I are going to go on a long bike ride.

     As paybacks are hell, Daughter #2 will be down today to clean the studio and lay all the marley floor with new tape. We have pictures to put up, and signs to make and hang.  She will have to do most of the work as I cannot really lay a floor any more.

Did anyone out there raise organized children?  I guess my first one was much better,but now that I think of it, she struggled also.  She is spotless now.  So there is hope.

Have a great and productive day!