Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday, makin jam'

My trusty, dusty  dansko tennies always make me happy!
     Mom and I bought huckel berries yesterday to make some jam today for gifts.  I really got nothing constructive done yesterday other than meet with the civic and get some things hashed out.  Mom and I pooped around.  Mom got a lot of ironing done which is nice.  But today once I get her started on the jam I need to get busy and take stock.  Also Hub's gets paid on Thursday so I can pay the last of the months bills and see where I stand on my totals.

     I could not sleep last night and I am groggy today.  I feel hung over and I do not like that.  I hope I can sleep better tonight. When I can't sleep I get into those late night I think I wasted my life moods.  I can dwell on all the things I should have done different, which is so stupid. Blah!  I am in a funk.

     I need to get to work to dispel the gloom.  Mom has to pack and organize her suitcases today.  What a job I tell you.  Her room is a disaster.  Looks like mine as  teenager.

     Well sitting here is not helping me lift the black cloud so I had better go do something constructive and stop complaining.  oh poor me, whine, sniff, choke,gasp.......

Have a great and productive day!


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