Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday, Studio opens...

     I can't believe I am typing in teaching clothes.  I really have been ignoring the fact that the studio is going to open. Finally at 8 o'clock last night I went down with hubby to check on progress of floor.  Daughter and another teacher were dancing and it was spotless.  I just hung 2 new company pictures and I was out of there.  Really hoping to transfer ownership within a couple of years.  I keep telling myself this is the year we make it or break it.  I just want the debt paid off and if that can happen I will be happy.

     Now I must memorize a new schedule and within a month I will see how much I am needed.  One thing we did this year was have the baby classes later, and that is nice as it does not involve me leaving the shop right when the high school lets out.  This way altering prom and evening dresses for students will be easier. M-W I don't have to be at the studio until 5, T-Th at 4 so I can cut off shop hours at 4 and make evening appointments as necessary, after 6:30 most nights.  Clients who can't come on their lunch hours can come after dinner.  Works for me.  The shop is where I really make my money and I can control the amount when the arthritis rears its ugly head.

   I love teaching dance, I just can't handle the strain of the large shows any more.  The politics and the money issues drive me crazy.  If I could just deal with the kids it would be great!  I am getting old. Like crypt keeper old. But starting a new dance year is always exciting.

     Wedding dresses await and I have several other items that are due out tomorrow.  I need to get keys made and also get photo copies taken of enrollment sheets.  So I had better get into the salt mine.

Have a great and productive day!


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