Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday, Yippee!

     It's Friday, I don't know why that makes me so happy as I have just as much work today as I did yesterday and with mom here there is no chance of slacking.  I sewed hard yesterday and I only need to do a little today.  Okay one zipper, take in 3 dresses and recover a caterpillar seat and arms.  My neighbor is selling his cat!  That would be a huge diesel cat and I told him if he washed it and recovered the old rotten seat he would get more money.  Me and my big mouth;)

     Mom cleaned two more cupboards yesterday.  Today we are going to make cookies for my music kids at church.  Hub's also brought home another big bucket of apples, so we are going to be making more applesauce.  I made 5 loaves of bread yesterday afternoon before I left for the studio.  Mom baked it.  I also made homemade noodles for a big pot of chicken soup.  We will have leftovers tonight.

     I really get so much more done with her here when she is feeling so good.  I don't have to do as much cleaning and cooking.  I just kind of plan with her and she takes it from there.  I could get so used to this.  Of course she has been here when she has been very sick and that is a whole different story, but right now I am loving it!

     I am hoping to get out of my shop by noon  so I can enjoy the rest of the day with Mom. 

Out My Window:  Beautiful bluebird fall day.  The smoke has cleared the valley and we are breathing better.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. That sounds lovely. I know I could have that with my stepmom, but she lives very far away. Maybe one day when my kiddos are gone!

    I get myself into more work by making suggestions too! One day we will learn!

  2. Cool! I put two loaves of bread in the machines yesterday and today they're almost all gone already. Someone is a true bready around here...