Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday, Busy weekend!

Mom's Fall leaf Swedish Sour Cream Cookies
     Mom and I woke Saturday and put away the applesauce, then I did a little house work. I started to roll out cookie dough at 11:30 and did not finish until 3:30.  Mom insisted on doubling the recipe and it was already doubled!  After I cleaned up the kitchen Hub's and I went out and bought him a new belt and got a few groceries.  We went to Ross and he found a hand grind pasta maker really marked down, we also found an apple corer and peeler like my grandmother had when I was little.  he bought both.  I am not a big kitchen gadget fan.  I don't have room to store things and I hate crap just laying around.

     But I also have to be realistic. I could not bake bread, or make noodle dough with out this new powerful bosch mixer.  My hands will not knead any more.  I make most of my own pasta noodles and the dough is really hard for me to roll.  So here comes another gadget.  If it does not work well I will return it.  I do boxes of apples in the fall so this now peeler will come in very handy.  Again if it does not work it goes back!

     We took mom out to dinner Saturday night.  She loved it.  She really loves to go out.  We used gift cards so it cost us nothing but the tip. Then we came home and watch the last of the Roosevelt series.  So interesting as she lived all through that area.

     Mom frosted all the cookies while hubs ad I went to church.  Well actually we had made all the gold star cookies and bagged them for the children.  So she did the rest.  They were beautiful!  Looked just like a pile of fall leaves.  I don't want to eat them.  Just shellac them for a center piece.  Remember shellacked bread?  You had it as a center piece.  Please ignore the messy table we had not cleaned up yet!

     The two youngest girl and their boyfriends came for dinner.  It was lovely on the back deck, of course too much food so we will eat left overs today.  Washed dishes until 8:30 and then crashed in front of the TV.  Mom went to bed early as she was not feeling well.  She ate too many sweets.

     But this morning she is up like a mad woman and I have to get busy.  I have a late lunch meeting with the civic board and several teachers to solidify the Nutcracker.  Always something.

Out My Window:  Rainy and cool.  I can handle that.

I am off to the races!

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. My best friend in the whole world surprised me with a bright red kitchen aid artisan for my Birthday in April. We have paddled and mixed many great things together when I can get him away from my mom or the girls..but seriously what did we do before them. My hands could never do the kneading for dough anymore and I know how bad yours are. Thank God for good hard working appliances like your bosch and my Pablo....did I tell you he is red...and so hard working. Ok have to get back to the work that actually pays the bills
    Hugs to you sissie and mom