Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday, think positive

     I did not feel well yesterday.  Swollen glands, feverish, and bad headache.  Tried to work through it but spent much of the day laying around.  Daughter came by for lunch around  2 and I was running a low grade fever.  Took meds and went to the studio at 4.  We had less enrollment in the younger classes which was alarming for me.  I did no advertising  this fall because of cost.  But Daughter felt that this was a good thing.  It will mean less payroll and less hassle and sometimes less is more.  Our Ballet classes are large and our Celtic classes are large and that is what counts.  I came home about 6:30 and changed into Jammies.  Then I went into the shop as I was feeling less achy.  I sewed about $125.00 worth of product due out today.

     Now I must make a deposit and get a wedding dress finished and steamed.  I am feeling better today.  Still have swollen glands and I am sure it is the Sjogren's syndrome raising its ugly head.  I really need to get a schedule set up for myself so I can use my time wisely.  I am a great time waster.

     One thing I can say that was really positive is that when I came home last night, tired and achy, I did not have to go and clean that D*&^ bank!  I have been teaching dance here for 22 years and have always had a cleaning job after lessons.  Well no more and it was so nice.

      My shop is such a mess right now and I am rather ashamed.  After I get these two wedding dresses out, I am going to attack it.  I think part of it may be the huge pile of ironing that might reach the ceiling if I don't get busy on it soon.  BLAH!  Sissie can you hop a flight and come do the ironing?
     I am off to do deposit and maybe dry my hair and put on some makeup.

Have a great and productive day.


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  1. I am so sorry that is it is flaring! Wish I was closer to help you in the shop!