Friday, October 30, 2020

Friday, No such thing as catching up....

      Well I thought I was catching up in the shop and now it looks like maybe not?  Lots of activity yesterday.  Just people in and out all day. Greeted my first customer in my pj's.  He will never be satisfied with another woman ,what can I say?  They were red flannel with snow flakes (the pj's.)

     I have zipper replacements coming out my ears, and coat relines which I love about as much as Army dress blues.  Almost done with some of Lil sis's curtains.  I hope to get at least the bedroom and family room ones finished today, if I can work around the zippers.

     Last night we had BLT"S and salad for dinner.  We also had the kids while daughter taught a zoom class. Schmills came in his batman  outfit and we ran to Walmart for a Halloween bucket.  He was able to go to Lil sis's to trick or treat last night and to our neighbors, as Hubs had tipped them off that he was coming. The neighbors told me not to leave Hubs with the baby as he roams the neighborhood with her and makes everyone jealous.  Which I am sure is his intent.

     I am going to do a potato sausage soup tonight for dinner, it just sounds good.  

     Tomorrow I hope to be able to help Lil sis get the basement brought upstairs, with the help of the missionaries.  Then we will go through all of mom's stuff.  What a lot of work.

     We have to decorate our car for a trick or Treat at our church in the evening.  It is a social distance with the kids getting a bag of candy and walking among the decorated cars. Sounds kind of lame to me, but we will try.

     I cast believe it is almost November, even though we are isolated so much with Covid time is moving quickly.  At least for me.

     DO you feel like the year has gone quickly or that it has drug?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, October 29, 2020

Thursday, Thrifty this week!

      I was able to get many piles done yesterday, and had my day lined up, but was snafued by an emergency state police job.  I am waiting for Hubs to get home so I can run to Joannes for a zipper.  State police received new uniforms and I have a pile to get done by tomorrow.

      On top of that I have curtains to hem for a client and a whole mess of curtains to remake for Lil sis's new house.  I tore apart her dining room curtains last night and washed them and I am remaking new valances for her new house.  These curtains match her dining chairs and we can know longer get the fabric.  I am also cutting up her old bedroom curtains which were purchased at Pier one.  They are too expensive to not use again.  You all know how I love curtains. NOT!

      The shop is a total mess and I really need to organize and clean after I do my sewing today. People need to pick up that would help some. What would really help is a good vacuum. But that means I would have to pickup the floor.

     I am also going to take a load to good will today.  Stuff I have tried to sell and no luck. I have some beautiful clothes that have had several inquiries, but I wear an 8-10 petite and that is a hard sell. I think I am huge.  This is a result of my dancing days, body image problems are for life I am afraid.

So what did I do to save money the last 7 days?

1. I saved all my 5 dollar bills added another 10.00

2. saved my change

3. ate legumes and beans for 3 meals last week

4. Kept weekly grocery to under 50.00 No good stock up items this week.  Most of the budget spent on fresh veggies.

5.Sold a pair of boots on face book market place for $100.00

6. Used a coupon  for a zipper at Joanns but made a profit back from client

7. found .13 moving little sister

8.Spent $700 getting both cars dents out.  If we had taken them to a body shop we would have had three $500 deductibles.   Plus our insurance would have gone up.  Hubs truck is 13 years old and pretty beat up but now has no dents, just scratches that we can buff.  My car however looks brand new and I had planned on just paying for this out of pocket and the bid I had was $1006.00 so we actually saved no mater how you look at this.

9. Cooked all meals from scratch and mostly from pantry, this is how I can keep my grocery bill so low.

What have you done this week to save money?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Wednesday, A day with the baby


Kelsa was intrigued by the Presidential debates last week.  Hubs had been hunting all day and I was a little perturbed by his dirty pants on my furniture. He needs a haircut and Kelsa needs hair.

Yesterday I play hookie and went up the hill to spend the day with Kelsa.  Just could not miss the opportunity although I really need to get into my shop today.

Kelsa and I are having a discussion.

She thinks my jokes are very funny.

Oh Grandma you are a crack up.  So How could I resist a good audience when daughter called to have me come up?  I mean 5 hours of this is worth everything. By the way she looks just like my Twin sister and my baby pictures, this will not serve her well later in life.

Now I am behind but I don't care, I will catch up.

I just discovered something I am the Queen of the 20 minute dinner.  How do I do this?  I cook ahead and keep it simple when I can.  Here is a 20 minute meal I prepared on Saturday after moving Lil sis all day.  It makes enough for 4 with seconds.

Take a bag of shrimp (I buy the frozen peel on for better flavor when on a good sale) and a package of pasta.  Any kind will do. Start pasta water and start shrimp in hot water on stove to facilitate shell removal.  While these are getting ready to boil or heat, melt one cube of butter, 2 cloves of minced garlic and one large minced onion.  Saute until translucent, add one pound of fresh sliced mushrooms, a pinch of pepper flakes, 1/2 cup of white wine, marsala or cooking .  Cook on low. Now peel shrimp and add to mixture and cook.  When your pasta water boils add pasta.   I only wait until shrimp are warm to touch to peel.  Now drain pasta dump all together if too dry add a drizzle of good olive oil and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.  Salt and pepper to taste. I also make a large salad while everything is cooking.

Buy large heads of salad greens and chop adding shredded carrots, sliced radishes, sliced peppers.  Keep this in fridge.  I remake this every three days.  So I don't have to buy those awful bagged salad things.  One head of red leaf lettuce will make a large salad.

This will be ready I swear in 20 minutes.

Yesterday as I was coming down the hill I thought about dinner.  Knowing I had shredded cooked chicken in the freezer and peppers about to go bad, I sliced up two onions and three large (red,yellow,orange)peppers put all in skillet with olive oil and saute. Add a pinch of pepper flakes,a dash or two of soy sauce, 1/4 tsp cumin,.  I took shredded chicken and defrosted in micro and added to my peppers and onions.  Squirt in some lime juice.  Now take flour tortillas (always have on hand) warm in micro and spread with sourcream add mixture roll up and serve with salad.  20 minutes tops

Also when you gook rice cook a lot. You can freeze and reheat and use in so many ways to make a quick meal or dessert. Hubs love hot rice with a little conning and sugar, raisins and cold milk.  I started a large portion of rice before I started slicing peppers yesterday.  I am kind of a lazy cook.  Cook a lot serve a second meal and freeze what you can.

Tonight I will do up a large portion of taco meat and freeze some for a quick meal later.

Well I had better get busy as I have been having way too much fun with babies.


Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Monday, October 26, 2020

Monday, busy days

      Well Lil sis is moved in and I am tired and sore.  We still have loads of work to do over at the old house, but right now we are concentrating on the new one.  I have curtains to remake from the old house.

     Right now we have a man in the garage trying to get dents out of our old truck.  I love to write about saving money but I need to write about how much money we spend also.  Which by the way is always too much.  Both of our cars have body damage and we plan on selling the truck before we get a new one down the road.  We will not use it as a trade in but sell it to some kid.  It is 12 years old and runs very well, but at that age we will get nothing for a trade in.  I do not want to pay a huge deductible to have it fixed perfectly only to have our insurance go up for years. I am not sure how much this will set us back, but I do know it will come out of my money.

     Last month we built the garden wall which was about $500.00 and I need to send my Sissie back money she sent me as a cushion when we were selling the house.  Still have not heard from the investment company and their pay back money sits in our checking waiting for the check we sent to them to clear.

     This waiting game we have played with them is taking forever. Well I am going back to Lil sis's for the day and then I will concentrate on the shop tomorrow.

No rest for the wicked,  I am very wicked.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, October 22, 2020

Thursday, Another chart bites the dust!

 Finished another chart this morning.  I have been out doing errands.  This will be a busy weekend with Lil sis closing tomorrow and us helping her move.  It is supposed to be 16 here on Saturday, we will have to bundle up.  But moving is hot heavy work, so if we have gloves and hats we will be fine.

I still have a few piles in the shop but no dresses or wedding dresses for the first time all year.  If I do run out of work I plan on working on Christmas gifts, I have plenty of fabric and can make things.

I am  starting a weekly thrifty Thursday blog post.  After all this is a financial blog.  I have been amiss with so much going on and things not being settled with the house finances yet. We are still waiting for the check to clear with our investment account.  I like Sam's thrifty Thursday posts( copying her) and also Sluggy's posts on Friday.

So here is the first of hopefully many:

1. I completed another savings chart and took over $600.00 to my bank.

2. added over $50.00 to my save 5.00 can that I started back up the middle of Sept.   It was on hold because of the house remodeling and the move.  But I am up to $205.00 so far!

3. found 2 pennies at Wal mart after a woman dropped them and left them.  Who does that?

4.Went to Wal mart ( I do not like shopping there) There is no sales tax on groceries in Washington where our local Walmart is.  They have sliced cheese for $1.85 a package compared to Winco which is $2.50 and then it is taxed.  I eat a lot of cheese and crackers for lunch and I like to have the slices to limit how much I eat.

5. I decided to shop at the Albertsons in Washington although I do not like the store as well as the one in my town but again no tax and let me tell you that 6 to 9 % adds up fast.  So if it is food stuffs I will buy in Washington. Today it was a free 1/2 gallon of icecream and free pasta sauce.  Normally make my own with home canned tomatoes but free is free. Also they had butter 1.99 limit 2 so that went into the freezer.  They had large heads of red and green leaf lettuce and celery for $1.00, and large bottles of diet coke .47 limit 4.  I paid less than $10.00 for all that.  In Idaho I would have added .60 for tax.  Every penny helps.

6. I still need to run to Winco which is the cheapest grocery store here for a few things.  The town is small enough that hitting all the stores costs very little gas.  Speaking of gas we drive 4 miles out to the Reservation where gas is .25 cents a gallon cheaper.

7. Sold a Jim Shore piece which was my mother's for $25.00

8. Made homemade chili and making split pea soup today which is super inexpensive  and we get many meals out of these.

9.Saved all odd coins for my pig bank which is sadly lacking this year.

10.  Only bought the loss leaders this week at grocer.

11. trying my hand at face book market place to sell of and de clutter so far not much luck, people just don't show, but I will persist.

What are you doing to save money?


Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Wednesday, Hubs check up was good!


   We just got back from the oncologist and  Hubs has not progressed at all in 6 months, so that is good.  We are in a holding pattern and may be for a few more years. We were both pleased and so was the doctor. So that is one less thing to worry about .

     I did get a lot of sewing done yesterday and I need to get in and attack the piles this afternoon.  Made a big crockpot of chili yesterday and it is sure good. I might be freezing a little if there is enough left over from to nights meal. I am going to make a pot of split pea soup with some of the ham I froze a couple of weeks ago.  It is just soup weather.  I love soup.

     Slugs called me from Ocean City this morning the dog.  Hubs and I should be there with them. This covid thing is the pitts.  I could really use a trip to the beach right now.

     Last night I went and bought  two large bags of Halloween candy and only came home with one bag, so I returned to the store with my receipt this morning asking about the other bag and it was waiting for me.  Our church requested large bags for sacks they are making up for the kids as they cannot trick or treat this year.

     I need to replace the runner rugs from my old house.  They are dirty and stained in some places, just have not found what I want yet. But daughter ordered some from a company that allows you to request the length so that might be an option.  The floors in this house really show dog and cat hair. If I don't sweep and vacuum every other day it starts to waft around in clumps. Thank goodness the house is smaller. I am thinking of getting one of those powerful rechargeable stick vacuums. Do any of you have any experience with them? I would still keep my big vacuum for the carpets, but I feel like I should vacuum everyday and I don't want to lug that big thing around.  

     I have eaten way to much of the candy, must get it out of the house.  NOW!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Tuesday, I am behind cause of Lil sis...

      I had started on a bridesmaid dress and had my shop work all lined up for the day and I receive a text from Lil sis.  She is overwhelmed and needs help.  So I finished up the dress and went over to her place and worked for about 4 hours.  I think we got everything ready for movers on Saturday.  There is really nothing else we can really do.  We have not touched the basement and that is going to be hell, but she will move into her new place before we actually get to her basement.  That is for another time.  Thank goodness.

      I was home about 5:30.  Hubs had to work at the high school until after nine. I got all the hand work done on another wedding dress last night. I will finish the hem after this post.  So now I am behind and I will really have to set my nose to a grind stone today.

     Hubs went hunting today which means he took his gun for a walk. Then he called me about 10:30 this morning and said his phone would not quit ringing and it made it hard to be quiet.   Told him to turn it off.  He can do that, I think?

     I have big pot of chili beans soaking as I am going to make chili after I finish a few things in the shop. Last night I went to look for burger in the freezer and found out that our freezer below the fridge in the house was not working.  The light would turn on and the ice maker worked but the food was defrosting.  In fact we lost some pops cycles and a gallon of ice cream.  Most of the meat was still partially frozen.  I figured it had been at least out for two days.  I could not believe that it was bad as it was only two years old.  So I pulled out the owners manual left to us by previous owners (bless them) and learned how to trouble shoot.  I do believe that little hands played with controls.  It was reset to be 40 degrees.  I do know that Schmills was caught messing with the ice water by his dad.  So I think he reset.  It is now working and freezing fine.We will have a discussion next time he comes.

     Isn't my life exciting?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.  




Monday, October 19, 2020

Monday, busy weekend

 Here is our Oliver on a quilt is Great Auntie made him.  He is getting so big. We got in lots of snuggles on Saturday night.

Sweet baby Kelsa all snuggled up in her grandma's arms, although she prefers Grandpa, the little traitor.

We celebrated D#2's birthday with pizza and pumpkin pie.  I cannot for the life of me find my sushi rolling mats.  I was all prepared to make Kimpa for her birthday and have no idea where those mats are.  Not like you can go and buy them in this small town.  I am sure after I replace them I will find the ones I own.  Isn't that the way it always is?  So I sprang for pizza.

I have loads to do in the shop to day plus I am working on trying to sell things via face book market place.  It takes time and can be frustrating as people don't show up and I refuse to wait to accommodate as they have skunked me so many times. You wait and disrupt your schedule and people don't show.

So today it is lots of piles, a wedding dress finish up and another bridesmaid to alter. I also need to call the bank and figure out about a money transfer.  We have not heard back from our loan repayment and that is a little nerve racking.   Need to check on that.

No big plans this week other than helping Lil sis move, and still helping daughter get her house in order, which is a slow process. Trying to really learn how to resell stuff and get rid of clutter while earning a little money.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, October 16, 2020

Friday, yesterday was busy

      Hubs and I were up early yesterday to both get to Home depot and get the last of the blocks for our garden wall.  We met the missionaries at our place at 10:00 to help unload and stack the remainder of the wall.  I had the three sister missionaries help me make up 15 plates of frosted cut out sugar cookies for different shut ins and others who needed a treat.  Then we had lunch of sub sandwiches made on large loaves of bread.  It is the least expensive way to feed nine 20 somethings.  We were done about one and I cleaned until 2 and then laid down as D#2 was coming with the kids at 5:15 to teach and then spend the night.

     She had been up for over 24 hours with Kelsa, who was sleeping fitfully.  We had her sleep with Hubs and I and she slept well.  Went down at 10:30 after a crying jag and slept until 4:11 then she had a bottle of breast milk and change of pants and slept again until 6:56, so daughter got a great nights sleep.Grandma and pa not too bad.

     I have several customers coming today (this morning) and then I have to go do some banking and we are off to do the missionary run, which will take about 5 hours.  We have not checked the out of town apartments since before covid.  So I don't know what we will find. This could be interesting.

     I had a bride in for a fitting yesterday and she was so funny.  She almost cried as her dress fit her so well.  It was not that big a job, but it looked like a sack before I started.  I have just never had that kind of a reaction before.

     I might go up to Daughters tonight, I know both girls are coming with their babies tomorrow, and then we have to go up to D#2's on Sunday to watch the kids while daughter works at Schmills school.  Daughter #2 will be 33 this coming Monday, so we will celebrate her birthday.

     Schmills and I carved a pumpkin last night and he enjoyed that so much.  We had it outside with a light in it to scare his mom when she came home from teaching.

     My life seems to have gotten busier but in a more pleasant way. I really enjoy having the kids closer and getting to spend so much time with my grandchildren.  They are such a gift.

     Tomorrow we are due at our Bishop's house at 9 to help sand down is deck while he is out of town.  Then I do have to make pies as daughter wants pumpkin pie for her birthday.  Daughter #3 and her husband and Oliver will spend the night Saturday, so that means a houseful for Pie and celebrate daughters birthday. Should probably think of something for dinner.  Hmmm.... Maybe a big pot of homemade chili?

     I will make plenty of pie crusts and freeze them for later.

Have a great and productive  day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

 The weather has really turned here and it is time for sweaters and socks.  Yikes, I feel like I did not get a summer.  This is the time of year Hubs and I usually travel.  I should be with Slug right now.  We should be eating donuts and taking in the sites. But here I am stuck at home.

  Trying to get daughters house put together is a lesson in frustration.  That baby cuts up, and our schedules just don't match up.  Last night I went up and all we accomplished was getting a very large and tall ceiling fan cleaned. I don't think it had ever been cleaned. Yuck.  Son in law was getting a shelving unit together when I left.  But every room looks like a bomb went off in it.  So frustrating.  I was going to go up today, but daughter was tired and had extra kids there after school plus she has to teach tonight.  I am tempted to just go up when she is not there and get Nathan to help me, but then Kelsa will need me. I think right now, just getting the laundry and meals, and Schmills off to school is all she can cope with.  I so remember those days.

I think once we get one room done it will inspire the rest.  I hope anyway. Still helping Lil sis with her move also.  She has sure sold a lot of furniture. My bride cancelled today and we will reschedule tomorrow.  I need to get into the shop and get uniforms done and a couple of pairs of pants hemmed.  Also need to run to joanns. Have a no idea what I am having for dinner, I had better figure it out.  Maybe hamburgers.

The only thing I saw in the sale adds this week for groceries was bacon and I went and got the limit.  Grocery prices are really rising here, I did not think they were but just in the last week I am seeing spikes. Are any of you noticing this trend?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Tuesday, sewing, sewing

 I almost have a wedding dress done and will finish it this afternoon, then onto another.I had several formals come in last night for a pageant person. Can't believe they are doing pageants with covid.  BUt I will do the work.

I just listed several things on market places and I am hoping to get rid of them.  If not gone in a week off to Good will they go.  Went over and helped Sissie empty the last of the drawers and the closets.  She is selling much of her furniture as her new place is much smaller.

Kelsa slept with grandma and Grandpa until 5:30 this morning and she was as good as gold.  Both kids got 8 hours of sleep.  I talked to daughter this morning and she is like a new person.

I hope to be able to get enough sewing done today that I can go up and help her at her house.  We will see.

Now I am going to call Sluggy and see how she is doing.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative. 


Monday, October 12, 2020

Monday, That baby!

 When ever Schmills gets disgusted with how much work Kelsa is he exclaims, "That baby!"  So now all of us are doing it.  She was a pill yesterday and last night.  We rocked, and bounced and could not get her to sleep for more than 1/2 an hour.  Everyone was exhausted.  Daughter went to sleep in our bed about 6 in the evening.  Hubs slept in his Sunday clothes on the sofa in the family room.  I took the baby from Nate about 9:50 and told him to go to bed as he had to get up at 5 to go to work.  Then it was Hubs and I.  I finally got her to go to sleep about 10:15 and stuck her between daughter and I in our King size bed.  She slept for 4 hours.  Daughter was up a little after 2 to pump and I kept Kelsa until about 5, just after Nate left for work.  Then I woke up Hubs and daughter went to spare room and hubs and I went to bed.  So daughter and Nate got some good sleep. Hubs and I not so much.  That baby!

Here are some pictures from the Native American store I am sewing things for.

We live just off the Nez Perce Indian reservation.  The Nez Perce were instrumental in saving Lewis and Clark.

Here is one of the Louis Vitton skirts I made up for the store. I will make more as I have time.  Ha!

I had a big ham dinner yesterday and the kids were very happy.  We boned the Ham and are going to make bean soup for dinner.  I was low on navy beans (another storage problem)  So Hubs and I ran to three places before I found a price I would pay. We were able to get 4 huge packages of meat off the ham plus enough for a huge pot of soup.  I made a double batch of corn bread and we can have that with it.  It was a good ham also.  Sometimes they can be so salty.  Nate was excited about fresh ham sandwiches in his lunch this week. 

The kids floors are done except for edging and now they have to fumigate the house, so they will be with us one more day I think. I can't wait to see the floors and to start helping daughter get that house out together.  I know it is stressing her out.  Heck it is stressing me out to have her stressed out.

I have a busy week ahead with two wedding dresses to get out and army dress blues, Salvation army dress blues, and sport coats to downsize (which is hard) also have several pairs of pants to hem and alter.  One of my brides is coming at 4 today so I need to get her dress ready for a fitting.

I tried to help Lil sis for a few short hours both Saturday and yesterday.  I took 10 large bags of things to good will yesterday.  It is amazing how much we have downsized and it still looks like we have not touched the place.  We have not even gotten to the basement.  That basement is full and I can't even think about it.

Anyway here is to a good week.  No more pressure from the wedding that shall not be named.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, October 11, 2020

Sunday, Whew!

      I had such a nice day Friday.  Got so much done on my list and at a leisurely pace. I just misspelled leisurely in the last sentence and spell check came up with urinalysis. What? Try and think like a computer Kim. 

     I went over a helped Lil sis for a couple hours yesterday, and we cleaned out all of her closets and drawers.  The total of goodwill is 5 huge bags of clothes.  She has needed to do this for a long, long time.  We put a couple of drawers full of Sissies things that she leaves in a suitcase so they are ready when she comes again.

     The kids are back as their house is having two seal coats on the new hardwood floors.  My daughter is so tired.  So after Hubs and I go to church, it is our week to go!  I am going to take Schmills to Lil sis's and Hubs will take babe and we will allow daughter to nap as long as she wants.

     Pulled a huge Ham I bought on a close out for dinner tonight.  It has finally turned cold here or colder and it is definitely fall. I put socks on for the first time in about 5 months. Socks and clogs my go to apparel. 

      It is going to be a very busy week, but right now I am just going to enjoy the grand kids and helping my Lil sis. To heck with next week.

Have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath.


Friday, October 9, 2020

Friday, I'm done! Free day for Kim!

   The awful camo 

Wedding is done it is out the door.  Sissie told me I am not allowed to mention it again.  So I hope she does not have her readers on for this post.  To say I am relieved and happy is an understatement.  Was it worth it?  NO!  The stress of that kind of sewing is never worth my time.  It just put me behind on all sorts of things including other sewing in my shop, but that is a complaint for another day.:)

     Today I will sew nothing.  It is a day for me to catch up and do the things I want or need to do. I have not had my nails done since the day Sissie arrived here in August so that is on the list.  I have not been to lil Sis's since Tuesday night as we have had Kelsa and I have been so behind.  So I want to go over there tonight and tomorrow. I do need to do some banking and this house is a wreck. I am craving pumpkin pies so I might just whip up a couple.  It is my day.  I don't get many of those.  Or I should say I don't allow myself many of those.

     There are sewing scraps everywhere as they seem to gravitate out of the shop.  This house seems to get very dusty, but then I have only really dusted once since we moved here so maybe it is just my poor housekeeping skills.  

     I have several things to list on a second hand web site. I have been inspired by Hawaiian  Planner.  She seems to sell things regularly.  So I am going to give it a try.  Every little bit helps.  If I keep typing I won't have to clean my house........ I wish my Sissie were here she would tell me how and what to do first. Oh by the way the ironing is totally out of control AGAIN. Heavy sigh.  But right now just having the time to clean my house is giving me great joy.  I am certifiable, I know.  There are no meds for my kind of problem.  I am so happy to have that stinking wedding out of my house that cleaning house seems like a treat.  And, And,And,And, I feel a list coming on..... Remember a few weeks ago a list would have sent me into a tail spin.  I think I am in recovery. For what I am not sure?

I am going to try top down cleaning the whole house rather than going from room to room and doing one room at a time.

1. dust all ceiling fans 4 of them

2. Dust all window blinds 8 of them    

3. Dust all high surfaces and shelves

4. Dust all furniture, 3 rooms have darker wood

5. scrub toilets and tubs 2 each

6. mop bathroom floors 2

7. clean off dining room table

8. straighten front room  

9. clean shop  THIS WILL BE A JOB

10. Move all furniture and sweep/vacuum  and mop floors

11. wipe down cupboards and appliances in kitchen.

12. go to Native American store

13. go to bank

14. go to post office

15. go get nails done 

16. list things on second hand site

17. make some pies 

18. clean all mirrors 8 of them

I wonder how long it will take me to get the cleaning done?  Will I get the cleaning done?  It is a little after 1 in the afternoon.  I think I will set my timer for 15 minutes and see just how much I can get done in that amount of time.

On you mark get set go!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Wednesday, Another chart!

 Another chart and onto #14. I went out yesterday and stocked up on tuna and mayo, so we fulfilled my yearning for lunch today.  I was able to get all the orange vests put together yesterday and the last camo vest for the groom is almost done.  I still have all the hand work, buttons and button holes, but as soon as the grooms is finished I will sit down and get all the seams that need to be closed by hand done , and mark all the button holes and the back ties attached on 6 of them, then do the button holes and add buttons.  The bride dress was still inch too long in front and the bustling hooks had to be adjusted. I feel like this will never end.

I hope by tomorrow to report I am finished with this fiasco.

Kelsa is here and demanding lots of attention which she is getting. She is starting to open her eyes more and be more alert.

Hubs is out working on the garden wall, we have to make good use of this good weather before it turns rainy.

Kelsa is squawking  so I had better go check on her, I mean after all she has been put down for 5 minutes.  Way too long.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Tuesday, I just wanted a tuna sandwich


After reading Slug's blog today, I was hungry for a tuna sandwich.  I was going to put it on black rye bread. Yum.  Well we had no tuna and what? NO MAYO..... These are storage items and I have been on such a roller coaster for the past, well year.  So in trying to down size the storage as we were moving and then, moving, and as busy as we have been, I have not paid any attention.  The storage really needs love.  But that is for another day my friends.

Alas, I just ate black bread with butter for lunch, I was jipped out of my delicious tuna sandwich. On top of that I am sad and missing my Sluggy.

However, I did get three of those vests sewn up yesterday and the bride is coming to try all the things on I have done.  Last night I cut out the remaining vests and my goal for the day is to get those sewn up.  Then I can sit and do the handwork while I watch TV.

     I was able to go and look at the inside of the house Lil sis is buying and I loved it.  Last night she started to clean out and downsize her dining room and part of her kitchen.  I will go over tonight to help her.  My oh my another move and we don't even have daughter really in her place yet.  You can't say I don't stay busy.

     Much of the smaller stuff Lil sis is getting rid of will be put out on tables in the front yard and labeled free, that which is not picked up will be taken to good will. Her larger items will be sold or given away to family and friends. There is an entire room full of mom's things still to be gone through.  That will be interesting.

     I need to run to Joanns for more vest lining as I was short one piece. Then I will sew orange, yes orange vests.  Oh fun, my life is so exciting.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, October 5, 2020

Monday, Thanks for all the compliments

      The camo wedding will soon be a thing of the past thank goodness.  My plan today is to get the three vests I have cut out done and the other 5 cut out.  I will be happy to see the end of this gig let me tell you!

     Spent most of the weekend at daughters, I feel like we make some progress, but with all the remodeling going on, it is two steps forward one step back.  We got all the things for my grandsons room moved in and are waiting for bunkbeds. We were able to move everything into Kelsa's room but it still needs lots of work.  Nothing has been hung and with the hardwoods not being done in the hallway, it is no use hanging anything.  They will have to be sanded, and that will create a fine mess of everything.  We might as well wait until they are done, less dusting.

     But for right now, they have a workable kitchen and beds in the rooms and the bathrooms are unpacked.  The house is livable although chaotic.

     News on Lil sis's house.  The sewer inspection did not pass.  The sewer was collapsed, so now the home sellers must either fix it or adjust the price. I have not heard what is going to happen.  Although this puts off her closing for another couple of weeks I would think.

     Well I am off to sew vests and get my work done.  Wish me luck!

Have a great and productive day staying positivist while you are in the negative.


Saturday, October 3, 2020

Saturday, Camo wedding!

 Here it is in all it's glory.  I had to remove the bottom band and cut off 4 inches and then replace it.  The flower girl dress had to be altered and the petals tailor tacked throughout the netting.

I did get everything done yesterday I said I wanted to do.  So I am happy.  I actually was able to cut out 3 of the vests and I have 5 more to cut out, but I am going to sew these first.

Today we are going up to daughters to help. I have a large meatloaf I am working on that I will take up to put in the oven later in the afternoon. also baked potatoes, salad and corn.  If there is a hot meal at the right time, everyone works better.  Also there are no restaurants or fast food places in this small town.  If you are worried about stopping to fix a meal it throws off the whole day.

 The back of this dress laces up with a long train.

I had to let out two of the bridesmaid dresses.  Remember when ordering a dress (most come from China) take your measurements and go up one size.  They will send you what they have regardless, but almost always will send up or down a size.  It is a very unfair and dishonest market.  Americans usually don't send things back.  It is better to have large than small.  These two girls did not like what their measurements said so just ordered their american size which is hugely inflated compared to the rest of the world.  Redeemer at Chico's everyone is a size 1 or 2.  A good marketing ploy. It makes us feel smaller than we are.

You can also see the veil edged with camo in this picture.  Sorry for the poor quality a photographer I am not. It took me three hours to hand stitch this bugger.

I am so happy I have this much done.  It takes about 1/2 and hour for me to assemble a vest without buttons and button holes. I will do all the buttonholes at the end.

So that was my day yesterday.  Now onto Kelsa cuddles and lots of moving and unpacking and cleaning.

Have a great and producible day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, October 2, 2020

Friday, At last, this week will never end


A little princess picture of our Kelsa.  Her mom brought her here last night while she taught and I got in lots of snuggles.  She still curls up in a ball on your chest, but that will be gone in a few weeks.  She looks so much like my twin sister when she is sleeping.

Both hubs and I were worn out yesterday and I did not get as much done as I wanted, but today I am not going to pussy foot around. I am getting that dang camo wedding at least 1/2 done.

Hubs went and got the last 20 blocks and is unloading them himself, which has me worried. But once they are here, it will be one less thing to think about.The sprinkler system was sprayed out yesterday, which is much earlier than we had it done in the other neighborhood.  We used to worry that it would be too late and we would have a freeze.  I guess this ritzier neighborhood gets better service. Who knew?

Tomorrow I am going up to daughters to help put bedrooms and bathrooms together. The new carpets are being installed in her house today.  Also I think the hardwood floor guy will start tomorrow.

But today I swear I will get this done if it kills me:

1. bustle camo dress

2. flower girls dress

3. two orange (yes hunter orange) bridesmaid dresses

4. cut out patterns for vests 

5. cut out camo vests

This might be my last post.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, October 1, 2020

Thursday, What happened to yesterday?

      The world is moving too fast at this house. Hubs and I got up on Wednesday and went to Home depot to pick up 30 of the 65 pound blocks.  We put 10 in my car and 20 in the truck.  I actually did not do anything but drive. The missionaries were waiting for us to Hubs relief. There is no way he could have unloaded all of those by himself.

     It was like a whirl wind came through as the day started off fast and furious.  I was able to get three bridesmaid dresses done and get the camo wedding dress hemmed.  I also almost have the camo trimmed veil done.  I still need to put  the bustling hooks dress.  I really sewed all day long.

     Little Sis has bought a house and it closes on the 23 of October.  Speaking of October, I can't believe it is here already. September went by so fast, but then again I was very busy.

     I am feeding the missionaries, overnight waffles for lunch.  They are having a breakfast lunch.  It is cheap and they love it as they don't usually get a big breakfast.  We have plenty of eggs, and the yeasted waffle batter can be made for pennies.  I added sausage links I purchased for 70% off.

     Great sales this week in the paper. Many things are limit 2 but I will go back several times.  I had been waiting for a good cheese sale. I think $2.00 a pound is a great price for cheese.  What do you try to buy cheese at? Also 90% lean burger is $1.99 a pound but you must buy 3 pounds.  It is heavily wrapped so I don't have to rewrap when I get home. Although I have plenty of ground beef I will not pass up this price. What is your stock up price for ground beef of good quality?

     Today after I take care of lunch my goals are to finish the veil, bustle the dress, and get the two bridesmaid dresses done and the flower girl dress.  I have a lot to do.

Anyway October is starting out with a bang.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.