Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Tuesday, sewing, sewing

 I almost have a wedding dress done and will finish it this afternoon, then onto another.I had several formals come in last night for a pageant person. Can't believe they are doing pageants with covid.  BUt I will do the work.

I just listed several things on market places and I am hoping to get rid of them.  If not gone in a week off to Good will they go.  Went over and helped Sissie empty the last of the drawers and the closets.  She is selling much of her furniture as her new place is much smaller.

Kelsa slept with grandma and Grandpa until 5:30 this morning and she was as good as gold.  Both kids got 8 hours of sleep.  I talked to daughter this morning and she is like a new person.

I hope to be able to get enough sewing done today that I can go up and help her at her house.  We will see.

Now I am going to call Sluggy and see how she is doing.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative. 



  1. Eight hours of sleep for new parents is rare. Good for you for sleeping with her.

  2. How wonderful that you kept the little one so your daughter could get a good nights sleep.

    I, like you, can't believe they are still having pagents.

    God bless.

    1. I know, people are so so so I can't even ome up with a word.

  3. You are so incredibly wonderful to let your daughter get some much needed new mommy sleep. She is under so much stress and her body needed some restorative time.

  4. I can physically feel that reminder of what it was like to get 8 hours of sleep with a newborn - so glorious & wonderful. You are such a great mom/grandma!