Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Wednesday, Another chart!

 Another chart and onto #14. I went out yesterday and stocked up on tuna and mayo, so we fulfilled my yearning for lunch today.  I was able to get all the orange vests put together yesterday and the last camo vest for the groom is almost done.  I still have all the hand work, buttons and button holes, but as soon as the grooms is finished I will sit down and get all the seams that need to be closed by hand done , and mark all the button holes and the back ties attached on 6 of them, then do the button holes and add buttons.  The bride dress was still inch too long in front and the bustling hooks had to be adjusted. I feel like this will never end.

I hope by tomorrow to report I am finished with this fiasco.

Kelsa is here and demanding lots of attention which she is getting. She is starting to open her eyes more and be more alert.

Hubs is out working on the garden wall, we have to make good use of this good weather before it turns rainy.

Kelsa is squawking  so I had better go check on her, I mean after all she has been put down for 5 minutes.  Way too long.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Bit by bit you are getting it all done. Soon you can brush your hands off and send it all on it's way.

    God bless.

  2. You make me want tuna sandwich again. I would settle for tuna on lettuce if someone would make it and bring it to I love to hold a newborn baby. I held my last one for at least two months without putting her down. She seemed to enjoy it.

  3. Oh my the wedding that will never end! One day they are going to have kids and have to explain this fiasco to them.
    Well done on getting another card done. How you manage to do all you do and save money is beyond me.

  4. I am glad I started your savings chart when I did. The money I put back is now going to be supporting Daughter 4 that is fighting ovarian cancer. It's within $2000 of what she will need for a solid year. They told her 40 wks, but I can see longer as she will have to find a job as she lost the factory one. Doing Door Dash to help cover what she can. She is going to use that chart to pay us back when she gets back on her feet.

    1. I am so sorry she is going through this, but so happy she has you to help.

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