Thursday, April 29, 2021

Thursday, I'm off, another chart!, and Thrifty Thursday

 I ran to Lil sis's tonight to say good by and check in and this is what I saw.  Charlie on the baby grand.   The cat loves the piano, it is his favorite spot. My sister collects cats.  Or actually they collect her.

I completed another chart!  Yes I have been a busy girl and with not owing taxes, I was able to really sock away some money.

I have a fully loaded shop to come back to.  I turned down no less than 8 dresses today, which breaks my heart but oh well.  I get to see my sister and I don't know when we are driving up to Sluggies, so it is well worth going.  Money isn't everything, family and friends mean more.

Went to Albertsons and collected all my free things.  Included but not pictured was two large t-bone steaks that were marked $ 30.54 and then 50% off and I won a $5.00 off meat coupon so we had two beautiful steaks for $10.00 for dinner.  We could only eat one and Hubs has the other for leftovers.

 I mostly won drinks, but that is okay free is free, I will take it.

Hubs got the tomatoes planted and all the onions.  I planted a second batch of corn starts which I can put in when I get back.  I also have peppers, cabbages, cucumbers, and lettuces that need to get bigger before I plant them in the garden space.

I got all the bills paid for the month of May so I don't have to worry about that while I am gone.

Thrifty Thursday: 

1. if you are doing the penny a day challenge the amount for May is $42.20 which I put in my penny a day bank

2. I saved all my change

3. I saved all my $5 bills. now have $850.00

4. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill for the week challenge also did it for next week

5. filled both my envelopes in my 100 envelope challenge

6. cooked and ate all meals from home

7. filled up with gas at reservation saving .17 a gallon on gas

8. used a coupon at Joanns for sewing supplies

9. bought loss leaders this week at store. Cheese, shrimp, sour cream

10. Was able to save over $80.00 in products from Albertsons between loss leaders and winnings.  Of course I would never have bought most of the free products. but I will take a win where I can get it.

11. Found extremely good buys in Spokane for a girl going on a mission.  As in $250.00 rain boots(Nordstrom) for $19.95.  Many other sales that were amazing

12. Used two zippers I inherited from my grandma in pillows for a client.  Saving her money  and making me a few extra dollars.

13. Got all my things in a carry on bag for the trip save on luggage going, but will have to pay for a suitcase or use on of Sis's old ones on the way back.  I am sure we will shop.  Frugally of course.

I have been trying to brush up on my money finding skills, so I can beat Sluggy to any change we may spot.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Wednesday, I turned down work, Don't faint

 I was able to get the last dress altered about 1:30 yesterday and then I quit!  My back pinches so bad between my shoulder blades when I sew for more than a couple of hours anymore.  I have been pushing myself hard for over three weeks.  So everyday the window of time before my back starts to sing gets smaller and smaller.

Yesterday it was screaming.  I told hubs I was going to lay down after taking some ALEVE.  I swear I have taken more over the counter pain reliever in the past month than I took all year last year. That is one thing that surprises my specialist.  I take so little over the counter stuff.

I was not able to sleep as I had several people picking up, but i did get one phone call for a cocktail dress and I told her I could not do it as I was leaving town.  This morning I had a woman call about a prom dress.  Now Kim before would have had the dress in after school and had them pick it up later in the evening, but I said no.  I could not beleive I did that. All I could hear was Cheryl's voice in my head.  Now have I ever heard her voice?  No but the woman can throw guilt hundreds of miles, bless her little soul.  I do not need the money.  I do not need to be everyone's savior, we already have a Savior and he can take care of that woman's dress issues.  SO I have to say this morning I have no sewing!!!!!

I do have however people picking up, but on my schedule. I have many things to do today.

1. pay all next months bills.

2. go get groceries for hubs

3. pack

4. set up a few meals for hubs while I am gone 

I am leaving my home in the morning and going grocery shopping.  Something I would never do because I might miss a client.  But if I do they can always come back.  Boy I hope this Kim stays for a while.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Tuesday, trying to finish up

Okay bloger is flaking on me again. I keeps changing the way the blog is set up and I don't know why? Is it something I do? Maybe? I am proud to say I got all my ironing done last night and some of the pieces were from (choke) last Thanksgiving and many from Christmas. But I noticed that I was running out of cotten clouses and that is what I wear in the summer. Time to iron. Yesterday was busy, and I had clients until about 8:30. Still have three dresses to go and a wedding dress that I did not get to yesterday. Unless looking at it is getting to it. Just might call and see what the bride's actual plans are and leave it until I get back she has been flakey about the date. I did manage to get three loads of wash done, but not put away yet. After dinner and between clients I was able to get the green beans planted. Hubs helped me. We also planted corn (the first crop), sunflowers, zucc, yellow squash and pumpkins. Nothing else is big enough yet to plant. I will start another batch of corn, and it should be ready to plant when I get back. I really hope to have all my sewing done by this evening so I can take Wednesday to get bills paid and pack and think. Yes thinking would be nice. This morning I have a lady from our ward coming over to teach her how to hem prom dresses. She is a beautiful quilter,and I do need some help once in a while. She did great yesterday, so we will see what today brings. Many people are just afraid to sew for others. I know I was , but I worked with someone and got over that fear, not that is does not resurface every once in a while. I ran into Albertsons last night after I went to Joanns. I wanted some cilantro for dinner and they had one bunch that was in awful shape. I asked the produce man if they had any more and he said no that was the last sad bunch. I took it to the clerk and he agreed, he could not reduce the price but he gave me about 50 Monopoly tickets all rubber banded together and said that will make it worth the buy. Boy was he right. I won scads of free things and money off my next grocery shop. I guess it pays to ask for a discount. today: 1. hem red prom dress 2. hem red jr. miss dress and fix zipper 3. put corset back in black prom dress 4. men dark blue dress 5. call bride about date. 6. start on wedding dress Okay I am off to get these things done. I so need to get other things done to prepare to leave. JUst previewed post and no paragraphs just a big mess. Any suggestions on what I have done? Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative. Kim

Monday, April 26, 2021

Monday All that worry, for naught


Well Hubs relatives cancelled and all that worry was for naught.  They had a really lame excuse and hubs was quite up set.  Me not so much.  Not that I would not have enjoyed them, but the timing was just bad for me.  I did feel bad for hubs.  He always feels kind of left out by his family.  But the sister that was coming is a diagnosed schizophrenic, who has been heavily medicated since her early 20's.  She is very talented musically and as sweet as can be.   She just lives with very severe illness which is stressful to be around.  But then I am stressful to be around with all my ADHD qualities.

So to catch you up, I did very little cleaning and took a nap yesterday afternoon and it was lovely. Saturday was a day in Spokane shopping.  We found many nice dresses for very good prices and good walking shoes on very good sales.  Still had problems with skirts as we only found two. Anyway we came home with many nice outfits and I am satisfied that she will have good, pretty, durable things for the next 18 months.

By the way the accountant just called and we do not owe taxes and I am so relieved. We get $40.00 back from the feds, $210.00  back from State and we owe accountant $325.00.  I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am.  If things with our covid house loan had gone south we could have potentially owed $7-10 thousand dollars.  I was prepared for the worst and I came out on the best. I am so blessed. I feel like a million pounds has been lifted off me!

Gee wiz am I a lucky fool, no company, no taxes, let's do a happy dance.

I have a boat load of things to get done in the shop but I am so happy right now, I am having a hard time concentrating.  I have to focus.

1. hem green bridesmaid dress

2. hem pants, and reinforce dress seams

3. alter and press prom dress

4. go to joanns for black satin pay accountant and pick up taxes

5. alter a couple of shirts

6. alter dress put zippers in two pillow forms

7. hem and dart prom dress

8. alter under arms of prom dress

9. get wedding dress started!!!!!!!

10. what's is for dinner?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

See I need to listen to Cheryl more she always calms me down or talks  me off the ledge, and she is always right!


Friday, April 23, 2021

Saturday, I'm off (like a prom dress)



     I made it through my day and I am happy to say I was able to actually quit sewing about 3 p.m.  I also went and had a pedicure and a foot massage.  It was lovely.

Several things have happened in the last couple of days now that I can come up for air let me tell you about them.

Hubs good friend who shares the High School job with him, called Hubs when he was out fishing and told him that his brother had passed away unexpectedly and could Hubs come into town and take the High School until further notice, so Hubs has been gone every evening, and will continue into the near future.

My Aunt Anne called late this afternoon and was so upset as my Other Aunt had passed away from covid. My dad had a step brother and he was married to my Aunt Pat.  I always liked her although we rarely saw each other.  Aunt Anne and she were very close.  It is hard as you grow older and you start to lose people, you soon feel like you are the last man standing.  I feel very bad for my Uncle Vergel, this will be very hard on him.  Aunt Pat's older sister died from covid three days earlier. It is so sad.  Get vaccinated!!!!!!!

Found out that only one of hub's sisters and her husband are coming up so that is good as we will have a place to sleep them.  They are coming Sunday afternoon and will leave Wednesday morning.  I hope to be able to get home before dark tomorrow so I can get a little work done.  Might call my Lil sis for some help on Sunday if I feel too behind.  We will see.

Right now I am tired and need a good nights sleep.  I made some good money today with all those last minute alterations.  I actually turned down work today.  Don't be shocked.  But enough is enough.

I am motivated by money, but as my daughter (the attorney)says, "More money? It's not worth it." 

Tomorrow I will be up early to go shopping in Spokane.  I sure hope we can find somethings.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, Just too much...

      Thanks for all the support on my angst from yesterday. I had to talk myself off that cliff and then I ask myself really Why?  Plain and simple truth I have always been very jealous of my sister in laws what I would call simple lives.  Really they are not simple, but they never had to work and everything is just given to them or so I feel.  To be able to stay home and just keep a beautiful home how would that be?

Anyway I am over it. Well until the next time I have a melt down and you have to talk me off the ledge.

Okay today is a sh*t show.  I knew I had two dresses coming in from a small outlying town that I would have to fix while they waited in town.  They are due back at 1 p.m.  It is a double prom dress hem and straps, and darts.  I have the straps and the darts done (while in my pj.s) and the hem is cut but not surges.  Then the other is all hand work and a couple of seams.  But that is not the nightmare of this story! 

Yesterday as daughter was dropping off the kids, I get a phone call and I was outside watering.  Daughter brings me phone and says ," Mom I think this person is crying." Never a good sign.  Well it is a bride who just picked up her dress from UPS and it needs alterations (surprise) wedding is TOMORROW.  Oh but it is very simple she explain through her sobs, (This to a seamstress mean it is not simple)   and it was not a full blown alteration of hemming, bustling taking in and straps. Oh and also her sister who is her maid of honor needs alterations on her dress. No problem as I only have three dresses that have to be done and out on Friday.   Sarcasm heavy here.  Have I gotten to touch the other wedding dress that I need to do?  No but I have taken it out of the bag.  SO it is staring at me and mocking me in my plight, dang dress.

Stay tuned for more of the Kim saga.....It is now 11:44 a.m. and I have had 5 people in here to pick up and drop off.  I will keep you posted.  Clothes on, teeth brushed, hair done, no makeup.  Did I mention I need to clean my car and get my nails done, you know important crap like that.

Okay update' 12:17 pink dress done and steamed

                       12:27 black maid of honor dress done and steamed

                       12:44 black prom dress done and steamed

Ready to cut into bridal hem.... 2:44 bride dress done and steamed now I have to go use the carpet cleaner on the back seat of the car as Schmills spilled a rootbeer back there yesterday and it is a sticky mess. Hubs just got home from helping daughter with Oliver and Kelsa and he has to be at High school at 5 so early dinner and I am getting my nails done at 7:30 Yippee!


Thursday, April 22, 2021

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday

 I completed another chart!  I am now on chart 6 so I think things are getting closer to normal here.  Well normal (a setting on your dryer).  I am abby normal. First of all I have knocked out 3 smaller debt payments and am working on a 4th.  It does make a difference in how much money I can sock away and pay toward debt. Saving, saving....

I was able to get 5 dresses altered yesterday, and started on another, however I had 3 more come in and another wedding dress. Hubs had to go to the school at 4:30 and Daughter needed me to watch Kelsa so she dropped a sandwich off to her dad as I would not be leaving the house with dinner.  Which means I did not have to cook!  I did P&J.  Dinner today will be what I was going to cook yesterday, so no thinking, which is good for me. Hubs is out fishing for the day.

I think a couple of Hub's sisters and a brother in law are due to visit in a few days.  SO I had better get this house really cleaned up and then I think, do any of these women work?  Have any of them ever had to pay all the bills and take care of everything?  No they have been totally taken care of and all they had to do is clean house, so if I leave it  a little messy, they can help me clean.  WHO's with me?  If the picture frames are dusty they can clean them. I do love my Hub's family and they have all had their share of problems, but the girls do not work.  Maybe a part time job here or there over the years, but very rarely.  I have been severely criticized for working.  I was supposed to live in poverty if their brother could not provide.  I wanted to much.  I have a little bit of jealousy and angst about this. Just sayin. It makes me nervous to have them here as I feel judged  And actually they are probably really not judging me at all.  It is all my own head's verbal vomit.  Anyway I digress.  I am happy to have them and I am nervous to have them. Hub's is super excited. Me not so much, more on the oh crap I hope I can pull this off mind set.

That being said, I need to really get caught up on the sewing (if I can so I can spend some time with them). I have four dresses I want to get altered today and then a wedding dress.  I know daughter is coming by to have me drive her somewhere as she takes her car in to have it worked on.  I will also have the kids tonight while she teaches.  Got to get my work done today.

Thrifty Thursday: 

1. saved all my spare change

2. saved all $5 bills now up to $805.00

3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 dollar bill

4. saved money in two of my 100 saving envelopes

5. ate and cooked all meals at home except one and then brought home leftovers to eat for lunch the next day

6. no food waste, fed all scraps to the chickens

7. picked up free bread stuff from a give away

8. found .6 cents a penny and a nickle at Albertsons

9. used a coupon at Joanns for thread.

10. won free merch at Albertsons, water bottles 3, fruit cocktail, goldfish packages, vinegar, sparkling water, plus .50 off a few things I would normally buy

11. Found a skirt for my little missionary friend at goodwill brand new for $4.99

12.Bought potting soil for flower pots 5/10 on sale at Home depot, they have this sale once a year.

13. Brought out my wintered over geraniums to harden off, I think I save at least 3/4's of them and 3 spikes.

14. recovered cushions with sale material rather than buying new saved a ton of money

Did you do anything to save money this week?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Wednesday, Feeling better

 I was proactive last night and took two ALEVE RIGHT BEFORE I WENT TO BED AND I GOT A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP.!!!!!!  Thank goodness I was about at my wits end.  I think my mental state was more about that the last time this flared up this bad it lasted for several months and I was just not looking forward to that.

By the way overworking in the yard had nothing to do with this condition.  It happened once when we were at the beach on vacation.  I was just sitting in the sun and the shoulder felt like it dropped and I was in excruciating pain ended up in the emergency room. I was doing absolutely nothing.

I was able to get so much done yesterday in the shop and even laid down for about and hour and took a rest.  My roast was lovely and sure appreciated by the older couple. I also had to run dinner over to Hubs at the High School as He was supervising a jr high play.

Lil sis came over last night to sew together a baby quilt and while she did that we had a nice visit and I was able to cut and surge 4 prom dresses that I will hem today after this post.  Then I have at least two more I want to get done today and I must get to that wedding dress that I have been avoiding.

The weather is beautiful here and hubs stopped and picked a bucket full of wild alfalfa that I just fed to the chickens.  They love it.  I hope to get out in the yard a little today just to soak up some sunshine.  I took pork chops out for dinner and I have two more artichokes to cook up along with a salad.

Found out that our wash machine is not leaking but the old hoses behind it.  SO a thirty dollar fix and for that I am grateful.

Daughter just called, she is in town and wants to know if we want the baby?  Of course Hubs says yes and then he will try and put her down for a nap and he will fall asleep and I will get the baby.  At least that is what has happened the last two times.  :) These babies can pout their grandfather to sleep in no time.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Tuesday, Feeling a little cranky

 That dang Acromion Process when it flaires it causes severe pain that wakes you from a deep sleep and I have found no pain killer that even touches it.  I mean hydro condone?  does not touch it and I seldom take real pain drugs. Mostly cause they make me pukey.  And pukey on top of pain not my favorite thing.

The last time I had problems with this I actually had to sleep sitting up at a table with my head on a pillow.  I have been up the last two nights, woke out of a deep sleep with this in one or both shoulders.  Took ALEVE  but it takes at least a couple hours to fall back to sleep.  I just have too much to do to be sleep deprived.

I was trying to tell hubs about this and I broke down sobbing, even writing this brings tears to my eyes.  I know I will be okay, but I just hate the extreme pain at night.  I dread going to sleep and I don't know how long this will last.  Hopefully just a few days and please Lord not months.  I swear I have had 7 phone calls for the shop trying to do this post.

The bishop called and I need to get meals taken into a couple, where the wife fell and had to have back surgery.  I am just making a roast today so that will be easy.  Just one more things to have to get done. I did not get as much done yesterday as I wanted to, so frustrating. But will try and rectify that today.  I have a roast thawing in the micro wave so I can put it in the oven later.

I took one of my old dance students who went on to dance professionally (riverdance) out to look for clothes to take on a mission for our church and we fond NOTHING. I realize shopping is dismal here but to find not one dress, skirt or pair of pants?  We will go to Spokane on Saturday to see what we can find. So frustrating.

Well I had better get to work. I have decided that I am not going to worry about the house loan any more, it will get paid when it gets paid. Cheryl told me I didn't have to worry about it.  SO I am not. I feel so much better.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while I am in the negative.


Monday, April 19, 2021

Monday, so busy here!


Hubs burned himself  BBQing yesterday.  Not bad but bad enough that I would not let him do the dishes.  Putting your hands in hot water with a burn is not fun.  He is much better today. I was not out watching him, so I don't know what happened, I will be more careful to watch next time.  I don't know if his shaking had anything to do with it, but he had some blisters and it must have really hurt. One more worry for me as we do like to cook outdoors in the summer.

After I finished mopping floors yesterday and getting all prepped for dinner. I had about 3 hours to either take a nap or do something.  I try not to sew for clients on Sunday.  I am such a workaholic I try to take the Sabbath seriously.  As this is a day of rest.  Although I will do service on Sunday,like hubs mowing the next door neighbor's lawn.

I had purchased several remnants of outdoor fabric at 80% off plus when you buy what is left on the bolt you get another 10% off.  Outdoor fabric can be quite expensive as it repels some water and does not fade in the sun.So having the time I did some sewing for me.  I recovered 6 cushions, and 6 pillows for the back yard furniture. It only took about an hour and a half and that project is done.

We turned on the water Saturday, so now our water bill will go up, but It was 80 in the house so I turned off the heat and f it continues to stay warm our heat will go down.

Today is going to be busy.  I am so happy to report that in the last few days several piles of things have come into the shop. Not wedding dresses, or prom dresses.or bridesmaid but piles of clothing.  Pants and vacation clothes and tops are coming in, so I feel like I am back in business.  It is so nice.  I have been so worried about how I am going to pay off the house faster and this takes off some of that pressure.  Now I realize I am probably going to be complaining about getting too busy, but what are blog friends for?  Complaining to correct?

I woke up last night about 1:30 after falling into bed about 9 and my shoulders were just throbbing, my whole body hurt.  SO I did something unusual.  I took 2 aleve and ate a little bit of fruit salad to coat my stomach, then was right back to sleep and I feel great today. 

Kelsa is here and Hubs is having a ball with her.  I am going to get some sewing done!

1. fill my cash envelopes

2. fix straps on a dress (client was just in for second fitting.)

3. hem 4 shirts

4. hem 3 pants

5. fix 2 missionary pants

6. fix a hole in a shirt

7. mend and alter 4 missionary pants and a jacket

8. hem a pile of pants and a dress

9. replace zipper in two pairs of pants

That still leaves me with 4 dresses to alter and a wedding dress to get finished before the end of the week, plus whatever else come in. One of our local proms was last Saturday, so we have another here on the 8th and I am sure more dresses will come in this week and next before I leave.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday, I am so sore!

  I really over did it in the yard yesterday, but boy did it feel good to be out in the warm sunshine.  Hubs and I did the soil in the 100 foot bed.  It about killed both of us.

First I had to pull all the grass off the edges that had grown in as I knew Hubs tiller would not get that.  Then hubs and I screened all the dirt the whole length.  Hubs had picked up several loads of free dirt but it had a lot of rock in it.  But free is free.  So after we screen it, which was backbreaking we laid a layer of perlight and the manure.  I had hubs till this, then we added a layer, of peat moss and then miracle grow garden soil.  All total about 14 bags of different soils and additives then hubs tilled it again.  I was an all day project.

I was filthy, and  I laughed at hubs as we ran back and forth to garden centers getting dirtier and dirtier.  I looked such a fright Hubs said we could not go to Walmart as my picture would appear in one of those facebook sites about strange things you see at Walmart.  But he must love me because he was seen with me.

Our last stop was the grocery store for a few things to complete today's meal.  Then I attacked the house.  I was not getting in the tub until most of this house was clean and it had not had a good clean since before we left for our daughters.  I did leave the floor mopping for today.  Then I took a long soak in the tub.  I knew I had over done it as I had terrible night sweats all night and did not sleep much.  My arthritis flairs.

We had church at home and then Hubs ran over to play for the primary.  We are at 1/2 capacity now and it was not our week, but hubs still has to go in to play/  While he was gone I did more housework.  I still have not put on clothes still in my pjs.  

We are having 6 missionaries over for grilled steaks.  They called and a few of them are getting transferred so they wanted to eat with us one more time. We are having steak, baked potatoes, grilled cauliflower, acini d pepe  fruit salad, broccoli slaw and smores for dessert.  We are going to eat out on the deck.

I have to show you this picture of Kelsa.  She has started to army crawl and she is fast.  Daughter left the room to go down the hall to the bathroom. Kelsa took off after her and this is what daughter soon saw. Remember when you could never even go to the bathroom to get away from your kids?

I am very stiff and sore and getting more stiff by the minute.  Just sitting here typing I can tell. I need to get up and move. Hubs just went over to mow the elderly lady next stores yard.  Her flower beds are atrocious.  I think I am going to have to spend some time over there.  She has recently had both knees replaced( in the last year) and really has not recovered well.  I see us doing a great deal of yard work over there. I love yard work, but I am not doing any of it today.

Have a restful and peaceful Sabbath


Friday, April 16, 2021

Friday, Yikes both grandbabies here!

  We have both Oliver and Kelsa here this morning and getting any blogging done is hard. Oliver is a cranky baby and figuring out what he wants can be hard.  Kelsa has discovered how to pull drawers open when she is in her walker and empty said drawers.  How fun is that?  Poor hubs who got up at 5 this morning needs a nap worse than the babies.

I have three dresses that need attention, but it looks like they are going to have to wait. Daughter and her hubby are getting the tires replaced on their truck.  They both skipped out of here like they were going to the prom.

I am making a mental list of all the things I want to get done in the yard tomorrow.  It is supposed to be in the 80's by Sunday and I will take it.

I have not been to the grocer this week as we have not needed anything, but I do have a free bottle of vinegar that I won in Albertsons to pick up plus a loss leader.Hubs and I picked up everything I think we need for making garden soil.

Having Oliver here makes me remember having B at this age and trying to get some sewing done.  It is not working, I guess we will move into the family room and I can try and get some cleaning done. Well that did not work.

We are going out to dinner with Lil sis and her boyfriend this evening.  We owe them a dinner out.  Wow I have eaten out twice in a row on a Friday.  I am going to have to pay for this. But Dean helped us by bringing down his trailer the day we moved and saved us when our crew did not show up in the morning.  He worked himself to death and I always said We would take him out to dinner.  Hubs really wanted to go out to Mexican.  We stay on a really strict low carb diet M-F  But lighten up at least one day a week.  SO Why do I still need to lose 10 lbs?  Because I sneak candy in almost everyday....:) Okay everyday.

Well I got Kelsa asleep but Oliver is not co-operating. I know he is tired.  Well I hope he is tired.  Grandpa and Kelsa are down. Daughter just txt and they are picking up truck now. I have a client due over in a few minutes. They cannot get here soon enough.

Spending time with babies is precious, plus I thought last time Oliver was here he bawled the whole time because he did not know me well enough. He is much better today although needs constant attention.

Hail, hail the gangs all gone!  Time to get to work.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


P.s. Hubs is still asleep at least I don't have to change him...

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday, and earning more?

 When you are trying to get out of debt you usually start to look at expenses and see what you can cut, where can you be more frugal?  You also stop spending money where you don't have to, but the other thing you can do is earn more money.  My question to you is which would you rather do?

I had to think about this for a while. I personally love to find ways to save money.  For me it is a game or a challenge. I think even if I had unlimited money I would still find ways to save.

I love the Hawaii plan's blog.  She and her husband make a good living but she is always finding ways to save and increase her income even if it is a little.  She has been an inspiration to me. She is loaded with good ideas.

Rhitter and I have been together for over 9 years now and paying off debt with her over the years has been very soul searching.  We both have had serious problems but different reasons for our debt.  It is like I have a sister who knows my pain and will never judge me for my foolishness. I have watched her make so many major sacrifices and you have to sacrifice to pay off debt.  Read her "Destination planet debt free"

Then there is my beloved and I say that seriously Sluggy( who I will get to see in 2 weeks)  She is like another sister to me.  I have learned so much following her blog.  She is the star of rite aid shopping and saving money on just about everything.  Plus she just has great advice.  If you are struggling with debt she is a great friend to have plus she loves donuts almost as much as I do. Read: Don't read this;it's boring. Great lessons in how to be frugal.

I love Cheryl's frugal corner.  Now here is a woman who is after my own heart. She is full of great ideas.  SO much knowledge.  She really should be teaching classes.  Plus she has taught me to be more gentle in ways, more patient with Hubs, kinder. 

I read many blogs daily but these are just a few that stick out because I have learned from them. I want to keep on learning.  I know for a fact that cutting you expenses and finding ways to be frugal really helps you get out of debt, but after thinking it through, increasing your income is probably more important in the long run. However they must be done together.  If you don't learn to cut back or retrench, you will never get out as we humans usually just spend more when we have more. 

Now please don't shoot me a bunch of crap as I was serially thinking of having Hubs and I take on a cleaning contract in the evenings.  It would bring in about $1000.00 a month and help us pay off the house faster. It is also good exersize.  Like going to the gym every night, and getting paid for it. I was trying to find someway to increase our income.  But now that the shop is back up and running I don't think I will have to do that.

So my question is which do you think is more important? Saving money and cutting back on expenses or earning more money to pay expenses?

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change in my pig bank

2. saved all my $5 dollar bills up to $750.00

3. continued to save my $1,$5,$19,$20 challenge

4. filled two envelopes in my 100 envelope challenge

5. Cooked all meals at home except for the two that we went out, one to eat with friends at their house, and one where we took a restaurant meal out to friends who were home bound.

6. used coupons at Joanns

7. found a nickle and a penny this week at Wal mart

8. Picked up 8 packages of free bread from a give away froze most of it

9. only purchased loss leaders from grocery stores for two weeks in a row.

10. decided to recover outdoor cushions as the price of new is just too high, purchased fabric at 80% off

11.trying to find new pots for flowers outside and found two at a discount store but one was chipped, so asked for a further discount and they gave it to me at 50% less.  Win!

12. Used two $5.00 off coupons on ACE hardware.

13. Hubs wanted to buy camo clothes for hunting, and I suggested seeing if his old army things fit and they did! Saving a good $75.00 at least.

14. gassed up out at reservation saving .23 a gallon on gas.

15. feeding all food scraps again to the chickens

16.downloaded receipts to fetch

17. sold an old crack on face book market place.

What have you done this week to save money?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, April 14, 2021


 Well I finally completed another chart, this has been slow going with my being gone and money flowing out of here like a siphon.  I am finally onto the 5th chart and it is only month 4 so hopefully this momentum will keep up for a while.

It was a busy day yesterday and I sewed hard but got less done than I would have liked, due to these dresses with horse hair braid taking so long to do.  But I will persevere. I did have a wedding dress go out yesterday.

Hubs is out turkey hunting (oh great) and he needed camo clothing.  I told him to go pull out his old military duds.  He has not worn them for over 25 years and he did not think they would fit, but with his 45 lb weight loss over the last year they slipped on fine and he was so proud of himself.

Doesn't he look handsome?  I was proud of him also as I know how much food means to him and losing and keeping off weight is very hard for him.

It is important that I cook for his diet which is low carb.  This can be spendy as he needs a protein and we all know that meat is the most expensive part of our grocery budget.  I have to be very savvy to keep the costs down. I am making oven baked chicken breast, artichokes and a salad for dinner tonight. I noticed we have plenty of veggies left for the week so I will only be buying 2 doz eggs at Albertsons this week and then checking for any meat sales.

When I was running errands I went buy St Vinnies and they had a truckload of breads delivered free to the public.  People were getting cart loads for animal feed, but I just took some hamburger and hotdog buns to freeze and a few loaves of bread.  Even though I know some of this will go to the land fill I did not want to take more as I am not poor and I would hate to think that someone who needed this did not get any.  Every second hand store in town got a delivery so there is plenty.

Note on the washer, a repairman will be here on Monday at 4, so I might be doing a load of wash at Lil sis's this weekend.  I am pretty sure it is the pump and I can fix that for less than buying a new washer.

My house needs a thorough  clean but that will not happen today as I am back in the shop.

Today's list:

1. finish horse hair braid dress. I have it ripped just have to put it back together.

2. replace jacket zipper

3. alter a wedding dress

4. hem a pair of jeans

5. patch two pairs of work pants (third day on list)

6. clean my shop it is a night mare

I am starting to catch up on prom dresses which is nice as I have another wedding dress that needs to be done before I leave. Also we need to get the garden soil ready and plan to do that this weekend and I am hoping the weather will co operate.

Missionaries just called and need some pants hemmed.  Great I have a few honey do jobs for them!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tuesday, Still sewing

 Well blogging yesterday morning seemed to be the key to a successful day, although my list was of course way more than I could possibly get done in a day , but that is okay as that is how I role.

I will try and complete those things today and maybe add a few more things. I do have to start out with the wedding dress today as she is coming for a fitting about 2 and I need to have it ready to fit.

It was a nice busy day yesterday, lots to do and hubs was very busy outside putting things away from his building the chicken run.  Tools everywhere.

It is sun shiny today but very cold wind, like howling wind, I actually am wearing a heavy sweater, it is bone chilling to go outside.

Some of my seedlings are starting to come up and that is exciting.  I water them everyday and close up the greenhouse at night.

Hubs and I raked up 10 large bags of lawn and tree waste at Lil sis's last night and then we came home and watched Kelsa and Schmills while daughter taught dance. Hubs went over to Lil sis's' this morning with the truck and took all the bags to the landfill.  He is a good brother in law.

The shrimp tacos we had for dinner last night were delicious. Today it is hamburger patties I found in the freezer that need to be used.  I also have asparagus and a salad.  I don't think I will have to buy much at the grocer this week except for any loss leaders I cannot live without.

Ugh, just found out the wash machine is leaking water the tray under it is full.  I don't want to have to buy a new washer, so aggravating. I think this washer is not even ten years old.  I remember my first washer lasted 22 years.  They don't make appliances to last anymore.

We got a call from the accountant yesterday that our taxes will be done before the deadline of May 17th.  With the new tax laws and all the monies sent by the government taxes are taking longer.  So I still have to worry about how much we owe. I am still hoping they will be done before I leave for DC.

Today's List:

1. wedding dress ready for fitting.

2. hem blue prom dress

3. patch two pairs of jeans

4. pick out horse hair braid on blue prom dress and shorten

5. get zipper to replace on a jacket

6. put away Easter

7. cut off horse hair braid on a dress and replace all the way around (yikes)

 What is the longest an appliance has lasted for you? DO you still have original appliances from years ago? Well I am off to hit the machines.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, April 12, 2021

Monday, changing blog times

 I have decided to go back to blogging in the morning for now.  Reasons, my sister hated the evening blogging as it threw her off. (not really why I am going back to morning but it will make her happy) Also I found out that I was spending the time I had allotted to blogging in the morning just wasting time on my phone. Like sitting in my pj's drinking diet coke and doing nothing.  I really was not getting into the shop any faster.  I also found that  this last week I have been so tired I was having a hard time blogging at night as all I wanted to do  was fall asleep.  I was not getting things done financially like I needed to, as I get all my book work done while I blog, either before or after. Being tired I would put it off.  Not good for a habitual late person.  Then I noticed that I really like to make lists of chores to strike off during the day and that was not happening. The offset is that my readership went up and the addsense was paying better.

Not that I blog for money but it is nice.  So I am going back to mornings and we will see. Please let me know if you prefer the other way.  Again not that it will make a big difference, I just thought I would ask the reason.

Saturday was a bust as it was windy and rainy and cold.  SO I did spend time sewing on more dresses.  Of course Sunday was beautiful and we were able to go to church which was nice.  It was our week for the month.  It was also our 42 wedding anniversary, I thought we had been married 43 years but I was corrected.  We stopped by Lil sis's house on the way home from church and found her in tears, which is unusual as none of us girls are criers. She had purchased a lawn mower with no help from a big box store and it would not stay started.  Her lawn was so long, she needed a billy goat.  She had been fighting with the mower for two days,  She also realized that her yard was much bigger than she thought.  Her only concern when buying the house was that it had enough room in the back to put in a pool. Her yard at the parsonage that she rented for the last 5 years had a yardman.

So I told her we needed to take the mower back and get a different kind and a salesman that knew mowers needed to be consulted.  We went home and changed into work clothes and then Hubs loaded our mower and we went back. Hubs mowed her lawn which is quite large while we returned the mower and went to ACE hardware that had a good sale on mowers and were helped immediately by a salesman who could recommend the type she would need.  It was even assembled and she got lessons on its use. This is not something I would normally do on the Sabbath let alone my anniversary, but I can't stand to see my sister upset.  Then I stayed and helped her get some of her yard things unpacked and rearrange a few things.  She was considerably happier with her new mower choice.

Hubs and I then went up to our daughters place in the evening.  I took up a pot of homemade navy bean soup and bread for dinner and we had ice cream sundaes and watched Kelsa smash red jello into every crevice of her body and highchair.  She did a thorough job. I have been so tired the last couple of nights I just could not blog so I really started to contemplate the change back to mornings.

The chicken run is done except for handles, chickens are happy. It is sunny here but still a little chili.  I had to cover the seedlings in the portable green house last night. 

We had such a nice time  last Friday taking dinner into friends.  It was quite expensive and restaurant  prices have certainly gone up.  But when we got there she had a nice table set so we could take our food out of boxes and put in on plates to eat. Who wants to eat a $25.00 plus meal out of a styrofoam box? Not I.  We had such a nice visit and they were so grateful.  We have to do this again sometime.

Today's to dos:

1. go to both banks and pay one bill order checks

2. get cash for envelopes

3. start three loads of laundry

4. put away all Easter

5. water seedlings

6.figure out dinner.  Shrimp tacos

7. call on red dress

8. finish hemming  dark blue dress

9. hem pink skirt

10. fix two pair trousers

11. hem pair of woman's pants

12. fix a pair of pants

13. patch two pairs of pants

14. fix a shirt

15. pick out two horse hair braid hems

16. alter a wedding dress

17. go to lil sis's this evening and help her with some yard work.

I think that is enough for one day.

What are you guys going to accomplish today?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, April 9, 2021

Saturday, I want to work outside


No this is not me, I would be much dirtier, as I have a tendency to roll in my work. But I hope it is warm enough for me to get outside for a little today.  I have really been stuck in the house since we got home.  Like locked to my sewing machine.

It is supposed to be a little cold and rainy, but it isn't like I don't have enough to do inside.

I was surprised at what we got done this week, even though I spent most of my spare time in the shop. Hubs did get the yard mowed and he should finish the chicken run today.  I piled all the Easter decor on the dining room table to get it packed away.  At least it is all in one spot. We gathered the peat moss,some of the bags of heat treated soil and the perlite, for the garden but need to get more top soil (heat treated) to add to the garden bed.  Hubs planted the blueberry bushes. We did get the chickens into the large coop and out of the brooding pen. I was able to transfer my seedlings to the portable greenhouse, and do a little cleaning on the back deck.  SO I feel like some of the outdoor work is started. Hubs also sprayed the yard and rockery for weeds but they are not gasping  like I think they should, so I might have to sneak and  get some round up when he isn't looking.

I pulled all the geraniums that I wintered over along with the spikes.  They were given a good watering and will stay out for a week or two before I transplant them.  Hubs and I bought a large  plastic container for the back deck to put pillows and supplies in, I have wanted one for a long time. We moved hoses around as we found another spicket on our house that was more convenient for watering.  It had been covered up by a large pot. It is strange to start spring doings in this new house, as we had all these set ways in the old place and here every thing is new. We do not have a routine yet.

Today I would like to trim the yard, wash off  all the deck furniture, get the rest of the soil for the garden and get it spread ready for hubs to till.  We need to move some flower boxes around a bit and put a few things out in the yard.  Also now that the chicks are out in the coop, we must take down the brooding pen and really clean the garage, which is a chicken mess. I would like to buy some outdoor fabric to recover some deck cushions.  I have looked for new ones, but everything is so expensive, so I will just recover the ones I have.  The foam is okay, just the covers are faded and stained.

We have a couple of wooden outdoor chairs in front of the house that need to be sanded down and repainted, plus lots of flowers boxes to fill.

The dinner we took to friends last night was a hit.  It was so nice to see them after almost two years.  He has really slowed down and uses a walker now. She had the table set so nice when we came in. SO we could transfer the food to nice plates instead of eating out of Styrofoam containers.  We ordered chicken Parmesan as it is their favorite  and creme brule' for dessert.  The food was great, and it was so nice to catch up. We need to have them over soon as they seemed really interested in seeing this new place.

Hey sis, I pulled my ticked info and confirm number so you can quit worrying. Slugs you had better put on your running shoes, as I will soon be racing you for loose change.

Have a great and productive day stating positive while you are in the negative.


P.s. altered 5 dresses today, took in three more prom dresses and two more wedding dresses a coat zipper replacement, 2 pair of mens suit pants to hem, and add suspender buttons, one pair of ladies pants to hem. Crazy busy and I am loving it!

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Friday, Momma said,

 " You would have days like this!" Frazzled I am.  I think Hubs is right there with me.

Hubs was woke up by his mom, who was having a really hard time with his dad and things are taking a turn for the worse there, although things were fine both weekends we were there. As he was talking to his mom, daughter called in and she had both babies, of course Oliver was screaming his head off, and Schmills who was getting ready for school projectile vomited all over the carpet. So Hubs dropped everything and drove the twelve miles to Union town, where Kelsa would not allow him to put her down all day. 

Daughter had a Covid shot scheduled so she rushed down here with Oliver, who did not like me and cried for the hour and half I had him.  If I put him down he screamed if I held him he just cried. I had to make a key lime pie and everything I touched in the kitchen I screwed up or made a big mess with. 

I had to make pie crust, could not find recipe card, dropped card box recipes allover and out of order.  Just shoved them back in Topsy turvy, project for another day.  Dropped an egg on the floor, luckily Roscoe was near by. While grating lime zest I accidentally flicked lime zest all over the counter and not into the mixing bowl.  Then I dropped my 2 cup Pyrex measuring cup out of the cupboard and it shattered into thousands of tiny pieces that spread from hell to breakfast.  Also ended up breaking a shot type glass that hubs uses for outdoor sprays, that has mls along with teaspoons, which he converts. As I was emptying the lime pie mixture into the pie shell I dropped the bowl into the mixture and had to scrap it off .  It was like a comedy of errors.  Hub's came into a kitchen destroyed and I had not gotten any sewing done.

But on a good note the pie was beautiful.  I have seven piecrusts frozen in the freezer for future pies. Our host ate two pieces of the pie and I left the rest with him.  So no temptation here.We had a lovely dinner that I did not have to cook and good company. Hubs and I ran to Wal mart to get chicken feed after dinner and new measuring cups. We both talked about how exhausted we were and frustrated with our day. We were going home and doing one or two things and then to bed.  As we got in the door Hubs phone rang, (my phone was on the charger).  It was Lil sis who had a sofa delivered today and it was half in and half out of her garage.  She had been calling my phone since about 6 but we were out to dinner.  So back in the car we go, to rescue her.  It was major work to get old furniture out to curb with a free sign and the new into the family room.  Then it had to be assembled, and all the cardboard, pallets and crap had to be moved outside so Hubs can pick it up tomorrow with the truck and take it to the dump.  Back home we go even more tired but now we are sweaty and tired.  Hubs realized he had not even gotten the paper or the mail.

In the mail there was a small package for me.  It was belated birthday present from my eldest daughter.  She sent me new watch bands for my fit bit.  The loop that holds my band together broke and I have been holding it together with a red rubber band.  So tacky.  My daughter is just sure I am going to show up in her court room someday wearing a bunad( traditional Swedish house dress) carrying  a book bag taped together with duct tape.  Yes my mother did show up at one of my competitions like this. Daughter also bought me a pair of black coach sling backs.  I have been trying to replace a pair of black dress pumps since Roscoe was a puppy and chewed up one of my good black sling backs.  I just can't get a pair that are comfortable.  But the ones she ordered are great, so happy, as we get to go back to church twice a month starting Sunday. Daughter always tells me her gifts are the proceeds of a higher education.

I have to get sewing done today and I will probably sew on Saturday. Hubs was so funny as he is behind on outdoor work and then he spent most of the day with the babies.  So he was down trying to get the last of the wire on the chicken run. He came up so frustrated.  It must have been in the air, as his day was like mine. Here is how he described it.  "Stretch chicken wire over frame, reach for stapler, drop stapler. Bend over pick up, let go of wire,wire springs back, re- stretch wire pick up stapler, drop stapler, repeat...."  I laughed as he was describing it.

I went to let pup out the back door and the handle came off in my hand.  " Screw It " I shouted, actually that would have solved the problem as the screw that holds the handle on was gone. It is still missing.  Use the front door.

Hey say a prayer for me that today will not be a repeat of yesterday.  I am going to pick up dinner and take it into friends tonight so no cooking, thank goodness, I don't think I can handle another day in the kitchen for a while.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Thursday, Prom dresses, and Thrifty Thursday

 I am deep into prom and bridesmaid dresses, so far I have 5 done and two ripped ready for morning.  I hope to get at least 4 done tomorrow, as Friday I really need to attack a couple of wedding dresses. Leaving for DC on the 29th is not turning out to be such a great idea, as our local high school just announced that they are having their prom May 8th.  Which means I will be gone the 5 days before which would be a really busy monetary time for me.  But I am putting out the word to everyone that come in that I will be gone  and to get in early!!!!!

I am so behind on my April goals, but it is some what intentional as I do not have my taxes back and I do not know if we owe.  I don't want to make a goal that I will have to redact.  I do have another bill I want to pay off, but I will wait.

Last night I slept for twelve hours I was so tired, my first day back to a lot of sewing.  I am still grateful for the work load.

Thrifty Thursday

1. saved all my change while on vacation and added over $15.00 to my change bank.

2. added all 5 dollar bills to my 5 dollar bill savings. Now have $720.00

3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20, dollar bill 1ast week and this week

4. Filled two more envelopes to my 100 envelope saving challenge 

5. found change three times, a penny at wal mart, 2 pennies at rite aid, and a nickle at Winco.

6. checked the price on patio umbrellas and found the one I wanted at Albertsons, exactly like the one I was going to buy at Home Depot, (even the same brand) for 1/2 price.  $88.00 at HD and $44.00 at Albertsons

7. cooked from scratch at daughters except one night when we got pizza as daughter taught dance and I had to go with her to fit costumes.

8. Cooked all meals from scratch here.

9. stocked up on pasta this past week at Albertsons, Had one deal that was .49 limit 4 and then one  for .25 limit 4.  We are stocked for summer pasta salads and for the year.

10. used coupons at Joanns

11. bought asparagus for .99 a lb, and artichokes for .99 also. We will eat these as much as we can in season.

12. Did not fill Easter baskets for my kids for the second year.  I am done with that.

We are going to dinner tonight at a friends house tonight, we have not been able to be with them since the virus started.  We have all had our shots.  ( feel like a dog having had my shots) I am making another key lime pie to take.  Tomorrow (Friday) we are taking out to dinner  an older couple (this cracks me up as I am older, but these guys are like 80's) for our 43 wedding anniversary which is on Sunday. We just found out that he is not well enough to leave the house now, so we are ordering dinner from their favorite restaurant and taking it up to their house. He contacted me via face book to say they are lonely and to stop by, so I thought who better to spend our anniversary with, than friends who love what we love, chicken pram and creme brule. Yum!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Wednesday, Good news and i am beat

     Well Hubs got a good report, we still have very slow if non growing cancer, so we get a recheck in 6 months.  We will continue this game until we need to do something.

I would like to have a long blog post but I am beat to death..  Just so tired.  Sewed most of the day and I was up early.  We got a few other things done in the yard.  We enjoyed Kelsa for a few hours and now I just have to go to bed.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be sewing and hopefully I can get a little more sleep.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, home again!

 This is how I feel.  I am happy to be back, but the whirl wind is starting.  We had a great time.  Loved spending time with the grandsons, and my daughter and her husband.  It was relaxing in many ways as the boys are older.

I did a lot of spring cleaning for daughter.  She works long hours at a very high stress job as a prosecutor. The last thing she wants to do on her very limited time off is clean cupboards and drawers. 

I gutted her laundry room and scrubbed it out.  My oldest grandson was in a state of shock by the mess I made cleaning things out.  It has to get bad before it gets better.

Anyway eliminated, 4 large garbage bags of junk from the kitchen cupboards.  Took a large bag of linens to good will out of the laundry room. Took 4 trash bags out of the master bathroom drawers and cupboards.  Daughter was happy.  Grandson recovered.

We had a nice Easter watching the boys with their baskets and egg hunt. Then hopped in the car for the two hour ride to Nampa.  Made mom and dad an Easter basket, and also made chicken cordon bleu, with a light cheese sauce.  We had asparagus and home made lemon meringue pie. Hubs and I left early Monday and drove the 5 hours home arriving about 3:30.

I did two loads of laundry although it is not finished, and unpacked and put everything away.  Hubs was kind enough to make bacon and eggs for dinner as we had no fresh veggies. I went and paid the person who watched the animals, and then did some grocery shopping.  I also deep cleaned the shop for the influx of prom dresses coming in tomorrow. (yippee) remind me at the end of the week that I am excited about this.Then I planted my garden seeds in starter pods.  I was tired when I went to bed.

Today I will go with hubs early to his doctor appointment to check on his prostate cancer. Then he has to work at the high school in the afternoon.  I have a boat load of sewing coming in and I want to finish up the laundry. Daughter is going to bring Kelsa and Schmills down late in the afternoon while she and son in law do some errands. I have several things in the shop I want to get done.

It will be a very busy week.  We have so many things that need to be accomplished around the yard.  hubs needs to finish the chicken run, mow the lawn, and we must get the garden spot filled with dirt and tilled, so we can plant.  We also need to build another bed for the blueberry bushes.  I need to round up all the rockery.  Then we have to build up the snake fence another 2 feet higher as Roscoe knows how to get over the 18 inch one which prevents snakes from coming in for the most part, although we still have to be careful.  The new fence will keep Roscoe out of the cow pasture and away from the large rock formations where the snakes sun themselves.  Roscoe also needs another rattlesnake vaccine.I need to put the newly planted seedlings out in the pop up greenhouse and get the hoses moved out.  We also need to transfer the chicks to the main house as they are all large enough to be out from under the warming light.

Since the shop is now heading to full time work again, I will have to do a lot of this yard and extra work in the evenings.I am thankful the days are getting warmer and longer now so I can work outside after dinner.

On a happy note: My sissy bought me a plane ticket to see her and we are going to a beach house and Sluggy is coming with us!  I am so excited.  So I really have to get my shop work done and cleaned up so I can leave town again.  The local schools are allowed to have proms and Jr miss, so I will be busy.

I missed you guys and I am so happy to be back!
Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


P.S.I was happy to get our heat/electric bill for March and it was under $100 which is so nice.  At the old place it would have been close to $200.00