Monday, April 12, 2021

Monday, changing blog times

 I have decided to go back to blogging in the morning for now.  Reasons, my sister hated the evening blogging as it threw her off. (not really why I am going back to morning but it will make her happy) Also I found out that I was spending the time I had allotted to blogging in the morning just wasting time on my phone. Like sitting in my pj's drinking diet coke and doing nothing.  I really was not getting into the shop any faster.  I also found that  this last week I have been so tired I was having a hard time blogging at night as all I wanted to do  was fall asleep.  I was not getting things done financially like I needed to, as I get all my book work done while I blog, either before or after. Being tired I would put it off.  Not good for a habitual late person.  Then I noticed that I really like to make lists of chores to strike off during the day and that was not happening. The offset is that my readership went up and the addsense was paying better.

Not that I blog for money but it is nice.  So I am going back to mornings and we will see. Please let me know if you prefer the other way.  Again not that it will make a big difference, I just thought I would ask the reason.

Saturday was a bust as it was windy and rainy and cold.  SO I did spend time sewing on more dresses.  Of course Sunday was beautiful and we were able to go to church which was nice.  It was our week for the month.  It was also our 42 wedding anniversary, I thought we had been married 43 years but I was corrected.  We stopped by Lil sis's house on the way home from church and found her in tears, which is unusual as none of us girls are criers. She had purchased a lawn mower with no help from a big box store and it would not stay started.  Her lawn was so long, she needed a billy goat.  She had been fighting with the mower for two days,  She also realized that her yard was much bigger than she thought.  Her only concern when buying the house was that it had enough room in the back to put in a pool. Her yard at the parsonage that she rented for the last 5 years had a yardman.

So I told her we needed to take the mower back and get a different kind and a salesman that knew mowers needed to be consulted.  We went home and changed into work clothes and then Hubs loaded our mower and we went back. Hubs mowed her lawn which is quite large while we returned the mower and went to ACE hardware that had a good sale on mowers and were helped immediately by a salesman who could recommend the type she would need.  It was even assembled and she got lessons on its use. This is not something I would normally do on the Sabbath let alone my anniversary, but I can't stand to see my sister upset.  Then I stayed and helped her get some of her yard things unpacked and rearrange a few things.  She was considerably happier with her new mower choice.

Hubs and I then went up to our daughters place in the evening.  I took up a pot of homemade navy bean soup and bread for dinner and we had ice cream sundaes and watched Kelsa smash red jello into every crevice of her body and highchair.  She did a thorough job. I have been so tired the last couple of nights I just could not blog so I really started to contemplate the change back to mornings.

The chicken run is done except for handles, chickens are happy. It is sunny here but still a little chili.  I had to cover the seedlings in the portable green house last night. 

We had such a nice time  last Friday taking dinner into friends.  It was quite expensive and restaurant  prices have certainly gone up.  But when we got there she had a nice table set so we could take our food out of boxes and put in on plates to eat. Who wants to eat a $25.00 plus meal out of a styrofoam box? Not I.  We had such a nice visit and they were so grateful.  We have to do this again sometime.

Today's to dos:

1. go to both banks and pay one bill order checks

2. get cash for envelopes

3. start three loads of laundry

4. put away all Easter

5. water seedlings

6.figure out dinner.  Shrimp tacos

7. call on red dress

8. finish hemming  dark blue dress

9. hem pink skirt

10. fix two pair trousers

11. hem pair of woman's pants

12. fix a pair of pants

13. patch two pairs of pants

14. fix a shirt

15. pick out two horse hair braid hems

16. alter a wedding dress

17. go to lil sis's this evening and help her with some yard work.

I think that is enough for one day.

What are you guys going to accomplish today?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Hi,
    Morning or night, no preference. I would just keep checking as I really enjoy your blog!

    1. Thanks Susan, you are due for a metal health check... just sayin if you enjoy the blog.

  2. I will read either way, but I was a little confused when I opened a post at night that had the next day on it. Funny about Kelsa.

    1. Well it was also hard for me to keep my writing straight.

  3. I’ll read whenever you post and the time doesn’t matter to me. Somedays I read blogs in the morning and some days in the afternoon or evening. You do what works for you.
    I can just imagine the relief your sister felt when y’all helped with her lawnmower problem and yard work. You are such a good sister and friend ❤️

    1. Thanks Rhonda, yes she was relieved. Sometimes it just takes someone else to make things better.

  4. I am not necessarily a creature of habit with my time. Sometimes I read them in the morning and sometimes I read the from my tablet in the bed at night. The only difference is commenting. I never comment from the tablet (because I am in bed and it is just harder to do it) so though I read everyone's posts daily, if I don't comment most likely I am in bed reading it.
    You are a truly good egg to run to your sister's rescue instead of celebrating your anniversary.

    1. Well let me tell you Lil sis or Sissie would run to mine in a flash. Aren't sisters the best?

  5. Makes no difference to me. I usually read in the evenings or late afternoons and so would miss out on a few things.

    I am a list maker as well. Love crossing off what I have accomplished.

    Really I had hoped to get the floor mopped and the bathroom partially cleaned and I managed those. I do not like not being able to do as much as I used to and so am looking forward to being healed up from surgery.

    God bless.

  6. I like to start my day blogging but that doesn't always happen. I think you do what works for you. I turned off AdSense as it was really disrupting how my posts looked, but I was starting to get a nice little bit back.

    1. Well we will see if this is better. Adsense is a pain but I like the extra income once in a while.

  7. Blog times make no difference to me either. I really enjoy what you write ;):

  8. Post time doesn't matter to me. I only read in the evening, after work and dinner are done. I enjoy your blog any time you post! Celie

  9. Happy 42nd Anniversary!!!
    I know your friends enjoyed the meal and time with you. And that was so sweet of you to help your sister with the lawnmower. Glad Ace hardware offered better service too.
    I enjoy your blog, and it doesn't matter to me when you post. Do what works better for you.

    1. Thanks Kathy. It was so nice to see our friends.

  10. Happy Anniversary to you!! I'm also a list maker. I couldn't function without it.

  11. I just can not seem to get my self on a set schedule of a time to blog. My mornings are best for me usually physically so try and squeeze in all my errands or household chores in about the space of 4 hours before I have to rest a bit so mornings are out for me. I am a good night writer as I find when things quiet down around 8 9 pm I can think more clearly but then I am usually so tired from the day I don't have the energy but I am really trying to find a balance here. Ive started using the blogger time scheduler to schedule my blog to post automatically on a certain day and time this way it frees me up to write whenever the mood strikes me.