Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday, I am done with the workshop!

     I am so tired and glad the workshop season is over.  Kids were so cute and did such a good job at their performance.  But boy three weeks of workshops and I am beat to death.  We are leaving town Saturday morning.  I have about $200.00 worth of work to do in the shop.  However the shop is such a mess I can't function.  So I am cleaning it well and then I am going to attack the pile.  I have to put at least $100.00 in the checking account and I want $200.00 to take with.  So far I have $101.00, I need to get busy.  Also laundry is backed up again.  Oh well I feel so free, I can't even be upset about it.

Out My Window:  Sorry I was in such a hurry this morning to get to dress rehearsal I didn't even look!

     Bank called and the checkbook that I had in my purse when it was stolen is supposedly being used!  Well it turned out that the checks reported stolen were off by 5 numbers so 5 of those #s are in the check book I am using now.  They returned two checks yesterday as stop pays for theft.  I went down and straightened the mess out with the bank but the two returned checks will have to be dealt with and they will probably charge me even though it was an honest mistake.  At least I can take refuge in the fact that the bank was really trying to look after mt best interests.  Stop pays really work!  Sometimes too well.  I am going to sweep the shop and do something, but I am soooooo sleepy.

Have a great and productive evening!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday, 21 poodles skirts and counting.

     We are on day 8 of a 9 day workshop and the dancers had cut out and decorated poodle skirts.  So last night I was up until 1 putting them together!  One is okay but 21 was over the top.  They are really cute.  I will be glad when this is over so I can get back to my life.  I would say regular life but we all know better.  I did not get any sewing done yesterday as I was concentrating on the studio. Hopefully today.  It has to be today.

Out My Window:  We had a lot of rain and storms last night.  Thunder that sounded like cannons.  Everything is misty and covered with little specks of rain, it is pretty in the sunlight.

     I need to get motivated when I get home, maybe I can bug out early today?  I doubt it.  But I am going to try.  Also trying hard not to spend any cash so I can save for the weekend. 

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday, Not much progress here

     I did a tally last night and found that I have not made much progress on debt these past few months.  Not even counting the car, I have just not had a lot of money to put toward debt.  The next few months won't be much better either.  Well at least I have not gone backwards on original bills.  Just have to be very careful.
  I want to enjoy the next couple of months, when I am not so busy, just a few classes to teach.  It is really the only down time in my year, but also the time whee I have the least money. I need to work on that scenario.

Out My Window:  Hot, I love hot.  Ask me in September and I will tell you something different.  I find myself on the back porch, sitting in the sun surrounded by flowers, it is lovely.

     We will be taking a couple of short road trips the next two weeks.  We are going to spend the fourth with old friends in Northern Idaho.  We ran around together in college, he was one of hubbies old roommates.  I love his wife.  They are much more successful than us financially.  But we have so much fun with them.  I am trying to budget gas and food and I think $250.00 will do it.  Hopefully I will come home with extra money.  So I am trying to earn this money in the shop this week so I don't have to take it out of savings.  I had better get to work.  I already have $40.00!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday, my kids are airheads!

     As most of you know my husband and I have a cleaning contract that we do late in the evening.  We have high security clearances and can pass into government buildings.  Our company will also call us if they have a new bank or a building that they are having problems with.  We will go in for a short time.  Needless to say there is a bank in town that we took on 3 nights a week last September.  We did not want the extra work, but we got permission to take the girls down last November as both were 18.  Now after 6 month the girls have wanted to do it by themselves, they want all the money.  Hubby and I do not want the extra work.  Well you can see where this is going......

   Girls are both working full time and then some. Daughter #2 actually has 2 jobs and is working about 60 plus hours a week.  Weekends are very full for both of them as they take on overtime.  I woke up like I had been shot out of bed at 6:45 this morning.  I could not remember the girls last night going to the bank.  My heart went cold.  Daughter # 2 was at her first client and she had the key. Daughter # 3 had to be to work by 8.  Well I brushed my hair and teeth and went to get the key.  I hoped if I got down by 7:15 I could do a quick job and get out before any one was wiser.

     I got to the bank and there was a woman in a business suit out in the lot picking up garbage.  This bank is downtown and we have run off late night party people out of the lot.  But this was unbelievable.  Pop/beer cans. McDonald's bags, pizza boxes, cigarette cartons, just a messy disaster.    I pulled up in front of the doors and got out.  She looked up and called across the lot, "Are you the Janitor?" (realize we never meet these people in fact we are really allowed no contact, part of the security)  I said yes , I was coming by early to touch up a few things, (yeah like right), I asked her to stop I would go in and get gloves and clean up for her.  It took me over an hour and 4 huge 33 gallon bags to clean up that lot.  Then I ran inside emptied the trash, vacuumed a little and wiped up the bathrooms.  The manager was so grateful, she thought she would have to do it all as she cannot ask employees to do this kind of work and I just offered, I was her angel.  I felt like a dishonest snipe.  But oh  "all's well that ends well!"
     The kids can no longer clean!  They are not responsible.  I called my husband and he was more forgiving of the girls.  He said they are just working to much and are over tired , but he agreed that they should not be trusted and he wanted to continue the contract as it brings in $270.00 a month and is so easy to do.  It is downtown by our county work and between the two of us is nothing.  $250.00 more dollars toward debt.  In one year that is a Credit card wiped out. I agreed.

Out My Window:  Chased the ducks to the pond, garden is huge!  Growing things is like a miracle every morning.  Amazing how a little seed becomes a huge plant.

     I am already tired and my day hasn't begun.  I still have to sew, and teach and sew and clean.  Oh In the words of my dead grandparents "I am blessed with work".

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday, What do you value?

     That was the lesson today, what do you value?  I thought of shoes, money, flowers, family, relationships.  Getting out of debt is a process of assessing what you value.  I value less stress.  I value paying less of my money to interest.  I value being able to spend more time with my loved ones, not working 3 jobs to pay off debt.  It is skewed values that got me into this mess and it is new values that will get me out.
     I now value frugality.  I value savings. I value waiting until I can pay for an item.  I value the peace that being able to pay my bills brings to me.  I value living without fear (I am still working on this).

Out My Window:  Warm, blue sky, white fluffy clouds, just the perfect kind of weather.  I wish I was at the ocean today.  I am missing the ocean.  I can look out my window but I can't see the ocean.

    I am going to take a long rest in the sun on the back porch, today!

Have a restful and peaceful Sabbath!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday, Snowflaking myself!

     Behind because of camp, just too tired to sew when I get home.  So I am going to make it up today.  But I woke up very stiff.  Had a hard time brushing my hair and my teeth.  I remember a several doctors asking me, "How long does it take you to get ready in the mornings?"  I thought this was a dumb question.  I got up threw on my running clothes and hit the track for a 3-5 mile run.  What were they talking about?  Now 8 years into this nightmare, I am starting to see the light.  I get up and wonder what part of my body will betray me today!  So this morning it was my right hand and my knees.  Lovely!

Out My Window:   Beautiful warm, sunny weather.  I actually sat out in the sun on the deck for about a half an hour this morning.  So nice.  I need to get some weeding done.

     I just realized last night that I have been snowflaking to myself.   I was able to put  about $283.00 in to my savings after the graduations.  (money I did not spend)  Then after I paid the bills I was able to put $400.00 out of our cleaning check into savings.  I went to my shop books and I thought that there was about $250.00 there and there was over $400.00.  So I put another $400.00 in savings.  This means the emergency fund sits at over $2000.00.  I would like to put this money on a debt, but with the summer at the studio being so  iffy I would rather just pay some over the minimum and hold off.  But at the end of the summer if anything is left over it goes to my US Bank card!

     We have a sears card that I use if we need to buy a major appliance.  I have never paid it interest, as I always put every thing on 6 months same as cash.  These people have not made any interest money on me in years.  Well yesterday I get a CC from them in the mail.  It is a citi bank MasterCard.  Isn't that nice!  I cut it up and Monday we will no longer have a Sears account, unless it is them only.  I will not have a blanket card for any store.  I have one CC and that is it!  Dirty Rotten Scoundrels!
     I also received a new CC from the bank that financed the car.  Because I have such excellent credit.  Forget it!
     Then I get my US BANK visa statement and they have raised my credit limit to $22,000.  Isn't that nice of them.  At 14.99%  let's all go charge a big old party!  Oh what US Bank does not know.  I will be out of there by Christmas if not earlier and their card will be history. I mean really $22,000 with the credit card mess I have made of my life in the past, these people think this is wise? Villains.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday, Yippee!

    Boy am I glad it is Friday.  Sewing in the morning and teaching 4 hours in the afternoon and then coming home to housework, groceries, cooking, animals and county cleaning is taking it's tole.  I want a weekend!
     I paid the dreaded bills yesterday and you know what?  I had enough money.  Amazing!  See what paying off debt does?  Also not having to pay past due utilities all the time.  The water bill came in and I paid it.  Usually I was in shut off mode.  Pay this huge back amount or be shut off!  I paid the $192.00 and won't see another bill for 3 months.  It is so nice.  But the fear of not having enough will not leave.
     I paid all the studio bills for the month and I will have enough left over to pay the teachers.  But I was hoping to have at least $1200.00 left for the rent and one big bill next month.  We will have to hold our breath and see what our summer ballet does in July/August.  If I can sell 12  $100.00 punch cards I can make rent in July, then in August registrations will come in and we should be able to squeak by.
     I will have $400.00 extra in my personal account when I get the cleaning check tomorrow, but I will put that in savings.  I am worried about the rest of the summer, with studio bills.  I also have over $300.00 in checks in the shop, I will also put those in savings.  I will draw on those funds if needed.  It is still scary, but I also am so much better off.  I am so grateful.
     If I was not so afraid of the upcoming months I would put all of this extra on debt.  But then I would have to turn around and borrow money to pay studio bills in July and August.  I just don't want to incur any new debt.  I don't mind staying at status quot for a few months, but I refuse to go thousands of dollars into debt again this summer.  Am I doing the right thing?

Out My Window:     Warm not Hot so that is nice.  There are blossoms on the squash plants!  Ducks are so funny.  They don't want to come out of the pen in the morning, but the minute I throw them out they flap their wings and beeline around the house to the pond.  It is like a race to the pond across the garden and they complain all the way.  Then they are so happy! Diving in the water, splashing.  At dusk they climb out and we find them by the coop.

     I still have a lot of sewing to do it is hard to get a lot done when I am teaching.  I was paid yesterday by one of my clients in Happy Day Cards.  This client owns 10 restaurants in the area.  Taco Time, Arby's, A & W, and several nice places.  Italian, Pizza, steak house.  Anyway I am set for the summer.  We never have to pay to eat out. Ever!  This is a nice perk for me and the kids.  I can give them a $5.00 or $10.00 card, after they finish the laundry:)   ( Yes we are still working on laundry)  It is also nice when you are as busy as we are.  I can stop and get say the taco special and then go home a make a big salad out of the garden. Iit is just another small blessing.  Well I need to get to work. 
     Thanks for all the words of encouragement about my bill paying fear.  I hope to some day get over it.  But look at the summer coming up.  I really do not have the $4000.00 it will take to pay the studio bills in July and August.  Today, though, my bills are paid.  Today, I am okay.

Have a great and productive day!



Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday, I am up early!

     I could not sleep.  No real worries just up early.  I downloaded an application to refinance our home mortgage and our second mortgage at a local Credit Union.  I am so fed up with the Bank.  They just mess things up all the time and no one takes responsibility.  It will lower our Interest to 3.75 from 5.25 and 3.99.  It won't make a difference in the payoff amount except that is will be a little shorter.  I am still on goal for my other loans.
     My legs are much better today.  Thanks for all of your input on the ibuprofen.   Part of my problem stems from the fact that I ran  that high fever about two weeks ago and I can't take my regular medication for two weeks after a fever or infection.  This makes my pain continually worse.  I should be able to take an injection tomorrow and hopefully I will stay infection free for a while.  I have been having so many little colds and infections that I can only dose for two weeks and then am off for two or three.  So the meds don't really have time to work well.  I do have steroids at my disposal, but I only take those as a last resort.

Out My Window:  It was hot yesterday!  95 degrees, the first day of summer, now this is what summer is supposed to be like!  It was actually warm in the bedroom last night.  We had one heck of a thunder storm last night.  Sat out on the back porch and watched it.  Chickens and ducks did not like it.

     I was able to complete about $110.00 worth of sewing yesterday between 9-11 before I had to go to the studio.  I plan on sewing this morning also.  I am also going to pay studio bills and personal bills today.  Haven't I said that for several days now?  I just am afraid.  Afraid of what?  I don't know, not having any money I guess.  Like putting it off will  make more money appear in my account!

Do any of you put financial things off because you are afraid?

I should be afraid of what my white blood count is doing right now!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday, Yesterday was plain awful!

     You can say that again!  (Musical Annie)  Had a bad flare yesterday, could barely walk.  I kept trying to walk slow so I would not limp,  Impossible.   Last Night when we were doing our county buildings, I said to my husband do I look like I am limping?  He said I was walking like a little girl that had on her mothers high heels.  Slide, lurch, slide, lurch. This does not raise confidence in your dance students.  It was bad all day.  Usually I am stiff in the morning and by 11:00 or so I am up and moving.  But yesterday was the worst.  Today is much better.  Hope I don't have to repeat this often, it really gets me down.

Out My Window:  I swear the garden is trying to make up for it's slow start.  The plants are getting huge!

     Finally got B's car situated and she is happy.  It is a stick and all the girls have to learn on stick, but she has been driving an automatic so there is a learning curve.  We had to go and get another key made.  $150.00 yes Volkswagen chip keys are $150.00.  She also has to pay $375.88 for taxes and license.  She was so shocked.  Welcome to adulthood.  But she is happy.  I made a deposit for the studio, so tonight when I get home I will pay bills, phone, power,insurance,debts,theater rent from May.  Then we will see how much is left over.

Have a great and productive and pain free day!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday, I am disappointed.

     Disappointed,  Yes we only had 17 dancers show up for this next workshop, hardly enough to pay the bills in fact not enough to pay the bills.  Scary.  I will get through this month but I was so hoping to get enough to pay the rent and one big debt payment for July.  We will see.  I have to sit down and go over finances.  It will not be pretty. 

Out My Window:  It is beautiful and warm.  Our weather is finally what I would call normal. I am inside teaching all day for the next two weeks, wouldn't you know.  The deck looks beautiful, the flowers boxes are so pretty.  They are filling in with pinks, blues, oranges, yellows, just a wonderful display of color.

     D # 3 found a car.  She had to finance $3000.00 of it , but will be able to pay this off by the first of September.   I am not really pleased with the style, it has a booster,  she really is not a hot-rod girl.  It has demonstrated some linkage problems, but the neighbor was able to fix that right away and wants to do a little more work on that.  I feel it will be okay.  The clutch and shifter are deeper than our cars so she rally needs to practice driving it. Well off to the salt mines I go.  I am very sore today.  Arthritis is flaring!

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

     I will dedicate this post to my two fathers.  Both men of intelligence, that I know loved me.  I was lucky to have the best of both of them.  Not all people are blessed with two fathers.

     My biological father was, kind, handsome,(best looking man in 4 counties), brilliant, talented and most of all FUNNY!.  He was the life of the party.  However if there was a vice he had it in spades.  This did not make for a very calm or happy childhood in many ways.  But I knew he loved me.  He had a hard time showing affection and lost the respect of all of his children.  We remained close because I just always thought of the ten commandments.  Honor thy Father and thy Mother.  It did not say honor thy Father if he was perfect.  Trust me he was not perfect.  But he was my father and I inherited much of his wit, and creativity.  He was an artist, painter, sculptor, builder, loved to read anything and would give the shirt off his back to any one in need.  He was almost always in need.
     He suffered a stroke in 2005 and I went back to the Dakotas to help get him out of rehab.  I begged my sisters to come out with me but there was some estrangement due to our childhood and they did not come.  Dad drowned in the McClusky Canal 3 weeks after my last visit.  He was exhibiting signs of dementia, I knew I would have to come back soon and make some hard decisions for him.
     The sheriff called one Monday night and said that his boat had come back with it's limit on Walleye but dad was not in it.  I told him not to move his lawn mower (his method of transportation :)) as I knew he would climb out of the bushes and head for the first bar dry out and we would find him in the morning.  But it was not to be.  I had seen him, he loved to fish and went out with his boots on and a full catch of Walleye.  Who wouldn't want to go that way? 
     My sisters and brothers were devastated.  Some had not seen him in 10 years.  I was completely at peace.  His funeral was a riot.  We had more fun telling stories about his hair brained ways.  One of the happiest days in my life was when my mother left my father because I knew no one should have to live with him and his bad behavior.  But I still loved him.

     One of the other happiest days in my life was when my mother married my step father.  He, was NOT handsome, but he was kind, intelligent, soft spoken, loyal, educated, spoke several languages, one of the most interesting men I ever met.  He treated my mother like a princess.  She was able to live a life that was the envy of many women.  She traveled all over the world  with this man and he brought stability and calm to our home and lives.  I was always grateful to my step father.  My sisters and brothers were closer to him than I was perhaps because I insisted on staying close to our biological father.  I always felt a little on the outside with him. 
     He was very sick for the last ten years of his life and I was always going to Missoula to help when he went down.  I am the closest physically to my parents, my sisters are both across country or out of the States on business.  Both have very high end jobs, I am self employed so the crap work falls on me.  This always irritates me. My parents were due at my house one weekend and Mom called and said dad was not doing well and they would not come, but she was so depressed and wanted to see me.  So of course because she can throw guilt 250 miles ( I am hit in the back of the head with it on a regular basis)  I decided I would drive over.  I grumbled all the way.  I knew the instant I got there dad would be in the front yard raking the leaves.  Needless to say I had driven the road of death many times to find him out side puttering.
     When I arrived my Aunt met me and said you must have gotten my phone call and left immediately.  I had not.  Dad was in bed and talking with one of my step sisters.  He was not doing well.  I called my oldest two girls and they arrived late that night.  Hospice came in and insisted that he be moved into the front room on a hospital bed.  He was in a lot of pain and all I could think  about was how long will this last?  I have to get back home I have a show to do.  Dad was lucid, he understood us and could communicate.
       He was running short of a  particular medicine and my Mom wanted to get it refilled.  I told her I would go  and get it.  She said no she wanted to get out of the house she would only be gone a few minutes.  Dad was struggling and I went over to ask him how he was.  He said fine.  I started to read a book, but his thrashing was distracting and I said a prayer.  I asked that he be taken quickly because I had a very busy schedule and I just could not be running back and forth over the snowy pass over and over. (see how selfish I am)  A thought came to me to go find the Easter Hymn that had been played at his mothers funeral.  I went into the piano room and dug through the music and found the old Swedish Hymnal.  I played this song through.  When I went to check on him he was just lying so peaceful.  I asked if he was okay and he said yes.  I took his pulse and it was very slow.  I thought I had made a mistake so I took it again, slower.  This was not good.  Again I asked if we was okay he said yes, but he was struggling.  So I smoothed his hair back and took his face in my hands.  I said Far (father in Swedish) you are a good man.  You have been such a blessing to me and my family but it is time for you to go.  (Our older sister Hedvig had died a year earlier of breast cancer)  I told him, both of his daughters had been to see him, his son had called to say that he loved him and Hedvig was waiting for him, I said PaPa go!  Go toward the light.  He immediately took his gaze off me and looked in the corner of the room, I could tell he was focusing on someone or something, he smiled and he was gone.  When they say the light goes out of their eyes it does.  In a matter of seconds I saw him look at me with recognition, then at someone else and then gone.  I got to share the most precious moment of this wonderful man's life and I have never regretted it.

So on this Father's Day I say" God Bless each of my Father's the one that gave me life and the one that gave me hope".

Out My Window:    Sunny, cool, beautiful, looks like rain.  I hoed the garden!

Have a blessed and joyful Father's Day.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday, I will be lazy

     I will be lazy today.  I am going to a painting class this morning to get a few Christmas gifts done.  Then I need to research some cars for daughter, do a little cleaning, figure out something for Fathers day.  Just role along.  It will be nice and easy.  I don't get many Saturdays like this.

Out My Window:  It is cool and rainy, but supposed to be nice this afternoon.  I am looking for some inexpensive plants to fill in a front bed, if I find some today I will get a few.

Hubby and I went out to dinner last night.  I had a gift card, so it cost us nothing but a tip.  Prime Rib, yum!  Went car shopping with daughter, she said it was like getting your heart ripped out.  Boy does she have a lot to learn about heart ripping :) She hasn't had kids yet.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday, She Passed!

  Hubby and I were on to our third job of the day last night, it was about 9 p.m.   We were dragging, and we stopped to fill the car with gas.  I was at the check out counter and my cell rang.  It was daughter #2, she was crying and I could hardly understand her.  She had passed all her exams!  She is now ready to register and she is DONE!  All of a sudden two very tired parents got some spring in their step.  Hubby had worked all day in the woods for the State, taught 2 violin lessons and then was going to clean two county buildings. (Our side hussle) I had taught a workshop for 5 hours, sewed for 4 hours and on my way to clean buildings with him.  We drove home immediately to jump around and congratulate child.  We worked very late last night, but it did not matter, because she passed!

Out My Window:
   Cool sunny, I bet it is a beautiful day today, I need to get chicken feed. Hope it stays nice through the weekend.

     Last night I was reminiscing about our oldest getting her exam results.
     Daughter #2 was auditioning for CATS!  She was cast as Victoria and I told the director I would make her costume.  I ordered a white unitard and painted it with glitter paint to give her the muscle structure of a cat.  Then I crocheted on a loom leg and arm warmers that were textured and fuzzy.  She had white Jazz boots and I fit these with fur stirrups.  Made a collar with pink satin and rhinestones a big bow and had a name tag made.  Then I put a pair of panty hose on her head and made a skull cap by cutting off the legs,  then cutting small pieces of white fur into chunks, I hand sewed these all over the cap so it would stretch over her head and still look real.  Attach some ears and  made a tail I was done!  This took a few days.  But it was darling.
     Director called me a few weeks later and asked me to meet with a costume committee.  I said I did not have time as I had 4 shows coming up myself.  Please just meet with them you don't have to do a thing.  I should have smelled a rat!  So I met with this group of women/actors who were showing each other and myself what they wanted to look like.  I sat silently for about 20 minutes, (hard for me) then told them that there ideas were great but impossible as we did not have those products in our little valley and we had no budget.  They argued and pouted and stormed.  After two hours I asked for a show of hands as to who could sew at the table.  Out of nine of us one other than me raised her hand.  This woman was a dentist's wife and well out of my league.  I said I have to go but I will mark the 15 hardest costume out of the 35 you need to do.  Then the other seamstress and I divided that # up and I took 8 and she took 7.  So I went home doing 8 very hard cat costumes.  Like Rum-Tum Tigger. (foot ball pads covered with fur, yeah that was fun).  Any way to make a long story short,  I became very good friends with this woman.  We shared a lot of laughs and a lot of tears, because in the end the other social butterflies did nothing.  Between myself, my new friend and a very talented artist (painter) we created 35 amazing costumes.  To say  fingers bled from knitting and crocheting is an understatement, as we had less than a month to do this. 
     Four days before we opened I went to Theater and director was so happy, but same said women had agreed to do about 15 misc. pieces and they were a disaster.  I was so tired and so MAD!  I took all the crap home and dumped it in the shop and went to bed.  The next morning I got up and went downstairs, I looked in the shop and boiled so I told myself that I was going to go on a long 5 mile run so I could calm down.  I was three miles in  when I remembered that oldest daughter got her exam results posted that morning.  I ran home and hit the answering machine button on the shop.  Her voice came on SHE PASSED!  All of a sudden the costumes did not matter,  7 years of college education was worth it, she was an Attorney, already making more than her dad and I together.  I fixed all that crap with Joy in my heart.  See it is just a matter of perspective.  I will always remember that morning and how my attitude changed.

     Has this every happened to you?

     Another blessing we sold both of the old cars!  Now we have more to put down on car for next  and last college bound child!

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday, I am so proud

    We found our youngest a car yesterday she really liked.  After having the mechanic look at it and telling her it was sound, she started asking me about how she would get it paid for before college starts in the fall?  We went over all her options and she said, "Mom I can't afford a car this expensive, I have to find something for less money".  Can you believe that?  We took the car back.  I was in total shock.  No tears, not fights, no guilt.  This is the one time as a parent I think I did something right.  I am so proud.  Now to get back to her laundry.........splat!

Out My Window:
     Cloudy and overcast, cool.  Nice but a little chilly.  Still great on the water bill.

     We had salad and radishes out of the garden last night.  I just love the garden when it starts to produce.  It saves so much money.  It is really late this year but it will be great.  I have a whole lot of sewing to catch up on.  We are settling with Ascap for $192.00.  But I still think they are a bunch of thieves.  I just can't win in court with them and they know it and that is how they win.  They just have enough strong armed lawyers that take advantage of people.  I can't afford to hire a high priced legal team to fight for $192.00 so I pay  it.  What a rip off.  Like I have money to throw around.  I will pay it enough said and not think about it again.  Some times you just have to let go.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday halfway through!

     Day three of workshop, it is going well.  I am blistering feet all over the place.  The kids are having fun.  Still looking for a car for youngest.  We also have someone looking at the older cars tonight.

Out My Window:  I do believe that summer is here.  We had mostly sun yesterday although it is cooler here than normal.  Meaning it is usually in the high 90's so I am grateful.  Flower boxes are flourishing under the warm sun and look so pretty.
   I need to get more sewing done in the afternoons, but kids are at me the minute I get in the door.  I have a lot of sewing due out tomorrow, so I will have to hit the grind stone today.  I did not sleep well last night.  We are embroiled in a new fiasco at the studio over music.  Ascap sent us a contract insisting that we pay a large fee to play any music in our studio.  Even though we purchased the music legally.  We have done our research and no one beats these people.  So we are screwed. Once you sign their contract they own you and can basically tell you what and where.  We are seriously thinking of closing or going non- profit.
Will keep you posted don't know that much yet, just enough to upset me and scare me and I hate that!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday, the smartest financial move

      We had 15 show up for the workshop and I had 11 registered, so this is great!  We are still behind in the books but we are getting closer to catching up!  We have a couple of new beginners and one shows real promise. I am meeting a photographer this morning to take new head shots of daughter and myself.  We never have anything decent for people or press.  Why?  Because I just don't care!  But we are doing the choreography for a big University summer theater show and the are insisting on high resolution head shots.  I don't know how they will air brush the bassett hound circles out from under my eyes!  I will make this photo last for years.  When I am 90 I will whip out this shot!

Out My Window:  Beautiful, warm, it got to 77 yesterday, but still rained a little.  You should see how big the chickens are!  They are starting to get the fluff around their legs, so cute.

     I received 6 phone calls yesterday morning when I was at the studio.  All were from shop customers.  I told them I was teaching until 1 p.m. and they could meet me at 1:30 or later.  They all did.  I took in over $150.00 worth of work yesterday and I was gone for over 1/2 the day.  Porting the home phone to a cell phone although a big pain in the butt was the smartest financial decision I have made in a long time.  My business had increased 30%.  Now the problem is who is going to do the work.  I was so wiped out yesterday I came home and vegged like a slug.  I was afraid to go strictly to a cell phone, it was scary and hard for me.  But I did it and I am glad!  I don't miss clients.

     Have you ever done anything like this and really seen results?  Have you ever dreaded something and then forced yourself to do it and it worked out well in your finances?  Who would have thought?  It is amazing.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday lets see where we are!

     I am dressed and ready to go to the studio!  Pray that we have enough to cover expenses for this workshop!  I will be home after 1 p.m. to sew and clean up the house.  Running scared right now. 

Out My Window:  Cool, overcast and rainy.  The garden is starting to come up.  The beans and the potatoes are peaking through and the radishes need to be thinned.  I am glad it is cool because it is easier on the dancers.

      I need to clean off my desk and get the bills organized for the month.  Also need to pay the rent at the studio today.  I hope I have enough enrollment to do this.  I don't want to use my saved money!  It will be so nice to have all this debt paid off so the money we take in can pay bills and I don't have to worry all the time!

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday, It is beautiful!

     Went to church had to teach a lesson on developing ones talent. Now that was a a tough one:)  I am going to take a nap.  We went to the dollar theater last night and saw Water for Elephants.  It was slow.  I could have cut out about 1/2 the movie.  Painful.  I bet he book was better.  I will grill chicken this afternoon, with corn on the cob, asparagus, basil and tomato bread and shrimp salad.  I am also having a rhubarb and strawberry pie.  Rhubarb, asparagus and basil grown by us.  Yum!  But first a nap.

Out my Window:

Beautiful 73 degrees, sunny.  Set the sprinklers on the whole yard.  Need to water the boxes.

We start a Celtic camp tomorrow!  9 to 1 and then home to sew.  Hopefully we will get a good turn out!

Have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday, I have extra!

     I spent many hours yesterday afternoon evening, helping my youngest look for a newer/older used car.  She thought it was going to be FUN!  Talked to more fishy salesman than I can remember.  Some were quite nice.  Still looking.

     I had a nice time at lunch with Virginia yesterday, she is so interesting.  I really hate Parkinson's disease.  But she has such a positive attitude.  Today I am meeting a girlfriend that wants me to duplicate a 1915 dress for an old car tour.  We will go to Jo-ann's for fabric this morning.  Then I will put together my famous shrimp pasta salad.  One of our dancers will have her graduation party tonight and I told her mom I would come and help.

Out My Window:

Beautiful, sunny, it might  get HOT! I turned on the sprinkler system today for the first time. I also need to do some weeding. Ugh!

     I balanced the checkbook (personal) and I have a bout $220.00 left over from party last week that I did not spend.  I had saved for the big celebration so I could go buy what I wanted without using a charge card.  Well I did not use it all.  I also had $335.00 in checks this week that were not ear marked for a specific bill, so I put them in the emergency fund.  I do not know what the summer holds so having extra will surely be nice.  Trying hard not to spend foolishly.  That is easy to do when you have extra!  So I am thrilled to say the least.  I thought I would be scraping the bottom.  This is what happens when you start to save for future expenses instead of letting them jump up and run over you.  (I have the scars).  I am really proud to me.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday, Gas results are in and we are winners!

     Well hubby found out that he can get 4 days of commute out of the new car (mine) instead of 3 days out of the truck(his).  So what did I figure out? I had his truck all week, it was full when he left it for me.  I did not even use a quarter of a tank.  I was sick so lets say I would typically use more if I had felt better and been about.  He will use my car the weeks he drives and I will use his.  Then when he car pools he will use truck and leave it at parking lot a mile from our house and then drive it home in the evening.  So with the truck being used only for my running around every other week and his carpooling and parking, we will fill the truck up once a month on a normal schedule.  My car we will fill up 4 times. 
So if you do the math:
Truck gas fill-up   $65.00
Car fill-up             $56.55 x 4  
total for month     $289.76

Old totals:
Old car fill-up    $50.00 x 2 (it was a as hog V-8 I put in $50.00 every other week)
Truck fill-up       $65.00  x 6
total:                 $490.00

clearly close to a $200.00 savings a month plus I let the housekeeper go so I am saving another $200.00 and that my friends more than makes the new car payment!

Still wish I didn't have to buy a car.

Out my Window:

Cool,sunny, we are coming off flood stage.  Ducks walked back to the pen last night by them selves!  Now if we could just get them to go to pond without a fight.  It gets easier.  Eventually they will hop out of the coop and go right to the pond and then in the evening they will go right back to the coop.  It is so cute when they have babies.  Just this little line of ducks across the porch.  They do sometimes poop!           

      I have two bridal fittings this morning, and I am taking one of my sewing clients to lunch.  She has  Parkinson's, so I will pick her up at a care facility and we will have lunch and visit.  She  can't live on her own but just loves to get out of the center.  I feel bad as she is so bright and able.  She often helps out at their front desk, and answers the phone, does the filing, she likes to stay busy.  When ever you think you have it hard, go to a care facility and see the younger adults that are there stuck because they cannot live on their own. Your life will seem a whole lot brighter.  I need to go finish the bridal dress from Hell!

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday, can anyone do laundry except me?

     I have enough laundry in the back room to keep me busy for a week!  Now I realize I am one of four adults in this house, who has just come off a three day bought with the crud (probably out of remission RA) but we will ignore that.  I guess I will do it all myself.  I feel like taking the girls clothes and separating them.  Just doing mine and my husbands things. It would not kill them to transfer a load once in a while!  RANT!

     Okay I am over that.  It was sad to let the lady that comes once a week to clean my floors go yesterday.  She is like a friend to me.   But the girls are home from school and they can take care of her work.  I just can't justify the money.  Does this make sense to any of you?  Have you ever continued to pay a bill because you felt sorry for someone or just did not have the guts to let them go?  I hate that crummy feeling.  But I have to look at my finances first.

Out My Window:
Cool and Sunny, but I bet it gets HOT today!  I put the ducks in the pond, and fed the chickens.  It was so beautiful outside.  I would love to get some more perennials to plant on a berm out front.  But I will wait until they are rock bottom give away prices.  Like .25 and.50 at the stores.  A little water, sunshine and love they will live!

     I had a great day yesterday.  Still a little achy but no fever! Sewed $235.00 worth of product.  Still have a very busy day in the shop.  Daughter #2 and I took a fast 40 minute walk down by the River.  We used to run this but I am afraid my running days are over.  Maybe not but I did not want to push it so close to my illness, unless I relapsed.  But it was fun, we took the dog.  I wish I could do this everyday.  Maybe I can get hubby to do it again tonight!  I need to make the last deposit for the studio today.

     Now I am going to storm the castle!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday, Coming out from under ether

     I am feeling better, although I did run a fever last night again.  I was able to complete about $135.00 worth of work in the shop but have so much more to go today.  I am also receiving all the bills from last month and I don't want to open them.  But will have to be a grown-up soon.  I did get the last tuition check owed to us yesterday.  This is the first year we have received all tuition by June.  I am becoming a better business woman.

Out My Window: 

It is sunny and beautiful outside!  I even put on capris and sandals this morning.  I am brave, usually it it sweats as I am always freezing!  But today I am going to believe that summer is here.

     I need to get into the shop and get busy.  I am letting go my once a week housekeeper today.  This makes me sad.  But D#2 is home and she can do the bathrooms and the floors.  My hands lock up when I scrub.  My joints are all knotted up and don't handle some kinds of pressure.  I have to be careful and keep my mobility for earning money:)   But I really like her and will miss her.  Well off to the Salt Mines!

     By the way check out the web-site Moneycrush, she is always full of great advice and thought provoking info.  She is asking the question about what our relationship is with Credit Cards.  To write out your history is very eye opening.  I have been a dope for too many years! 
Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Running a fever Drat!

     Yesterday, I was tooling around the house cleaning up after the party.   I was a little achy but this is not unusual in the mornings do to my arthritis.  My mom wanted me to go down to a the bank with her so we could put her accounts in my name.  She wanted me to drive as I know the town better.  I had a hard time getting in and out of the car. We got her paper work done and we went home I handed her her car keys and then gave her a hug.  She left and my purse was in her back seat.  So now I have no keys to get to work, no checkbook, no ID.  I was so shaky I could not remember even putting my purse back there.  Well it turns out she did.  Now I have to call to replace keys and I realize I am having a hard time calling.  Because I have a fever.  But I don't even have a key to drive to doctor.  Anyway don't know what is wrong.  I have no symptoms other than a headache, body aches.  No sore throat.  I will run in to the doctor today if my fever returns. YUCK!

Out My Window:

Lovely June morning.  I think it will rain today again, but right now it is sunny and cool.

      I had at least $400.00 worth of work come into the shop yesterday.  It was hard to deal with as I had to keep getting up off the couch, (slowly) to greet them.  But I really do need to get something done today in there or I won't be able to walk through it!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday A free Week

     I am just coming out from under ether.  The weekend was so busy.  Grandparents, grandchild, parties, parties, celebrations, too much rich food.  I am tired but glad it is over.  Daughter # 1 was here with baby, she also drove the 85 year old grandparents here and back.  Daughter #2 had her big board and then drove back to Graduation, she showed up in scrubs!  But they were the school colors!  We had a huge party and then one went back to boards and the other went to an all night graduation party put on by the school district parents.  I was able to visit with Daughter #1 and enjoy my grandson.
     I went into her room early Sunday morning and took him out of the crib where he was cooing and playing.  I was able to dress him and talk to him for a couple of hours before church.  It was so fun.  She took off with grandparents right after church.  Then I was able to visit with my mother all afternoon and evening.  I still have a lot of clean up to do and I am very behind in my shop but it was a great weekend.  I am glad it is over.

Out My Window:

     It will be cooler and more rainy today, but it was hot and clear all weekend.  The yard is beautiful.  We had so many compliments on the yard.  It is so peaceful on the deck by the pond, quite.  I love it out there.  So all the time I have spent out is worth it. It is supposed to rain all week.  I am a little down about this but at least I have not had to start the sprinkler system this spring/summer.  We usually start watering in April.  Water is very expensive!  So I will see this as a blessing.  Instead of a $670.00 bill for the first three months it will only be about $200.00.  Nice!

     On my last post I was going to face the debt monster and it was not good.  Although I did stay on budget for the party and festivities.  I will have to be very careful this summer.  I hope you all will help me stay on track.  Things are going to be very tight.  The recital came in much more expensive than we had anticipated, so we will have to raise rates next year.  We cannot bear the burdens of these costs and get out of debt. I will post more tomorrow about my goals for the summer.

Have a Great and Productive Day!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday, I slept late

     I was woke up this morning by my phone at 8:39.  I haven't slept this late in months.  I am in shock, but it was so nice.  I am going outside to let out the ducks, and then plant a few flowers (the last) and then take a hot bath.  I will need this after the ducks, and the dirt.  I have to face the debt monster today as my desk is buried in receipts and I have to balance my accounts.  Not looking forward to this.

Out My Window:

Cold, rainy, green you have never seen so much green.  Well maybe in a Jungle.  We are at flood stage here can you believe that?  Only 3.5 inches over normal rain fall.  This is a semi-arid desert.  Could get interesting in a few days!  We live up on the hill so we won't be affected, but our basement has flooded a time or too. Hopefully we have taken care of this problem.

B, D#3 came home yesterday and she was so funny.  She had taken her last final in High School.  She has graduation practice today.  She has decided she wants a new I-pod for graduation.  Great I get her old one, mine at the studio has been giving me fits.  So this is tax deductible.  She thinks she will get straight A's this semester. Someone asked me yesterday if she would be in the top 2  and I had to laugh.  She was in a coma from toxic shock her Freshman year.  Her last quarter of that year she did not get good grades, passing grades but the average pulled her down and out of the running.  I did not even care.   You learn to care about the important stuff really fast when they ask if they can harvest your child's organs.  I am so excited that my baby will graduate. Now let's talk about getting her to clean her room..........................

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday, the house is a distaster!

     I am so far behind right now, in all aspects of my life.  But I am so tired I am having a hard time prioritizing what needs to be done next.  The shop.  I will go get dressed and get into the shop!  I have just worked to hard trying to catch up after the recital.  My arthritis is flaring so bad.  Damp weather, hard work, emotional stress not good with this condition.  I will ignore it. Denial is not just a river in Egypt!  ( one of my favorite sayings)

Out My Window: 
Cold, Sunny? maybe rain?  Yard looks good.  I got the last of the flower box plants yesterday but don't know if I will be able to get them in today!  I was so cold yesterday morning that I dressed in a turtleneck, fleece vest and jeans.  Then I had to change to capris and a short sleeve blouse and jacket.  Later took off the jacket.  Could it be summer is coming?  Was spring completely passed over?

     I need to get busy.  I can do this.

Have a great and productive day!