Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday, Gas results are in and we are winners!

     Well hubby found out that he can get 4 days of commute out of the new car (mine) instead of 3 days out of the truck(his).  So what did I figure out? I had his truck all week, it was full when he left it for me.  I did not even use a quarter of a tank.  I was sick so lets say I would typically use more if I had felt better and been about.  He will use my car the weeks he drives and I will use his.  Then when he car pools he will use truck and leave it at parking lot a mile from our house and then drive it home in the evening.  So with the truck being used only for my running around every other week and his carpooling and parking, we will fill the truck up once a month on a normal schedule.  My car we will fill up 4 times. 
So if you do the math:
Truck gas fill-up   $65.00
Car fill-up             $56.55 x 4  
total for month     $289.76

Old totals:
Old car fill-up    $50.00 x 2 (it was a as hog V-8 I put in $50.00 every other week)
Truck fill-up       $65.00  x 6
total:                 $490.00

clearly close to a $200.00 savings a month plus I let the housekeeper go so I am saving another $200.00 and that my friends more than makes the new car payment!

Still wish I didn't have to buy a car.

Out my Window:

Cool,sunny, we are coming off flood stage.  Ducks walked back to the pen last night by them selves!  Now if we could just get them to go to pond without a fight.  It gets easier.  Eventually they will hop out of the coop and go right to the pond and then in the evening they will go right back to the coop.  It is so cute when they have babies.  Just this little line of ducks across the porch.  They do sometimes poop!           

      I have two bridal fittings this morning, and I am taking one of my sewing clients to lunch.  She has  Parkinson's, so I will pick her up at a care facility and we will have lunch and visit.  She  can't live on her own but just loves to get out of the center.  I feel bad as she is so bright and able.  She often helps out at their front desk, and answers the phone, does the filing, she likes to stay busy.  When ever you think you have it hard, go to a care facility and see the younger adults that are there stuck because they cannot live on their own. Your life will seem a whole lot brighter.  I need to go finish the bridal dress from Hell!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Congrats on the gas savings!! :D

  2. See! Your car was meant to be! I hate spending money on gasoline. It makes me wish we were in a huge city with decent transportation.

  3. Posts like this make me glad we don't own a car! Ouch!! That's sweet of you to take your client for lunch, that'll be a lovely lunch I'm sure! :)

  4. Very smart use of cars and money savings!