Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday A free Week

     I am just coming out from under ether.  The weekend was so busy.  Grandparents, grandchild, parties, parties, celebrations, too much rich food.  I am tired but glad it is over.  Daughter # 1 was here with baby, she also drove the 85 year old grandparents here and back.  Daughter #2 had her big board and then drove back to Graduation, she showed up in scrubs!  But they were the school colors!  We had a huge party and then one went back to boards and the other went to an all night graduation party put on by the school district parents.  I was able to visit with Daughter #1 and enjoy my grandson.
     I went into her room early Sunday morning and took him out of the crib where he was cooing and playing.  I was able to dress him and talk to him for a couple of hours before church.  It was so fun.  She took off with grandparents right after church.  Then I was able to visit with my mother all afternoon and evening.  I still have a lot of clean up to do and I am very behind in my shop but it was a great weekend.  I am glad it is over.

Out My Window:

     It will be cooler and more rainy today, but it was hot and clear all weekend.  The yard is beautiful.  We had so many compliments on the yard.  It is so peaceful on the deck by the pond, quite.  I love it out there.  So all the time I have spent out is worth it. It is supposed to rain all week.  I am a little down about this but at least I have not had to start the sprinkler system this spring/summer.  We usually start watering in April.  Water is very expensive!  So I will see this as a blessing.  Instead of a $670.00 bill for the first three months it will only be about $200.00.  Nice!

     On my last post I was going to face the debt monster and it was not good.  Although I did stay on budget for the party and festivities.  I will have to be very careful this summer.  I hope you all will help me stay on track.  Things are going to be very tight.  The recital came in much more expensive than we had anticipated, so we will have to raise rates next year.  We cannot bear the burdens of these costs and get out of debt. I will post more tomorrow about my goals for the summer.

Have a Great and Productive Day!


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  1. Kim, your weekend sounds lovely! Congratulations to your daughter and what a treat to spend time with your grandson and your mother! Summer will be tight here as well, so we will keep each other on track! Have a blessed day :)