Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday, Yesterday was plain awful!

     You can say that again!  (Musical Annie)  Had a bad flare yesterday, could barely walk.  I kept trying to walk slow so I would not limp,  Impossible.   Last Night when we were doing our county buildings, I said to my husband do I look like I am limping?  He said I was walking like a little girl that had on her mothers high heels.  Slide, lurch, slide, lurch. This does not raise confidence in your dance students.  It was bad all day.  Usually I am stiff in the morning and by 11:00 or so I am up and moving.  But yesterday was the worst.  Today is much better.  Hope I don't have to repeat this often, it really gets me down.

Out My Window:  I swear the garden is trying to make up for it's slow start.  The plants are getting huge!

     Finally got B's car situated and she is happy.  It is a stick and all the girls have to learn on stick, but she has been driving an automatic so there is a learning curve.  We had to go and get another key made.  $150.00 yes Volkswagen chip keys are $150.00.  She also has to pay $375.88 for taxes and license.  She was so shocked.  Welcome to adulthood.  But she is happy.  I made a deposit for the studio, so tonight when I get home I will pay bills, phone, power,insurance,debts,theater rent from May.  Then we will see how much is left over.

Have a great and productive and pain free day!



  1. Pain-free? What's that?! Since I was 14 and fell off a trampoline I've been in and out of so many chiropractor's offices I've lost count. I manage it fairly well but then there are my knees which I ruined back when I used to run. Now I just walk or bike though I still have the urge to try running again...I guess I think that with the right shoe or the right knee brace thingy I'll be fine...
    Hope tomorrow is pain-free for YOU!!

  2. Hope you are feeling better! 800mg of Ibuprofin usually works for me. Great news about the garden. I am amazed that here in the south, corn is already three feet high (unheard of in Seattle at this time of year!). Hopefully you will share pictures of your garden!

  3. Everyone in my family had to learn to drive a stick shift too. It's good to know how. It'll be so nice for you to eat from your garden and enjoy the fruit of your labor! I hope your pain lessens and you can walk normally soon.

  4. Sure hope you are feeling better! I use the same as Cash Only, 800 mg Ibuprofen.