Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday, I slept late

     I was woke up this morning by my phone at 8:39.  I haven't slept this late in months.  I am in shock, but it was so nice.  I am going outside to let out the ducks, and then plant a few flowers (the last) and then take a hot bath.  I will need this after the ducks, and the dirt.  I have to face the debt monster today as my desk is buried in receipts and I have to balance my accounts.  Not looking forward to this.

Out My Window:

Cold, rainy, green you have never seen so much green.  Well maybe in a Jungle.  We are at flood stage here can you believe that?  Only 3.5 inches over normal rain fall.  This is a semi-arid desert.  Could get interesting in a few days!  We live up on the hill so we won't be affected, but our basement has flooded a time or too. Hopefully we have taken care of this problem.

B, D#3 came home yesterday and she was so funny.  She had taken her last final in High School.  She has graduation practice today.  She has decided she wants a new I-pod for graduation.  Great I get her old one, mine at the studio has been giving me fits.  So this is tax deductible.  She thinks she will get straight A's this semester. Someone asked me yesterday if she would be in the top 2  and I had to laugh.  She was in a coma from toxic shock her Freshman year.  Her last quarter of that year she did not get good grades, passing grades but the average pulled her down and out of the running.  I did not even care.   You learn to care about the important stuff really fast when they ask if they can harvest your child's organs.  I am so excited that my baby will graduate. Now let's talk about getting her to clean her room..........................

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Congrats on your daughter graduating soon! That's so exciting. It's almost time to celebrate :)

  2. Guess you really needed the sleep (and probably lots more than that!). Hopefully your "to-do" list is continuing to get shorter and shorter. You are accomplishing lots!

  3. Oh my goodness! You must have been beside yourself. Sometimes I feel like popping people right in the kisser for the stupid things they say and do. Congratulations on D3's graduation! You worked pretty hard to get her to this day.

  4. If your daughter's anything like my daughter (and it seems they are a bit alike) the room situation won't be improving anytime soon. I just keep her door shut and pretend it doesn't exist. I just worry about bugs! Ok, breathing deeply, sigh, that's better. Hey, she did buy me Dairy Queen today, shouldn't sweat the messy stuff:)