Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday, I have extra!

     I spent many hours yesterday afternoon evening, helping my youngest look for a newer/older used car.  She thought it was going to be FUN!  Talked to more fishy salesman than I can remember.  Some were quite nice.  Still looking.

     I had a nice time at lunch with Virginia yesterday, she is so interesting.  I really hate Parkinson's disease.  But she has such a positive attitude.  Today I am meeting a girlfriend that wants me to duplicate a 1915 dress for an old car tour.  We will go to Jo-ann's for fabric this morning.  Then I will put together my famous shrimp pasta salad.  One of our dancers will have her graduation party tonight and I told her mom I would come and help.

Out My Window:

Beautiful, sunny, it might  get HOT! I turned on the sprinkler system today for the first time. I also need to do some weeding. Ugh!

     I balanced the checkbook (personal) and I have a bout $220.00 left over from party last week that I did not spend.  I had saved for the big celebration so I could go buy what I wanted without using a charge card.  Well I did not use it all.  I also had $335.00 in checks this week that were not ear marked for a specific bill, so I put them in the emergency fund.  I do not know what the summer holds so having extra will surely be nice.  Trying hard not to spend foolishly.  That is easy to do when you have extra!  So I am thrilled to say the least.  I thought I would be scraping the bottom.  This is what happens when you start to save for future expenses instead of letting them jump up and run over you.  (I have the scars).  I am really proud to me.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. That's a nice amount to have left! Have fun at the graduation party tonight!

  2. Isnt't it a great feeling to have some left!!! Enjoy your busy weekend :)


  3. Extra???? What is that? ;)

    I have become a big fan of saving for upcoming expenses. Who woulda thought....

  4. Yeah can you imagine. I was looking at old ledgers the other day from years ago. I had over $1100.00 a month worth of expenses more than I was bringing in. This was every month! It was an awful to live. I still have a ways to go but this is so much better. Thanks to good advice and good habits. We will all get out of debt and be able to have extra all the time!

  5. WooHoo! I hope that's me one day:)

  6. (Yeah, my blogger is working again and I can finally comment!!!)

    Hi Kim!!!

    Great job on having money left! Wish I could say the same, although I'm really, really trying this month.

    I wish I could sew. My mother bought me a sewing machine years ago and the only one who has used it is my neighbor who needed one to sew something for a Halloween party!

    We bought our used car at a Honda dealership. We researched the bluebook value first, and then knew what a good price was. We were successful and avoided all of the scumming salesmen.

  7. Yah! I can comment too!!

    My apologies to any used car salesmen and families but why are they all like Herb Tarlick from the old show WKRP? Gum chewing and slicked back hair. (Fun to look at cars Ha ha - oh to be so naive)

    Having extra takes a lot of wieght off a person's shoulders. Good Job!!

    Anytime you would like to share that shrimp pasta salad I would love to try it. I have 5 shrimp lovers in my house!