Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday, My sissie is coming today!

 1 month 21 days with out a CC
  personal account $1.50
  studio account -$67.12

     I have so much to do today.  Sewing, housework, lunch date, shower, teaching, getting ready for sissie.
I still need to run signed forms back to accountant and get some more info gathered for daughters taxes as her moving expenses last year are in a file at our house.  I will take all this in when I drop of my signed returns at the accountants. 

     I actually had a good day in the shop yesterday.  It was busy!  May it stay like that for a while!  Soon I will be complaining about it being too busy you just watch.  Cranky puss that I am.  I did sleep good last night and I hope this will continue for a while.  I am actually awake earlier because I fell asleep before 11 o'clock.  But I have been wandering the house at 2 and 3 in the morning lately so it has been hard to get up.
I love to get up early (about 7:30) and work in the yard for a couple of hours if the weather permits.  Then I clean up and hit the shop.

     It's funny but I am just becoming more accepting about my inability to pay back debt in large chunks.  It really was not working as well for me as I had thought.  I feel calmer and more in control now that I am just trying to maintain my day to day expenses and not add further to my debt.  If I don't add to the debt it will get paid off.  Slower than I would like but it will get there.  Thanks Sluggy for this advice.  But you know me I like to do things fast!

     Got a call from a director yesterday wanting Hubby to play in a pit starting next Monday for two weeks! This is great as it will free up time for me to be with my sister and also keep him busy while I am gone.  It will help with his diet  as he will busy in the evenings and not have time to think about snacking.  He has played this show at least twice that I know of in the last 25 years so the score should be pretty familiar.

  Out My Window:  Beautiful and Sunny, may this weather hold until my sissie is gone!

     Well I need to clean up and hit the shop, so much to do, also must go to the banks and make deposits, cash some checks so I have some money to spend.  Hooray!

Have a great and productive day!



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday, taxes are ready!

1 month 20 days without CC use (did place a costume order will pay it back before next bill)
personal account $1.50
Studio account -$67.12

     The accountant called and my taxes are done.  We have a refund from the Feds and owe the state.  I also paid out $2000.00 to forward taxes to next year.  This will keep me from having to pay quarterlies.  I am not sure exactly what the refund is but by the time I pay the state and the accountant I won't have much left.  I would like to put it to debt, but I think I will put it in the emergency fund.  Don't know yet.  I also will be traveling to Montana for my mom's birthday and my share of the party will be a large chunk of change, so I might just put it aside to keep from adding more debt.  I may not get out of debt this year but I will not go backwards.

     I have plenty to do in the shop today and more coming in.  I want to get everything caught up as I will be getting ready for my sister's arrival tomorrow.  So excited.  I am still having trouble falling asleep at night.  Waking up late and tired.  I am hoping that I can get my body clock reset some how.

      Hubby has now lost 15 lbs.  He was so hungry last night, I actually felt sorry for him.  I think he need to eat a few more calories.

     Out My Window:  I am sure that I have lost a chicken.  Hubby is continuing to work in the back yard.  I just want all the trimming done and the crap picked up and taken to the dump so I can figure out what we will need this year.  We also have a fig tree that needs to be planted.

     I am off to sew up a storm.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday, trying to tie up loose ends...

1 month 19 days without a new cc purchase
personal account $1.50
studio account -$64.12

     Trying to tie up loose ends around here.  Got poster order in for Celtic show, set a lunch appointment with TV station for commercial spot.  Paid all but three bills for studio.  Was not able to put a lot of extra into CC debt but did pay my agreed amount plus any extra charges, so we are not going in the hole.  I still have $541.00 in outstanding tuition and that should cover the 2 small bills that are left and a good chunk of the other bill.  I guess an easier way to put it is that I have $1075.00 still owing in the studio not counting the accountants bill.  Which I have not received.  But as I have 541.00 in back tuition  I am only short $534.00 which is a whole lot better than I thought it would be.  We still have 9 days left of February and maybe by some miracle I will pull this off.

     Hubs does not drive this week so I will not have to buy any gas until next week.  I think we are okay for groceries except for soda. Segue (phone call just in: "Will you order 3 pairs of Jazz shoes for me for a show that opens next week?")  So put that on the list.  I started the tablecloths for mom's party yesterday.  I have all the pink set cut and I am pressing a few at a time and intermingling them with my alterations.

     I also lined up the photographer for a family pic on the 28th.  My brothers and sisters should all be at mom's by that time.  It is hard when we all come in from out of town.  We will do the picture on the front porch of the house we grew up in.  We have not had a picture of the 5 of us taken since Dad's 80th jubilee and I do beleive this will be the last before mom leaves us.

     Segue(phone call in:  Can I pick up my wedding dress at 2 today, sure!)  Now I have to get my butt into the shop and finish the bridesmaid hem but I smell money!

Got to order shoes:
      Out My Window:  I cannot find my red chicken, I hope she was not nabbed.  Hubby did some trimming and trimmed down 5  bridals wreath spirea that I have covering a fence.  It has taken me 8 years to get them where I want them and he hacked them down to below my knees.  I am short.  It will take several years to get them back.  I had specifically asked him not to touch them.  I know he did it on purpose.  Because he is a registered Forester he thinks he know all about trees, well he knows nothing about design and landscaping, so now I will have to wait to cover this fence line again.  I could just throttle him.

     Off to the salt mines.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday, Presidents day, yes you have to dance

1 month 17 days without CC use
 personal; checking $-194.12
studio checking $-115.35

     I have already answered 5 e-mails this morning.  Yes! you have dance tonight.  If I took off every Monday this country has a Holiday I would never get anything done.  I swear this is the 7th holiday we have had in 2 months.  It gets old.  Not that having time off isn't nice but really?  It is hard to get anything done in Monday night classes when you take every other Monday off.  Okay my rant is over.

     I was able to get through the weekend without spending like crazy, but I am flat broke.  A little scary.  I do have work in the shop to do and I think I am going  to have to revamp my plan of paying a $1000.00 to the CC this month.  Hubby had a third paycheck and I was going to use it to pay down the card.  However, if I do that I have not made enough in the shop to have anything extra to help with bills.  I have been able to keep up on gas and groceries.  It has been really slow.  So I think I should take this extra to catch up in the checking accounts and pay what I can extra on the CC.  You all know I have a tendency to over pay the debts and then have nothing to live on, which causes me to debt again.

     It is a disappointment, but as long as I don't go backwards.  Backwards to me is not paying for any charges to the CC in addition to the regular payment.  In other words we have to monthly go forward on the balances.  If you never charge another thing you eventually will get out of debt.  We certainly make progress every month and then bam I will have a month full of expenses and we will get behind.  (As in I will make a payment but not pay the charges that were incurred that month)  My hope this year is to avoid this.  The only way I see of doing this is to use that 3rd paycheck to reach status quot.

     What do you think?

Out My Window:  I was able to spend about 4 hours in the yard on Saturday.  It was just beautiful  60 degrees.  I trimmed about  7 bushes and cleaned out the edges of the garden.  Still have days of work out there, but it was so fun.  I am going to try and get my sissie to help me outside when she comes.  That is when we are not sewing or baking, or laughing.

     Well it is almost 11 and I have a ton of stuff to do before I leave for the studio.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday, Looking forward....

1 month and 15 days without a CC
Personal checking, -$194.12
studio checking $70.46

     Hubby gave me three boxes of chocolates yesterday and we went out to Taco Time for dinner.  How romantic is that?  I made chocolate cupcakes for his office.  Yesterday is a blur as I had sewing to get done and treat bags to get done for the studio.

     The month is more than 1/2 over and I still have major bills to pay.  Today after I get my sewing done I am going to balance the studio account and see who still owes tuition so I can plan the rest of the month.  So far the shop has taken in enough to fill the car with gas and buy a few groceries.

     I am hoping the fabric for my mother's party will be in today.  When my Sissie comes next week we will have a lot to do!  Table cloths and napkins to make, cakes to bake, mints to make, gathering supplies busy, busy.

     Out My Window:  It is beautiful outside the sun is shining.  Very frosty this morning.  It always gets like this before spring hits.  Spring hits Lewiston about March 1st.  It's hard to believe it is almost here.

     I have 4 pairs of pants that need to be shortened before 11:30 so I had better get busy!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday, staying motivated

No CC use 1 month 13 days
Personal checking -$194.12
Studio checking  $70.46

     Money is tight and the shop is slower than I would like, this has just made me less motivated.  It is easy for me to get a little down in the dumps.  I also believe this time of year with all the darkness and cold and sad memories makes me blue.  Today is my oldest daughter's Birthday and the day of Franka's passing.  So bitter sweet  thoughts take over.  I told myself this morning I was going to stay motivated.

     Sometimes I have to march myself Pippi Longstocking style around the house and say, "You are going to do this."  As I sat at the computer first thing this morning despondent and unmoving, I had to tell myself that I had plenty to do.  In the shop there were 6 hems sitting on my sewing chairs.  So I did them.  It took 20 minutes.  That is $60.00.  $60.00 that will help take the dent out of the checking overdraft.  I then started looking around the shop and realized I have plenty of things to keep me busy.  Just what is my problem?

     I have often thought this for a long time.  I am as addicted to being behind and under pressure as I am to debting.  If I don't feel the adrenaline rush of pressure I don't feel the need to get things done.  What a terrible habit.  I mean really if I don't have $600.00 worth of piles of sewing I cannot sew?  I really need to work on this.  Get your butt into the shop and do what you have, quit feeling sorry for yourself.

     So I've made the bed, swept the floor, fed the animals, cleaned the kitchen and I have a big old pile of sewing to do.  I also need to clean out the fridge and make turkey salad do a little baking.  Every day I take the checks that come into the studio and I deposit them and pay a bill or two.  I am slowly whittling them down. Today I paid ASCAP fees and and the phone bill.  Next is the power bill which was HIGH this month.  But one day at a time.

     Out My Window:  Still overcast and cold, damp.

I will stay motivated.

Have a great and productive day.



Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday, FAFSA is filed!

1 month 12 days with out a credit card!
personal account -$154.12
studio account $70.46

     I was able to get the FAFSA done with estimation and once we file our taxes I will go and revamp the #'s.  It will just plug in correct amounts right from our tax files.  Big brother knows all!  But at least I got the application in by the college deadline.

     We had to buy gas last night with a check as I had no cash.  Bummer, hopefully cash will come in before the end of the week.  The shop is so slow.....  I do have some work, but I need much more.

     I think I am getting 2 new dance students this evening so that is good.  I actually will have a total of 6 new since January 1st.  Every little bit helps.

     I need to make Valentine short bread tonight. I have the butter out to soften.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday, Happy Birthday Franka and Auntie Ann!

No CC debt 1 month and 11 days!
Personal  -$125.24
studio $ 115.12

     Happy birthday to my beautiful blue eyed, black curly haired baby girl.  Wow, hard to believe she would be 28 today.  Also Happy Birthday Aunt Ann.  I always send Aunt Ann a check for $500.00 on her birthday to help her pay the taxes on her house.  She is my only relative on my dads side of the family left from the older generation.  She fusses about the money but I know she needs it and I always tell her Franka has been really inexpensive to raise, so $500.00 a year is nothing.  It makes me happy and it is a wonderful way to remember my little girl.

     Welcome new reader Beth!  I tried to get on your blog but could not.  Welcome to my insanity. I read a couple of really good blog articles this weekend.  "Frugal makes sense" posted about reading the sale adds and shopping just because things were at a good price, then having to throw food away because you over bought.  I used to be so guilty of this.  But it is on sale, I am saving so much money.  No you are spending money you dork.  I should correct that you broke dork!

     Now I am all for stocking up at sales and keeping a well stocked food storage.  If you are broke buying things for which you don't have the money or the room, or can't use immediately is just plain stupid.  We all love Sluggy's savings runs at rite aid and don't we all wish we could be as crafty as she is, however, Sluggy is financially solvent and if she wasn't she would not be spending $35.00 on shampoo because it was on a great sale.  She would probably be able to figure out how to get it for free.

      I also liked Judy's post " I haven't always been this way".  You are kidding me right? Judy has always been Udy who is she trying to kid?  Like we all just fell off the turnip truck.  Getting out of debt for us poor money managers is a learning process.  It takes years for some of us and a lot of experiments to get it right.  Every attempt that takes us in the right direction and changes our habits takes us one step closer to freedom.

     I was pretty happy about this weekend as I was able to buy everything we needed with cash.  We wrote no checks.  I have not been able to do this for a long time.  One of the reasons I cannot stay solvent in the checking is that I keep writing checks for gas and groceries and this money should come out of the shop.  The shop has just not been as busy and I have been very cash poor.

     We had a very nice dinner yesterday.  I have lots of leftovers.  It was nice to be able to cook and entire Thanksgiving dinner so to speak and not have to buy one thing at the store.  I sent half the turkey and 2 dozen home made rolls 3/4 of a pumpkin pie home with the young family that ate with us.  I did not want too much temptation for hubby.

     Out My Window:  Foggy!  You can hardly see across the street.  I mean like the Hound of the Baskervilles foggy.

     I have many little to do's today.  People to contact, papers to deliver, zippers to purchase, sewing to get done.

Have a great and productive day!



Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday, baking, frosting, fun

No CC debt, 1 month, 8 days
$ -125.24 personal
$ 115.12 studio

     I was able to make a deposit and pay 2 more studio bills yesterday and then put $500.00 in studio savings for taxes and summer, but still have a long way to go.

     I also took a turkey I had in the freezer out to thaw.  We will have a turkey dinner Sunday and plenty of leftovers.  I baked 12 dozen sour cream sugar cookies yesterday.  I cut them in heart shapes and will frost them this morning.  I also took two pie crusts I had frozen earlier and rolled them as I will make pumpkin pies for tomorrow.  I also need to make my traditional Valentine shortbread.  I will need to make at least 4 batches.

     We need to go to the store and get a few things.  Butter, margarine, potatoes.  I might make a batch of bread today as long as I have the oven going.  I did get the desk cleaned yesterday and the file system set up for the year.  Took hubby out for pizza.  He has now lost 14 lbs and it was his treat.  We used a gift card so it only cost a $2.00 tip at a serve yourself restaurant.  There are 4 pieces of pizza left for dinner.

     Out My Window: Overcast, Hubby is going to go out and trim trees today.  Good because I cannot do this for long.

     Well I am off to start frosting and decorating cookies.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday, sleepy and cranky

1 month and 7 days without CC debt!
-125.25 personal account
-145.16 studio account

     I have been having trouble falling asleep the last three nights.  It is so aggravating.  I never feel like I truly go to sleep.  I am foggy and I have a cough and a sore throat.  So many kids at the studio are sick.  I have at least one go down in class every day.  It is a bug going through the community and I hope it goes through fast and stays away!

     I was able to get most of the things done on my list from Wednesday.  Still have the file system to set up and hope to do that today along with a few alterations.  I would like to make cookies for my Primary kids for Valentines day.  I also need to make a deposit today.  I am very broke.  I do not know how I am going to pay all the bills in February for the studio.  So I earmarked them and I will pay as money comes in the ones that have to be paid and then let the rest skate.   I used all of my slush fund money to pay the house payment and buy a few groceries.  I put $1000.00 toward our house payment out of the shop rather than $500.00.  I needed to do this to get us evened up in the checking account. 

     Now I must rebuild the fund to pay a theater charge and the Ascap fees.  I need at least $1000.00 before the end of the month and I know I can't take it from the studio.  Scary!

     As I am feeling so yucky I am trying to stay positive by completing small goals around the house.  Like come on Kim you can go up to the master bedroom and bring down the dirty clothes!  You can sweep and dust the spare bedroom!  You can do the laundry that is piling up.  I have this little cheerleader in my brain that is hounding me to get caught up around here.

     One thing nice about this blog is to go back to February of last year and realize that February is just a tight financial month.  Many extra expenses and I just have to get through it.  My biggest goal is to get through it with out debt.

     Out My Window: Overcast and icky out, kind of like my mood.  Hmmmmm......

I am off to move the laundry to the laundry room and maybe make a bed?

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Eve, I figured something out!

Cash Only Living Nominated me for an award!  See the above now I have to figure out how to get these on the blog permanently.  I am a work in progress. Hey thanks for the Award!

I want to nominate  10 blogs I read daily but I read many more and I feel like I will hurt some people here goes.

Rhitter at Destination Planet Debt Free.  She was the first person to read my blog and comment and it meant so much to me.  I love her to death.  Feel like we are sisters.

Slugmama at DON'T READ THIS; IT'S BORING  Now who doesn't love the Sluggy?  She can save more money at Right Aid than any one we know.  I bet they hate to see her coming.  She is also quite intelligent and interesting.  I love people know more than I do about a subject.  Which means I love a lot of people.

Lena at Frugal and Thankful.  She is very talented and inspiring.  Also very down to earth,  She is Russian by birth which I find fascinating.  I wanted to go on a mission to Russia, but that will not happen now with my health.  I will stay state side.

B-Kat at  She is fun and always cheers me up.  I love people who live a rocky road it makes me feel normal.  Go B-Kat!

Sarah and Jenny at Digging out of Debt, One Spoonful at a time.  Truly they are digging out and it is one spoonful at a time.  Talk about eating an elephant.  This blog gives me such insight and hope because if they can do it so can I.

Tanner at Working for a Goal.  If you want a good read go back to the beginning of this blog and see where courage comes from, love this person.

The Quest to be Financially Abundant:  Brilliant writer, makes you think, plus I just plain old like her.

Mrs.M at Debt to Freedom, I wish I was as young and knowledgeable as this young woman.  She has such a bright future and a positive outlook.

Mysti at Digging Out of Our Mess Mysti and I are soul mates.  We jumped off the same star.  We were holding hands,  I remember, I just got to the planet first.  She has not figured out what she wants to be when she grows up, but she will and what ever that is, will be amazing.  In the mean time I will enjoy the journey with her.

Last but not least.  My Udy, I mean Judy!  at Down to below earth, common sense, lovely, I can't say enough good about Udy.  Just read her you will love her too!

7 things about me:

1. I iron my pillow cases and the the top 12 inches of my top sheets.
2. I know how to spin wool
3. I am an identical twin
4. I am extremely artistic, I mean EXTREMELY, like multiple personality artistic, I hate it......
5. I can start an IV drip on a cat or dog
6. I have moved sprinkler pipe in potato fields
7. I can drive a tractor or operate a small front end loader

Rules if you want to play.

1. post awards on blog
2. thank person that nominated you, that would be me, but your blog is thanks enough!
3. List 10 blogs you love
4. list 7  things about you
5. List these rules
6. tell people you nominated by posting on their blog

I hope I did this right as I am not very blog savvy.


Wednesday, I promise myself...

1 month and 6 days without a CC

     I obviously did not get to the accounts yesterday. I had good intentions but....  I am not really sure what I did.  Today however I am going to get something done.  Here is the list.

1. Hem several pairs of pants.

2. Clean desk and balance accounts

3. fill out February budget sheet as the month is 1/4 over

4. Pay bills as much as I am able

5. Send Birthday card to Aunt and Valentine Cards people

6. Set up file system for new year.

     Will I get these things done.  Well maybe some of them.

Out My Window: Beautiful and sunny!

My Sissie is coming!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday, where did Monday go?

1 Month, 5 days no CC use.
Have no idea what is in the other two accounts will work on that today!

     We had a Super bowl get together with a few families on Sunday.  My team won.  I also really overate.  I mean really overate to the point that when I got up yesterday I was woozy and sick.  So I laid down and slept until the accountant called me at 2:05.  I would have slept through my teaching. I did not eat anything and went to teach.  I have an hour break between classes and I laid down on the sofa in the lounge and fell asleep again.  I was dreaming that I was late getting on stage for Swan Lake.  Running and running down this spiral staircase trying to get to the stage entrance but the stair case never ended.  When I woke up several of my dance students were standing around me laughing and Swan Lake was rehearsing in the studio.

    Hubby and I cleaned the bank and I still was not hungry finally last night about 10 p.m. I ate a little something.  Just too much food. I am still not hungry this morning.  I am so proud of my Hubby he has lost 13 lbs so far on his diet and exercise program.  I received a letter from Banner life and they will not even consider me for life insurance because of my arthritis, so on to the next company.  I may just be paying really high rates until this house is paid off.

     I have a bride coming over any minute now and I need to get my bills and desk cleaned up today. Set a budget up for February.  Many bills to pay this month and not a lot of money.  I did get payroll done yesterday and I was able to get out my I-9's to every one.  I do believe I have everything into the accountant now and I am waiting for the news.  I know I will get back enough to pay the State and it doesn't really matter as long as I don't owe.  The extra money will just go to debt.

     Speaking of debt, it sure is nice to know that mine is going down.  Even if it is a little a month it is going down.  I really like to be able to throw huge sums at debt but that had gotten me no where.  Just one month at a time and not adding debt makes a huge difference.  It is almost a peaceful feeling.  I can do this.

     Out My Window: Sunny and warmer, but still winter.

My Sissie is coming, my sissie is coming, Hooray!

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday, my sissie is coming...

     I have been up since cracking 9:30 this morning!  Did not do much cleaning yesterday, too lazy. This morning I am busy baking and trying to clean.  What a mess.  I bought a new heart shaped Swedish Bundt Pan and it is huge.  So I knew one cake mix would not do it.  Well 2 was too much so I made 6 large cupcakes and the pan still overflowed.  But the first time you use an odd shaped cake pan you never know.  Now I do as I have to clean the oven.

     Have I told you that my Sissie is coming?  I will be asking you that all month as I am very excited.  I really do not want to do house work today.  Blah!

     Need something to motivate me, I think their are Oreos hidden somewhere in this house.
I am going to find them.

Have a great and productive day, I will try to after my Oreos...


Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday, Finish a project and clean this house!

One month down no CC use! yeah! 
Personal $3.12
Studio $24.54

     I have a little sewing to do on a costume project and then I am going to clean this house.  We are having 3 families over on Super bowl Sunday so I need to go to the grocery store and I really need to clean and dust the house.  I also have to clean up my desk and make a deposit for the studio.

     I am so pleased with the results of my January goals and I hope to be able do as well in February.  March is going to be tricky with Mom's party but I will start saving and I will be fine.  I have 2 birthday's in February, my oldest daughter and my grandson.  I will also have to budget for Valentines Day.

     I am sitting here and freezing.  I have on a turtle neck and a fleece vest, jeans, socks, clogs.  This is what happens when I lose weight.  Because Hubby is on a strict diet I don't buy goodies and I try not to eat around him.  Our schedules are so different that I usually eat when I come home from teaching.  So when he diets and I want to support him.  He needs to lose 40 lbs.  He is per-diabetic and has blood pressure problems. But as usual what happens is I turn into a rake with clothes on and freeze to death.

     I will get up and moving and that will help.  Daughter #2 is home to dance and it is nice to have her here.

Out My Window:  Sunny, cold and beautiful.

I need to get moving...
Have a great and productive day!