Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday, Happy Birthday Franka and Auntie Ann!

No CC debt 1 month and 11 days!
Personal  -$125.24
studio $ 115.12

     Happy birthday to my beautiful blue eyed, black curly haired baby girl.  Wow, hard to believe she would be 28 today.  Also Happy Birthday Aunt Ann.  I always send Aunt Ann a check for $500.00 on her birthday to help her pay the taxes on her house.  She is my only relative on my dads side of the family left from the older generation.  She fusses about the money but I know she needs it and I always tell her Franka has been really inexpensive to raise, so $500.00 a year is nothing.  It makes me happy and it is a wonderful way to remember my little girl.

     Welcome new reader Beth!  I tried to get on your blog but could not.  Welcome to my insanity. I read a couple of really good blog articles this weekend.  "Frugal makes sense" posted about reading the sale adds and shopping just because things were at a good price, then having to throw food away because you over bought.  I used to be so guilty of this.  But it is on sale, I am saving so much money.  No you are spending money you dork.  I should correct that you broke dork!

     Now I am all for stocking up at sales and keeping a well stocked food storage.  If you are broke buying things for which you don't have the money or the room, or can't use immediately is just plain stupid.  We all love Sluggy's savings runs at rite aid and don't we all wish we could be as crafty as she is, however, Sluggy is financially solvent and if she wasn't she would not be spending $35.00 on shampoo because it was on a great sale.  She would probably be able to figure out how to get it for free.

      I also liked Judy's post " I haven't always been this way".  You are kidding me right? Judy has always been Udy who is she trying to kid?  Like we all just fell off the turnip truck.  Getting out of debt for us poor money managers is a learning process.  It takes years for some of us and a lot of experiments to get it right.  Every attempt that takes us in the right direction and changes our habits takes us one step closer to freedom.

     I was pretty happy about this weekend as I was able to buy everything we needed with cash.  We wrote no checks.  I have not been able to do this for a long time.  One of the reasons I cannot stay solvent in the checking is that I keep writing checks for gas and groceries and this money should come out of the shop.  The shop has just not been as busy and I have been very cash poor.

     We had a very nice dinner yesterday.  I have lots of leftovers.  It was nice to be able to cook and entire Thanksgiving dinner so to speak and not have to buy one thing at the store.  I sent half the turkey and 2 dozen home made rolls 3/4 of a pumpkin pie home with the young family that ate with us.  I did not want too much temptation for hubby.

     Out My Window:  Foggy!  You can hardly see across the street.  I mean like the Hound of the Baskervilles foggy.

     I have many little to do's today.  People to contact, papers to deliver, zippers to purchase, sewing to get done.

Have a great and productive day!




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  2. Oh boy, you threw me off with that Thanksgiving comment! Haha. Happy birthday to those special people in your life. Shopping for me (is still) a struggle between wanting to stock up on good prices and making sure nothing goes to waste. I hit some, I miss some, butI keep getting better at it. Sometimes I make mistakes and slap myself in the forehead, but having a budget helps minimize the damage.

  3. And Judy will forever remain Udy lol! I think sending your aunt $500 each year on Franka's birthday is a fantastic memorial - I can't think of anything better.
    We (Michael) did a few stupid things with food this week. We've been keeping a cooler outside our back door to store extra food in during the winter but he put CELERY in there and TWO canteloupes and of course because of their high water content they FROZE solid! I'm not letting them be wasted though - they will be put through our juicer. Men can be so silly. (I'm so glad I have one to put the blame on lol!)

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet baby.....May she forever soar.

  5. Happy Birthday Franka. And what a wonderful remembrance for your daughter and a way to help your Aunt. You have a warm and loving soul.

    And ladies if you remember correctly it was a sled not a turnip truck!

    I am trying not to write any checks as all this year myself. I like my cash where its supposed to be right away

  6. Hope you had a great & productive day!