Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday, FAFSA is filed!

1 month 12 days with out a credit card!
personal account -$154.12
studio account $70.46

     I was able to get the FAFSA done with estimation and once we file our taxes I will go and revamp the #'s.  It will just plug in correct amounts right from our tax files.  Big brother knows all!  But at least I got the application in by the college deadline.

     We had to buy gas last night with a check as I had no cash.  Bummer, hopefully cash will come in before the end of the week.  The shop is so slow.....  I do have some work, but I need much more.

     I think I am getting 2 new dance students this evening so that is good.  I actually will have a total of 6 new since January 1st.  Every little bit helps.

     I need to make Valentine short bread tonight. I have the butter out to soften.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. Valentine short bread, that sounds delicious. Hope more work comes your way. And congrats on getting FAFSA done! Woo hoo!