Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday, still playing at grandma

     My cold is getting better and I am trying to get sewing finished up.  Can't believe I have been here a week already.  I miss being home, but love the grand kids.

     Daughter teaches dance tonight so this is a long day.  I hope to have most projects done so I can pack up tomorrow and be ready to go to in-laws house.

I want to take a long walk today if I can get out with the baby or maybe a long nap. Such a tough decision.   Hmmmmm

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday, still crawling around, just

     Baby James was not as good yesterday in he did not nap and give poor grandma any rest.  I have enough sudafed, and musinex in me to function.

     Got the two toddler Christmas dresses done yesterday but cannot seem to get them on computer.  Will have to get help from daughter.
What I did find was a blurry picture of Daughter's wedding as they were leaving Hall.
Another blurry picture of them leaving in car with the man who married them.  Good Ti
Just a few pictures I found in daughters files I will actually get good one someday.......  Hub's and D#2
THe three stooges.

Well baby is screaming
Have a great a productive day!


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday, keep moving

Friday I noticed that my shoulders were really achy, which is weird but of course I ignored it and made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies with toasted walnuts ( always toast your nuts) makes them taste so much better.  That last sentence needs to be struck from the blog or embroidered on a pillow not sure which. Grandson loves to bake.  I also made a homemade stew.  Which was devoured and then the left overs eaten Saturday.

Saturday, Daughter and I did a little shopping.  She wants Christmas pictures taken of the 4 grandchildren on her Mother-in-laws side.  So we bought red Christmas taffeta and the things to make  two toddler Christmas dresses, a Vest for the five year old and overalls for the baby all in Christmas colors.  I am also going to make a couple of polar fleece sleep sacks for the fat bundle.

I had a really bad Asthma attack while out shopping, but I awoke that morning with a stuffed nose and a scratchy throat.  Daughter said the sage brush was in full bloom and I took a couple of allergy tablets and that seemed to knock it for a bit. When we arrived home I slept from 3:30 to 8 p.m. and then got up.  I was hot/cold and cold/hot.  Went back to bed and slept for 12 hours under a sheet I was so hot.  Woke up this morning with a bad headache, my back hurts, ears are plugged.  Horrible sinus drainage and a bad cough.  Great.  I just brought the plague to my grand children.

I am all medicationed (yes that is a word)up and trying to get  some sewing done.

Or maybe I will go back to bed.

Have a a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday, at my daughter's

     I drove all day yesterday it is a good 8 hours out here.  But worth it because I have the two cutest grandsons on the planet.  Danny lost his first tooth and James is a rollie pollie chunk of a 5 month old.  He just had his second breakfast and is awaiting his elevensies.  He is part hobbit.

     The time change might kill me.  I stay up late and get up about 9.  Here I have to get up at 7 so I can get myself moving before daughter leaves.  I have to get my hands moving and working.  We learned that a few weeks ago when D#2 took off for work and put Will in bed with me.  I was able to get up but almost dropped him as my right hand was not opening or closing properly.  So the new rule is grandma gets up and moves around first.  Got to get the old car cranked and warmed up.

     I think it will be nice to get away for a while.  Not from the shop.  Just from Mom.  I think by the time I get back she will appreciate me more. She is still pretty mad and grouchy most of the time.  Unless she needs something.

     Hub's show opens tonight, I am sure it will go well.  They have a great director and have really practiced for a long time.

    It is rainy and cold here.  But I have lots to do.  Beds to make ,laundry, cooking, running after two munchkins.  It will be fun.  I am sure I will do some sewing.  All of daughter's colleagues will find out I am here and send over their stuff.  Also daughter need some things altered.

Well James is fussing.

Have a great and productive day!



Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday, Need to finish up

     I have to finish a Wedding dress today and several other things in the shop.  I am leaving Wednesday for Twin Falls to take care of my grandbabies for about 10 days.  I hate to miss work in the shop but most people wait for me and babies only stay little for such a short time.

    On my return I am picking up my in-laws to come and stay a week.  Hub's mom needs a break and Hub's is playing in "Oliver".  They are actually having the orchestra on stage so his folks will be able to see him.  This is a sacrifice as they are hard to be with for any length of time, but his mom really needs to be able to gather her strength and let someone else deal for a while.  She will have fun with my mom.

     The weather here is cool and I am still hoping for a week or two of warm weather before Fall hits full force.

     I went to a neighbor and picked a big box of apples for mom.  She will make Kirsten cakes and applet brod to put in the freezer.  I also dried a full dryer of apples and have to put another load in after this post.  Our neighbor also has a grape vine and we picked several pounds of sweet green grapes.  So good.  I am always totally amazed at the bounty of the earth. 

     From one seed grows an apple tree, which every year produces 10 boxes of apples.  The abundance and generosity of God is overwhelming.  I don't think we stop and give thanks enough for this, because we have never done without. 

     Gardening and processing your own food is a great way to see how well we are provided for.  It humbles me. 

     We always say grace and thank our Heavenly Father for our food, but in reality this becomes pretty wrote.  Just a habit.  It is only by going into the field and seeing what nature really can produce that I see the glory of it all.  I at least start to understand how well we are all provided for and I am filled with gratitude.

Well I am off to the sweat shop.

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday, I am tired....

     Bride came in off a flight at 7 p.m. and her dress fit perfectly now I just have to put it back together.  Hub's is upstairs with a string quartet getting ready for a wedding gig.  They sound great.  I am in trouble with mother as I have no treats for them after they practice.  As in tea and cakes.  So I am a bad hostess. 

     I was raised better.  People do not come to your home for any reason without being served something homemade with a beverage.  I am a failure.  I knew they were coming but did not think to tell her and I was just too, TOO something.  She is hiding in her room and I am trying really hard not to go to sleep at the computer.

     Gotta run and hide from my mom....


Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday, what happened to yesterday?

     Yesterday was a blur.  Started out storyboarding the Christmas show and the shop was busy so it was up and down the stairs a hundred times.  We did the boarding here so I could keep the shop open.  It is done and good.  I was able to help the new owner and get things settled and juggled around as usual. 

     Then I hit the machines.. I had a dress and a mans Wedding out fir to get out, then the police showed up with a couple of emergencies. Then onto a Wedding dress from hell that I worked on until late into the night.

     Lace embossed upon lace is hard to work on and time consuming.  The bride comes this afternoon for a try on and I have to finish it up on Monday.

     My house is kind of a wreck.  Hub's is done drying the peaches and I need to start on apples.  Will work on that this weekend.

Hub's and I went grocery shopping last night.  I have a couple of bills to pay today so that is my life in a nut shell.

     Still working on my financials will post soon.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wednesday, weather is turning

     It was cold this morning!  When did this happen?  I am not ready.  Please Indian summer get here and give me a few more hot days.  I actually put on a long sleeve knit shirt and clogs this morning.  I might even have to plug in my space heater.

     Taught dance last night and it was so fun.  The kids worked really hard.  The new owners youngest boy who is not quite 2 came into class and was dancing with the kids.  It was  so cute and funny.  His older brother and sister take Irish dance and there he was going around the circle with his big brother trying to lift his little right leg and jump.  It looked more like a wobbly goose step but we all were laughing and then he really loved having an audience.  I am going to have my phone ready next week.

     I spent the day yesterday getting my finances for the month in order.  Still have a ways to go.  Will finish cleaning up the desk tonight.  I also had lunch with my buddy and we laughed and had such fun.  We both have snarky senses of humor and very few people can read me like she does.  What can I say great? (and crazy) minds think alike. 

     I was able to skim about $90.00 off of our phone and internet bills yesterday by looking at them and complaining and switching.  You have to watch those people like a hawk.  I swear I am on the phone with them every few months.  They are rip off artists.

     I must really sew like crazy to day as I have been very lazy the last two days.  Now it is catch up time!

Have a great and productive day.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday no more cats!

Well I am finally at a point in my life that I don't have a cat.  So out go all the cat things.  Actually  getting to the point of not having any animal will be nice.  It makes going places easier.  Less expense and trouble but I will miss my Pita.

Mom and I did up 13 quarts of peaches yesterday.  Then Hub's buys another lug.  Got to love that man.  He wanted to dry some and actually they are really good.  So I guess he will be busy.  Today he went out on a land survey for a friend.  He took his fishing pole and a gun so don't really know how much surveying he will do.

I did no sewing on Friday or yesterday so I really must get to work today.  Shame on me. I need to get busy today.

Our dryer was fixed by an older gentleman from the church who is a tinker by heart.  He can fix anything.  It cost me $15.00 for parts and a peach pie.  How is that for a blessing?

So let me tell you how amazing this is:

I took two rolled crusts out of the freezer and also a peach pie filling already frozen in the shape of a pie plate.   I waited 10 minutes and put the lower crust into the pie plate, dusted it with cornstarch (this prevents a soggy crust) dropped in the peach filling dotted it with butter, Put on the top crust, waited ten more minutes, crimped crust, vented it, brushed it with milk, sprinkled it with sugar and put it in a 375 oven for 40 minutes, then turned it up to 400 for twenty minutes.  Perfect peach pie.  No mess no fuss.

I paid a bill yesterday and exchanged two pairs of pants at Eddy Bauer that had shrunk so much on the first wash they were way above Hub's ankles.  I bought a different variety and he was happy.

Last evening I went to the studio to observe a new student, fabulous ballet dancer and then to sisters.  We were able to get all the wallpaper (actually two layers on several walls) down and also off the ceiling. It was such a lovely job.  I think I spent at least 10 hours on that huge staircase and hall way.  My sister posted a video on her face book.( Kelly Windish)  What a job and I am glad it is DONE!

Well I need to go clean myself up and get a few things done before I leave for lunch with my girlfriend.  SHHHH, mom thinks I am going to the doctor......  Well it is medicinal sort of:)

Have a great and productive day!



Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday, This started my week...

     My dryer is broken,  I just had to put the 17 year old cat down.  She is in a box on the back porch,  Mom is upstairs trying to can peaches,  Need I say more?

Please look at my kitchen pictures.  I need comments, what do you think?  The pictures are on the post before this one.

Have a great and productive day!  I am going to tear my hair out now.


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday, Kitchen picks!

This shelf was made by my father.  I chalk painted and distressed it.  As you can see I chose dark grey for the walls.  The black iron candle holders are for Swedish advent.  This china is Flow blue and came out of the big house in Sweden  There were originally 160 place settings.
I was able to save this old table.  It was the table we have had in our Kitchen/dining room for our entire marriage.  It has one leaf.  Hub's stripped it and painted it for our first Christmas.  It came out of the kitchen of the big house and is pretty primitive.  No one wanted it so we took it and added the press back oak chairs years later.  We had folding chairs for years.  I was able to keep this and two chairs.  It is perfect for breakfast.  We can pull up the leaf if we want to seat more.  I have two more chairs in a closet.  Old butter churn of Grandmas.  I will get rid of when Mom goes.
Pantry and new fridge,  The appliances are called slate and do not show finger prints like stainless steel.  I always wanted to display all the old antique copper from the kitchen in Sweden.  This high shelf is the perfect place.  Not a perfect picture.

As you can see I went with  white subway tile as a back splash.  It is timeless.  The cupboards were stock unfinished oak and I stained them a Swedish blue.  Every one is slightly different as wood tells its own story.  Then I ordered the solid copper hardware off Amazon.  Much better quality and CHEAP.  Added many copper things that I have gathered. The new stove is a double oven with convection.  The gas cook top has a grill which I love.  I spent money on stove.  It is just what I have always wanted.  I also love the hood with the tile all the way to the ceiling.
This is open shelving that threw every contractor I hired.  I wanted a copper back on shelf.  Hub's finally had to do it.  Oak shelves, with copper behind.  These are my original dishes.  Yes they were already cream, rust and blue.  I have been planning this kitchen for a long time.  There is still a pass through to dining room here.  Flow blue, antique copper and wrought iron advent candle holder.
New window with shelf across to hold antique copper and flow blue.  I love the corner cupboard where the toaster and bread are kept with a plug in inside.  So easy to keep clean.  See how the blue stain is different on the cupboards?  This is beautiful in the light. The little birds were painted by my sister who died from breast cancer 11 years ago.  I treasure them. See the dishwasher?  I did not have one for years!  Sissie bought me a roll in when the kids were all home but it went kaput about 5 years ago. It is so nice but I still have not gotten used to using it yet.

I kept my original sink as I had replaced it about ten years ago.  I did get a new faucet and I love it.  The counter tops are quartz.  They were super expensive.  But I asked the salesman to call his rep and see if there were any flawed pieces.  As pure white is very hard to make.  Sure enough there were four large sheets with tiny black flaws.  Now I have yet to find a flaw but we were able to knock the price in 1/2 so $52.00 a square foot.
This is a little cut out area by back door.  My best memories are my kids sitting and watcvhing me cook.  See the little cookbook shelf.  I made underneath? Contractor had a hard time with this.  Why waste the space?  New tile floor only .99 a tile.  Found on a super closeout deal.
View of new back door.  Now we need to replace the deck.   Look at all that counter space?  It is a catch all for crap!
I made the contractor stack two corner cupboards on top of one another.  What a pain, you would have thought I had asked him to take his head off.  But now I see that he used this in another house.  I bought the fabric at Wal-Mart and made the curtains and chair pads and things for the kitchen for about $6.00.  All told we put $21,326.00 into the kitchen and dining room.  I think they are lovely.  My Mother helped a great deal financially, but we incurred some debt. It will add major value to the house so I justified the expense now I have to pay the piper.  What do you think?

Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday, bad headache

     Woke with another bad headache.  I really don't need to feel physically bad when I am emotionally bad.  Mom is on and anger bender and It is starting to affect me in a big way.  Don't really know what to do about it.

     It  is hard to stay up when you are fighting everyday for movement and also fighting exhaustion. RA makes you tired my meds make me tired and I have to work very hard to keep up with every thing and so I am a constant cheerleader for my self mentally.  When you live with someone who is down and you are trying to build them up and then they are picking at everything you do and say it just gets old.  Like a deck of cards I start to collapse and my Polly Anna look at the world as in, "It will be okay", It will work out", It will be great"  three of my favorite sayings start to seem a little stupid.  Or maybe I am just stupid.

     Anyway enough on that note.  I must weather the storm, there is no other way.

     Sooooo yesterday I did get people called, and I did get pictures taken of the kitchen, have not looked at them yet.  I did get my sewing quota done and then some. I had a couple of police emergencies, as in I just ruined the zipper in my only short sleeve uniform shirt and I am not leaving the shop naked.  I have to leave for the academy tomorrow and these patches need to be sewn on NOW..  Also my neighbor (Bionic man) crutched over, He had his cast off and need two pairs of pants hemmed for a wedding that is on Saturday.

      You know the normal every day Kim's shop crap.  Did not get the bills faced or much cleaning done.  I did however spend about 3 hours as my sister's last night tearing off wallpaper in her hallway leading up the stairs.  I am going to have to build some kind of a scaffolding to get the second story, don't worry our family are old time wallpaper scaffold nuts, as Mom's old house had one three story strip that I personally hung two different times, one while I was 7 months pregnant.  There is a visual for you.  SO I guess I made a difference.

     I am not going to do much sewing today, I have to get bills paid and the desk cleaned off, I also have a few projects I have been working on in the shop.  Just dumb things that I do to break the tension and have a little fun.  All work and no play makes Kim a crab.

     Girl friend stopped by this morning and we are going to lunch next week  Got to catch up on her kids, whom I have not seen much of over the summer.  I miss girl time. 

I am going to nurse my headache but I really don't have time to do that right now.

Have a great and productive day!



Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thursday, someone needs to kick my butt...

     Have you ever woken up in the morning just plain old lazy?  I am in a lazy funk today.  My mom is in a real bad mood so that is probably contributing to my lazy funk.  Snap out of it!  I keep telling myself that. Not quite sure what to do about it but will try to get me some motivation.

     Things I really need to do are:

#1. Call some people for pick up
#2 Clean up my house that was spotless last Saturday and is now sad in many places.
#3 complete my sewing quota
#4 pay bills and organize the budget for the month
#5 Fix this messy out of date BLOG  ( yeah how about that one?)
#5.5 Clean and take pictures of unfinished kitchen for blog?  (drumroll please)  ( I do better with a drumroll)  ( or better yet a trumpet salute)
#6 Take a nap and ignore the above:)

     Okay, okay, well..... yesterday I learned a new trick.  I went to help mom make up peach pie filling.  I usually freeze this in freezer bags, but I saw on a Paula Dean web site that you could put wax or parchment paper in a pie plate and then add you filling.  Now put plate in freezer for two hours.  Take out and wrap up edges of paper over frozen pie filling and store in a big plastic freezer bag.  When you need a pie, get your crust ready pop in the frozen shell dot with butter and put on top crust.  Bake with tinfoil top to protect crust take off the last 20 minutes to brown.  Now how clever is that?  We did 4 pies and they are all stacked neatly with rolled crusts for later yumminess.  Wow I amaze myself sometimes.  No more lumpy bags of fruit pie filling that fall out on your bare foot when you are looking for that last pound of burger you know is in the back.

     We had ribs, squash and the last of the corn on the cob for dinner.  Yum I hope that mom makes something for dinner as I have no ideas.

     Well nothing is getting done just sitting here, damn!

Have a great and productive day!



Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wednesday, get to work

     I had every student return and my program is going to be wonderful!  My little ones are getting better and they work so hard.  It was so good to see them and work with them.

     It was weird to go to the studio and not be the boss.  I kept referring people to the new Owner.  Not that I can't answer questions but she need to be the one they go to for advice.  It is great to set up my new year with just my Celtic kids to worry about.

     I am a little sore and my balance was so bad, I hope to correct that soon by starting a yoga program.  Yuck, yuck.

     I need to help mom due up some peach pie filling as she bought a lug of peaches and they are going to go bad.  So I will take an hour or two out for that.  Also nee to figure out what to make for dinner.

     The garden needs a once over, the yard needs a 100 times over.  I need a nap!

This blog is a mess.  I need to clean it up and get new totals and confess my stupidity of summer remodeling.  Yes I do not want to face the monster.  But I will eventually.  Right now it is one day at  a time.

     This is a financial blog right?  Helping me pay off debt, right?  Like  support group and cheer leading camp right?  Are you all still there?  Because I am going to need you.... splat!

Have to go take care of mom.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday, Happy times with family

     It was a busy last 4 days.  Drove to Spokane Thursday night after spending a day With D#3  who is still having boob problems.  I spent the day in doctor offices and no time doing what I should have been doping in the shop.  So that was how I left it.  D#3 is back today for more follow up and an eye appointment.  When will these kids grow up?  Okay the boob thing is important I want to be involved.  Just one more thing to mess up the mojo.

     I spent Friday re cleaning D#2's house that I had just cleaned the Saturday before and watching William which was so fun.  The watching not the cleaning. She had a lot of company and all the sheets and beds had to be changed and laundry caught up.  She was covering for a employee out on maternity leave so working straight 12's for a week.  Her Husband is working in the Tri Cities so no at home help.  Our Oldest daughter and her 2 little boys were flying in Friday night.

     Crazy weather diverted the plane to Lewiston but they would not allow daughter and kids off.  Fun stuck in a small plane with two children, one who was very crabby.  She finally arrived and we all went to bed.  Then we shopped all day in Spokane.  I hardly spent any money. Then a long drive to Lewiston.  Daughter #2 picked up D#3 from University and then all three kids were homes with all the babies.  We sent the two youngest back to their Aunts house to spend the night.  Lot's of laughter and giggles.  I swear the two youngest are the stupidest things on the planet when they get the giggles.

     Sunday we all went to church and then had a nice birthday dinner for my sister who was turning 56.  Then we had more fun times with the babies and they all left Monday morning.  I was exhausted.  Too many late nights and early mornings for me.

     Today I start teaching at the studio I no longer own.  I feel kind of weird about it.  Can't wait to see me students.

     Mom seems to be settling down a bit but waiting for the next shoe to drop.

I have so much financial crap to get onto the blog.  Want to start a new snowball but have no time to even post.

Have a great and productive day!