Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday, Happy times with family

     It was a busy last 4 days.  Drove to Spokane Thursday night after spending a day With D#3  who is still having boob problems.  I spent the day in doctor offices and no time doing what I should have been doping in the shop.  So that was how I left it.  D#3 is back today for more follow up and an eye appointment.  When will these kids grow up?  Okay the boob thing is important I want to be involved.  Just one more thing to mess up the mojo.

     I spent Friday re cleaning D#2's house that I had just cleaned the Saturday before and watching William which was so fun.  The watching not the cleaning. She had a lot of company and all the sheets and beds had to be changed and laundry caught up.  She was covering for a employee out on maternity leave so working straight 12's for a week.  Her Husband is working in the Tri Cities so no at home help.  Our Oldest daughter and her 2 little boys were flying in Friday night.

     Crazy weather diverted the plane to Lewiston but they would not allow daughter and kids off.  Fun stuck in a small plane with two children, one who was very crabby.  She finally arrived and we all went to bed.  Then we shopped all day in Spokane.  I hardly spent any money. Then a long drive to Lewiston.  Daughter #2 picked up D#3 from University and then all three kids were homes with all the babies.  We sent the two youngest back to their Aunts house to spend the night.  Lot's of laughter and giggles.  I swear the two youngest are the stupidest things on the planet when they get the giggles.

     Sunday we all went to church and then had a nice birthday dinner for my sister who was turning 56.  Then we had more fun times with the babies and they all left Monday morning.  I was exhausted.  Too many late nights and early mornings for me.

     Today I start teaching at the studio I no longer own.  I feel kind of weird about it.  Can't wait to see me students.

     Mom seems to be settling down a bit but waiting for the next shoe to drop.

I have so much financial crap to get onto the blog.  Want to start a new snowball but have no time to even post.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Is your kitchen pulled back together yet? I hope so....

  2. So nice that you could get away & spend time with your daughters & grand kids!