Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wednesday, get to work

     I had every student return and my program is going to be wonderful!  My little ones are getting better and they work so hard.  It was so good to see them and work with them.

     It was weird to go to the studio and not be the boss.  I kept referring people to the new Owner.  Not that I can't answer questions but she need to be the one they go to for advice.  It is great to set up my new year with just my Celtic kids to worry about.

     I am a little sore and my balance was so bad, I hope to correct that soon by starting a yoga program.  Yuck, yuck.

     I need to help mom due up some peach pie filling as she bought a lug of peaches and they are going to go bad.  So I will take an hour or two out for that.  Also nee to figure out what to make for dinner.

     The garden needs a once over, the yard needs a 100 times over.  I need a nap!

This blog is a mess.  I need to clean it up and get new totals and confess my stupidity of summer remodeling.  Yes I do not want to face the monster.  But I will eventually.  Right now it is one day at  a time.

     This is a financial blog right?  Helping me pay off debt, right?  Like  support group and cheer leading camp right?  Are you all still there?  Because I am going to need you.... splat!

Have to go take care of mom.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. We are still here! Post your news & we will share suggestions and motivation. :-)

  2. I read this because in a lot of ways we have the same life.

  3. Every student returned, eh? Good to know. Thanks for the update.

    1. Still waiting for yours.....:( But all that were with us in the spring show Yeah! I was just as mean as ever.....poor darlings

  4. When I took over as the paid professional for a GED classroom, the old volunteer greeted everyone at the door, asked about their family and whatever ailments they had. I just sort of stood there, trying to wrest control to start class on time. You are a very polite and conscientious person. She finally had to be banished from class. She actually knew nothing of any math or punctuation and continually asked me, gave wrong answers. Yet, she rushed to field all questions! So, she went away hurt because she was old and needed the adulation and to be top dog.

    1. Well I am old but me need to be top dog is long over, make me bottom dog please.