Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday, bad headache

     Woke with another bad headache.  I really don't need to feel physically bad when I am emotionally bad.  Mom is on and anger bender and It is starting to affect me in a big way.  Don't really know what to do about it.

     It  is hard to stay up when you are fighting everyday for movement and also fighting exhaustion. RA makes you tired my meds make me tired and I have to work very hard to keep up with every thing and so I am a constant cheerleader for my self mentally.  When you live with someone who is down and you are trying to build them up and then they are picking at everything you do and say it just gets old.  Like a deck of cards I start to collapse and my Polly Anna look at the world as in, "It will be okay", It will work out", It will be great"  three of my favorite sayings start to seem a little stupid.  Or maybe I am just stupid.

     Anyway enough on that note.  I must weather the storm, there is no other way.

     Sooooo yesterday I did get people called, and I did get pictures taken of the kitchen, have not looked at them yet.  I did get my sewing quota done and then some. I had a couple of police emergencies, as in I just ruined the zipper in my only short sleeve uniform shirt and I am not leaving the shop naked.  I have to leave for the academy tomorrow and these patches need to be sewn on NOW..  Also my neighbor (Bionic man) crutched over, He had his cast off and need two pairs of pants hemmed for a wedding that is on Saturday.

      You know the normal every day Kim's shop crap.  Did not get the bills faced or much cleaning done.  I did however spend about 3 hours as my sister's last night tearing off wallpaper in her hallway leading up the stairs.  I am going to have to build some kind of a scaffolding to get the second story, don't worry our family are old time wallpaper scaffold nuts, as Mom's old house had one three story strip that I personally hung two different times, one while I was 7 months pregnant.  There is a visual for you.  SO I guess I made a difference.

     I am not going to do much sewing today, I have to get bills paid and the desk cleaned off, I also have a few projects I have been working on in the shop.  Just dumb things that I do to break the tension and have a little fun.  All work and no play makes Kim a crab.

     Girl friend stopped by this morning and we are going to lunch next week  Got to catch up on her kids, whom I have not seen much of over the summer.  I miss girl time. 

I am going to nurse my headache but I really don't have time to do that right now.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Again you wear me out just reading all you do!

  2. At our age, we should NOT be on scaffolds!

  3. Is there any way to share your mom with your other family. Maybe if she stayed with each person for a little while it would cheer her up and you would get a little break. Good Luck I hope it gets better soon!!!