Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Tuesday, grateful, and maybe ready?

 Wow, I think I am about ready.  Still a few errands to run and I am so glad that I was able to get everything done yesterday, even though I finished sewing at about 8 last night. Our nephew's son had a tux coat that needed the back seams taken in and the sleeves shortened.  Now this is an expensive alteration as it is so much tailored hand work, but our nephew dropped the jacket off late Sunday and then replaced a light fixture for us, so we did not have to call an electrician.  I just love it when we can support each other.

Lil sis was over yesterday while I was running errands and she left these two boxes for me to pack in my suitcase as she did not have the room.  She also left me a list of things that I needed to run get for her or to bring from the shop.  So, I sent her this picture of me packing, just to make her laugh. 

So, I put one of the shoes into the suitcase that I am wearing to the wedding along with her things. I mean really? That is all the room I get? Anyway, I was able to consolidate the tubs without smashing silk flowers, and I am packed.

We are staying with Lil sis's good friend who has a huge house, so I can do laundry there.  Also, I am not packing blow dryers, and shampoo, that kind of thing. I can use what is at the house.

Still have to go get meds from pharmacy.  Which is frustrating as you have to stay on top of doctor's offices.  One of my most important meds was not filled, as I found out this morning, I needed a follow up.  No one told me this.  Not at my last visit in December, nor the pharmacist last night. 

I had to get a new GP as mine retired last September.  So, I saw her the new one and I am on all the same meds I have been one for well over a year.  But I have to have a follow up in three months. Luckily, I called this morning and talked the nurse into a 30 day supply and made an appointment for when I get back.  So aggravating.  Just making money for the machine.

It is just so nice not to be sewing like a mad woman today.  I can relax and do the things that always pop up at the last minute. Like begging for medication. I am also getting a pedicure tonight.  Wearing sandals for the first time this season and no one wants to see these feet.  I also have to go back to the bank and get some cash.  Which is crazy, as I was just at two banks yesterday and could have taken care of this, but was not thinking along those terms.  I was paying bills and making sure everything was covered.  I did get my checks off to Sluggy, and that has weighed heavily on my mind.  Now the Panama cruise at Christmas is paid for, I worked and saved hard for this and I can' hardly wait to go.

I actually cashed in all my $5.00 bill savings and my envelopes with $36 dollars a week. I will start over when I get home. I need to save for our girl's trip in the fall and all the extras for the cruise in December.

I just wanted to brag about my wonderful Husband.  He is the very best father to our girls. He babysits when ever asked.  I mean for hours.  He drives to get kids from school. Signe' texted and asked him if he would pick her and Kelsa up from the airport in Spokane which is 2 hours away.  This would be next Sunday evening.  Which will involve a 4 hour round trip drive. He never hesitated but agreed immediately.  Just a week or so ago he drove to Spokane to get Schmills, as he did not want Signe' working all day in the surgery and then driving 4 hours in the evening. He drove 8 hours one way to Twin Falls to babysit our Eldest's boys for a week.  He also picked his 94-year-old mother up to go with him and he took her to the Temple twice while they were in Twin Falls.  He is just a good man who serves his family without question.  I need to be more grateful for him.

Signe' did not bring Kelsa over yesterday even though she worked.  Nate rearranged his work schedule as both Kelsa and Schmills had bad colds and she did not want me exposed, especially when I have to get on a plane. I have a tendency to get sick when traveling.  Not having a immune system and plane travel is sketchy on the best day.  Even though masks are no longer required I will be wearing one. I also am not scheduling any clients until Wednesday and I fly in Monday  late, giving me a day to recover. Nate changing his schedule to take care of  sick kids yesterday, then had him working on Sunday necessitating Hubs picking up Signe' and baby at airport. 

I was so grateful she was considerate of my health.  She also dropped off a mouth guard that she had made for me to wear at night.  The arthritis in my jaw is worsening and they hope this will help.  It can get quite bad and spasm at times, like a Charly horse but in your jaw muscles.

Just to leave you with a little cuteness. 

 Aunt BB is recovering from Breast cancer, and she is helping Kelsa collect eggs with Roscoe. Oliver is more interested in running than collection eggs.

I am off to get meds, and cash and then home to clean a little.  Can't wait to share my adventures with you.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, April 25, 2022

Monday, Leaving town is scary

 As much as I love to travel and see my family and celebrate, leaving town right now is down rite scary.

I really have too much to do, to be leaving.  I have to make sure that things are done and I am not leaving anything undone that is important.  When you are as scatterbrained as I am this is so hard.

Plus the new month will occur when I am done and I have to get the bills paid before I leave. Still haven't heard from the pharmacist.  Another worry. 

We had a nice weekend, playing dominoes with freinds, and then getting all the seedlings that died re potted.  I still need to do some squashes. I transplanted lettuces and other herbs, and replanted more corn and beans. Hubs and I took our first long bike ride on the levy.  I am still a little sore from that.  But is was a beautiful day and I was not going to miss that. I have Easter packed up and our nephew came last night and replaced the light fixture in the laundry room that has been out for months.

There is a boat load to do today mostly just getting my act together, something that is very difficult for me. I have to finish several piles, and get bills paid and money arranged. I have to pack.  I don't want to be sewing tomorrow if I can help it. 

So here is today's list:

1. pay all bills that are local, water, phone, utilities, hearing aids

2. go to banks and get money set to write check to Sluggy  

3. mail checks to Sluggy after checking address again, ADHD brain always double checks.

4. check with pharmacist.

5. Pay bills online that are due while I am gone

6. run with scissors

7. find a suitcase to pack in

8. put Easter box out in garage

9. finish a wedding dress as much as possible

10. alter a dress

11. shorten sleeves on 4 work jumpsuits

12. hem two pairs pants

13. hem two pairs of pants

14. alter a sport coat

15. go to Joanns for Lil sis 

I think if I can get the money angle all straightened out, I will feel much better, as the sewing is pretty straight forward.

So here I go, wish me luck and say a little prayer so I don't melt down.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, April 22, 2022

Friday, Staying on track


Just trying to keep it real here and it is hard.  My goal today is to get the shop organized as far as what is next. What is next?

I know I need to pull another wedding dress.  I did complete one yesterday and have another almost done just waiting for bride to try on today. 

Then there are a couple of piles I need to complete and a couple of dresses to get done. Just found 4 mechanics jumpsuits that need the sleeves shortened behind a wedding dress.  Things get hidden in the shop let me tell you. Also, a couple of pairs of pants that were buried. Other than that, it is just wedding dresses, to start and call on people.

I have to really pay attention, so nothing slips through the cracks.  I don't want a phone call that something is due out and I am in St. Louis. That would be a nightmare. I also have another bride and her bridesmaid due in later today.

It is all the details of leaving that get to me.  Such as, do I have enough of all my prescriptions? No!  So, hurry and order and make sure you pick them up.  Then cash and money and a Wedding card and grab the flower tools, picks, wire, cutters, tape, so I don't have to buy there. Should I take enough of my really good baking coco with to do a cake? Are the clothes I am going to wear clean and ready? Did I pack the phone charger and the fit bit charger?  Does hubs know where everything is he will need to do his own cooking? Last time I left him he had never used our dryer and was confused how to start it.

Just had a bride leave and so glad I tried the dress on before I started the hem as I only have to hem a small turn over.  Then that is done after pressing.  Yippee!  When you cut a large amount off a heavy fabric dress, it actually makes the fabric pull up and shrink.  So, I always cut them 2 inches longer and sure enough if I had cut where the length was marked it would have been too short.  In less than a 1/2 hour that dress will be done.

By the way the grocery adds this week were crap.  Last week as it was Easter, we had some good loss leaders.  Now it is back to Kim buying nothing. We are going to our elderly friend's house tonight to play dominoes.  I am taking pizza, as I can get a gluten free pizza for her and then regular for us.  Also, we will have ice cream and candy for dessert, and she is making coleslaw. They asked me last time we were there, how I would find time to come and have dinner and play games when I was so busy?

My reply?  You could work all the time but taking a break and having some fun helps you to be more productive.  I really believe this.  What do you guys think?  Sure I could sew into the evening like I do many nights, but just knowing I get to relax and have fun spurs me on to get things done today.

My friend's husband is 94 and sharp as a tack.  But he is not very mobile anymore and is on oxygen 24 hrs a day and also has a catheter. I made bags to cover his catheter bag so he could come to church. They used to come to our house, but we have to go there now.  In the summer when the weather is nice, they can come over as we eat and play outside.  We just set up a table and move the large shade umbrella to cover us.

Last year on our anniversary we called another older couple that we would go to dinner with periodically to join us at an Italian restaurant, for Chicken parm. It was their favorite.  But the husband (Weld) again was not as mobile as he was before COVID, and he said he just could not do it.  So, I suggested I pick up dinner for the four of us along with Creme brule' (I smashed the spelling).  I just so clearly remember him saying, "You would do that?"  I did think on the way over to their house that we were going to be eating over $100.00 worth of good food out of Styrofoam, but when we got to the house Peggy (the wife) had the table set with china, it was just beautiful, and we transferred the dinner, and we had such a wonderful time and a long visit.  Weld passed last Fall and I have always been grateful that we did this.  I did not get to go to the funeral, as Signe' wanted to go and she and Hub's went and I watched Kelsa.  Never put off seeing friends and doing things because of inconvenience,  You never know when you will see them again in this life.

I am getting really excited to see my Sissie.  It is less than a week and we will be together.  The next big trip will be to join the girls in the Fall. Well, I had better get to work, as no one seems to want to do it for me.

By the way hubs is out putting up a clothesline for me.  I have always wanted one and finally I get one.   I can hang things in the hot sun and I love sheets dried outside.  The only things I will dry now will be towels, and jeans. We have a secluded small part of our side yard that is perfect for a clothesline.  Full hot sun and privacy.  Hubs would not put a clothesline at our old house because the neighbors could see in and he did not want his undies to be on display for the neighbor hood. Really ?  Men!

Well I am off to the Salt mines.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, April 21, 2022

Thursday, Thrifty, and working hard

 My oh my, is Kim behind.  I only had 6 dresses come in yesterday, as I was frantically trying to get dresses out. And at this point trying to catch up is just a moot point.  Every phone call I get, I just tell them to get in the cue and the things will be done when I get back.

I am working on things that are already here. Did not even get to a wedding dress yesterday except to move one across the shop.  Does that count? Like moving something from a to b means I tried?

Hub's is out checking homes that have asked for help installing grab bars for toilets and showers. He has to go see what is required and then send that to the office where it is approved and then the supplies are purchased, and the work is done at a later date.  He has a whole slew of appointments today.  Also has to work at the high school tonight.

The weather here is so sketchy and I have lost many of my seedlings and all of the flowers I planted. So frustrating.  It is usually about 70 here by now or into the 80's.  We are hovering 50's and still have some freezing at night. A girlfriend of mine posted these plant tags and I could entirely relate as I will be replanting many of my seedlings.  But not until I get back.

I laughed pretty hard at this.  If you went out and looked at my portable green house, you would understand why.

It is a sad experience let me tell you.  But some are hanging on, desperately.

I can tell I am going to be sore later today.  I have not taught for 2.5 hours for a couple of years. It was fun to reconnect with old students.  They left sweaty and always know I will give them a good class. My balance was horrible, and they started to come out on the floor to give me an arm when I was demonstrating.  Like the grandma dance teacher, I am.  So sweet of them, so decrepit of me. 

Okay what did Kim do this week to save money?

1. saved all my change

2. saved all my 5-dollar bills, $80.00 this week, a lot of 5's total now stands at $905.00.

3. saved a $1, $5, $10, $20 bill

4. Used points to buy meat at a mark down

5.used coupons at Joanns

6. downloaded receipts to fetch

7. Made a large Easter dinner at almost no cost as I had everything

8. did buy an extra ham that was on a good sale

9. Easter desserts, and rolls from scratch, plus cookies so much less expensive.

10. Cooked meals from scratch using food from pantry and freezer.

11. Got $119.45 from Adsense that I am putting in my flower fund for the boxes.

12. just signed up for Albertson's surveys for 5 extra points

Not a very inspiring week, but then I have been down and busy sewing and not going anywhere.

Have you lost any plants in your garden due to weather?  Did anything unusual to save money?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Wednesday, Yikes! must pace myself

I loved this.  Because we all know Kim has a really hard time pacing herself and boy do I need to the next week.  In a week I will be flying to St. Louis for the wedding and when I pulled work yesterday, I realized really how behind I am and just what needs to be done before I leave.  


So that being said or written, anything that comes into the shop from now on unless it is easy or a have too will be put off until I get back.  I have already told 4 people this morning that it will not be done until I get back. I will also maybe call some brides to let them know they will not be fit until I get back, that is just the way it is.

I was pleased to get my list done yesterday but again no sewing.  Now sewing is a must. Also prioritizing is a must.  Not something the ADHD brain is very good at.

I know Lil sis is also panicking a little. I will take over cookie dough on Thursday evening and she is going to color my hair and I think I will convince her to go ahead and do up the cookies that night.

Here is my mockup. Little Ax cookies as the grooms last name is ax. We need to make 100 of these and put them in little bags as favors. Also, cake will look like this for groom's cake.  I have figured out how to make the handle look more like wood.

Signe' is out of town for two days and I am teaching her class tonight, then advanced ballet mistress called and can't get downhill as she is in the middle of a research project in her 4th year of college.  So I will teach for 2.5 hours.  Which if I sew for 5 hours I will need to get up and move.

Here is the list.

1. finish men's suit

2. alter prom dress

3. alter prom dress

4. start wedding dress call client

5. alter wedding dress

6. start wedding dress call client

7. alter prom dress

8. alter prom dress

9. alter prom dress

10. alter a pile of clothes 6 hems

11. perhaps get to 3 zippers if I have time?

Let's see what Kim can get done before she goes to teach. Wish me luck, I am going to need it!

Heavy sigh*  I can do this.  DO you ever have to talk yourself into things? Pace myself.  As in don't waste time.  I love to waste time.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Tuesday, Is it Tuesday?

 Well not really, but boy is it tempting. I had to force myself to stay in bed yesterday.  But I did it.  I am better today after a good night's sleep. 

The phone of course rang off the hook all afternoon and by the 4th phone call in 15 minutes, I turned the darn phone off.  I don't have to be at everyone's beck and call.

If people left a message, I text them back and told them to call or come by Wednesday.  Crap, I just need to be left alone.  The whole world will not fall apart if I don't answer my phone. 

Hub's put the crystal away, but the kitchen is a flippen disaster.  I will tackle the kitchen first today, and then attend the laundry situation. I will need to press all the linens before they are stored away so will not be taking Easter down until tomorrow.

Neighbor and I are going to a food bank later today to see if there are things that will be thrown out.  We go ever month and I swear the people who run it are so grateful that they don't have to trash things.  We then in turn give away much of what we take. 

I am going to make a list.  I just need the motivation.  Don't laugh.

1. bathe

2. brush teethe

3. get dressed

4. set hair (has to be straightened or I have frizz chia pet head)

5. makeup (I hate putting on makeup, but I look like pie without it, dough with slits in it.)

6. pick up shop

7. put away china

8. gather all kids Easter into a pile to send home with Signe'.

9. clean kitchen (dishwater is left over from Sunday in sink all slime like....)

10. get bins from garage to store Easter things

11. Iron Easter linens to put away

12.get hubs to put away spare highchair.

13. fold a put away all 4 loads of laundry

14. take neighbor to food bank

15. take care of clients, 4:30 and 5:30

16. pull at least 3 wedding dresses to start 

17. line up piles for tomorrows sewing. 

18. go tan with Lil sis

19. go to Jo anns and Walmart

Okay let's see what I can get done. Might not get any sewing done again today, but I don't care.  I will do what I can do.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, April 18, 2022

Monday, Kim is down


The last three times I have hosted large gatherings, I have gone down.  I may have to rethink this.

I have 4 loads of laundry waiting to be folded, and I usually fold out of the dryer. SO, this bad habit is getting worse. I have a countertop covered in crystal and good china that has to be put away.  Easter decor needs to be packed up.

The kitchen really needs love.

Grandchildren Easter remnants are in every room.

There are too many cookies, cakes and sweets here.

The shop is busy, and I need to go to bed.

I am going back to bed.

Kim is going back to bed.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Kim is not going to be productive, she is going to be sick.

Signed Sick, Kim. 

Friday, April 15, 2022

Friday, Taxes are in, Another chart!

 I completed another chart yesterday, so that is nice.  I am doing well this year and almost all the savings besides Hub's hearing aids is going into my Sluggy vacation fund.  I hope to be able to send her the check next week.  I know I have been working hard, but it is worth it, when I think of the fun we will have together.  We love traveling with Slug and her husband. Slugs husband is so funny and very interesting, as he is smart like Hubs, and they can think on the same level. You know man splain to each other.

Also, our taxes are signed and delivered and just as I wanted, we almost broke even with what we get back and the cost of the accountant. Exactly how I plan it.  But I always worry that the government will change something, or I will mess something up.

I took these pictures of our grocer adds.

You can see here the specials for the week.  This is how I grocer shop to save money.  I really will only buy the loss leaders.  I did buy another ham as this is a good price and ham can go a long way.  It is in the freezer. I also bought one bunch of the asparagus because that was the limit.  Then I bought a fresh pineapple again great price. The sliced cheese at .99 a bag limit three, I made sure to by the 8 oz bags as some are only 6 oz. I of course bought the 2 butters, the marked down sparkling cider for Easter dinner.  Then I purchased the 2 ice creams for $5.00 below.  

When I realized I had a $7.00 off meat coupon I found a rib roast in the 50% off bin and a package of three rib eyes also 50% off.  I had a feeling these had been left out in a cart by someone and had to be marked down.  So, I picked up a $42.00 rib roast for $21.00 plus $7.00 off, then the package of steaks for $17.00.  It was an expensive trip for me as my groceries go, but I was able to pick up a lot of meat for my money and nice meat to boot.

That is all I will buy.  I have everything I need to make coconut cake, shrimp salad, and all the goodies for Easter dinner. Shrimp and pasta, and frozen peas were all bought on loss leader sales.  If you will build a pantry and only shop the sales, you will be able to eat well for much less.

This will be a nice meal with homemade rolls, homemade cake and apple pie (remember the apples I froze a week ago?) also have homemade crusts in the freezer.  Of course, we have eggs for dyeing and for deviled eggs.  

I have cookie dough in the fridge for Schmills tonight.  We will make Easter cookies I can't wait to see what his creations are after his Christmas cookies. 

Daughter has her recital this weekend, so she will be at theaters tonight and all day until late tomorrow night.  Hubs will also be at the theaters.  I just got a call that some of the costumes are not in which is a nightmare for a studio owner.  With most costumes coming from China and the loss of revenue over the past two years, companies are just lying about availability, and taking owners money and not delivering and then returning money months later.  I know of 4 studios this has happened to. I might be up all-night making costumes. So glad I don't own the studio anymore.

It is such a relief to have the taxes done so I can close that chapter for the year. It is going to be a crazy busy weekend.  I hope I survive!

Have a wonderful and blessed Easter. He is Risen!


Thursday, April 14, 2022

Thursday, blessed with a dental plan, Thrifty

 Can you see the little bird, on the suet, on top of the fence post?  We nail a suet tray there most of the time. Also look at the seed tray under the table.  I wonder why there are no birdies?  Could it be possible there is a Puddy Cat? Doesn't she just look irritated?

It was snowing large flakes when I went out to feed the chickens. Red lodge Montana got 30 inches of snow yesterday.  This is crazy weather. I would like to get outside this weekend for a while and maybe spray those pots and do a little more transplanting, but I don't think that is going to happen.

Yesterday was busy.  I of course took off to get errands done and in my true ADHD way, forgot to get measurements of the zippers I needed, also left my cell phone at the Native American store. Well, it is better than getting to church and realizing I forgot to put on a bra or looking down and realizing I had only shaved one leg. Kim needs a keeper.  Errands seemed to take forever, and when I finally was home to get sewing done and I had a long list, I received a call from daughter to come to clinic in ana hour, she had an opening for me. SO off I went for an hour at the dentist, where I had no cavities. Teeth are in great shape for a woman my age. Now it is almost time to make Hubs dinner as he has an early shift at the high school. I told him to heat up some hot dogs open a can of beans and have the last of the popovers.  Yes that is the kind of wife I was.

Then I attacked the list with true fervor.  Did I get everything done? No!  But I got enough to make me feel like the day was not a total waste.  I still have bustling hooks and a little hem work to do on the wedding dress that is due out today.  But it will only take a few minutes.  I was up very late trying to get it done.

I also started on the zippers and I am going today where I left off yesterday and hopefully get two more wedding dresses pulled and started for next week. I need to get those suits I ripped yesterday done, and the prom dress and the pile.  But that is it for today.  Did I get cookie dough made.  NO. It just may never get done.

So, our daughter, who is in high demand made a deal with her dentist. He wants her there for more days, and she cannot with two little kids, nor is she willing to take on more hours.  But he did agree that she could put us on a dental insurance plan that pays for x-rays, cleanings, and checkups. If we need work it will be at a 20% discount. She is paying in exchange for us sitting the kids.  We do so much for her and we want to, we would do it regardless. Dental care is so expensive and to have this is a God send.  Neither Hubs nor I have been to the dentist since before B was married.  Probably 3.5 years. Luckily we both brush and floss daily and have good teeth.  But to have this worry eliminated is such a blessing. I was preparing to save $500.00 after Hub's hearing aids were paid for to get us into a dentist for cleanings and check ups.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my coins

2. saved $5.00 bills. I have completely screwed this up and have no idea how many I saved this week, as I bundle them into 100 dollar lots. But it was a bang-up week for 5's again and I am thinking $90.00. So total for the year is $825?  

3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20, bill

4. cooked from scratch, using up broccoli, milk, and things that needed to be used.

5. ordered 2 pairs of new summer sandals from posh mark.  One pair is in.  I paid $26.00 for brand new Dansko's that would have been $140.00.

6. Used coupons at Joanns allowing me more money from client. I pass the savings onto myself.

7. Bought only loss leaders at store last week to put in pantry

8. Daughter paid to have my dental work done that is a biggy!  Educate your children.  They can be your biggest assets

9.  I have been feeding Roscoe treats and food left over from my Lil sis' dog that passed away.  I got a huge box of food. Roscoe does not mind

10. Stopping and picking alfalfa for chickens. It grows along the road

11.Planning the Easter menus and a signing out food, so I don't' have to do it all.

12. Mended an embroiders pillowcase, it is getting thin, but I am loath to give it up.

13. Wear clothes every day that Sissie sent to me. Blouses, and sweaters and sox.

Not a very long list, as I have not really been out, just trying to catch up in the sewing room, and then I wonder why I try?

Well, I am off to the salt mines.  What did you do this week to save money?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Wednesday, Sun is shining, but it is COLD!

 I have on a long blue sweater, covered by and even heavier sweater.  It is sunny but super cold out and the wind is blowing like crazy.  But I will take the sun.

I finally finished the dang Indian project which I think helped lighten my mood. I will deliver sometime today. I think the number of things in the shop and the fact that it is Wednesday, and I haven't even approached the piles, plus the wedding dress situation is driving my blues a little. I just keep telling myself that stewing about a problem never got anything done.  The only thing that will help this situation is to work at it.

Get your butt in there and get things done. Are my hands broken?  No.  SO quit with the pity party already. As you can see from the rack it is a little overwhelming right now.

I still did not make my cookie dough, which I swear I will do today.  I know I have posted this recipe before, but I will do it again for a reader.

Swedish sour creme cookies.  This recipe makes a huge number of cookies, and you can 1/2 it.

Cream together:

4 eggs

3 1/2 cups sugar

2 cups of margarine (not butter and not vegetable use Nuco or a high-quality margarine)

2 cups of sour cream

2 tsp of vanilla

1 tsp  of salt

Now add dry ingredients

2 tsp baking powder

2 tsp of baking soda

8 cups of flour

Put in fridge for several hours or over night.  Add flour to dough if you are rolling and cutting.  Do not be afraid to add more flour to make a working consistency. This is a very cake like cookie.  You can also make a drop cookie with this, but always chill dough first. We always, always had these in the cookie jar.  It used up eggs, sour creme, and butter, which we always had too much of, although, they are better made with margarine.

When I was little my grandmother made these weekly.  She just dropped them by Spoonfuls, and sprinkled them with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon and nutmeg. If you want to keep them soft put a slice of bread in with them.  If you want to make dunkers, (a hard cookie to dunk in coffee) let them sit out. 

Frost these after dropped cooked with a lemon frosting.  Very good.  Or put some almond extract in frosting for cut outs.  Again, you will have to add more flour to roll these.  They are delicious. The sour creme really adds a flavor.

Kim, must make a list today.  Her inner brat who I will call Kay (my twin) needs a list to motivate her.

1. deliver skirts

2. get red dress started

3. go to banks (pray it hasn't moved again)

4. get Easter egg dye

5. Possible go to Signe's dental office?

6. meet with woman who is buying old curtains

7. make cookie dough

8. finish a wedding dress

9. go to joanns for zippers.

10. hem two pants

11. alter a sweatshirt

12. pile of mending

13. large pile of mending

14. call bride who has not answered

15. replace a zipper

16. replace a zipper

17. rip two suit coats and slacks

18. alter a prom dress 

19. hem a pile of things

20. finish red dress after try on 

21. alter red prom dress

22. fix lining in a mans suit

23.fix straps and add a god-et to a prom dress

Okay that is a long list, but a lot of it is running around town, so I will combine the errands and get home and get to work.,

At least the sun is shining.  DO lists help you or overwhelm you?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Tuesday, Still snowing and cold

 Only in Idaho, would we get 6 inches of snow in the middle of April.  I thought April showers bring May flowers.  Somehow the weatherman had a fit of some kind. The hills around the town are covered in snow again.  We have not had any stick down in the valley but have had the sleet, and hail and freezing rain off and on.  So far, my plants seem to be okay, but they are still in the greenhouse. I am really not complaining as we need the moisture.

I did turn the heat up 4 degrees yesterday.  It is up to winter levels, and I had turned it down for spring.  But with the baby here and I was chilled, I just turned it up for a few days.

I am done with the 10 Indian skirts up to putting elastic in and I want to get a few little ones done and then clean up that mess, so I can get onto the next mess.

I had a real blanket of blue hit me last night and I don't even know why.  Like out of no wear just a feeling of real depression and sadness. Nothing happened, nothing triggered it.  I was hoping that this morning I would feel better, and I really don't.

I don't like this feeling.  It is hard to motivate myself when I am blue. Maybe I am just tired.  Or maybe I need a nap.

I ran yesterday and picked up some sour cream to make sugar cookies with Will this weekend. I forgot to get egg dye. Will pick that up later this week.

I just ate, three, five, 7 caramels hoping it would make me feel better. Now my teeth ache from too much sugar, Not solving my problem people.

So I only see one solution, get to work.

What do you do when you get the blues?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.


Monday, April 11, 2022

Monday, Our 43 anniversary!

 Hubs and I are celebrating 43 years today.  Well, we discussed last night what we could do to celebrate.  Then as per usual life happened. Or the weather did not co-operate.

We have had a ton of snow on the prairie.  Washington is very strict about studs being removed by April 1st.  Here we are having snowstorms in April.  Nate is working 13-hour days with accidents all over the prairie and then with only 4 hours sleep was called out again for a bad semi rollover.

Schmills went to spend the last few days of his spring break with his beloved Aunt BB and then ended up with a stomach bug, so they did not drive him down yesterday.  No one wants that in the car.  Daughter has to work a 12-hour day and then drive 4 hours on the snowy roads to get Schmills. Nathan has to sleep sometime.  So, Grandpa to the rescue.  Daughter and Kelsa came down last night and stayed the night. Keeping daughter from driving down early this morning.  Hubs was up opening the church for seminary at 6, and then home for a minute to get started on going up to get the Schmills.

While he was eating some breakfast, the civic theater called and wants him in the pit for the 5-week run of Cinderella.  Then the school called and can he be there at 5 tonight for a play for the Jr. High.  There go any Anniversary plans.  We had thought about a late dinner as daughter would pick the kids up a little after 6.  After Hubs left, I received a phone call from Interlink, because they could not get a hold of hubs.  Driving on the prairie we lose cell service.  They had several hand and towel bars that need to be put up for the elderly.  (Hold it do they know that we are the elderly?) Also, they need him to vet more volunteers.  I am leaning on the vetting as the man only has so many hours. If he can get more people to do what he does, maybe he won't have to do,do,do.

So, I am hoping that he will be home from the school this evening early enough that we can run to Home Depot and pick out a new toilet for the master bath! Yeah, what an anniversary gift!  A new handicap toilet, in bisque beige.  I can strap that on my wrist and wear it like a bangle. SO romantic.

I wanted to make sour cream cut out cookies today and just realized I am out of sour cream.  Dang.

On Native American skirt #7. I know, I know, not as much done as I wanted this weekend.  But hey I don't even feel stressed about it. I thought I had 10 pieces of material and it turns out I only have 9 so I have to run get another and some sour cream when hubs get home. In the meantime, I am going to spend this anniversary with grandkids or alone perusing toilets on the Home depot website.

The fun never end at Kim's house.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, April 8, 2022

Friday, I overslept!

 This was me this morning at 9:56, when the doorbell rang.  It actually rang twice because I was dreaming and I ignored the first bell.  But the dog kept barking and the dream became a nightmare. I have long hair which I put up at night in ponytail on top of my head.  Usually I out a few sponge rollers in it to keep it from getting too frizzy.  I have very curly hair.  So there I am in all my glory (ask Slug she can tell you how gorgeous I am) with my bobble head, wrinkled pj's, dried drool on my face covering my sleep dents.

It was a bride who had a 10:00 appointment. Yes, that was the start of my morning.  Or should I say Mourning? So after fitting the bride in my jammies, I hurried into get dressed and then jumped in the monster truck that I have been driving all week as Hub's has my car and I took off for errands I had to get done before the shop really opened.  Well in truth I do open at 10 but I was praying I could get to the bank, get hub's time sheet turned into the district office, and get a diet coke at Mcd's. 

I am down the hill looking for a particular bank and my phone rings it is a bride to pick up.  I told her I would be there in 5 minutes.  So I turn around no errands completed and head back up the hill to the house.  On the way up another client calls for pick up and I tell her to come right away.  I meet bride, and client, dress fits perfectly and they leave.

I am back in the truck headed down to find bank and I do get to district office and on the way I get two phone calls and I say I will be home within the 1/2 hour.  I get my beloved elixir as Val the Victorian calls it and I am now headed for the elusive bank.  I get a call that client in there, so I rush home and take care of client and then rush to feed and water the chickens.

Of course I am down at the coop in the middle of this process when another client comes, and they were kind enough to wait for me to finish as chickens do not like to wait. Then I took care of them and back on the road to find bank. Which by the way keeps moving and changing addresses. I won't name bank but they are a big one.Find bank and now head home to get my act together, thinking of all the gas the monster truck is sucking up at the time. By the way gas is 3.95 a gallon here.

I have not really started my day and I am already exhausted. I went to bed rather early for me last night and I slept very well.  In fact too well.  I think this week of non stop treadmill sewing has worn me out.

By the way Lil sis's dress fit perfectly and she was very happy.  We giggled about switching the tags in the other two dresses.  I will have three dresses to alter when I get there, I think.  I just found out there were 7 bridesmaids and so far I have only taken care of 4 so who knows what will pop out of the wood work.

In the mean time look what Kim did!!!!!

I completed another chart!  It was a fast turn over due to the  incredible amount of sewing done and the fact that I am spending no money.

I have to confess that I only got to my third skirt yesterday and I did no ironing as I just sat a stared at TV.  I think I was just over tired.  I wonder why? Kim was a vegetable.

Where I left off last night. Turquoise and red are very sacred colors to the Nez Perce people. 

I have three more pieces of fabric out with ribbon spools to encourage me to go on.  I actually really like to combine the colors, with the fabric.  They don't match anything, but it is fun to make up the combinations. I love one of a kind.  I will always remember  taking a mockup costume design to a director for approval and having them say , Great I want 12 of those, have someone get you the measurements. Blah 12 of the same thing, my idea of hell.

Well there have been 17 people here so far today.  I have two more wedding dresses as of this morning and a huge pile of things to get done next week.  So no rest for this wicked girl.

I need to get to the store.  I need to get bedding washed.  I need to clean up the house.  I need to do the floors.  I need to make a jellyroll cake and some jello and pudding for the trifle I have to put together for that funeral tomorrow. I also need to get as many of these skirts done as I can. So what is Kim going to do first? She has no bloomin' idea.

Argument with Lil sis.  Niece is over budget.  We are now into flowers.  The budget was set for $500.00.  Well I think we can scale back except for the bridal bouquet and do everything for under $100. Yes we will be cutting most of our greenery from outside plants in the neighbor hood.  Yes they have these plants growing all over St. Louis .  I can go to costco and get everything we need for about $25.00 to do the boutonnieres, corsages, and bridesmaids.  I think three long stemmed yellow roses trailing with ribbon (that I already have in the shop) looks elegant with the blue dresses. I have all the wires and floral tape and gaga stuff, I will bring it with me. Still no faith from these people. I want to bang my head against the wall.

  Daughter Braunwyn's wedding bouquet, made with almost all flowers picked from local yards.  Now I know we will have to buy some flowers, but this will cost no where near $500.00. 

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Thursday, Staying on track, Thrifty doings!

Do you ever feel like a tulip in the middle of the mass of bluebells?  I know I do.  But I can tell you one thing.  I stick out, that could be good and that could be bad, it's up to you to decide.

It is turning to a lovely spring here and I wish I could spend more time outside. I get out in the morning to feed and water the chickens and then water plants and I just want to stay out.  Instead, I am back in the house and sewing up a storm.  

The last few days while hubs has been gone I have sewn through the dinner hour into the dark. But I do feel like I am at least staying on top of things.  Well maybe.  It is at that point that more is coming into the shop than I can do an a daily basis. I am hoping I can convince my Sissie to come out here for a few weeks later this spring or early summer to help me. Slugs work on her and also why don't you come too!  The fun we could have.  Lil sis's pool is open and after dinner we can go over there for happy hour.  You and Sissie can get happy and I will be the designated driver. I think that sounds like a plan.  Anyone else want to join the club?

I want to get the bed sheets changed and the floors done before Hub's comes home on Saturday.  I actually put the ironing out in the family room along with hangers, hoping to inspire myself to get that done this evening.

Maybe if I have to look at this tonight while I am watching junk TV I will get moving.... Well it's worth a try anyway.

I sewed until about 7 last night and got my whole want to list done and then went and had my nails done. I am always scheduled the last client of the day and then my nail lady and I talk business.  Good and bad as our busy seasons are the same.  She had a crazy client yesterday that they had to have removed from the shop.  She just had to unload.  It is like we are each other's therapist. We understand one another and it is just nice to talk.  She always makes sure we are alone in the salon.

I had the owner of a secondhand clothing store that just opened downtown, come by yesterday. She wanted a stack of business cards.  She also said that she had taken over the Princess project.  

This is a nonprofit that allows girls to come and get a secondhand dress for a prom, for very little money or just free.  Sometimes they come in with a broken zipper, or need some mending.  I told her to give these girls a card with a PP in the corner written by her and I would do alterations accordingly.

I have done things like this in the past, for say a grandmother raising her daughter after parents' death, or for bridesmaids that lost their mother to covid last year.  Sometimes people just need a break.  But I also warned shop owner I could be easily taken advantage of and to not let her employees, give everyone a card. Also, the girls given the cards would not know why, just that they could bring the dress to me for alterations.  I think that will somewhat protect me.  We will see.

I have already started to clean up my shop.  I still have to clean off the sewing desk and vacuum and then I am onto fixing my Lil sis's mother of the bride dress. I have two bridesmaid dresses for niece's upcoming wedding.  One of the bridesmaids just ordered the size she thinks she is which is a 12.  Lil sis said the dress is way too small and she is falling out of it in front.  Now we have another dress purchased for my great niece that came in way too big it is a 14 (the last one they had so no choice).  Well, the bridesmaid absolutely refused to even try on the 14.  You all know people like this.  Fixated on size and not how something fits. Or are just too plain vain to admit they are larger than they are. So Lil sis in her frustration just brought the dresses to me and said how do we handle this?

I switched the tags inside the dresses and when we get to St. Louis I will alter the two dresses accordingly.  Bridesmaidzilla will never know.  What to you think of my deceitfulness? Hey there are two ways to skin a (I just can't say cat) but to skin something.

Today after I get the dresses done and the shop cleaned, I am going to start on the ribbon skirts. I also have to go give a private lesson this evening at the studio.  Then Lil sis and I are going to the tanning beds to soak up some rays.  This really helps my joints and her skin condition. 

Thrifty things I did this week:

1. Put 31.65 in my penny can for the month of April.

2. saved all my spare change in coin bank

3. saved all my $5.00 bills.  $95.00 this week which is high.  So far for the year $735.  I swear every $20 bill I cashed gave me three 5's for change.  Plus many clients paid in 5's.  Which sometimes make crazy as I have to save them and then I cannot spend them.

4. saved a $1, $5, $10, $20 bill

5. went to Walmart for zippers as they are $1.87 there as apposed to $3.99 at Joanna.  Even with a 50% off coupon Walmart still beats Joanns, they just do not always have what I need there.

6. Transplanted herbs and flowers that survived the winter to new pots and soil.

7. did not cook all week as hub's was gone

8. Picked up loss leaders at Albertsons last week.  Yogurt, asparagus. 

9. froze apples for pies that were turning mealy

10. fed all food scraps to chickens

11. Used things taken off other wedding dresses to fix another dress. saved customers money and made some for myself.

12. accepted hangers from a client that was getting rid of clothes after she lost weight.

13. helped Lil sis with wedding things to save her money.

14. downloaded all recc'ts  to fetch.

15. helped daughter sew up some costumes. Actually made poodle skirts out of old curtains. Did not have to buy material.

16.  found bird suet marked down to .80 a tray.  Bought it all for my birdies.

Did you do anything to save money this week?  Do you have a regular savings plan?  Share some of your saving secrets with me.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.  


Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Wednesday, another chart, and Kim is busting out work!

 Onto # 8, which puts me right where I want to be. It is much harder to put away money with groceries and gas becoming so high, but we try and not waste trips and are living off what we have and cooking from scratch even more than before.  The grocer adds were dismal again except for Hams are on sale so I will go and get the one I am limited to.  You can get a lot of meals from one ham.

I actually turned the thermostat down a month ago from 72 to 68 and our bill went down to below $100 for the house.  Yes, I have been a little chilled at times, but I just put on a sweater or get a blanket to put over my legs.

I have been stopping every morning to cut alfalfa that grows wild beside the road.  I get a good armful in the back of the pickup and then give it to the chickens.  They love it and it saves on feed.

I love bacopa in my flowers pots and it is so easy to propagate.   I did 24 starts, and they are doing well.  So, buying 6 plants allowed me to have 30 plants.  I will give some to Lil sis for her pots.

Yesterday, I was able to get the three wedding dresses done by 2 in the afternoon and then picked two more, one of which I finished except for cutting the top layers, which I need the bride in the dress to do this. Then I started on another, which I had to pick the lace off in order to alter.  It was yards off the bottom in order to move up and hem. This kind of work is fatiguing.  I was getting a crick in my back so I took some Aleve and the decided that I was done for the day and that I would not do the ironing.  

I just did not want to push myself, although I was very proud of the amount of work I got done. Today I will do what I can to finish that wedding dress and call for a fitting.  I also have two dresses getting picked up today and I have a small pile of things that came in yesterday and the two prom dresses I did not get to finish yesterday. If I can get this much done, I will be pleased as that leaves me two days for the Native American skirts.

I need to make a large dessert for a funeral on Saturday.  I am going to make a trifle. Berries are not the best price, but they are on sale, and I have the whip creme, cake mix, and pudding mix, plus I have milk that needs to be used up. I will layer it in a large bowl and take it to the church.

I have to get up and feed the chickens every day, and I am grateful for a husband who takes care of this work for me.  Dragging the hose or carrying the heavy large water container.  He also waters the newly planted things and the seedlings.  I forgot to take the garbage out last night.  All three cans were to go this week.  Garbage, recycling, and yard waste could all be put out.  The yard waste can was full and really needed to go.  But my kind neighbor saw that our cans were not out and did it for me.  I know hubs always does her cans for her and it was so nice of her to see that they were not done and step in for me, as I just don't think of these things in time.  Hubs also makes sure that the animals large watering containers are full.  So, I had both the dog and the cats to fill up.  This is hard to do with arthritic hands.

Eldest daughter just called and said James took off on his scooter ahead of Hubs while they were taking a walk.  He has done this before with his other grandmother, so he does know better.  But I think he thought he would pull one over on Grandpa.  Hubs could not find him and finally went home thinking he had headed for home.  He then called daughter and her entire office grabbed keys and headed out to look for him. So, several attorneys and staff all out looking. In the meantime, Hubs was out in the car looking for him.  A woman spotted this little boy at a very busy intersection far from the house and stopped and called the police, who then took James home.

James was able to tell his name and address and the officer knew right away whose kid he was. Anyway, Hubs was really upset, as he should be, James is in trouble and daughter took him to her husband's office where he has to sit quietly for the afternoon, when he could be home playing with grandpa. I don't think he will do this again as he actually got lost this time.  Fun! Never a dull moment I tell you.

Have any of you ever lost a child, or a grand kid on your watch?  It is a scary moment I tell you.  I am so glad hubs did not call me and I heard about it after he was found.  I don't need that kind of stress.

Well, I am off to get some work done.  Maybe I can get the ironing done tonight.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Tuesday, Terrific Tuesday!

 I am over the moon happy today and may it last.  First of all the SSI papers came in and I took them to the accountant.  I was just on pins and needles thinking they would not come. The office thought they would be here last Thursday. Then is was Friday and Saturday and the mail must have come really late last evening, as they were in the box at 7:30 this morning.

I went to my specialists appointment and my blood work was great! I also talked to him about my meds and how I was afraid medicare would not pay for them once I am off the State insurance. He said he would make a strong case for me to stay on the same meds, but that there were infusions that would work just as well that medicare would pay for.  The fact that I have the convenience of a pill once a day was nice, but other meds although not as convenient also worked well.  This made me feel better about the situation.On the way home from the doctor, I stopped and made a nail appointment for tomorrow evening. 

Last night I did not get to sewing until after 8 p.m. But I was able to get the 9 pairs of pants done and the three blouses and almost all of one wedding dress done.  At 11:30 I was just too tired to finish.  I still have some bustling buttons and hooks to put on the dress and then I need to press it.

Today I will finish two other wedding dresses and select at least two more to start and also get two prom dresses done.  I also will straighten the shop before starting the Native american skirts as they are a messy project with ribbon everywhere. 

I am going to get my ironing done tonight.  I will do it in front of the TV and watch something to make the time go by.

I forgot to tell you yesterday that I had two large bags of apples that I needed to do something with as they would go bad.  So Saturday night when watching TV with Hubs I peeled/sliced 5 lbs of granny smith apples and soaked them in fruit fresh and then froze them for pies later.  I also had 5 lbs of red apples, and I peeled and cored these and cooked them down into applesauce.  It made 3 large containers for the freezer.  These were free apples from my freinds job at the food bank. Free is free and we will enjoy these later. I was really tired of peeling apples after this project was done.

When I went out to feed the chickens today I was wearing red clogs and they kept trying to eat them. Note to self: Don't feed chickens in sandals with red toenail polish.

Well I had better get busy, I have a self imposed quota to finish.  Do you ever give yourself quotas?  Like you have to get this much done before you eat any more candy?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.



Monday, April 4, 2022

Monday, Spring Break!

 Well Hub's left Sunday morning to go down to southern Idaho and watch the boys while they had spring break.  He also stopped and picked up his mom and took her with. I am here with Kelsa and Schmills. Schmills has spring break this week, but this is the only day I will watch him.

Nothing much is getting done here, but I hope to get into the shop after I post. I was able to get 6 dresses done on Friday, so I was pretty happy with that.  The shop is so full and getting fuller.  I really need to get things out and I will this week.

Saturday the missionaries had to cancel, which sometimes happens, and Hubs and I decided to go ahead and do the project anyway. We were both very stiff and sore by late afternoon.  I had

several smaller pots that broke over the winter or lost paint.  These were things I had picked up at secondhand stores or were given to me. So, I am not out money.  I did have one expensive pot that I bought, that started to crack, and I took it back for a refund as it was guaranteed. We tilled the garden space again and I planted marigolds and herbs, potatoes.  We did not get the onions planted and hubs can do that when he gets home.  I am not planting anything else until it warms up a little.  I am leaving everything in the portable greenhouse. It was a very long day, and we were both filthy and sore.  But Aleve and a hot bath took care of most of the aches and pains. I am still a little stiff, over 18,000 steps on the fit bit and most of it bent over.

All my boxes are ready to plant except the ones in the front still need soil.  My back just gave out and they can wait. Yesterday I watched conference on TV and was glad to not have to dress up and get to church as I was so sore and tired.  Then I ran to Lil sis's and helped her with some wedding things, and then home to help daughter with some costumes.  She actually put together all the 100 napkin rings for the upcoming wedding while I did work on costumes for her.  It took a couple of hours and now that is off my list of things to get done.

Poor Lil sis has done something to her back, and she also had another bad head cold. She has not had a good winter for illness. She is just working too hard, and I really think she needs to take a few days and do nothing but rest.  She also has an autoimmune disorder and takes a biologic drug. So, I am trying to help with this wedding as much as I am able.

I do not have to cook this week and other than cleaning up after the grandkids, which will just be one day this week (I think) I can live on chips, easter candy and diet coke. With an occasional gut bomb thrown in and a little fruit.

I am responsible for the chickens, and I fed and watered them this morning and collected 16 eggs.  Sent some home with daughter. I also took 2.5 dozen to Lil sis and her significant other. There is no way I can eat as many eggs as they are producing right now. 

This morning I had an elderly gentlemen come with three pairs of Levis to shorten.  He had recently lost his wife, and he sure enjoyed Kelsa who was at her most charming.  She has been going into the bedroom looking for Papa and she can't find him.  So, when this man left, she crawled out the door and went down the steps and crawled down the sidewalk following him calling Papa.  He loved it. It made his day.

My plan for the week, is to get 5 wedding dresses out.  Three have had their second fitting and two are due for pick up tomorrow. Then get two more done and out by Friday.  I just need the room so bad. So that will be what I work on this evening after the kids leave or if I can get Kelsa to take a nap.  Then the 3rd one will be picked up Friday when bride is in town.  I also want to get 3 prom dresses done, and the order for the Native American store. I did pick up 10 pieces of fabric last week to do 10 to 14 more skirts.  Then there are the piles.  What I want to know is how one pair of levis turned into 9 pair?   I swear things have sex and multiply. 

I think Roscoe misses Hubs as he keeps sleeping and sitting in hubs spot on the sofa with a sad look on his face. Poor pup. But I am giving him extra rubs and treats. We are having a really serious windstorm.  We also had wind on Saturday, which was kind of nice as it kept the sun from getting too hot while we worked like dogs on the yard and garden. 

Right now, I am going into the shop and finish three blouses I ripped last week and also hem 9 pairs of pants.  Things that I can be interrupted from easily.  The wedding white do not come out until the kids go home. No end of things to do here.

I also need to mail bills tonight and pick up a few things at the store. Still waiting for documents from SSI for taxes.  Hopefully they will be in later today. Cross my fingers. 

Well I am off to get something done.  What are your plans for the week?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, April 1, 2022

Friday, Chickens are out!

 Woke up early this morning so I could get to the lab and have blood drawn.  I went last night after Nate picked up Kelsa and guess what?  It was closed.  That has been my whole week.

I only had to be poked twice which is much better than the 7 times it took last time. I came home and looked out in the back yard and there was a chicken.  I hollered at hubs that we had a rogue chicken. Then I hurried out and headed for the coup.  The side door was open and when the flock saw me, they all headed out. to greet me, because I mean food and usually table scraps.

Luckily, they were hungry, so all were easy to lure back into coop except a black one that I tried to get in and catch for 20 minutes. Finally, I gave up and left her out and told Hubs to go catch her.  Which he did.

I watered my seedlings, and the lettuce still looks a little shocked, but everything else is fine. I have the missionaries coming tomorrow to empty all the flower boxes and put new dirt in them.  We are also going to plant our garden tomorrow.  I will sow onions, potatoes, for now, but will wait on other things.  Squash and pumpkins will be put in large pots, to prevent the spread of squash bugs like we had last year. We are having a company come into spray so hopefully that will help.

We are adding another garden spot between our house and a fence.  It is a small strip of land that we don't even use.  It also has a way for us to fence it off to keep put deer. Hubs wants raised beds but those are expensive to put in, plus a lot of work the first year.  I would rather just till and start like that this year.  We will see who wins.

I can't plant beans or lettuce unless it is caged. I also need to start radishes and my eggplant did not come up, plus I was short on corn seed.  So, after I get some things in the ground, I will start those seedlings.

That means a trip to Wally world tonight for dirt and hopefully they have marigolds out as I will plant them around beds to keep out pests and the deer won't eat them.

Just had a neighbor bring over 4 boxes of food from a food bank she worked at yesterday. It is ridiculous the amount of food that does not get collected.  I feel guilty, but I am not going to let it go to waste.  I will find a place to use it or someone to eat it. There is lettuce, cabbage, carrots, onions, oranges, apples both red and green, broccoli, fresh foods that would not last. I told Hubs to bring in the dehydrator and I am going to dehydrate some apple in the next few days. Or maybe just make and freeze apple sauce again. I see eggrolls in the future.

I now have three wedding dresses that are ripped to be fit.  Two have been fitted and I can complete them and then another is coming today for a second fitting and approval.  Two more came in yesterday.  It is getting a little overwhelming in the shop again. I am happy hubs will be gone next week as I will be able to get more work done with him gone.

Today other than fittings, I just want to work on prom dresses and bridesmaid/mother of the bride. I think there are 8 or 9 that need done. Plus, I have 3 blouses to downsize. I just really want more room.

Well, it is off to the salt mines. Do any of you garden?  Do you find it is worth the work?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.