Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Tuesday, grateful, and maybe ready?

 Wow, I think I am about ready.  Still a few errands to run and I am so glad that I was able to get everything done yesterday, even though I finished sewing at about 8 last night. Our nephew's son had a tux coat that needed the back seams taken in and the sleeves shortened.  Now this is an expensive alteration as it is so much tailored hand work, but our nephew dropped the jacket off late Sunday and then replaced a light fixture for us, so we did not have to call an electrician.  I just love it when we can support each other.

Lil sis was over yesterday while I was running errands and she left these two boxes for me to pack in my suitcase as she did not have the room.  She also left me a list of things that I needed to run get for her or to bring from the shop.  So, I sent her this picture of me packing, just to make her laugh. 

So, I put one of the shoes into the suitcase that I am wearing to the wedding along with her things. I mean really? That is all the room I get? Anyway, I was able to consolidate the tubs without smashing silk flowers, and I am packed.

We are staying with Lil sis's good friend who has a huge house, so I can do laundry there.  Also, I am not packing blow dryers, and shampoo, that kind of thing. I can use what is at the house.

Still have to go get meds from pharmacy.  Which is frustrating as you have to stay on top of doctor's offices.  One of my most important meds was not filled, as I found out this morning, I needed a follow up.  No one told me this.  Not at my last visit in December, nor the pharmacist last night. 

I had to get a new GP as mine retired last September.  So, I saw her the new one and I am on all the same meds I have been one for well over a year.  But I have to have a follow up in three months. Luckily, I called this morning and talked the nurse into a 30 day supply and made an appointment for when I get back.  So aggravating.  Just making money for the machine.

It is just so nice not to be sewing like a mad woman today.  I can relax and do the things that always pop up at the last minute. Like begging for medication. I am also getting a pedicure tonight.  Wearing sandals for the first time this season and no one wants to see these feet.  I also have to go back to the bank and get some cash.  Which is crazy, as I was just at two banks yesterday and could have taken care of this, but was not thinking along those terms.  I was paying bills and making sure everything was covered.  I did get my checks off to Sluggy, and that has weighed heavily on my mind.  Now the Panama cruise at Christmas is paid for, I worked and saved hard for this and I can' hardly wait to go.

I actually cashed in all my $5.00 bill savings and my envelopes with $36 dollars a week. I will start over when I get home. I need to save for our girl's trip in the fall and all the extras for the cruise in December.

I just wanted to brag about my wonderful Husband.  He is the very best father to our girls. He babysits when ever asked.  I mean for hours.  He drives to get kids from school. Signe' texted and asked him if he would pick her and Kelsa up from the airport in Spokane which is 2 hours away.  This would be next Sunday evening.  Which will involve a 4 hour round trip drive. He never hesitated but agreed immediately.  Just a week or so ago he drove to Spokane to get Schmills, as he did not want Signe' working all day in the surgery and then driving 4 hours in the evening. He drove 8 hours one way to Twin Falls to babysit our Eldest's boys for a week.  He also picked his 94-year-old mother up to go with him and he took her to the Temple twice while they were in Twin Falls.  He is just a good man who serves his family without question.  I need to be more grateful for him.

Signe' did not bring Kelsa over yesterday even though she worked.  Nate rearranged his work schedule as both Kelsa and Schmills had bad colds and she did not want me exposed, especially when I have to get on a plane. I have a tendency to get sick when traveling.  Not having a immune system and plane travel is sketchy on the best day.  Even though masks are no longer required I will be wearing one. I also am not scheduling any clients until Wednesday and I fly in Monday  late, giving me a day to recover. Nate changing his schedule to take care of  sick kids yesterday, then had him working on Sunday necessitating Hubs picking up Signe' and baby at airport. 

I was so grateful she was considerate of my health.  She also dropped off a mouth guard that she had made for me to wear at night.  The arthritis in my jaw is worsening and they hope this will help.  It can get quite bad and spasm at times, like a Charly horse but in your jaw muscles.

Just to leave you with a little cuteness. 

 Aunt BB is recovering from Breast cancer, and she is helping Kelsa collect eggs with Roscoe. Oliver is more interested in running than collection eggs.

I am off to get meds, and cash and then home to clean a little.  Can't wait to share my adventures with you.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I hope you have a wonderful wedding trip free from too much work on your part.

  2. Talk about a cuteness overload! They are adorable. Good husbands are a treasure aren't they? Safe travels and ENJOY.

  3. What adorable littles!!!!! Your husband sounds like a peach.
    I sure hope you have a fantastic trip and a safe one. Stay healthy - looking forward to hearing about all the festivities.

  4. Love hub's shirt...lol. The kids are just adorable. Safe travels Kim & have a wonderful time!

  5. Beautiful grand babies! Love the shirt, too!
    Have a fabulous trip!

  6. I am glad you are wearing a mask on the plane. I may wear one the rest of my life! I love the shirt. And, a good man is hard to find. Have fun and not too much hard work at the wedding. Having another place to stay is good!

  7. Sweet babes. Have a wonderful time celebrating with family.

  8. In our state you have to see the doctor every 3 months to get meds. It's the law to help curb drug over usage. Our doctor said he is no longer allowed to give us a year's prescription because of it. Since I had friends in Alabama that was just calling in for meds that they really did not need to be taking. I understand the crack down.

  9. So exciting, I'm excited for you, Sam! I have those moments of gratitude to my husband as well - I hope you gave hubs a big hug! Cute kidlets.

    Have a great time, wear that mask and enjoy yourself, including your extra day off (so smart!).

  10. Safe travels! Hope you are having tons of fun!

  11. “Making money for the machine” LOL! Such a silly point of view.