Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday, I am saving

     Well I am saving for Christmas, don't know when I will do the shopping but at least I will have some money.  So far I have $270.00 saved.  All my savings has to come out of the shop and since I am very busy with  all the shows sewing is hard.
     The first classes back after Thanksgiving break have gone pretty well.  We still need a lot of rehearsal and we don't have much time left.  I did manage to get 4 costumes sent out to a mother to sew and then I realized that I am short a cow costume so I have to get that done.   I also had a mother come in last night and we figured out how to fix all the Lords a Leaping costumes.  She is going to do this tomorrow or Friday.  We are short one pair of pants for the drummers.  I have no idea where they went.  Also a dad came in last night and fixed the drums so they fit the dancers better.  Have you ever danced a fast Celtic number with a drum around your neck?  I am task master.  So now I have to make a master list and get as many costumes passed out this Saturday at the big rehearsal as possible, that way I am not inundated at the dress rehearsal.  I will put a mom in charge of hair,hairpieces, and makeup for each class.
     I started to pull the wallpaper off the walls in the downstairs bedroom.  I am just going to work for 1/2 hour a day in there.  Just like I weed the yard, if I do this it won't seem like such a big job.  When I am done with this I will remove all the molding around the room and wash all the walls with a bleach solution to kill any mold that might be lurking.  I want to paint and have new carpet laid.  I did call a carpet man yesterday and he is coming to measure.
     In the mean time I have a a lot of sewing to do in the shop.  So this morning I am going to do a quick run through the house, pull wall paper and then start sewing.  I am also going to remake the Master list for the show on props and costumes.  I have made several of these but I update as the list gets smaller.
     We are already getting tuition for December, can you believe that?  I sent out a three page note about the recital, upcoming rehearsals and costume info, but the first paragraph was thanking the parents for their prompt response on tuition. I wanted them to know how much we appreciate not having to nag them.

     Out My Window:  Still losing leaves off the trees,  Hubby has hit the back yard, but sometimes it looks like we have not touched this yard! 
     I actually paid the house payment yesterday, and set up December's budget.  I have never done this before a month starts in the last 5 years.  See what good influence you bloggers are? I used to pay my house payment on the last day of the month before I was charged a late fee.  Now it is paid by the first.  Of course I am broke but at least I know where I stand.  I also know what I need to do for Christmas and it depends on me.  No guessing and hoping that the money is there and then over spending and depression setting in in January. I still look at my bill book as a miracle.  It is still hard to pay the debt and it is slow going with backward steps sometimes but I know I am making progress just in the relief I feel and the number of bills I pay a month.
Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday, tying up loose ends

     I feel like yesterday ran by in a rush.  I was only in the shop for about 2 hours and had over $200.00 worth of work come in.  Now when am I going to do that I wonder?  I was able to order the rest of the costumes that I needed mostly parts , hopefully they will  come in on time.  I also handed out three pages of info to each parent outlining costumes, rehearsals, thanking them for swift payment last month and asking for the money to come in again as swiftly:)  I real want to pay off that last charge card and I have used it a lot for this show.
     A few months ago when I went down and borrowed money from the credit union to pay off the studio CC and the studio credit line, I did not close either one.  Our credit score took such a hit that I was afraid to close anything.  When you refinance a house and buy a car and co-sign for two others and a college apartment in 6 weeks it kills you credit score.  We have no new debt are paying larger payments than ever have never been late but we took a hit and a big one.  So I will not close anything.  The problem is I need a studio card for costumes and electronics etc.  I have been using our personal card and I can't get it paid off,  I will but I ordered a new $5000.00 limit card for the studio and I was turned down stating too much credit open.
 I still have a $21,000.00 cc open with US BANK that is paid off.  I have a $10,000.00 credit line open at US Bank paid off.  I really now only have the house, the car, and the truck(aka collateral to pay off US BANK) and the one card left.  Only the one credit card is not tied to collateral.  But I cannot seem to get any new credit.  So I ask?  Do I close out the two US BANK  accounts and take yet another hit on my score?  I really should not be using a personal charge card for a business when we run an LLC.  But I cannot get a card, I have tried.    What are your suggestions?  If I go in a close out of all those account that now stand at zero how long will it take me to recover enough to get a studio card?  Financial advisers all say not to close accounts as it hurts your score.  The funny thing is I have never had less debt in the last ten years than I do now.  We are making more money and making larger payments yet my score stinks, like I did not pay my bills on time.  So frustrating.  Anyway suggestions wold help me make a decision.
I need to run to the bank this morning and get some sewing done.  I can't beleive it is almost December but I am excited!   Yeah in three more weeks I will be free, counting the days.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday, Internet troubles

     Well thank goodness that Holiday is over!  I am very frustrated, installed a new security program as ours was about to expire and all He##  broke out on this computer.  I had last week off and really got nothing done for the upcoming show.  Had to entertain the old folks and cook.  It was fine but an irritation.  No rest ,up at the crack of dawn for me.  My one week to get ready for Christmas shows blown by blither.  But I must remember that someday I will be old and I will be upsetting someones apple cart.

     I hope every one had a great Holiday, I ate too much and still have pie left,  I am also making Turkey soup today.  I have so much to do in the next three weeks it is actually scary.  But one day at a time.  It is my youngest daughter's birthday today.  We celebrated yesterday before the girls left for their various homes.  They were actually quite nice to each other very little fighting over the holidays, I think being separated and getting a good job has made them easier to live with.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
      You will all be proud of me.  I was so frustrated Saturday morning when my in-laws left.  I had that day to get so much done and Daughter #2 says, "Mom next weekend is the big rehearsal the next the show and the next the Jr. High show.  When are you going to do Christmas?"  Duh, I don't know.  I avoid Christmas until the last minute and then spend too much money in desperation to make things right.   She insisted in doing all the decorating Saturday.  We worked form noon until about 10:30 p.m.  The tree is up, entire upstairs done and it looks beautiful  We actually went a bought an artificial tree.  I always wanted one but with a forester for a husband this was hard.  Well nursery trees this year are about $80.00 for the size I want.  It is always dead and crackling by Christmas   We found a 7.5 foot prelit pine it is gorgeous and I will use it on stage at the show.  We can move it in three parts.  So tax-deduction, show expense.  Yeah!  When I go upstairs I can almost feel the Christmas spirit. I also got the kids to fill out Christmas lists.  All were reason able except for the youngest.  She has a lot to learn.

     Out My Window:  The larch trees have lost all their needles and stand like huge naked sentinels in the back yard.  Hubby picked up truck loads of leaves this last week.  I was having trouble with a large plastic broom rake.  It was not picking up.  I kept turning it over thinking that I was not using the correct sides.  Well low a behold we have worn the middle tines off on both plastic broom rakes.  How funny they have to be 10 years old.  That is a lot of raking!  We went and purchased new ones on sale as all of the Christmas was crowding out the yard tools.

     I get a little bit of joy every time I walk through my front room!  I ordered feather pieces we are short for the show and I need to go get copies made this morning.  I am about caught up in the shop.  But you all know how that goes.  I have so many costume issues to cover in the next two weeks so I had better get busy.  My goal is to have this last CC paid off by the New Year.  So I had better get my butt in gear.
I will try to catch up on the blogs tonight!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday, Thanksgiving eve

     Crazy here, people all over.  Daughter #2 will be home this afternoon.  In-laws in spare room/bath.  Girls in renters room downstairs with bath.  We are in our own room, with bath so why is my bathroom covered with curling irons and make up bags, and used towels and dirty underwear? (not mine)  I have little Claire here this morning also.  Cats, dogs, kids, in-laws got to love it.
     I put up most of the new hardware in downstairs bath last night.  I still need to hang the mirror and get the new mirror hung on the back of the door. I will also hang two new towel racks in spare bath upstairs and a new mirror in hall way.  My father-in-law came down last night and he was so shocked that all the old hardware was off and the new installed.  Hubby watched PBS all night.  I told him I have never had any help with anything before why would I expect it now?  Hubby is out raking leaves this morning, I think he was shamed into it! :)
     I removed most of the towel holders when kids were young, but I can put them back now.  Jane and I can take care of ourselves.
     I am going to finish hanging things and try not to hang myself in the process although it is tempting.  Then I am going to make the squash, sweet potatoes, pies(apple,cherry, peach,pumpkin), the relish tray, cheese ball,and stuff the turkey tonight.  That way I only have to reheat and do rolls tomorrow as the turkey roasts.  I have a DCS convection/microwave that is such a blessing this time of year.  My brother purchased it at a scratch and dent sale from a high end cooking store.  He is a gourmet.  He then did not have room for it in his newer place so I got it!  Yeah for me!
      It is nice to be able to cook a large dinner like this and see all the things that we have produced ourselves on the table.  Squash, onions,apples,pumpkin, cherries, peaches,eggs,bread, rolls,carrots, I am a scratch cook and it shows on my husband!
     To all of my special blogging friends, have a precious and wonderful Thanksgiving, don't eat yourself sick and know that I am grateful for all of your support.

     Have a lovely Thanksgiving


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday, A little over 1/2 done

     In laws are here, have not slapped any one yet.  This is a good sign.  I still have about 1/2 my list to go.  It took longer to pay bills and balance books than I thought.  I am also broke!  I will be until I get some money in the shop. Scary!

     I was able to get all of my aprons done and they are so cute, I am going to finish pot holders this morning.  I also need to make a list for last minute groceries.  Mom and Dad and I are going out to find some new towel racks for the down stairs bath.  The ones down stairs are oak and some are broken.  I think they are at least 30 years old.  I don't know how much sewing I can get done with them here.  That is the frustrating part about having company.  I do not get to walk away from my business.  Oh well, it won't be forever.

     The Help is at the $1 theater also we are going to the early show tonight.  I will have oyster stew for dinner, it is simple and warm.  The house feels so cold to me today. Probably because it is cold out side.

     Dad fixed the loose gasket under the kitchen sink for me, it involved bending over and tightening a large screw.  Something my hands could not do and it involved bending over so Hubby would not do that.  He absolutely will do nothing that causes him to bend over.  At the bank we clean, the tellers throw tons of paper clips and rubber bands all over the floor. He has to pick these up by hand and I am thrilled.  Because he is forced to either bend over or get on his hands and knees something he refuses to do at home or in the yard, which is very unfair to me.  I go behind him and if he does a sloppy job I count how many I pick up and then tell him the totals.  It makes him so mad but tough you have to do a good job or you lose your job.  Funny he has never had a promotion and spent the first ten years we were married unemployed.  It could be now that you think of it , that he might have been required to move quickly and bend over to pick something up.  Hmm..... sarcasm.  He does have some good qualities.  Just not as many as me!:)

     Well, I had better get my butt in gear, I want to get a few things done today before Hubby gets  home and insists that I play the part of the devoted wife, which I am not!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday, I will get those bills paid today!

     I have too much to do today, I bet you have never heard me say that before.  But my In-laws are coming so I need to get busy.  Oh the joy of the Holidays!

  1.  Go to Joanns to get trim to finish last apron
  2. Dust and clean Family room
  3. Change sheets on guest room bed
  4. sweep out garage and straighten shop
  5. clean and straighten kitchen
  6. make a last minute list for Thanksgiving dinner to give to In-laws
  7. Pay #$%@ bills and straighten desks (Wasn't this on the list last Monday?)
  8. Make 10 pot holders, (I have all the stuff and left overs form aprons, they will look cute in the pockets)
  9. Finish an sewing in the shop

There you have it. the list it is official.

Out My Window:  Okay, you can not see the back yard due to the leaves, it is time to rake.  My father-in-law will kick my husbands butt out there I am sure.

     I am going to get dressed and get busy, because I usually sit around reading novels and eating bonbons. I will report on the progress of my list later.  I have had 4 phone calls during this post for sewing, money, money money, I know you are the root of all evil but I love thee.

Have a great and productive day!


    Sunday, November 20, 2011

    Sunday, I'm alive!

         This was not a fun week, I posted last Monday about how hectic it would be and then splat!  I did live through it, but I was down for about 4 days.  Now I am very behind.  I still have not balanced my checkbooks or paid my bills.  I will try to do that today, but I keep getting headaches when I work too hard.
         We had our first big performance last night, it went well, but the stage was icy by the time our kids performed.  We always perform last after the park is lit.  They save the best for last! Our two turtle doves actually took off their point shoes and rolled up there tights and danced barefoot in sub zero temperatures.  But the ice was just too dangerous.  I have a reputation for being a hard a## and this did not help.  I did not ask them to do it, they just ran on stage like that and the music started.  They were still beautiful.
         One thing about being sick is that you do not spend money!  Unless you go to the doctor.  I did not eat, I did not drink, I did not move!  Now I must move.

    Out My Window:   Cold! Leaves every where, messy, wet, but beautiful.

         I am going to take a nap, and work on my aprons later in the afternoon, I also must pay bills!

    Have a restful and peaceful Sabbath!


    Wednesday, November 16, 2011

    Wednesday, sick with the flu

          Well it did not go away.  I called in subs for the first two classes and then went in for the last 3 hours because I had to finish routines.  I did finish but boy are they messy. I can't eat anything without going straight to the bathroom.  So I try to drink water to stay hydrated.  Very nauseated. I want to eat but then when I start it is like I am not sure... and I quit.  No food for two days has made me weak and shaky.  I also have a bad headache and a fever of 100.9, not high but high for an adult.  I wanted to die when I was teaching last night.  So sick.  Then I cleaned the bank (poorly) and I was supposed to meet a new employee at the coke plant and give him the keys.  He did not show up, so here I am standing in the wind and the cold with a fever, I started to cry and went in and did the building myself, crying the whole time.  It was lovely but I was just so sick and I wanted to be in bed.  You know those electric shocks you get in your joints when you have a fever?  I hate that.  So I am sorry I cannot comment one the blogs today, I am going to bed!


    Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    Tuesday, I must keep going!

         Well so much for not spending, I had to pay the printer yesterday $227.00 and then we had asked to have the back windows at the studio lined with a white liner that would allow us to store things behind the windows.  These take on full hot sun and anything we put in them melts.  Remember 120 degrees in downtown is not unusual.  We ordered the window paper in August.  It arrived and the workman was putting it on yesterday, during a wind storm.  It is beautiful and the parents who saw it really liked it.  But the cost was $432.00.  So for someone that was not going to spend money, I am doing a great job!  We were going to have to rent a storage unit after this show, but now we can store in the windows, this will save us about $65.00 a month plus the aggravation of having to go to a unit.  I keep telling myself I will make it up in December, but I am having bad feelings about this.  Okay I did not spend any money personally, not even a soda!  After all a soda is .65 out of my machine so I was really good.  I spent $659.00 on the business. (heavy sarcasm)  What about broke do I not understand?  I thought I would be sending $3500.00 to a credit card this month and I only sent $1000.00 and climbing into a hole!

    I Love Getting Out of Debt, it is so easy.

         I ran like a raped ape yesterday,sewing, bank, bank, printer, studio, lunch with TV Add manager, sewing, play rehearsal, teach dance, clean, work on my aprons, oh don't forget spend money I didn't have on bills!

         I was under the weather a little yesterday, I must have eaten something that does not  like me, without going into details it is worse today.  At least I do not have a play rehearsal today and I have 1.5 hours tonight that I don't have to teach.

         Okay enough whining.  I was able to pull many costumes and things and count what was needed at the studio.  I did find an expensive costume for one of the French hens that was missing.  I also pulled all the props and counted them.  So now I have a better idea of what I need to do.  I also made a list of people who I will call on to fix things.  A mom will come tonight to pin and get costumes ready to alter and I will finish all routines tonight.  If it kills me!  It just might.  Drummers, Lords a Leaping, Swans a Swimming.  Just too much to do with 27 kids in three hours.

         All of my new napkins are done and the table runner.  I have cut out all the parts for the bibs on the aprons.  The one bib is put together and it is so cute.  My goal today before I leave for the studio, is to put the 4 other ones together and to clean the desk off and pay all the bills due for the house.  Balance the check books, YUCK!  Also laundry needs to be finished.
         Again I am trying to think of my mantra this week.  Is any one going to do this for you? No!  then get busy.  I keep saying this to myself.  I think it is working.

         Out My Window:  Really bad wind storm here yesterday, many people lost power.  Chickens freaked out and  broke their warming light and several eggs.  Poor darlings.

         Well typing here is not getting anything accomplished on today's list, but it is nice to sit and chat and a stress reliever.  Organizes my brain, or whats left of it.

    Have a great and productive day!


    Monday, November 14, 2011

    Monday, this will be a week of chaos.

         I have a big performance this weekend at the Lighting of the Christmas Park.  I really need to get costumes organized and some of them found.  The closet where we have $70,000 worth of shows is less than organized.  I always organize it 2 times a year but this last year I did not and now we are missing things.  Daughter also figures out she ordered 2 costumes less than she needs (ugh).  For someone that counts music she cannot count bodies.

          So this will be a busy week.  I am full of anxiety and then I tell myself.  Is anyone else going to do this for you?  NO! So make a list and get busy!  Call your suppliers, pickup your posters, dig through the closet, meet the TV station for lunch and advertising and quit wasting time worrying as it will do you no good.  I also need to get music copied for the Jr. High show.  I can be a terrible procrastinator, especially when I am busy.

         I do not have a lot to do in the shop, a blessing, as I will be running around most of the week and need to get costume sewing done. A Partridge in a Pear Tree.......(where is my gun)

         Out My Window: you should see the large oak tree I have out front it is stunning, and I also have a huge grove of Pines out back and some are yellow and dropping their needles, so pretty.

         I am going to get busy.  Like you have not heard that before.  I have no money for the rest of the month unless it comes into the shop.  All of these disasters have taken their tole financially.  SO I must be very careful. No spending money until next month! Unless it is cash.  I need to buy a Turkey.

    Have a great productive day!


    Sunday, November 13, 2011

    Sunday, evening chit chat

     Thanks Carla!

    Baking/cooking: Pork roast with potatoes and carrots  Also 4 loaves of WW bread for the week.

    Watching/Reading:  Harry Potter part 2 of the Deathly Hallows, also re-reading the book:)

    Listening: Do not really like to listen to music as I choreograph when I do, but I played Christmas carols for two hours this afternoon and Hubby and I played Christmas duets for a while.  We have to bone up for the Holidays.  I play the piano and he plays the violin and piano.

    Looking forward to this week:  FINISHING THE CHOREOGRAPHY for the upcoming show!

    Happy to accomplish today: Made a table runner and finished 14 napkins, I have 10 to go.  I also cut out template that I made for turkey aprons!

    Have a restful Sabbath!


    Saturday, November 12, 2011

    Saturday, Fun project!

         I have been replacing things in my kitchen since September, when Husband realized that after sending three girls to college the equipment in the kitchen was getting scary.  I saved and replace the silverware, pans, and knife set.  The knives were 33 years old.  I have never had a really nice set of dishes.  I purchased two colors of Fiesta wear, soft teal blue and cream, 4 place settings of each.  Over the past 3 month I have added a few pieces as they go on sale.  Yesterday at the Veteran's day sale I was able to get one additional color, it is called paprika.  So I have 12 settings and the three colors look so good together and go with the wallpaper in the dining room.  (Birds from the 50's very retro!)  Kind of silly but I love my new dishes.  Maybe because I never buy anything really nice for myself.
         Daughter and I went to Joanns yesterday to purchase polar fleece for the studio.  I am making hats/scarf sets for the dancers for an upcoming outside performance.  We stumbled upon some really cute Thanksgiving fabric 50% off.  I had an additional 10% coupon and a gift card for $25.00.  I was able to purchase napkin and runner fabric and enough additional fabric to make 5 holiday Turkey aprons.  It has a Turkey front on the bib with 7 different colored feathers.  So funny and cute.  Each lady at dinner will have one.  Daughter is going to help.

         Now you are thinking why would someone with 2 upcoming shows and all that costuming stop and make 5 aprons and napkins etc?  Because it is fun!  Sometimes I just want to do something creative for me.  Just for the h#$@ of it.  I was thinking as I was buying this fabric, I am like Judy in a yarn store!  Colors are rust, burgundy, beige, turquoise, green,brown,orange.  Very bright and so funny.  Total cost $42.69. less $25.00 gift card, you do the math.  I know, I know money I did not have to spend.  But I do use cloth napkins and my Thanksgiving ones are 14 years old shabby and faded and my new dishes don't like them.  My new dished talk to me.  They like me.  They think I am pretty.

         Out My Window:  Hubby home yesterday, did he get any yard work done? NO!  Did he get a long nap? YES!
         Well I am going to get nails done (yuck, I hate this, time and money) then I need to get the truck tires replaced.  Also we are going to Moscow to watch a play tonight.  One of our dancers is in the show Bye, Bye, Birdie.  I am also going to work on my aprons today!

    Have a great and productive day!


    Friday, November 11, 2011

    Friday, Veterens Day!

         Daughter called me last night from a town 120 miles away and said, Mom the check you gave me won't go through so I can get gas to come home.  Remember her exit last Sunday?  I gave her that check for dance lessons.  I had opened a new bank account at a CU and it was a counter check, so of course it could not be used at a gas station.  I had filled her car when she left and I did not worry about how she would get back, I thought she is 24 she can figure it out.  Anyway, I told her to use her CC.  She said it is maxed,  (Like Duh)  I told her to use it anyway and pay the overage charge. They would not let her.  So I asked the clerk to take my # over the phone they would not do that either.  She was crying and desperate.  I just want to come home.  Well I know,but you also need to plan ahead, I am thinking.  She has now thoroughly embarrassed herself at this station.  I said where is your check book?  Usually she can't find anything, car insurance proof, license, cc, checkbook anything that she needs to be responsible in life is just missing or left behind.   I check the balance in her checking account on-line and she had about $91.00, more than enought to fill-up.  So I told her go to a different station and see if they will take your check.  She was able to get home.  But I don't think she will ever repeat that experience.  Hubbie and I sat at dinner last night and laughed.  We don't want her unhappy but pull your head out and think.  You knew you had to get home.  Why not ask or go to a bank or call before the banks close?  She has been away to dance, in New York, and other cities but always at company expence with a company CC.  Never away on her own.  The good news out of all this is that she earned about $3000.00 last week, so she will eventually be fine.  Her plan is to get out of debt and pay all of her school loans off this year. 
         It is so good to see her.  She had a paycheck waiting for her when she got here.  Husband is home from work for Veterans day.  There is a parade downtown for the Veterans.  I need to go put posters out today for the upcoming show.  I will also send Hubby to get new tires on truck.  I have $500.00 saved now and I just got paid so I think we can do this without killing the emergency fund.
         It has been an expensive week.  I tried to by my first Christmas gift last night and I called daughter and she already bought the book.  That day in fact.  See I cannot get my kids anything because they already have it!  Well not really but that is how I feel.

    Out My Window:  I can hear the chickens clucking really loud, so it must be egg laying time.  We need to rake leaves really bad.

         I had a dance mom come to the shop yesterday and cut out two cow costumes we are short.  The eight maids a milking have cows.  So cute.  She is coming back today to cut out two dresses for the 9 ladies dancing.  I have a little sewing to do in the shop, but I do beleive that I am catching up.  Which is good and bad!  Because the shop is our spending money, gas, food, etc.  We have no paycheck money for these things.   But I have been blogging for months and have you ever seen me run out of work?  Okay so that answers my question and calms my nerves. Well I had better get busy, I want to get some things done today besides the usual.

    Have a great and productive day!


    Thursday, November 10, 2011

    Thursday, Can I have a punch card for this?

         Husband went to follow up with the surgeon yesterday.  The condition he has is very treatable, and every 3 months to a year it will have to be repeated.  You mean every three months you will have to under go general anesthetics at the cost of about $2000.00?    I have so much sympathy for what Mrs. M and her husband are going through right now , she is crushed and he feels worse, but I had the gall to ask my husband and the surgeon, DO YOU OFFER A PUNCH CARD FOR THIS?  Like if I buy 11 latte's I get the 12th one free?  I am not very sympathetic, I could only think of the cost.  I guess I had just come from paying a $620.00 emergency room bill (after insurance) and I know that there are more to come.  I have to do this again when?  Do you notice I said I.  Not, oh, my poor husband who is choking on a regular basis and then has to undergo this procedure, poor baby.  No I have to pay for this again, when?  Bad wife, bad person

    .   Anyway on a better note, we do not have to pay any insurance premiums in November or December this year.  It appears that the State of Idaho over planned the amount that the insurance premiums would go up and have been over charging so now we get the rest back.  By the way  this is a poor State, but very conservative, (which I hate) except we do balance the budget every month and my husbands portfolio for retirement has never lost any money.  I can't say the same for my IRA. So yippee more money for Christmas and to save for future choking episodes.

         I went and paid the $719.00 to US Bank, paid Hubbies first doctor bill, $620.00 put only $1000.00 on CC instead of $3500.00, did not touch emergency fund.  I will do snow tires this weekend.  Any more money that comes into the studio will go directly to CC.  We still have about $1000.00 out to apply to the Card but I am scared right now, so I will wait until later in the month.  I do not want to incur any new debt.  I am disappointed but there is not much else I can do about it.  I will get over this sooner than I ought (I love Jane Austin don't you?)  This means that I will get no U-RAHH!  this month and I am blue..... sad....okay on with life.

         This is just going to put me behind if I don't get the CC paid off by the end of December.  I hate it when I make plans and they don't work out.  Tantrum, spit, anger!@#$%^&

         Out My Window:  I just went out to the chicken coop and found 5 eggs.  My mom is getting me a little basket that hangs on my back door for Christmas.  It is flat, with a handle and she is making different liners that can be washed and changed out. (chicken eggs are umm.. dirty)  Yes we do wash the eggs in soap and water.  I can pick it up as I go out the back and never drop an egg.  Isn't that a thoughtful cute idea.  My mommy is so clever.

         Well enough complaining, I need to get to work. Sew, sew, sew, and finish the laundry.  I also need to get a few groceries it is scary upstairs.  Where did all the fruit and cereal, yogurt, lunch meat, crackers, and meat go?  One cannot live on eggs and ww bread alone.  Well actually you could but it is boring.

    Have a great and productive day!


    Wednesday, November 9, 2011

    Wednesday, why a $1000 emergency fund is not enough

         Well I have enough to pay the other $3500.00 to the final Credit card, but...... I also had to charge about $1800.00 worth of costumes for the next show that will be paid off in December, so I don't feel like it is paid off.  If I have to wait until the 15th of next month for a 0 balance it is not paid off.  I also have a $700.00 bill left at US Bank that I just found out about.  I would go into the details on this but they are too confusing and are due to their screw up the end of August, but also my over excitement to get away from them.  I do owe this money.  I then have the overdraft protection at my personal bank that is in use right now due to Hubbies medical bills. (no interest for 30 days)  We have not received the finals yet but they will have to be paid.  The whole lot of unexpected expenses is well over $1000.00.  I have $400.00 in my tire savings and I need new tires on the truck.  I am $400.00 short.  I could use the emergency fund but for which emergency?  I have 4 right now.

         The stubborn part of me says, send the $3500.00 to the card and call it paid off, see I really want a U-RAHH!!!! from a special person.  But that is not realistic when I have a $700.00 bill a tire account that is $400.00 short and medical expenses that are at $500.00 and climbing.   Almost half of my $3500.00 is gone!  What happened.?  Life happened.  My well laid plans are dashed.  I will have to make a smaller payment to my debt, and pay it off next month.  But my payroll will go way up and it is Christmas.  Oh my aching head. No matter how many times I go over the figures, I still owe the money.  Damn, debt it so sticky, you just can't shake it off.
         I do not want to totally use my emergency fund down to 0 because something always happens when I do.  But I have been thinking for a long time that $1000.00 is not enough.  I really need about $3000.00.  Right this minute I could use $2000.00 and still leave $1000.00 in the fund.  The problem is it is not there.  Debt payoff has been such a priority that I have ignored the obvious.  I am paying down the debt too fast.  I love the gazelle intense philosophy it keeps me focused but, I still have to face reality.

         Little Lamb, has been posting about people giving her a hard time about saving money and not giving herself a break.  People do the same thing to me.  But I truly will do almost anything and deny myself much to get out of debt.  Alas I cannot avoid snow tires, and I cannot deny my husband's medical emergency, I can kick my butt for the $700.00 at US BANK, but it was hidden from me during the check fiasco.  In reality I thought my payoff was a little low, I was just so glad to be out.  Remember how I left that bank in about 1.5 hours.  Well I/we(the bank) did not do our house keeping very well.  Summer bills were coming in and I did use borrowed money in August to keep the studio afloat.  I knew that.

         Okay I have beaten myself up enough over this.  I must go on and do something productive.  Once again I will go back to the Mundis approach.  I have a roof over my head, food to eat, clothes to wear, (and my own adage, a good job I continue to draw from, and some MAD skills).  I will be survive.

         Out My Window:  Husband cannot seem to get the timer light to work correctly in the chicken coop.  I think my chickens are confused.  Actually, I don't think you can confuse a chicken, they are just not that bright. (kind of like their owner with her finances) 

         I was still not able to finish any of my dances last night, I can see the light but it is just hard with 28 kids in 4 numbers that are long and difficult.  My dancers are much younger than they were three years ago when much of this choreography was set, so trying to bring them up to an old standard is slow going.  But I know they can do this. I have one more week before we go into Thanksgiving vacation and then only two lessons and a 2 rehearsals before the show.  Just cutting it too close for comfort.  This can be done.

         Do you ever feel like my life is a version of the little engine that could?  I feel like all I do is try to convince myself I will make it.  We did take in another large group of checks last night.  I beleive we only have $595.00 worth of tuition outstanding  and it was the 8th when I figured this out.  My late charges are disappearing before my eyes.  Isn't that great!

         I have to get dressed and get some sewing done, I have a Jr High rehearsal today and then I have to teach until 8 tonight.   Lots of stuff going on.  (lots and stuff, two words never allowed in a high school level paper)  My life has lots of lots, and stuffs,  How about yours?

    Have a great and productive day!


    Tuesday, November 8, 2011

    Tuesday, I made it one whole day without my daughter!

         It was busy here yesterday and we were able to get through at the studio just fine with daughter gone.   Monday's are hectic as we have so many classes going and kids going from one studio to another. Teachers running back and forth.  Tonight will be easier as we don't teach at the college in the evening. I also will not have a Junior High play rehearsal.
         I am going to call my landlord and turn on the heat at the studio.  But I will pay a furnace man to come in and set it.  Last year landlord did it and I was getting 4-500.00 power bills.  I told him get it fixed or I am moving.  Low and behold we can heat the place for about $250.00 if we keep it at 68 M-F from 2:30 to 8:00 and 50 the rest of the time.

         I also have a dancer that comes from a very poor family that was sold the wrong style of point shoe.  I made her try on another dancer's shoe and she was able to pop right up in them.  I am a little irritated because I always have my new dancers get fitted by a professional and this shoe is WRONG for her.  Point shoes run about $80.00 a pair.  So I will call and complain and I know they will send me a new pair.  I don't complain, ever and I give this shop a great deal of business.  There are hundreds of different styles of shoes to fit different shaped feet, I don't know what they were thinking.
        We are still getting checks every night.  It is the 8th, it will be interesting to see who will get a late charge.  I went through registration last night and it is the same old bunch that has not paid, but many of them have the next three days so we will see.  I am actually looking forward to sending out the late charges.  Before I was always apologetic or scared.  Now I don't care.  It is my money.  I have worked hard for it.  Go, Kim, go!

         Out My Window:  We have to get the chickens water warmer fixed or buy a new one.  It was frozen this morning.  32 here last night. Brrrrrrr...

         I have a Wedding dress fitting at 10 and many people to call to pick up.  I also need to hem at least 10 pairs of pants.   So here I go off to another fun filled eventful day! (heavy sarcasm)

         Can someone please tell me how to get into the Christmas spirit?  Judy's post a while back got me there for a minute, but I am lagging.......  I was thinking each or us should write a post about our most memorable Christmas and share it.  What do you think?  Different stories, maybe a little inspiration.  Just a thought.  But not until after Thanksgiving, I think we need to concentrate on this important Holiday.  I love Thanksgiving, lots of good food and family and no gifts or unmet expectations.

         Have a great and productive day!



    Monday, November 7, 2011

    Monday, it will different now

         I had to laugh at daughter as she left town yesterday.  She packed for the week and plans to come home on Friday's to teach and rehearse the classes.  But I have not paid her any salary this fall.  She is cleaning two buildings, and picks up extra hours with me and with another business she has worked before.  So she is going to get in her car, she has no gas and $10 in her wallet, she also wants to take classes up there from the best ballet teacher in the Northwest.  So I have to go fill her car with gas, and give her a studio check for her tuition.  (I do see the classes as a write off for the studio)  She gets paid on the 10th and will be fine.  But her Dad and I laughed as we had about the same experience with the oldest one when she started working as an attorney.  Kids are just broke when they get out of school at least mine are.

        Daughter cleaned a big older bank downtown and hated going into the basement so she would always pick me up at my bank and I would go do her basement with her.  Well this last couple of months it has been both the bank and her other county building and then she would help me cover whatever extra work was required.  I spent much of this weekend training others to do three buildings.  Now tonight it will be just my building.  Weird, but I am used to going with her.  I will miss the talks but not the work.  I will get home earlier. Yippee!

       It will be interesting to see how this affects my debt pay off.  But I don't think it will change any of my goals before Christmas.  It might affect my payoff next year but we will see.  It is hard to let go of plans that you have in your head and written down, but things change.  I always knew that my daughter would graduate and leave someday and I wanted her to, but it will affect me and I will have to adjust.
         I baked 4 loaves of bread yesterday, yum.  Husband already ate 1/2 a loaf.  I also cooked a roast.  I took this roast out of the freezer and looked at it and I though 2 people?  So I cut it in 1/3's and used 1/3 with potatoes and carrots and onions out of the garden bins.  I also made a chocolate bundt cake.  We still had left over roast.  It is hard for me to cut down when I am used to cooking for a crew.  Well that will save money.
       Out My Window:  Very frosty and cold here.  Youngest daughter came home on Saturday and I sent her back with gloves and scarves, hats.  I also had rec'd a beautiful pair of Sherpa lined leather UGG  boots for Christmas 2 years ago.   We get no snow here and I have winter snow packs for the woods, these are pretty boots. I know that these boot were close to $200.00  I pulled them out and got some wool ski socks out of the trunk.  They fit daughter perfectly and so comfortable and in style!  She was thrilled and I am equally thrilled that they are being worn.  It is at least 30 degrees colder where she lives.  I actually unpacked the Swedish Sweaters this weekend, but still too warm for me to wear them.

         I have a ton of laundry that I have let go by unnoticed and you already know how many pairs of pants came into hem Friday.  Plus that pile grew over the weekend by a few pair.  So I need to get down there and sew.  If I stay busy I won't be lonely.  I have a Jr. High rehearsal at 3 and then onto the studio.


    Everyone needs to go give Mysti a big hug, she is struggling with life right now.  Hug Mysti, Hug!

    Have a great and productive day.


    Sunday, November 6, 2011

    Sunday, Daylight savings time, I llove thee

         An extra hour of sleep.  It is great.  I am a night owl, so getting an hour more  in the morning for me is so wonderful.  Don't like it so much in the spring. 
         We had a lunch meeting with our two teachers that have professional status, yesterday and they will be taking over Daughters classes.  This means my payroll will go up at least $750.00, so debt payoff will slow, but I am still excited for my daughter to have a job.  I have been paying  daughters parent plus loan of $270.00 a month and I will no longer have to pay that, she will also have to quit our cell company and that will free up another $50.00 a month.  So it looks like we will have about $475.00 more outgo.  But both teachers were excited, so I feel confidant that this will work.  I have actually been preparing for this for a long time, I just can't really beleive it is happening.

         Youngest came home from college yesterday to pick up her snow tires.  We have them switched out for $25.00, and then she took the dog to Petco for a bath.  It is $10.00 to bathe your own or $27.00 and they clip their nails and do a bunch of other gross stuff, (great description).  We went with the $27.00.  Well worth the money.  I would have spent at least two hours of my time yesterday cleaning the bathroom and then trying to keep her in the house until she dried.  But anyway, I am broke again.  See where my money goes!
         I did get a 1/2 gallon of milk yesterday, but I will make bread today, I think I am stupid sometimes.  I will pinch and save on bread but spend almost $30.00 to bathe a dog.  I guess for me it priorities and time spent doing the chore. 
         I was really surprised to hear all the news reports about people leaving the banks in droves this week.  It was a National drive and I was part of it and I did not even know it.  I finally received my October statement yesterday so I can balance and close up the remaining accounts.  So nice to be able to just run down the street to the credit union.  It is about two blocks away from our house.  My financial life it getting easier and easier.
         Yesterday hubby went to get the mail and it was a huge stack.  In the stack were 7 studio checks!  I have never rec'd that many checks.  In one day also.  Either people don't want a late charge or they are embarrassed by previous behavior.  Good!

    Yikes, here I have been given an extra hour and I am going to be late for Church!

    Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.

    Kim  I am not even going to reread for typos!

    Saturday, November 5, 2011

    Saturday, My daughter got the job!

         We are on cloud 9 right now, (have you ever wondered how much better cloud 10 is?)  She has a job.  Full time, forty hours a week. Over $30.00 an hour.  She is so blessed.  Work is so hard to get right now.  She is the first one in her class to get a job.  We are having the younger one come down to the valley to have her snow tires put on today.  It is not snowing here, but it is up on the prairie.

         We are meeting with two of our teachers one who had been out professionally and one who is professional status to help take over daughters classes.  This will mean more payroll out as daughter was taking no money from studio this year so I could pay off debt.  But we will be okay and I will just have to go a little slower.  But I will still be able to pay off the last card by the middle of December.  I would rather have daughter have a career started.  I can get this debt paid off and I will be fine.  We are not letting parents know right away, we want people to learn to trust the other teachers.  When the Christmas show comes off well they will see that others can do the job well.  Daughter will still come down for Friday classes and Saturday rehearsals.  I will have to take over at least two of her hardest classes, but that is okay.

         I was able to almost catch up is the shop yesterday and then poof, 14 pairs of pants show up to hem!   I am blessed with work.  I now have 1/2 the money saved for our new tires on the truck.  I really need to get busy and get this done.  If hubby hits bad snow I will have to do it anyway.  I am wondering if I should just take the money out of savings.  I hate to do that.

         Out My Window:  Chickens are all huddled up in the coop they are so cute!  A big Red, black and white ball.  But 6 eggs a day!

         Lots of little to do's today.  I am going over to surprise one of my sewing customers that has a 90th birthday today.  I am taking him a bag of frozen shrimp!  What do you get a 90 year old they have everything and don't want anything, but he loves shrimp. The meeting with our staff is after 3 p.m.  So I guess I will get dressed and try to make something out of this day. Hubby let me sleep in!

    Have a great and productive day!


    Friday, November 4, 2011

    Friday, I got offered a job!

         I have been having trouble with one of my sergers and I have had it in the car for two weeks.  So during hubbies surgery yesterday (he is fine) I took it to the only sewing machine place we have in town.  I had purchased the serger there about 6 years ago.  Salesman/owner tells me it is all bound up and he cannot even look at it for three weeks and doubts that it can be fixed as I have really abused it.  I do use my machines commercially so I lose my warranty immediately, but I also clean and service my own equipment so I rarely have problems.  But this is a big old problem.  I said can I do this myself?  He said well you do have to strip it down and oil anything that moves.  I purchased a $586.00 new serger because I do have to have this piece of equipment.  I have at least 12 pairs of pants to hem this morning.  Time is money and serger is time.

        I went a picked hubby up from hospital and he had a prescription that had to be picked up immediately.  One large pumpkin milkshake.  I looked at him, it was obviously the doctors writing.  He had a smile on his face.  He loves pumpkin milkshakes.  He asked me about the new serger.  I told him the story and he said well you are not out any thing if you can't fix it you can at least try.  I thought yes I am out $586.00.  So when we got home I started to strip it down, it had over 37 different sized screws, yikes!  I kept them in a magnetic dish.  It took over an hour to get all the plastic off and the computer boards detached.  Then I started to oil, it did not seem to do much.  Husband brought me a can of penetrating oil, so I sprayed that all over, still not much moving.  Hubby said put it back together and run it for a while. I could see that he had doubts about my ability to put this wreck back together.  But I did although I will admit I have one extra screw (always knew ....)  I plugged it in and ran it in about 30 seconds it unbound and runs like new!!!!   It took me three hours.  I called back the salesman and told him what I had done.  He offered me a job.  I mean he was serious.  He can only get three done a day and he has 5-7 machines come in a day.  But I did not take him up on his offer.  Alas I have enough to do.  Husband insists that I keep new serger, I am always cussing and re-threading the serger, this way I can save time, and when people come over to help with costumes I have extra machines, no one stands around waiting.  But I feel like a mechanical genius!

         I went to the studio last night and I had over $1200.00 in checks waiting for me.  We have taken in over 2/3's of our tuition and it is only the 3rd.  Almost all of these checks were from people who always and I mean always pay two or three weeks late!  It will be interesting to see what happens tonight.  This is working.  To be able to pay the bills and still not hound people.  Wonderful, wonderful.

         Well I messed around yesterday with husband (don't go there) and machines, and groceries so I did not sew much and now I am BEHIND.  I must get into the shop and get to work.  Bad Kim.  I am getting dressed and going to the bank and then hitting the machines.  Got to love to work, but love to pay off debt more.

         Remember the $300.00 I had spent on teaching clothes last week?  Well they came, I sent $200.00 back.  Just did not like the fit and if I am going to spend that much I am going to like it.  I actually bought a sweat suit at Old Navy for $35.00 I liked much better.  So I am happy about that. 

    Out My Window:  Frosty, crunchy with blue skies.  Just gorgeous!

         I need to call in extra hours to boss, I keep forgetting.

    Have a great and productive day!


    Thursday, November 3, 2011

    Thursday, Banks are Stupid

         Well I dropped Husband off at surgery center and will pick up when they call.  They said the procedure would take 2 hours.  I went to the local baking sale at a large food store here.  They have butter for $1.79 a lb limit 10, so I will be going back.  Also brown sugar and powder sugar for .99 cents.  Cakes mixes for .69 cents. Flour, sugar, pumpkin (although I can my own) just lots of rock bottom prices, so I will stock up for the year.

         I went to US Bank yesterday as I realized that I had run out of check blanks and I needed to do payroll.  I put a deposit in the bank and asked for 2 sheets of checks.  My goal is that after these checks clear I will be closing this account and moving to the CU.  The teller comes back with two sheets, there is a big disclaimer at the top taking over 1/2 the page and only two checks per page.  I said that is not what I want.  Oh well this is how they come now only two checks to a page.  I asked how much they were now, Oh they are free, but when you use them they charge your business account $5.00 a piece.  I looked at her and said loudly.  GIVE ME BACK MY DEPOSIT.  What look of disbelief.  GIVE ME BACK MY DEPOSIT NOW!  She did, I took the $2100.00 in cash to the credit union opened an account and received 12 counter checks free!  I will have a $5.00 monthly charge and have to maintain a minimum balance of $100.00 because it is a business account.  Great!  I am more than happy with that.  What a rip-off.  Who stands for this treatment.  Not me anymore.  I will let all the checks clear and in a month all of my accounts at banks will be closed.  I feel free!
         They have to keep coming up with new strategies to get more money from the average Joe.  I will have one credit card with a 6.49% interest.  I will have a studio card that I hope to be able to payoff every month for costumes when it needs to be used.  That is it.
         I balanced the books yesterday, on both the studio account and the house.  I paid all the bills for the studio.  We only have $128.00 right now, but we still have about $3500.00 out, so any more money that comes in will go straight to CC payment.  My personal account right now is $38.00 in the hole.  But I have deducted bills that will come out automatically later this month.  The new house payment that went from $950.00 to $1400.00 does not leave us any wiggle room.  In fact $4.98 was x-fered out of my overdraft protection to cover the $1400.00 check.  But I am making it, so I will keep plugging along.
         I get so impatient with myself and want my debt payment to go faster and it won't, in fact things might come up that make it go backwards.  Like hubbies surgery, but I know I am still making progress because I have developed good habits and I continue to live by them, eventually I will climb out.
         Out My Window:  It is so beautiful here.  Our oak tree in the front is all golden up against a red leafed dogwood, complete with a burgundy Japanese maple and a blue spruce, stunning.  I almost got into an accident staring at it as I backed out of the driveway.

         Well I have a great deal of sewing to do, also some more banking, and I am going to get more butter.  I also have to run one of my machines in as it is acting up.  (please let it be a cheap fix)  I can only afford one fix every so often and I am fixing husband today. (Judy and Mark get your minds out of ...well where ever your mind just went) Need to get chicken feed and batteries, one of the smoke detectors is chirping.

    Have a great and productive day!


    Wednesday, November 2, 2011

    Wednesday, this will be a long day!

         Every Wednesday during the school year I watch a 2 year old girl in the morning.  Our oldest daughter has a high school friend that did everything right.  She went to school got her degree, met a nice husband who also had his degree.  They got married established nice teaching careers, after 4 years they bought a cute house later had their first baby, then the recession hit.  They both found out they would lose their jobs a week before Claire was born.    Anyway, they lost the house and moved home and started over.   They had a year of unemployment and then both found jobs here.  So I watch Claire Wednesday mornings and grandpa picks her up at noon.  I have had her since she was born.  It saves this couple over $100.00 month to have her watched by us one day a week.  She is very good and sweet, the only downfall is that I have to get up one hour earlier and it KILLS me.  Sleep is so precious to me.  I feel like I am drugged and rummy when I wake up early.  This lasts most of the day. I have never been a morning person.  I try but I always fail.

         Need to shake it off.  I was not able to get as much choreography done last night.  My classes are just younger and I think I may be expecting too much out of them.  I have three more weeks/lessons before we go into production and I am scared.  But I can't get past certain points because they have to keep relearning old choreography.  I just need more time with them.  I may have to schedule extra lessons.
         Daughter #2 has a work interview today so I hope she gets this job.  Her school loans are coming due.  Daughter #3 called and said her I-pod which she lives by was stolen at a party. (I have told her not to go to strange parties on campus).  She is devastated.  I said I would not by a new one.  I am buying her a ski coat for her Birthday and she really needs this.  I said I can replace the I-pod but no coat.  Or you can wait and get the I-pod for Christmas but not much else. Well she is already picking up extra shifts to earn the money to cover the I-pod.  Funny she could not do that to cover the rent.  I have been nagging her to work at least 5 more hours a week.  Just bring in $150.00 more a month will so help your and my situation.  But no she could not, school was just too much, so I backed down.  But now here we have a situation that makes her life more miserable and she can work, work, work.  I always new she could.  We will see how long it takes her to replace the I-pod.  I bet she earns a new one in a month.  I kind of see it as a blessing.  I always knew she could work more.

         I had many more checks last night, I have not done a deposit, but it is going to be interesting to see how much tuition is in before the 10th.  So nice.  Now I need to go do the books and get a budget written out for this month.  It really never changes but I like to be able to mark it off.  So today, I will balance both check books and get budget written out.  I also have more sewing to do(it never ends).  I have a play read through at 3 o'clock and then will teach until 8.  I love it when Wednesday's are over.

         Out My Window:  Putting the light in the chicken coop has helped.  Our egg production really dropped last week, but it is back up with the artificial light.

    Have a great and productive day!


    Tuesday, November 1, 2011

    Tuesday, November here we come.

         Well, now I am sure that the letters about tuition are working.  Last night it was October 31st, and I had 6 large checks from parents that normally pay late!  They were all apologetic, they just did not know that this was happening.  So shocked that I was not able to pay rent on time.  So here it is the 1st and I do not have to worry about how to pay the bills.  I have enough to do payroll, pay the phone and insurance and the debt bill.  I might also have enough to pay the rent but we will see.  Wow, the stress knock off me is almost more than I can stand! Happy dance!

         We went through 2000 pieces of candy last night in 1.5 hours.  I ran out a 1/2 hour early.  But I will not spend more than $100.00 on candy.  We did have a little 2 year old monkey walk into the studio.  I looked for his mother and I could not find her.  So I stood outside in the crowd and tried to stand where I could be seen, as I knew his mother would be frantic.  Finally I started to tell people passing that I had a lost little boy in a monkey costume and to please spread the word.  Also could they find one of the walking officers and send them down to help find the child's mother?  I had seen 4 policemen in the last hour, but when I needed one I could not spot any.  Finally I was ready to call the police and this shifty man comes in and says there is a woman down the street in hysterics.  She can't find her little boy.  I said I think I have him.  The man wanted to take him and I said no, he would have to bring the mother to me.  Soon a pretty young woman in a pink pea coat, eyes streaming, heart pounding was at my door. I remember losing my young ones in a crowd and nothing is more scary.  Not the kind of Halloween scare I like.  Anyway all's well that ends well.  Monkey returned, mom re-leaved.

         Hubbies surgery is scheduled for Thursday morning.  It will be out patient, so he will be home for a few days.  I am wondering how much this will cost?  At least $400.00 I am thinking with the emergency room charges.  So I will have to budget that in somehow.  I have a birthday girl the day after Thanksgiving, I am buying her a new ski coat and pants.  My husbands birthday is in December.  So I need to think about that.  My money ticker keeps going up but my money doesn't.  Bet you all know how that feels.

         Out My Window:  COLD!  Furnace running full blast, garage door shut all the time now, so customers must ring the bell rather than walk in. But the fall colors are great.  My bushes and trees out back are so pretty.  Sumac, burning bush, larch, what a combination.  God is most glorious in the change of the seasons.

         My main goal for November will be to pay the credit card another $3500.00 plus all the other bills on time and not debt.  I did have to order about $1500.00 worth of costumes, but we will be reimbursed for these by December 10th and I will pay the card back. It is hard to never see a 0 balance as I cannot close this card.  We have to have a card to order costumes.  But one is enough and it has a very low interest rate at my Credit Union and I trust them not to raise it for no reason other than they can!
         I have a terrific amount of work in the shop so I had better get my butt in gear and get cleaned up and tie on to the sewing machine.  This is my long teaching night and I am hoping to finish my pieces, I will be so happy if I do.

         Have a great and productive day!

    Judy, keep your foot up and relax for a few more days, you will be hopping around in that cast in about week:)  Dang thing.  I feel so bad for you.