Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday, Daylight savings time, I llove thee

     An extra hour of sleep.  It is great.  I am a night owl, so getting an hour more  in the morning for me is so wonderful.  Don't like it so much in the spring. 
     We had a lunch meeting with our two teachers that have professional status, yesterday and they will be taking over Daughters classes.  This means my payroll will go up at least $750.00, so debt payoff will slow, but I am still excited for my daughter to have a job.  I have been paying  daughters parent plus loan of $270.00 a month and I will no longer have to pay that, she will also have to quit our cell company and that will free up another $50.00 a month.  So it looks like we will have about $475.00 more outgo.  But both teachers were excited, so I feel confidant that this will work.  I have actually been preparing for this for a long time, I just can't really beleive it is happening.

     Youngest came home from college yesterday to pick up her snow tires.  We have them switched out for $25.00, and then she took the dog to Petco for a bath.  It is $10.00 to bathe your own or $27.00 and they clip their nails and do a bunch of other gross stuff, (great description).  We went with the $27.00.  Well worth the money.  I would have spent at least two hours of my time yesterday cleaning the bathroom and then trying to keep her in the house until she dried.  But anyway, I am broke again.  See where my money goes!
     I did get a 1/2 gallon of milk yesterday, but I will make bread today, I think I am stupid sometimes.  I will pinch and save on bread but spend almost $30.00 to bathe a dog.  I guess for me it priorities and time spent doing the chore. 
     I was really surprised to hear all the news reports about people leaving the banks in droves this week.  It was a National drive and I was part of it and I did not even know it.  I finally received my October statement yesterday so I can balance and close up the remaining accounts.  So nice to be able to just run down the street to the credit union.  It is about two blocks away from our house.  My financial life it getting easier and easier.
     Yesterday hubby went to get the mail and it was a huge stack.  In the stack were 7 studio checks!  I have never rec'd that many checks.  In one day also.  Either people don't want a late charge or they are embarrassed by previous behavior.  Good!

Yikes, here I have been given an extra hour and I am going to be late for Church!

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.

Kim  I am not even going to reread for typos!


  1. I am so HAPPY for you that your parents are now paying what they owe you! What a giant relief! I have SO enjoyed my extra hour this morning - it's not even lunchtime yet and I've been up for HOURS!! Have a lovely Sunday Kim!

  2. The time change always messes me up, and with 4 kids, there's no such thing as "extra sleep"! lol! Yay on the 7 cheques!!! About time!

  3. Congrats on the checks! And I think that $27 dollars is well spent.

  4. We have two dogs and although their grooming visits are spaced much farther apart then should be it's well worth the money. We've tried to clip them at home before and it was an epic fail. I'm with you though. I laugh at myself for haggling over a handful of bulk m&m's for say 35 cents or a king size bag for 99 cents and then I blow $80 on the dogs no questions asked : )

    Great news about the 7 checks!