Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday, evening chit chat

 Thanks Carla!

Baking/cooking: Pork roast with potatoes and carrots  Also 4 loaves of WW bread for the week.

Watching/Reading:  Harry Potter part 2 of the Deathly Hallows, also re-reading the book:)

Listening: Do not really like to listen to music as I choreograph when I do, but I played Christmas carols for two hours this afternoon and Hubby and I played Christmas duets for a while.  We have to bone up for the Holidays.  I play the piano and he plays the violin and piano.

Looking forward to this week:  FINISHING THE CHOREOGRAPHY for the upcoming show!

Happy to accomplish today: Made a table runner and finished 14 napkins, I have 10 to go.  I also cut out template that I made for turkey aprons!

Have a restful Sabbath!



  1. I've read all the Harry Potter books too. My daughter was 8 when the first one came out and we've been devotees ever since. They seem like part of the family!

  2. Oh.... I hope Carla does this next week. Sounds like such fun. Would love to hear you and your husband play...

  3. Kim,
    How cool is that? Playing Christmas carols with your husband? I've always wanted to play the piano...never took lessons...

  4. Sounds like a wonderful Sunday! I love Piano, and hope one day to learn! :)

  5. Come on Christmas spirit!!!! Its my favorite time of the year