Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday, November here we come.

     Well, now I am sure that the letters about tuition are working.  Last night it was October 31st, and I had 6 large checks from parents that normally pay late!  They were all apologetic, they just did not know that this was happening.  So shocked that I was not able to pay rent on time.  So here it is the 1st and I do not have to worry about how to pay the bills.  I have enough to do payroll, pay the phone and insurance and the debt bill.  I might also have enough to pay the rent but we will see.  Wow, the stress knock off me is almost more than I can stand! Happy dance!

     We went through 2000 pieces of candy last night in 1.5 hours.  I ran out a 1/2 hour early.  But I will not spend more than $100.00 on candy.  We did have a little 2 year old monkey walk into the studio.  I looked for his mother and I could not find her.  So I stood outside in the crowd and tried to stand where I could be seen, as I knew his mother would be frantic.  Finally I started to tell people passing that I had a lost little boy in a monkey costume and to please spread the word.  Also could they find one of the walking officers and send them down to help find the child's mother?  I had seen 4 policemen in the last hour, but when I needed one I could not spot any.  Finally I was ready to call the police and this shifty man comes in and says there is a woman down the street in hysterics.  She can't find her little boy.  I said I think I have him.  The man wanted to take him and I said no, he would have to bring the mother to me.  Soon a pretty young woman in a pink pea coat, eyes streaming, heart pounding was at my door. I remember losing my young ones in a crowd and nothing is more scary.  Not the kind of Halloween scare I like.  Anyway all's well that ends well.  Monkey returned, mom re-leaved.

     Hubbies surgery is scheduled for Thursday morning.  It will be out patient, so he will be home for a few days.  I am wondering how much this will cost?  At least $400.00 I am thinking with the emergency room charges.  So I will have to budget that in somehow.  I have a birthday girl the day after Thanksgiving, I am buying her a new ski coat and pants.  My husbands birthday is in December.  So I need to think about that.  My money ticker keeps going up but my money doesn't.  Bet you all know how that feels.

     Out My Window:  COLD!  Furnace running full blast, garage door shut all the time now, so customers must ring the bell rather than walk in. But the fall colors are great.  My bushes and trees out back are so pretty.  Sumac, burning bush, larch, what a combination.  God is most glorious in the change of the seasons.

     My main goal for November will be to pay the credit card another $3500.00 plus all the other bills on time and not debt.  I did have to order about $1500.00 worth of costumes, but we will be reimbursed for these by December 10th and I will pay the card back. It is hard to never see a 0 balance as I cannot close this card.  We have to have a card to order costumes.  But one is enough and it has a very low interest rate at my Credit Union and I trust them not to raise it for no reason other than they can!
     I have a terrific amount of work in the shop so I had better get my butt in gear and get cleaned up and tie on to the sewing machine.  This is my long teaching night and I am hoping to finish my pieces, I will be so happy if I do.

     Have a great and productive day!

Judy, keep your foot up and relax for a few more days, you will be hopping around in that cast in about week:)  Dang thing.  I feel so bad for you.




  1. thats great that people are paying up on time, it makes such a difference to cash flow and to the stress levels!
    hope all goes well for hubbies surgery today

  2. That is awesome that the parents are responding positively in regards to the communication you sent them. And that they are acting upon it! I am sure that will help you lessen the holiday stress. Also, hope your husband does well on his surgery. And Judy, you heard the woman. Keep that foot up and rest!

  3. Wow that's a lot of candy! And I'm glad that they finally paid.

  4. Glad that the parents are finally stepping up!

    I finally read about your scary ordeal with hubby....glad he is ok.

  5. Doing the happy dance with you!! So glad to hear the parents are stepping up! And bless you for taking care of that little boy - and especially not handing him over to a strange man (that's creepy). I know that mother will be talking about you for YEARS to come!


  6. I am so glad the tuition money is coming in. I am trying to stay off the foot because yesterday I decided to hop around and I am paying for it today.

    So scary with your husband. So glad he is ok and thank God he was able to let you know. Praying for a quick recovery!


  7. Lots of illness and accidents and ER visits in the blogging world these days. It makes me realize what a priceless gift good health is. I hope hubby is in tiptop shape after the surgery and has no more scares like the last one.
    I am thrilled that your parents are coughing up their payments and you don't have to stress about bills. Big sigh of relief!
    I handed out a measly 40-50 pieces of candy and it was all over around 7pm. Still, that's more than last year:)

  8. Kim dearest... you have had a few crazy days! Hang in there... Here is a battle cry for you...

  9. What great news that parents are finally paying!

    And 2000 pieces of candy?! That is insane!!!