Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday, Happy Holloween!

     I have on my witch's outfit, I am sure most of my children at class will not notice as I usually dress in black.  We had a very bad experience here on Saturday evening.  Hubby and I went to a Wedding reception for the son of one of our good, long time friends.  I was talking to some old friends across the reception hall when my cell phone rang.  I almost ignored it, but it was my Husband and I thought that is odd, may be he can't find me.  His hearing aids can be very aggravating in a large crowd and he gets disoriented.  I answered the phone and told him where I was I even stood and waved my hand so he could see me.  No answer, well maybe he butt called be:) but then I heard odd choking noises.  I said his name and asked him where he was, I thought I heard men's room more choking, I asked if he was okay, NO, are you choking? sssssss..... crash.

     Now we are in a large church that I am not familiar with.  I know there will be at least 4 men's rooms. I hollered at the men in the tables around me that husband was choking in a bathroom and he had gone down, we all took off in every direction possible.  A friend found him and he was down but had passed the food beyond the wind pipe and it was stuck .  He could breath but was still choking and tears and shaking, it was awful.   Someone wanted to call 911, but husband did not want to upstage the bride.  He did tell me to take him to the emergency room.  Another friend offered to drive us, but we said no he is up and breathing we can go by ourselves.  Well what if they followed us in their car?  No we will be fine. So off we go.

    Men helped hubby into car and I started for the nearest hospital.  He starts to choke again, he can't breath, then he can, then he is throwing up, then he is fine for a few seconds and it starts all over.  It was the longest 10 minutes of my life.  It was dark, I was on a highway, I wanted to stop and help my husband breath and I knew I could not because  then next time his wind pipe was obstructed it might not pass.  I had to just drive. 
     We made it to the emergency room and I was honking at the entrance nurses were flying out in all directions (bless them).  Three hours later and a lot of muscle relaxing drugs, he finally passes the meat.  But now he has to have surgery.  He has been choking a lot lately and the opening of his stomach needs to be stretched.
    These are the important things we learned from this experience:

When you are choking, DO NOT GET UP AND LEAVE TO SAVE FACE.  Choke where people can help you.  If you go off by your self to a bathroom you will die.  (emergency room staff said this is common)

If someone is having any kind of problem involving breathing and needs to go to an emergency room, take someone with you to drive.  You need to take care of the choker.  It isn't pretty take a table cloth or bags as you run out the door.  Your hosts won't care.

Making a scene can save your life.

   So Hubby came home Sunday morning and slept most of the day.  He will make an appointment with a surgeon this week.  Fun!

     We did manage to get all of the things done we wanted done on Saturday before the great choke.  But I had these wonderful steaks planned for Sunday dinner.  Hubby did cook them, and they were so good, but I ate one bite and I was done with my meat, just couldn't face it after the night before.

     Out my Window:  We did clan the chicken coop on Saturday, and put in a warming light on a timer for them.  I think they are blowing out the sprinkling system as I am typing.  So that will be done.

     I have a busy day ahead, mucho, mucho sewing.  I wonder how many dancers we will have gone do to Trick-or-treat!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. This weekend was a bad one for a lot of bloggers! I hope you husband gets better soon!

  2. Oh Kim sweetie what a scary experience!! So GLAD YOU ANSWERED THE PHONE!!! I don't think can be a worse feeling than having food stuck and not being able to breathe. It happened to me once as a child with a peppermint and I ran like a crazy person climbing furniture and jumping up and down til finally my brother whacked me a good one on the back and out it popped! (this dates pre-heimlich maneuver!) I'm SO HAPPY you had a positive outcome and steps will be taken to alleviate the problem.
    YOU DID GREAT!! keeping your cool and getting him to the hospital lickety split!!

  3. What a crazy, scary thing! I am so glad he is ok!!! It's a weird bunch of things that have been happening in the blog circle. Hugs!

    I'm totally on board with being car loan paying off buddies too! Dec 2012 or bust! ;)

  4. Excellent advice about not going to bathroom when choking. But can I add one more piece, call 911 to take you to the hospital. Do not try to drive the person to hospital-especially if condition involves breathing, chest pain or any sign of stroke. There is little one can do to offer medical help in a car, and precious minutes may be lost. The 911 operator can give you instructions over the phone on how to assist victim until help arrives. Paramedics can start treatment within minutes. Glade everything turned out OK.

  5. How scary! I'm so glad he's okay and I'm glad you were there for him too. This is a good warning for all, thanks for sharing your scary experience.

  6. That must have been completely terrifying! I'm so happy that your husband is okay.

  7. oh kim! thats really frightening! so glad you answered the phone and that he is going to be OK, what an awful thing to go through.

  8. What a terrible experience! So glad that he is ok and just needs an outpatient surgery.