Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday, How much do you need?

     After we cleaned the bank last night my husband told me he needed to go and get his prescriptions filled.  I took him to the grocery store that houses our pharmacy and gave him $40.00 as he had 3 prescriptions and that would cost $30.00 with co-pays.  I picked up a few sale items and he did not meet me up front.  I went to look for him and he was at the pharmacy, because his bill was for $70.00.  What?  Well if they fill a three month prescription we can save $20.00.  But it is an aggravation to pay more for pills than for food.  A sign we are getting old.
     I really get tired of grocery stores and their promo cards.  They want your phone # they want your e-mail address.  They want to trick you out of your money.  They have reward points, but only on food I would not eat. Mostly convenience crap.  If I want to eat crap I go to McDonalds.  But with the new program at our very expensive grocery store we get 500 bonus points a month per prescription.  With the 10 we purchase a month we will get two $5.00 grocery off coupons.  Not bad, we also get gas rewards for the value of our prescriptions.  Right now I have .20 off a gallon just for the prescriptions we purchased last night.  So maybe this will be worth it.  Remember one of mine is over $2000.00 a month.  I might just be able to fill up for free.  But they will figure out a way to top it, so we can't use that much.
     I did get a great deal of sewing done yesterday.  DD#2 helped me.  I have to get in and hem 3 bridesmaids dresses and get a couple of other piles done.  But right now I am broke because of said drugs, a few groceries, laundry detergents, bleach, and I got my hair cut and my eyebrows waxed. I was starting to look like a Wookie. 

Out My Window:  It is very cold today.  I am in my winter clothes.  I was hoping to get some trimming done tomorrow, but my hands won't work if it is too cold.  I also turned off the outside water.  The sprinkler company will come and blow out the line some time this next week.  I realize that we really have not spent a lot on water this past summer.  We had such a late spring and we had no real hot weather until late August.  I will be interested to gt our next water bill and compare it to last years.

     I am going down to my shop, after I do a little housework and get the laundry started.  I will also start a couple of loaves of bread.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I'm sorry about the drug cost but glad that you have new work coming to help with the debt.

  2. I've only gotten sick once in the past few years to the point I needed prescriptions, and even with decent insurance, those things are dreadfully expensive... hopefully you can balance that into your budget without creating too much of a dent. Take it easy so you wont need as many meds!

  3. One of your prescriptions is over $2000 a month??? Holy cow! I hope I read that wrong. Have you looked into prescription assistance programs? Here's some I have heard good things about That is a pretty sad state of affairs when medical care can bankrupt a person faster than anything else!

  4. I can't imagine with the $2000/month prescription! I'm so sorry - I'm with Cash Only Living. .. . are you able to get any assistance with that?

  5. Is that a typo?! $2000!? Ouch!! Hoe you're able to use some of the rewards for real food!! Hang in there, Kim! You're such a hard worker & so very inspiring!!