Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday, enter grizzley bear mother

     When we rented an apartment for our youngest daughter up at the U of I we were fortunate to get her into a complex where our oldest daughter had rented for the 7 years she was in school.  We knew the company, it was close to campus, and they took good care of the complex.  When we moved B in, there were older neighbors; a couple, and they seemed very nice.  But after a few days I felt the woman might have drug problems.  Well she does.  The husband seems nice but he puts up with a lot.  Anyway to make a long story short B has endured screaming, crying, fighting, at all hours of the night.  Many people have called in to report them, all students living around them.  The police have been called several times in the 2 months B has been there.
     Come to find out this couple lived in this complex over three years because we met another girl who moved out because of their behavior.  We also met a young man who was shocked to find out they were still there and he lived in the complex 2 years ago.  Now this woman continually beats on B's door and asks for money for cigarettes and alcohol.  Monday when we were in Twin Falls this woman beat on B's door loudly for several minutes and then demanded that B take her by car (B's) to a pawn shop so she could get money for a dvd player she was hawking.  B said she was scared and intimidated the woman is very large and athletic.  I could not believe it but B took her.  Then B found out later she was very high on pain killers.  I was so angry.  Especially at B.  But these people are probably in their late 40's she sees them as adults.
     I called the complex and gave them the ultimatum, allow us to move B to a different location within the unit away from these people or evict them immediately.  I had B go around to all 12 units and ask if any one in the unit had ever called in a complaint or had reason to want then out. Armed with this list of information and the names and dates of the other two people I had talked to, I called and asked to get a police report on calls to this unit.  It was too thick to scan and send to me I would have to go to Moscow and photo copy it myself.
So armed with this info I told the company.
1. My child's life in in danger and being seriuosly comprimised.
2.  Every ones life in the complex is being compromised.
3. There is a long police file on these folks
4. The woman has admitted drug abuse.
5.  I can prove a history of bad behavior with witness's and dates and people that would testify against the rental company dating back three years  (this was the most damning)

    I told the woman I talked to she had 30 minutes to talk to the powers that be and call me with a solution, I had a lawyer and was ready to fight.  Well she called B back within 20 minutes and the people will be removed within 48 hours.  Can you imagine one of your children being coerced by a large drunk woman to take them almost forcibly to a pawn shop?  I asked B why she didn't call the police?  She said I was scared and she wouldn't let me.  Great! I have raised a wimp. We had a long talk.  She is not to open the door to anyone unless she knows them and has to call us and make a cell phone contact upon leaving or entering her complex, that way we can call for her.  Although I don't think it will come to this.  I just believe the couple have severe drug and alcohol issues.
     I would have loved to see Judy handle this:)! (I see a movie script)
     Out My Window:  The lawn is so long and green with all the rain!  It needs to be cut badly, but it won't quit raining.  I need some sheep!

     I really enjoyed $12 dollars a Days post yesterday.  It gave me a lot to think about.  So many of our attitudes toward money come from the way we were taught as children.  Sometimes we have to unlearn very bad behaviors.  We have to break a cycle of debting just like some people have to break out of alcoholic homes, or generations of poverty.  There can be generational debting.

     I need to get dressed, finish up the laundry, make a deposit and sew.  Daughter # 2 is going to help me send out a mass mailing and late charges today!

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. Don't mess with this momma bear!

  2. Wowzer baby, you handled that like a pro!! I don't I would have thought of half the things you did so I'll be calling YOU when I have some druggies to deal with. YOU"RE ONE TOUGH MOTHER!! and I mean that in the nicest way:)

  3. I think you handled it wonderfully!!! I wouldnt have thought of half of those things either and I agree with everyone you are one tough mommy!!!!!!!

    And are you saying that I am But I would have had your back(geez im only 5'4 ppl)


  4. My eyes popped out when I read that your daughter took the "crackhead" to the pawnshop. Ohhh lordy!! Thank god she was ok!

    Very strong work mama bear! Sometimes ya gotta clean up the place and the best way is with the threat of legal action! :)

    Funny how suddenly the motivation and sharing of your concerns to clean up quickly catches on with the rental company.

    Good Job!