Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday, The notes are out!

    Well we mailed the late payment notes last week and we also made 150 copies to hand directly to parents as they came in.  Not much was said.  I noticed a few parents left a little huffy but I don't care if we lose enrollment.  Our classes are too large anyway.  We actually had 2 parents pay immediately for this month and next month with the late charge added.  Also another paid with the late charge added.  So so far I have rec'd $80.00 in late charges.  We only have two others that have not paid.   Hopefully this works.

     Classes were a nightmare last night.  Just too many kids and too much confusion.  We moved a class to the college to free up studio space.  Hopefully this will help. It was a Jazz class that I see as unprofitable. So if it tumbles so be it.  Next Monday is Halloween and the downtown does a trick or treat, so we will not accomplish much that night either. Just frustrating.  If I can get things done tonight I will feel better.  I just want my #'s done so we can practice and rehearse.  I have 9 show numbers that are not finished and it is driving me crazy. The constant bombardment at the studio of parents is also a little over whelming.  Well we wanted to be successful now we get to pay the price!

     Enough whining, now what am I going to do about it?  Get a note book and write down all the choreography so you are sure it will work and get in there and teach, no distraction.  Some times I have to take the Pippi Longstocking approach to life.  Just get in there and do it!

  I gave hubby $40.00 for gas last night, so that should be the last money he needs until Saturday.  I am trying not to spend all week.  We have plenty of food and plenty of gas in cars.  I did not get as much sewing done yesterday as I wished. But we did get costumes ordered and things figured out for studio.  We will need to order more costumes tomorrow.  Still have to make a few things, but I will divvy those out to parents and helpers.

     Out My Window:  It froze last night.  Frost all over garden and deck.  Chickens huddled up.  I think I will turn on their light tonight.  I am a softy.

     Another day of work, work, work!  Laundry, dishes, beds, sewing, dancing,cleaning.  Got to love my life as I am the one who has made it.  I hope I feel differently when the debt is paid off.  But right now it is a little overwhelming (I use that word too often) and some what exciting.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I'm glad people are paying finally! And it was 36 degrees this morning, but the high is 86 degrees. I can't stand this! Whatever I wear to work in the morning is way to hot for when I get out.

  2. Nice. At least the notes are bringing some results. You're the busiest bee if I've ever seen one. Don't forget to take a moment to rest amindst all that chaos! And no... sewing or hemming pants is NOT resting!

  3. I'm so glad that people are paying! that must be a relief, hopefully next year things will go smoother now.

  4. My son teaches voice at a studio on the weekends and his rule is that parents may speak to him 15 minutes before a class and that is it. He puts up a sign in sheet with a room for three parents and that is it. Other than that they may email him twice during a show otherwise he will not answer it just takes to much time away from the vocal performances. They put on two shows a year and I swear he has these parents trained.

    LOL I would turn on the lights for the chickens but not the heat. Your hubby can put on more clothes but those chickens give you food.

    Stay tough

  5. I'm so proud that you are sticking to your guns about the late payment fees and that it is working!

  6. Stand strong and don't apologize for deserving to get paid--this is your business after all! People wouldn't expect to go to the dentist and not pay and they wouldn't expect to go to the grocery store and walk out with free groceries so they shouldn't be huffy when they are paying for your services either. I'm glad your business is getting to be so successful!!

  7. So Pippi, you and I are both working the No Spends this week! But even a week of no spends isn't going to keep my paws out of November's money - damn! Do you just heat your chicken coop with a lightbulb? That's all my dad used and they were fine even in the worst winters. Amazing! Why can't I heat my house with lightbulbs??

  8. It's about time they paid!! Good stuff! Hope things settle down for you, Kim! What do you do for YOU?! You're always SOO busy, you need some down-time too! ((hugs))

  9. I agree with Carla, You are ALWAYS so busy! Sure glad the late notices worked. Hope you take some time for yourself, you are worth it!

  10. Glad they are paying up. You are worth it!

    This is probably not in the budget....but can you hire someone for a few hours a week to deal with some of the admin tasks?

  11. @ Mysti - I wondered the same thing. Or could you find a college student who would like to intern with you to help? I wonder if you had someone's who focus was keeping up with parents who don't pay if you would make even more money.

    Good job on getting the bills out!