Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday, end of the month melt down!

     I just realized that I have a whole week to go, maybe up to two weeks before anymore money comes into the studio.  Scary!  I get paid from my cleaning job tomorrow, and Hubby gets paid on Friday so that is more than enough to pay house payment for November.  All other bills are paid.  I do have the studio debt loan on the 5th of November, if money does not come in on time I can pay from emergency fund and pay back.  I will be okay.  Why do I worry and panic like this?  Because for years I had no plan and no way out!  I can't get over that feeling at times.  But as Judy from We may be poor, but we are happy wrote, she will never go back to those days.  Neither will I.  That alone should give me some confidence.

     I have $75.00 in my wallet that will fill Hubbies car.  I also have several hundred dollars worth of work in the shop.  We have plenty of groceries.  I will be fine.  Several people have posted that they are disappointed in their progress on their debt.  Well guess what it is progress.  We are going in the right direction.  Let's all look at what we have done and not what we could have done faster, because well we didn't do it faster, we can't go back and change anything.  We can only move forward.  My Mother always said onward and upward.  Good rule to live by.

     Out My Window:  It is very cold here this morning, the furnace is running full blast, I have been waiting for the garden to freeze, but it is up close to the house and protected by a long rock wall.

     I need to finish some choreography tonight and get at least 10 pairs of pants hemmed today.  Actually I would like to do more.  We also need to order costumes.  But I will take measurement tonight and order in the morning.  Keep up the good work all of you!  Keep me going.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. As you said, you are making progress and that should make you feel great! I get frustrated when I don't see the numbers moving down every day (I'm admittedly all about the instant gratification!), but this is a marathon, not a sprint. And, you're walking in the right direction!

  2. Kim you never cease to amaze me! You are so go, go, go.

    A good running friend of mine says this: "Even if you fall on your face at least you are moving forward". :)

  3. Kim I sooo agree with LL you are always on the go and always know how to make the pieces fall into place.

    By the way your comment on my blog today almost made me cry! I am soooo glad I found you to, we would all be lost without you


  4. Great advice Kim!! I read a sign outside of a business yesterday as I was driving by: "a goal without a plan is just a wish"...isn't that good? I used to wish for a lot of things and nothing ever happened. Now I have a PLAN...first it was a 7 year plan, then a 6 year it's a 3 year plan.
    All of us in this PF blog family have goals with plans and we are "workin'" those plans every day. Some days are better than others so we hoot and holler on those days...on the not so great days we lean a bit more on each other. It works!

  5. Onwards & upwards indeed!! You're doing great!! Keep counting your blessings & you'll always feel abundantly blessed!