Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday, got up late!

Personal $3.12
Studio $24.54

CC used at Walmart for $59.16 for Studio electronics.  Will add to payment.  I always put electronics on CC as they are titchy and the CC has a much better return policy.

     The last day of January.  I have done great with my goals.  But it is only one month.  Jury duty is over!  Because I was not called in I go into a pool to be called again within 2 years.  When you live in a small community you are constantly up for grabs.

     I got up late and I am behind.  Still have a wet head.  I have a costume to complete in the next three hours so I had better get hopping.

     I have $770.00 in the house account right now and more to come so I am feeling a little better about February.

     My Sissie is coming at the end of February and I think my animals know it.  They are getting excited especially the cats.  Rucifee actually hissed and batted at me this morning and said in cat "Where is Sissie",  and then I think he added," you old hag", under his breath.

     I am off to the salt mines.

Have a great and productive day.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday, sewing, sewing

Day 30 with out a credit card!
Studio $3.12
Personal $24.54

     One more day and I will have made it a month without using credit and also will be off jury duty, both things to celebrate.  Super tired today, don't know why as I slept good last night, but I did not want to get up this morning.  This is my light teaching day and I have a great deal of sewing to do.  I also need to go to Joanns to get zippers.  The shop has been a little slow.  I am grateful  for the work that has come in even if it is zippers and things I don't like to do.  I needs the money.

     We went to the store last night as Hubby was out of salad fixings (he has lost 11 lbs).  I paid for the groceries with cash.   He is not driving this week so that is helping the cash flow right now.  I almost have the $500.00 for the house payment, now I will save for additional debt. I am sure there will be things I have to charge next month with the studio and want to have money to cover these expenses.

     The next couple of months will be busy ones and I think my sister might come visit for a few days.  So I am excited.  I will put her to work.

Out My Window:  Rain, Rain, Rain.  But it is warmer.  I think I just received the highest heat bill we will get this winter.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday! Taxes are done, well almost...

Day 29 no CC use!
Studio account $3.12
personal account $24.54

     Two more days and I am off jury duty!

     Well I took the taxes in yesterday and I am missing D#3's school interest document.  So I call school and they are not available until the 31st, but they want the FAFSA by the 15th of February.  So the whole nation that does pay attention to deadlines has two weeks to get the right figures. You have to love the government.

     We had a bad snow storm on the prairie last night so neither of my teachers could make it down, but we did get the photo shoot done for the Celtic show poster and that is one thing out of the way.  I had to teach for 5 hours and it almost killed me.  Lazy thing that I am.

     I figured something out when I was doing my taxes.  I traveled a lot last year.  I mean every month sometimes twice a month I was off across the state.  I am going to try not to do that so much this year.  I love to go see the kids but it is expensive.  Both of the older girls made major moves last year and we went to help.  Someone called and asked if I was going to our oldest daughters for my grandsons 2nd birthday and I said no.  My mothers 80 Birthday Jubilee is the weekend of March 3rd so I will see him in Montana.  This is the first trip of the year and I can't see us going anywhere until summer.

     The shop was a little busier yesterday and I do have work that needs to go out with in a few hours. I hope that trend continues.

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday, too much is too much!

26 days with out a cc!
studio $158.96
Personal $144.16

     I did taxes most of the day yesterday.  Still not ready to total but organized and I am through almost all receipts.  Should finish today hopefully.

Last night when we were ready to go to dinner with friends as we were running out the door I realized I did not know where my cell phone was and I could not find my car keys.  We finally just left as to not make the other couple wait.  Turns out I had put my cell phone in daughters purse by mistake, she called hubby on our way to the restaurant.  I then remembered putting a hole bunch of cans in the recycling after I had unlocked the garage with my keys.  When we returned home Hubby used a flash light to look in huge recycling container and sure enough down at the bottom are my keys. Keys with three car clickers that cost over $200 a apiece to replace .  The bank keys, the studio keys, the high schools green room and costume closet keys and stage keys.  Not good.

     So hubby forbade any more taxes after dinner.  I was getting dingy (his words).

Back to the old grind stone!

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday, Forgot to post?

No CC use for 25 days!
studio account  $158.96
Personal account $144.16

      I did not post yesterday.  Don't know where my mind was.  I did a lot of sewing , taught dance, went to a church meeting.  I am essentially caught up in the shop again.  I have to do taxes all day and all weekend.  I am dreading it.  The sooner I get them done the better.  Just need to put my nose to the grind stone. 

     I just took a $500.00 draw from the studio to bring my personal account to the positive.  I usually don't take any money from the studio just pay debts and I realized that I was never going to cover everything by myself.  Sometimes I am just in denial.  I do feel better now that the pressure is off.  It is also kind of stupid that I have this huge business with 100 students and never take home any money.  Just pay taxes and debt.   I want the debt paid off but not at the cost of my sanity or health.  It will eventually be gone just not this month.

     We are taking an older couple out to dinner tonight with gift cards.  They are one of Hubby's church families. They enjoy getting out and I pick his brain about business.  So I am headed up stairs for tax hell.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday, Just went over 100,000 views!

Day 23 with no CC debt!
Studio checking $243.94
Personal checking -$255.88

     I just went over 100,000 views last night.  It is funny but I so clearly remember Rhitter commenting on my first blog post almost 2 years ago.  I don't know if either one of us is any better off financially but we certainly are there for each other and smarter and stronger.

     I paid all the bills for the month both personal and studio.  I had 2 CC charges that I added to the regular payment so I am back to no CC use for the year.  As you can see the totals are very dismal now. I was able to pay $2000.00 to my first large debt, and will add another $1000.00 as we have a three paycheck month this month.  Then it is whatever I can throw at it.  Next month will be tight.  I will have a larger than usual payroll, the accountants bill, my Aunts Birthday check and a theater bill, so I don't see any real progress other than just minimums.  In March I will get an extra $1000.00 in recital fees. Then I might see my way forward.

     Now I really need to concentrate on getting $500.00 for February's house payment and trying to get money back into the emergency fund.  That is going to be my February goal.  That means I have to come up with about $1300.00 above and beyond what I need to pay bills, and buy groceries and gas.  But I think I can do it.

     Yesterday, I took all the files upstairs to start the taxes.  I am going to sew today and try to get everything done in the shop today and tomorrow.  Then I will do taxes Friday and Saturday.

     Out My Window:  Cold, no rain yet.  But it will warmer when it rains.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday, where does this crap come from?

Day 22 without added CC debt.

     I swear someone comes in my house and leaves extra dishes, clothes and fills every garbage can.  I don't get it.  Where does the crap come from?  Now I realize I could set a timer and run through this house like a white tornado and have it cleaned up in about 45 minutes, beds, laundry started, all cans emptied, dishes done and family room straightened, but it will just be back again.  Okay so I will do it, I don't want the mess to have sex and double.

     I keep forgetting to call in for jury duty.  So far I have not been on the docket but I keep expecting to be arrested. It is day 22 and I only have 6 more days of possibilities, so chances are unlikely.  My duty will be served for another 3-4 years.

     I was out of work in the shop, but yesterday I got a slew of work in and hopefully today I will have the same thing happen.  I needs the money, I needs the money.  I have had a hard time getting any money to pile up in the shop.  I was hoping for about $500.00 to put toward anything I wanted,  it looks like at this rate I will have just enough for the house payment next month. Ugh!

     Hubby and B (D#3) spent yesterday morning running around trying to get last minute car things worked out.  They had to take street tires (Slicks) out of shed  and to the dealer where we had done the trade.  Then they went up to the original owners house on the new car and purchased his already mounted snow tires with studs.  They then had these put on at the dealer where he had purchased them.  So it was a morning of hauling tires around.  They both came home cold and filthy.

     I had my last customer in at 1:30 and had to be at the studio at 2:45 so I asked B if she wanted to go have her nails done with me, mine were long over due and I had a certificate for a manicure and a pedicure.  I don't like pedicures and I knew they would switch it to two nails appointments.  She was just about done and her nails were still tacky and her phone rang.  She told me it was the tire dealership.  We waited until we were out in the car before she called them back.  They had forgot to set a sensor on her car could she come back in?  Well yes and she was sorry that she had not answered but her nails were wet.  I looked at her and told her that she was the girl I hated when I was in college.

    Driving a new (new to her) car
    Having daddy make sure she had on her studded snow tires
    As she talked on her Smart phone
    and listened to her generation 5 Ipod
    getting her nails done with mom
    but having to hurry up to her sorority
    Puke, gag,

     We both started to laugh and she said she knew it was due to our hard work and ethics that had made these things in her life possible.  It is nice to be appreciated.  But give her a week she will turn into a cat again I am sure.

     Well I am off to do a run through of the house , pull all the tax files and pay all of the rest of the months bills before I go to the studio.  I don't want to because I like to feel rich and I like having a lot of money in the studio account, tomorrow I won't be so smug.

     Out My Window:  Cold, and we are getting rain tomorrow, so our typical winter weather, Rain.

I love you sissie, I told Joel and he said he was sorry for you loss, and that nature abhors a vacuum, you will soon be greeted by one if not two surprises as there is a secret hobo sign in front of your house that says the stupids live here.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday, Martin Luther King Day

21 days no additional debt on CC!  Will add $262.00 to payment for charges made.

     I am listening to the Inauguration Address.  Hubby does not work today, but the shop and studio are open.  He will need to take daughter up to college today.  I have several customers coming over which is good as I have no real work in the shop!  Scary.

     Hubby and I finally cleaned up daughters car which has sat for three months in the driveway.  She had cleaned it out, but we really detailed the car so we could sell it or trade it in for something that she was comfortable driving.  She has been making a small car payment for three months and we have been driving to get her or she has been commuting with friends to come home to work.  It's funny how our 2 youngest just had to buy cars we did not think were sound and they both learned the hard way. Expensive lesson.

     I have to do taxes this week, ugh! and yes the FAFSA when I get the results.

I guess I had better go get dressed so I can start my day, at least I don't have to clean the bank tonight!

Have a nice holiday if you are one of the few lucky ones to have  it off.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday, off my wagon

Day 17  Credit card use 1 time paid in full.
Studio checkbook $4743.16
Personal -$186.12

     I ordered about $250.00 worth of fabric for tablecloths and napkins for my mothers 80 jubilee that will take place on March 3rd of this year.  We are having a tea party at the hotel where my fathers 80 Jubilee was held.  Each of the 3 daughters and 6 granddaughters will go home with a table cloth and napkins from the party to remember their grandmother.  Problem:  When we started planning this (the mother) had a vision of so many tea party themes.  High English, Alice in Wonderland, Country Cottage,....  she waffled all over the place.  So I in my get it done mode I ordered all of this fabric that she liked in different flower themes and it is hideous.  I found out because I ordered 3 yards or more I can take it back and I will.  But I needed to reorder 27 yards of shabby chic florals.  I put $224.24 on my CC last night.  I also wrote a check and mailed it to the CC company this morning along with my payment.

     I guess what I am getting at is that I cannot in running this sewing business and the studio avoid using a CC.  I will have to for costumes and supplies.  But I do not want to go further into debt.  As long as I have the money to pay for the fabric does this really count against my totals?

     It was so nice yesterday to putz around the house.  I really cleaned the kitchen and the fridge.  Made a big pot of prime rib soup with left overs from the fridge.  Made a huge tossed salad with all the veggies I found.

     Today I am going to go to the fabric store, put away two big baskets of laundry and get the ironing caught up.  I could really give the family room a once over and straighten the shop a little.  For all of you that are worried about me giving up the house keeper  and working too hard.  Don't, I am lazy by nature and will hire someone if it gets too deep!

     Out My Window:  Cold and overcast today, we still have snow on the ground.  Which is unusual for us to keep it this long.  I bet the golfers are fit to be tied.

     Have a great a productive day.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday, house work blah!

16 days without using a CC!
studio checking $4374.12
personal checking -$186.99

      I swear all I did yesterday was sew on military patches and uniform patches.  I hate patches all most as much as I hate zippers, but alas it is my life.  I am caught up in the shop which is almost unheard of so today I will clean my house which is sadly in need of attention.

     I have not had a house keeper since the 2nd week of December.  Putting up all the Christmas decorations and taking them down did allow me to really clean, but since I haven't  moved anything around for about 2 weeks things are pretty dusty.  I did get all the floors done last Saturday evening and all the beds changed but the kitchen and bathrooms need love.

     I was thinking of putting $64.00 a week into a savings account labeled house account.  That is what I paid the housekeeper to come in for 4 hours a week.  I would then use this money for vacations and road trips.  I would pay myself to clean my own house.  We will see.  It would be an incentive to stop whatever I am doing and get the housework done as I love to put money in savings.  It makes me happy.

     I have a rib roast that has plenty of meat left over on it including the bone so I am going to make a big pot of beef barley soup while I clean today.  Yum.

     Hubby is out of town today so he will be home late tonight.  I am so glad we don't have to clean the bank tonight.  It is not hard, I am just sick of having one more thing to do once I leave the studio. Whine, whine it does help with expenses and is helping us use money for debt so I need to quit complaining.

     Well I am off to take a hot bath, and get to the house work.

Out My Window: Sunny! beautiful cold winter day.  Makes me wish I was skiing.  It has been overcast and dull for a week.  It is so nice to wake up to sunshine. Also January is 1/2 over Hooray!
Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday, finally know the totals....

Day 15 with out a CC!
Studio checking balance $4374.12
Personal checking balance -$186.99

     Well I finally know the truth and it wasn't pretty.  I wish I could figure out how to do those little graphs that show how much my debt is at the side of my blog.  But that is for another day.  Let me tell you at first I was shocked and then I calmed down and realized that there is a way out.

This is the plan:  I will sock everything I can (within reason Sluggy) at the studio CC which is really high right now but I have reimbursement from the show coming in later this month.  The interest on this card is 12.99, if all goes as planned it will be paid off by March.

Next I will pay off the sewer loan.  It is a signature loan at 8.9% and all our other debts are at 2% and 3%.  I would love to pay off the truck first but it does not make sense.

Our personal credit card I will try for payoff by June, but again nothing drastic.

I have two smaller debts that are each close to $1000.00 plus the emergency fund.  These will be paid by me out of the shop.  The first one will be the emergency fund.

Good news is that our House loan will be below $100,000 by the end of the year.  I always go to B-Kats blog and look at the progress she made and she gives me inspiration that I know I can do this.

So now I have a plan, let's just hope nothing goes wrong to sabotage the plan.

     It is hard for me to make a budget as my income fluctuates so much.  I also must be careful not to mix money between my personal and the studio as it is an LLC and I can't break the bonds of trust in the corporate sense.

     Now I have to order some fabric on line and I will have to use a CC but I plan to write a check for the total instantly and send it to the CC company thus not adding to my debt.

    All in all I have made progress it is just so slow and I feel like I go backwards all the time.

There are many uniforms to do in the shop today, so I had better get busy.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday scary roads!

Day 14 without a CC!

     I saw my life flash before my eyes twice yesterday.  We live on a really steep hill and it had snowed all day.  But about 1 in the afternoon it had stopped and was starting to melt. I was going to the studio at 3 and a school bus was ahead of me.  He had not chained up so I assumed all was fine.  When the school buses chain up around here you had better worry.  I followed him very slowly down the hill.  About halfway down I lost control and started to skid sideways.  Tried to correct my skid and just continued praying I would be able to get by a big basalt rock wall and in to the scrub as it would do less damage to the car.  I was not going fast just going.  Well I hit the wall with a crunch.  Now another SUV is behind me and he hits the ice and losses control and is heading straight for my side panel.  I mean talk about a heart attack.  He was able to stop about 6 inches before he hit me.  I proceeded to go to the studio as I had to continue down and when I  got there I was shocked as there was no damage to my car.  I know I heard a crunch and a scrap, but it was the hubcap that took the brunt.  Whew!  Pays to pray.

     I also slid sideways down the hill by the studio into traffic but once you hit Main street the streets were sanded and people were able to stop.  I came home last night and refused to drive the rest of the evening.  I was breaking out in hives at the studio I was so scared. Hubby had shoveled our entire 7 car driveway which is very steep also, so my customers can get up into the garage.  I love the snow and know that it is necessary but so nerve racking when it is icy.

     I received a $200.00 refund from the Dentist that I over paid to have B's  wisdom teeth out.  Nice I will put it in the slush fund to pay debt. I have a few sewing projects to get done and then I hope to be able to hit the books and get accounts balanced so I can set up a payment plan.  I am not going to do anything drastic, just take Sluggies advice and slow and steady wins the race.  The real solution is not to add more debt! I also need to update my totals that should be fun!

     I avoided going to the store last night, but will have to go tonight.  We are out of dog food, chicken food and soda. I can go without soda but the animals need to be fed.  The dog loves cat food.

     Well I am off to the salt mines and I hope today is better on the roads than yesterday!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday, getting closer to reality

14 days without CC usage!

     Busy weekend with the funeral and we had people to dinner last night.  We let B choose the restaurant we had lunch at on Saturday and after the meal, I realized that I had switched purses and had not taken my cash wallet.  I did not know if the restaurant took checks and I did not want to use the CC.  I did not have any cash with me and Hubby only had about $20.00.  So I thought well B has a debit card and she can pay for the meal and I will x-fer the money back into her account.  But in the end they took checks.  So you can see that you really have to think to avoid CC purchases and when you don't they can just sneak up on you.

     Now that I have all the first of the month bills paid I can face reality and really see what I owe and what I can do about it.  Hubby gets 3 paychecks this month so one of those will go to the debt stash.  Yes I have a debt stash and I am afraid to use it.  Stupid I know but that is fodder for another post.  I was so proud of Judy when she paid off those three cards and left herself essentially broke.  I have a bill of about $1000.00 hanging around and another of about $800.00 then there is nothing in the personal emergency fund.

     I need to look at the balances of the personal and studio card and get a plan!  Oh reality why are you so hard?

     It is snowing like crazy here.  The shop will be slow.  People do not go out when there is a lot of snow.  We are equipped and know how to drive on it but even I do not make willy nilly trips on icy roads.  I expect if this keeps up we will have very few at dance tonight.

     What I am most excited about is any money that comes into the shop for the rest of the month can go to debt!  Yippee!

     Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday, another funeral...

Day 11 without charging!

     Well I took Udy's and Tanners advise and took the night off.  I actually watched TV and read a book.  I slept until 9 am and now I am going to get ready for a funeral which will take place at 2 a.m.   We will go up to the University and pick up D#3 take her to lunch and then all go together.  I am going to do some shopping at Winco while we are up there.

    I did everything in my shop except the dress blues, but I got a ton of new Uniforms yesterday.  No rest for the wicked.  I am a little excited as I have no where to put this money and it will be able to go into the emergency fund or to pay one of a couple small bills I have.  I do have a good chunk of money to throw toward debt just holding on so I don't disappoint myself.  I also don't want to over pay and then have nothing to fall back on.  I am so good at that!

     I did get all the deposits done the house payment made and several bills paid.  But I am still not caught up in the checking account.  I hope to have totals by Monday but I may just lay around tonight:)  Judy will come get me if I don't and I might just get used to this lay around life style.

     My accountants appointment is for the 28th so I have some breathing room.  I did get the desk cleaned off and all rec'ts from this new year separated out from the pile for last years, so now I will empty the files and start over.  I hope to redo my file system so it is easier to file.  Like a color for the shop. A color for the studio and a color for personal and then maybe alphabetize?  Amazing I just figured this out.....  Okay, okay usually I try to just get things labeled and jumbled into the files.  I think if I slow down I would save time.  But why change years of bad habits?

     I need to go clean up, put on my black wool suit, pull out my wool coat as it will be very cold in Moscow.

Have a great weekend!  Relax, enjoy!


Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday, don't want to face the day

day 11 still no CC debt!

     Okay things are a bit messed up here.  Trying to get D#3 off to college and got behind on sewing.  So had to catch up and I am still behind. Ugh!  Did get the studio done and it is totally organized and the floor is even re-taped in the small studio. That has not been done since last spring so I have made strides there.

     I was able to get 4 dresses out for ball this weekend, but I have a zipper and a horrible full dress blue Marine uniform to do today.  They are so hard and taxing.  Both ballasts went out with in a day of each other in my sewing shop.  So I was just sewing with the light over my machine.  I felt like I was in a cave.

     We went to a funeral yesterday morning and then I came home to alter dresses and hubby replaced the ballasts for me now I can see the whole shop.  But do I really want to?

     I have not been able to do any bookkeeping or even deposit this week.  So my goals today are to straighten my desk and get the accounts balanced.  I still have not opened my accountants letter to get the date I have to have my taxes ready.  Usually it is the last week of January.  I still want to be in La-la land.  But today I must do it, sob, crap,splat!

     So far I have not had jury duty, I have to call back next Sunday so that means I have made it almost 1/2 way though the month!

     Last night I noticed a sore spot on my left wrist.  This morning it is terribly inflamed both hands were hard to open and close so I am a little discouraged as I thought maybe just maybe I would go into remission.  I am going to double my meds this morning.  Damn, double damn!

     Hubby and I have another funeral tomorrow up at the University.  So tomorrow is full.

Out My Window:  It has been above normal but we have a cold front moving in.  Days are getting just a little longer and chickens are laying a few more eggs.

     I am in a mood where I just don't want to face the day, have you ever felt that way?

Have a great and productive day!  Kim get to work......


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday, behind as usual

Day 8 without using credit!

     I spent Monday packing and helping D#3 get her crap together to move back to college.  It was a day of organizing, throwing away, sorting, cleaning, bending lifting.  Then I went to the studio and did the same with a couple of moms.  All the while yelling down the stairs, be quiet and do that again.  But the closet is almost done.  All this bending and lifting has done a number on my back.  So sore.  But great exercise.
     Yesterday I was up early to deliver a car load of stuff to the sorority and spent the day driving around getting that last minute things done.  I was able to get home 16 minutes before my first class.  So I am now very behind in the sewing shop.  Prom dresses out the yazoo.
     Tomorrow I have a funeral in the morning and a luncheon to serve at in the afternoon.  I have not paid bills, I have not made deposits, I have not done the dishes, I am just trying to catch up.
      Heading for the sewing machines right now and I will stay there until I have to teach to day!

Bad kim, bad kim.  But the money will be nice.

I am off to the salt mines.

Have a great and productive day!

p.s. did not use a cc yesterday with daughter.  Made her use all her own money.  So proud of me.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday, sick with a cold!

Day 7 of not using a credit card.  Hey one week but I have caught myself twice.
$922.12 personal
? studio

     Last Thursday was such a crazy day and I posted about it Friday morning.  But I neglected to say that I did do a bit more cleaning in the loft at the studio.  I was able to take an old 1950's sofa down to our lounge area.  It is in good shape and not stained or dirty.  I also pulled down a desk and an old side table to make more room for costumes.  I  planned to get a sofa cover Friday.

     I sewed hard Friday and also took down all the Christmas decorations.  Now this was a job and a big job I was dreading  so I made a game out of it.  I piled all the sewing for the day in order of importance and due date, then I would complete one job and carry a box upstairs, fill the  box and carry it down stairs.  Then I would do the next sewing job (like sew 4 patches on a police sweater, call policeman to pickup) get a box and go upstairs take down all the nutcrackers and wooden ornaments.  Anyway by the time daughters arrived at 3:30 everything was downstairs except the Christmas tree. My sewing was also caught up. 

     I had been having trouble with my eyes burning most of the afternoon but I just put drops in a carried on.  Daughters and I went to studio and Wal-mart but I was not feeling well and had such a headache.  My eyes were very inflamed, so I just went to bed. Woke up Saturday with Hubbies cold that was centered in my eyes.  I put away all 10 of the Christmas boxes in the garage and hubby and daughter #3 took down Christmas lights and put away.  So Christmas is officially put away at our house.  We bought a few groceries and changed all the linens in the house so I do have a lot of laundry to catch up on but will do it while I sew today.

     I did not go into church on Sunday as my eyes were so inflamed Saturday and I needed to rest them, plus I did not want to spread my crap around.  I do feel much better today.  Still have not figured out the studio account, did not even pick up checks on Thursday or Friday.  Don't think my head was really on straight with my cold.  I had goals and I completed them but everything else was just blah!

     I need to get daughter #3 out to her sorority today or tomorrow, so I will be busy sewing and packing today before I go teach.  Busy day and I am already tired just thinking about it!

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday, dodging, dodging

Day 4 of not using CC
$922.00 in personal account
-$823.12 in overdraft account
? in studio 

   Remember playing dodge ball as a kid, well that was my life yesterday.  As you all know I am very good at my intuitive checking and have been playing it since Christmas when I quit posting my numbers for better or for worse up at the top of the screen. One of my goals yesterday was to get the accounts in order and My personal account was over by $5.00.  Now because this was a bank charge for the monthly fee I did not overdraw.  But I intuitively had about $200.00 in that account.  I love my intuitive world, I can spend as much as I want there and never be accountable.  I also needed to run to the bank to get business figures.

     So I dodged a big old NSF charge by checking my account at the last second.  Ball One.  (oh yes we must wait for ball 2)

     I left for the studio an hour early so I could go down to the credit union and get my balances right and my car would not shift.  It would start but no shift.  It was stuck between gears.  Now I had to call a tow truck to take it to the Subaru dealership.  I could not even back it down the driveway and use B's car that is in the garage.  I called a dance parent to pick me up and I called a dance parent that owns a towing service.  I did not get to the bank and will do that today.  Hubby called me and said tow truck was at the house but driver wanted to look at it for a minute.  The dance dad popped it right back in.  He said something about incline cold, shifting before starting, happens once in a while.  So the car is fixed!

Dodged ball #2 towing charge
Dodged ball #3 cost of fixing car?

    Just had a friend call to see if I wanted to go to Costco.  My membership renews this month and I don't want to spend the money.  Really all I get at Costco is toilet paper and paper towels for the studio and I am not sure that these are really worth it. We will see.  Just don't want to spend $150.00 right now.

     I need to figure out how I am going to get $200.00 more dollars for the house payment and replace the emergency fund and pay back the overdraft.  I will do this, but house first, then overdraft , then emergency fund.  Drat what a way to start the year. But I am not going further into debt, right?

     I had better get busy.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday, still thinking

Day 3 no CC debt for 2013 

   School is still out in many of the districts surrounding us so even though our district started we  had many gone from dance last night.  But they will come dragging in next week.  So glad I did not spend every cent in the studio account as I had to do payroll.

     Hubby came to the studio last night and hung another 2 bar racks from the ceiling of the costume loft.  This gives us much more hanging space.  I am also taking an old sofa and desk out of the loft to provide more walking room for costumes.  One of my dance moms came and helped me organize but we will finish on Monday night.  I will do a little work tonight when advanced Jazz comes in, they can help me with the sofa and desk.  What I really need to do is clean out the loft overhang.  I bet there are 4 or 5 truckloads of crap that belong to the old landlord, but that is a project for another day. (or year)

     I am a firm believer that the more organized you are the easier your life can be.  I love going up to the loft and looking for costumes and everything is labeled and tagged and hung together.  It just makes my life so much better and the students are able to find things when they need them and then put them back.

     I am going in to get a little sewing done and then work on my books.  I don't have to call again for jury duty until Sunday so that is 1/5 of the way through the month, they called 1-30 and my number is 420 so maybe I will skate by......  My daughter says I am a prosecutors dream so I would be dismissed immediately, but what a waste of time.  Even though I know it is my civic duty. Blah!

     I am going to make a big old pot of split pea soup tomorrow with a ham bone and I bought a roast on sale last night that will make 2 stews.  Crock pot here I come. Judy is so inspiring.

It is the 3rd of January and I have not used a credit card!  I am so proud of me, well not really but I am going to post this every day and then post what I do use a CC for and I expect my butt to be thoroughly kicked if any of you think it is a poor choice.

I also will be posting my daily totals after I balance today.  Gotta keep myself honest.:)

Out My Window:  Sunny, beautiful and so far the coldest day of the year!

Have a great and productive day!



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednesday, the New Year begins!

     Having a hard time getting started today.  Studio opens at 4 p.m.  I need to balance accounts as I have not done that since before Christmas and that was a good plan for me.  It kept me honest and broke! I was always behind but at least knew where I was.   I slept better last night as I did not sleep at all New Years Eve.  Hubby is still sick. I think he needs to go to the doctor, but that is his choice.

     I have already received my accountants appointment but have not looked at it as I am in denial and know I have to get the tax stuff started.   I am also on Jury duty this month and forgot to call in this morning, but so far have not been arrested.  What a pain, must remember to call in tonight.  This is going to be a long month!

     Okay I have given this a lot of thought and I am in a quandary.  I feel much like Mysti in that, the satisfaction I get from completing a goal does not out weight the disappointment I feel when I don't complete a goal.  Now I am not like this in other areas of my life only in financial areas.  Probably because I struggle and have struggled forever with this problem.  I feel like such a failure.  Now saying this one might think I do not like goals and I do.  I really think they are important, but I always over plan my time and I ALWAYS over plan the amount of money I will have to pay back debt.

  My 2012 goals were to:

Pay off the CC debt. ( I did this and racked t right back up again) Sewer collapse and remodel just got out of hand.  I got out of hand.  Family problems with sick mother and brothers crisis meant for many unexpected expenses.  Now I could have said no, but I did not.

Pay off the truck loan by June 2012  Fail still owe 13,000.00 something, now where did I think this money was coming from?

Pay off the car by Christmas 2012 Fail still owe 13,000.00 something.  Where is realism in my life goals?

     Now in my defense I did save quite a bit of money last year and I did make progress on my bills.  We still saved 10% of our income, paid a full tithe to our church, paid cash for B's school expenses.  We also cut back on our work.  I quit coaching drama and we gave up our bank income in June. That is about $10,000 in income we would have had for debt payoff, but I think I made the right decision.  I was just working too hard.  I think I make better decisions with the money I have left, I am forced to budget better and pay attention.  We just do not have any extra and I needed extra and okay I will admit it wanted extra. 

     So this year I really just want to make it a goal not to use the credit card at all.  I realize it will get used for travel and studio costumes and supplies but then I must have the money to pay it back and  do it.

     I also want to pay off at least the truck this year.  It would be great to do it by June but I will be thrilled to do it by next December.  It would just be so nice not to have that payment in the summer when the studio is not bringing in any money.  Although I was very successful this last year in saving for my summer expenses.

Out My Window:  Cold and sunny!

Still in the thinking mode  But I loved Sluggies post a few days ago.  How much I would have if I had no debt.  Even just having the house would be an amazing amount of money.  She gives me hope.  She is also great about not cutting you any slack and she is right about not looking back.  Go forward.

Have a great and productive day!