Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday, Martin Luther King Day

21 days no additional debt on CC!  Will add $262.00 to payment for charges made.

     I am listening to the Inauguration Address.  Hubby does not work today, but the shop and studio are open.  He will need to take daughter up to college today.  I have several customers coming over which is good as I have no real work in the shop!  Scary.

     Hubby and I finally cleaned up daughters car which has sat for three months in the driveway.  She had cleaned it out, but we really detailed the car so we could sell it or trade it in for something that she was comfortable driving.  She has been making a small car payment for three months and we have been driving to get her or she has been commuting with friends to come home to work.  It's funny how our 2 youngest just had to buy cars we did not think were sound and they both learned the hard way. Expensive lesson.

     I have to do taxes this week, ugh! and yes the FAFSA when I get the results.

I guess I had better go get dressed so I can start my day, at least I don't have to clean the bank tonight!

Have a nice holiday if you are one of the few lucky ones to have  it off.



  1. Ugh, I need to do the FAFSA, too! Guess that's motivation to get the taxes done.

    CONGRATULATIONS on no new CC debt! That is amazing! What a great example you are.


  2. That is quite the expensive lesson indeed. Hopefully that's the worst of it and they'll know better next time. Sometimes bumps along the road now have bigger payouts in the future. No day off for me. But good luck with taxes and the ever-loved (sarcasm) FAFSA!

  3. Excellent (continued) work with the credit card!!

    Don't have the day off today - have the kids at a sports camp & I'm working!

  4. Congrats on the no charge!!!! I have the first phase of the fasfa done but its the "not filed" version just to get it in. We are still waiting for one w2 and statement from school. Woohoo only 4 more years of fasfa...

  5. It's FAFSA time already?? Yikes...the year is flying by!