Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday, getting closer to reality

14 days without CC usage!

     Busy weekend with the funeral and we had people to dinner last night.  We let B choose the restaurant we had lunch at on Saturday and after the meal, I realized that I had switched purses and had not taken my cash wallet.  I did not know if the restaurant took checks and I did not want to use the CC.  I did not have any cash with me and Hubby only had about $20.00.  So I thought well B has a debit card and she can pay for the meal and I will x-fer the money back into her account.  But in the end they took checks.  So you can see that you really have to think to avoid CC purchases and when you don't they can just sneak up on you.

     Now that I have all the first of the month bills paid I can face reality and really see what I owe and what I can do about it.  Hubby gets 3 paychecks this month so one of those will go to the debt stash.  Yes I have a debt stash and I am afraid to use it.  Stupid I know but that is fodder for another post.  I was so proud of Judy when she paid off those three cards and left herself essentially broke.  I have a bill of about $1000.00 hanging around and another of about $800.00 then there is nothing in the personal emergency fund.

     I need to look at the balances of the personal and studio card and get a plan!  Oh reality why are you so hard?

     It is snowing like crazy here.  The shop will be slow.  People do not go out when there is a lot of snow.  We are equipped and know how to drive on it but even I do not make willy nilly trips on icy roads.  I expect if this keeps up we will have very few at dance tonight.

     What I am most excited about is any money that comes into the shop for the rest of the month can go to debt!  Yippee!

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. That's awesome. Though if the extra money wasn't initially destined to debt repayment, how about setting up a Murphy fund for when he does appear, if you don't have said fund (not an EF) in place? It may make stressful times a bit easier. It's only the middle of the month, so I think you're doing great! Stay safe in the snow.

  2. Ahh reality. ;) Hope you can figure everything out Kim, and start up your EF again! I've been focusing on savings as much as possiblet this month as our income is dropping again soon. Keep chipping away at it, Kim... you'll do great!