Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday, dodging, dodging

Day 4 of not using CC
$922.00 in personal account
-$823.12 in overdraft account
? in studio 

   Remember playing dodge ball as a kid, well that was my life yesterday.  As you all know I am very good at my intuitive checking and have been playing it since Christmas when I quit posting my numbers for better or for worse up at the top of the screen. One of my goals yesterday was to get the accounts in order and My personal account was over by $5.00.  Now because this was a bank charge for the monthly fee I did not overdraw.  But I intuitively had about $200.00 in that account.  I love my intuitive world, I can spend as much as I want there and never be accountable.  I also needed to run to the bank to get business figures.

     So I dodged a big old NSF charge by checking my account at the last second.  Ball One.  (oh yes we must wait for ball 2)

     I left for the studio an hour early so I could go down to the credit union and get my balances right and my car would not shift.  It would start but no shift.  It was stuck between gears.  Now I had to call a tow truck to take it to the Subaru dealership.  I could not even back it down the driveway and use B's car that is in the garage.  I called a dance parent to pick me up and I called a dance parent that owns a towing service.  I did not get to the bank and will do that today.  Hubby called me and said tow truck was at the house but driver wanted to look at it for a minute.  The dance dad popped it right back in.  He said something about incline cold, shifting before starting, happens once in a while.  So the car is fixed!

Dodged ball #2 towing charge
Dodged ball #3 cost of fixing car?

    Just had a friend call to see if I wanted to go to Costco.  My membership renews this month and I don't want to spend the money.  Really all I get at Costco is toilet paper and paper towels for the studio and I am not sure that these are really worth it. We will see.  Just don't want to spend $150.00 right now.

     I need to figure out how I am going to get $200.00 more dollars for the house payment and replace the emergency fund and pay back the overdraft.  I will do this, but house first, then overdraft , then emergency fund.  Drat what a way to start the year. But I am not going further into debt, right?

     I had better get busy.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I remember when I used to think more debt solved everything! Good for you for working and taking the hard road. Good luck, love to hear your progress.

  2. Like you said, you're not moving into debt any further; you're paying stuff up, even if it takes a bit of shuffling. Good job dodging those 3 balls! Nothing quite as annoying as having to get a vehicle towed, in my opinion... it's like adding insult to the injury (of having to later pay for car repairs). Hope both of our weekend goes out better! Mine's having a *very* bad track record so far.

  3. Have you thought about splitting Costco membership with your friend?

  4. Excellent work not using the creidt card! And, getting back on top of your balances. :-)

  5. My husband plays dodge ball on a team... hehe. Oh, I know how you feel. Good job with the dodges!

  6. Keep bobbing and long as we stay ahead

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